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For Starters

||||Naomi Monroe||||

“Let me help you.”

As soon as I feel Sebastien’s hands on me, I lose it. His fingers work my core as I rub my clit and his other hand toys with my mound. I’m pushed over the edge for the second time tonight and I’m met with praise from Sebastien at the sound of my climax.

“Such a good girl,” he coos and before I can catch my breath, he curls his fingers inside of me and I throw my head back into the pillow as my back arches and my moans only become more intense. When my hand falls from my clit so I can dig my fingers into the sheets, it is replaced by Sebastien’s mouth once he tears my panties off.

“I’ll buy you new ones,” he mutters before removing his hand from my chest and readjusting himself so that he’s laying on the bed with his head between my legs. One of his arms is wrapped around my thigh while his fingers on his other hand return to moving in and out of me.

He’s gotten himself comfortable and now the man is devouring me.

“Sebastien,” I moan and my legs shake at yet another climax, but he makes it clear that he is not letting up when he hums against me, the vibrations traveling through my sensitive folds, and his mouth only grows more eager. I tangle my fingers in his hair as my hips move instinctively.

When he slightly pulls his mouth away and I think he’s giving me a break, his fingers continue to move and he looks up at me, making direct eye contact as he flicks his tongue on my clit. He holds that position for god knows how long and despite the simplicity of it, Sebastien is skilled enough to make me come multiple times from that alone because the man understands that sex is more than just a physical experience. The two of us locking eyes while his fingers are inside me and tongue expertly works at my clit is… intimate.

… And euphoric because I’ve now lost the ability to keep my head up to continue looking down at him and my grip on his hair weakens.

Finally, Sebastien frees me from his mouth and crawls up my body to allow me to taste myself with a deep kiss.

“You taste so fucking good,” he groans when we finally break. “I’m taking this off.” He tugs at my shirt and then pulls it over my head and his bare chest is against mine again just as we were in the kitchen and now we lay here in a heavy make out session.

Without separating our lips, I reach down into his sweatpants and use his precum to stroke his erection, earning a grunt from him when he pulls away. “Do you feel what you do to me?” he whispers before his mouth moves to my neck and he is definitely leaving a mark — or a few — there.

I let go of his length to push him away and he looks down at me curiously. “I want you in my mouth,” I say as I reach for his pants and tug at them. Sebastien wastes no time in removing them, but when I go to get on my knees in front of him, he stops me.

“No.” He lays on his back and pulls at my leg. “I’m still hungry.”

I don’t need anymore prompting than that and my knees are on each side of his head before I bend forward to take his member into my mouth and his lips and tongue are working at my pussy once again. I move one hand to massage his balls while the other works his length in unison with my mouth. When I come up, I twirl my tongue around his tip and when I take him down my throat, I choke around his dick in just the way I remember he likes.

We both moan against each other with the mutual pleasure, and when I look to see his toes curling while he grunts into me, I know he’s on the edge of his release. Suddenly, his fingers tangle in my hair and he yanks my head back before smacking my ass and pulling his mouth away from my core.

“I’m not ready to come yet,” he growls.

I whimper when he shoves two fingers inside of me and the dirty talk ensues.

“You’re such a nasty girl, Naomi,” he rasps while he plays with me. “Touching yourself while you’re in my house… And so fucking wet for me. Is this what you wanted?”

When I try to take him back into my mouth, he smacks my ass again and I squeal.

Behave,” he rumbles and I feel myself twitch at his tone. “Oh… I like this view. I can see so clearly how you respond to everything I do.” My body jerks when he starts rubbing my overly sensitive clit and my mind is incredibly hazy from the overwhelming pleasure.

“You’ve come so much and I haven’t even fucked you yet, dear,” he teases. “Is that what you were thinking about while you were in here touching yourself?”

When I take too long to respond, my ass is smacked even harder. “I asked you a question.”

“Yes,” I squeak.

“I know you can do better than that,” he taunts as he pulls his fingers out of me and uses a single one to tease my slit.

“I touched myself to the thought of you fucking me.”

I’m spanked once again and he doesn’t have to say what he wants — I already know what it is.

“I thought about you putting my legs on your shoulder and pounding me deep and hard with your hand wrapped around my throat.”

He releases a satisfied hum and I feels his breath against my soaking core. “That’ll do for now, dear, but I do think you can get dirtier than that… Get up.”

I get off of him and my legs are so shaky that I’m not sure how I’m even on my feet right now. When he stands up to grab my hand, he pauses and scans over my body with a smirk on his face. “Goddamn how have I resisted you?”

He leads me out of the guest room and into his room where he pushes me down on the bed, grabs a condom from his nightstand, and positions himself between my legs while he puts it on. “Is this what you were fantasizing about?” he asks as he places my legs on each of his shoulders and presses himself against my entrance.

“Yes,” I nod and I yelp when he slams himself into me and immediately starts pounding. In no time, I’m shouting Sebastien’s name and my wetness is audible.

“Do you hear that, dear?” he asks between labored breaths. “You’re so wet… getting fucked like this… but isn’t something… missing?”

He leans in further to fuck me deeper and wraps his hand around my neck. “What was that you said about my hand around your throat?”

My response comes in affirmatives through my moans mixed with a series of expletives as he fucks me even better than I fantasized.

||||Sebastien Laurent||||

Naomi’s body trembles and she is screaming my name as she comes yet again. She is incredibly fucking tight and spasming around my dick relentlessly and now I’m nearing my own release.

“Turn around,” I command as I pull out of her. She does as she’s told and I bury myself into her from behind. Fucking her from this angle already has my eyes rolling back and I grab her by her hair while I pound her. The sounds of our bodies slapping against each other fills the room along with her wetness and our moans.

“Do you like the way I fill up your fucking cunt?” I ask and Naomi’s reply comes in the form of some unintelligible speech. My god, the things this woman brings out in me… I slam my hand on her ass and pull her hair. “You’ll learn to answer my questions without keeping me waiting.” It comes out as a scolding and she’s clearly turned on with the way her walls close around me.

“Yes!” she belts out. “I love the way you fill up my cunt.”

I feel my balls tighten at her words and before I know it, I release her hair from my firm grip and I’m coming inside the condom.

Both of us out of out of breath, Naomi collapses on the bed and I gather myself before removing the condom to dispose of it and return to bed with her.

“That… was… fuck,” she mumbles between labored breaths, causing me to let out a low chuckle.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it… Because I’ll be taking you again soon.”


||||Naomi Monroe ||||

It is amazing the amount of energy that can be mustered up from sex drive alone because Sebastien and I went for rounds last night as if we didn’t go on an hours-long hike yesterday. We ended up canceling our trip to Santa Cruz today for obvious reasons and now we sit at the counter eating the breakfast that he ordered for us this morning.

“Are you sure you’re okay, dear?” Sebastien questions for at least the fifth time since we woke up.

“Yes, why do you keep asking?”

“Well, in addition to the fact that I walked in on you masturbating and then broke the damn rule that I set, I also didn’t mean to be so… rough.”

“Did you really break your rule, Sebastien? It was supposed to last until I understood how much you want me. And trust me…” I hold his cheek in my hand. “I understand.”

He turns his face in to kiss my palm. “Fair enough. But… I probably should’ve been gentler.”

“Sebastien,” I sigh. “If I wasn’t enjoying it, I would’ve told you. And besides, I know that you would’ve stopped anyway if you felt like I wasn’t enjoy it. And clearly I was,” I finish and bite my lip as my mind flashes back to last night.

“I appreciate the assurance,” he says with a warm smile.

I let go of his face to get back to my breakfast and a small snicker escapes me.

“What is it?” He tilts his head curiously.

My eyes meet his and a smirk comes to my face. “You turn into a completely different person when we’re having sex.”

Sebastien’s brows furrow and I realize I should clarify.

“I mean the aggressiveness and the dirty talk… But if it wasn’t clear enough for you last night, I obviously like it.”

“Hmm?” The left side of his lip curls. “Naomi… Do you remember that conversation we had my final night in Atlanta?”

The moment he says it, I know exactly which conversation he’s referring to. “You mean the one about my theory that you’re a freak- er, I mean kinky? Yup, I definitely confirmed that one,” I quip.

“Yes,” he chuckles. Sebastien then looks at me with an intense gaze as if deep in thought before he speaks again. “What do you think about that?”

“Well, I remember you telling me that I might fall into the switch category since I’m turned on by the ideas of submitting or dominating. But to be honest, it’s not something I’ve ever had the opportunity to explore, so I don’t have much of an opinion on it beyond my curiosity.”

“Then allow me to show you.”

“What? You mean like dominate me? It felt like you were already doing that last night.“

“That was barely even a taste, dear.”

“Wait, really?!” If that was ‘barely even a taste’ like he said, then what the hell would him actually dominating me be like? “But what about the the switch thing? I wouldn’t be able to explore the roles being reversed?”

“I’m not a hard top, Naomi. But if you agree, considering that you’d be new to this, I’d want you to be my sub for starters.”

“I see…” With my elbow on the counter, I lean my head against my knuckles and eye Sebastien for several moments. “What exactly would that entail?”

“A lot,” he answers frankly. “But at the core of it would be trust and consent. While I would challenge you and push you to and beyond your limits, I’d never do anything to you without your consent. And I would need you to trust me to take control.”

I hum thoughtfully as I consider his words. I already trust Sebastien and it definitely turns me on when he gets authoritative. Plus, this is something I’ve always been curious about, but never thought I’d have a chance to explore. Right now, it looks like the perfect conditions to do so, but it is something I’ll need to put more thought into before giving him a definitive answer.

“I’m interested, but I’ll need to do more research on my own first.”

He meets my answer with a smile. “As you should.”

“So if you’re saying last night was ‘barely a taste,’ if I were to agree to this sub thing, are you saying it’d be more intense?”

“Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Level of intensity isn’t the only way it would be different.”

“What does that even mean?”

“Power exchanges can come in subtler forms…”

“Like what?”

“Let me show you…” Sebastien dips his finger in the whipped cream that came with his french toast and holds it in front of my face. “Open.”

My head jerks back with confusion. “What?”

“Open,” he repeats, this time with more sternness in his tone and before I can resist, my mouth is open and his finger is coming straight for it. “Suck,” he commands when his finger crosses into my lips and I do as I am told.

Releasing a satisfied hum, Sebastien’s eyes seem glued to my mouth. Once I feel like I’ve sucked off all the whipped cream, I open to let go of his finger. His gaze immediately sharpens and something about it scares me, but deeply turns me on at the same time.

“I didn’t say you could open your mouth,” he says with a low growl. “You will do as you’re told.”

I close my lips around his finger again and he seems mesmerized as he moves it in and out. “Such a pretty mouth…” he mutters. “And you’re already skilled with it… But I wonder how skilled… Open.”

When my lips part, he adds a second finger and tells me to close again while he moves his digits back and forth, going deeper into my mouth with each stroke.

“Good girl… Let’s see if you can take another.” He adds a third finger to my mouth and gets far back enough to make me gag.

“Mhmm… I love the sound of you choking, dear.” Between his words and lustful gaze, I am too turned on for it to register that this man is currently fucking my mouth with his fingers.

“I bet you wish it was something else down your throat right now, don’t you, Naomi?”

Unable to speak with my mouth full of his fingers, I nod and a devious smirk pulls at his lips.

“And what might that be?” he sneers.

My brows tense because how does he expect me to use any words as his fingers remain in my mouth. Once again his gaze sharpens into a glare.

“I asked you a question, Naomi.”

Unsure how else I can answer, I mumble the words.

“What was that?”

Again, I mumble.

“Ahhhh,” he nods, eyes still intent on the way he plays with my mouth. “You want my dick down your throat?”

I nod and he slowly pulls his fingers from my mouth.

“I have many ideas for what to do with this pretty mouth,” he whispers, trancing his thumb over my bottom lip before taking a sharp breath and pulling away. “But let’s not get out of hand right now.”

“Sebastien,” I groan. “Is this one of your g—“

“Not a game, dear… If I kept going, I’d end up fucking your face until your eyes were watering and your own saliva was covering you from your chin to your chest.”

“Oh…” I squeeze my thighs together because quite honestly, it doesn’t sound that bad to me.

“Come.” He reaches out his hand and I take it as he leads me up the steps toward his room. “I’ll show you what’s behind this extra door.”


A/N: Thanks for reading! I think I’m going to experiment with more dirty talk with the smut in this book, so we’ll see how that goes! Hopefully not cringey.

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