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|||| Naomi Monroe ||||

“Go ahead, Naomi. What questions do you have?” Sebastien asks. He’s been leaned against the doorway for the past at least 20 minutes as I studied this secret room of his.

“A lot…” I begin, my eyes still wandering the space. At the center is what looks like kind of a massage table, but larger. There’s a display cabinet with toys, a sex chair like that one in the Partition video, and various types of ropes and other restraints. BDSM was something I was curious about, but never thought I’d have a chance to experience, especially after writing off dating and sex over two years ago… but then came Sebastien Laurent.

“I’ll answer any questions that you have and I know you’ll be doing research on your own as well,” he says matter-of-factly. “So, where would you like to start?”

“Um, is this like… a sex dungeon?”

I hear a snicker and turn to see an amused Sebastien.

“Some people use that term, but I prefer to call it a playroom.”

“I see… And these toys?” I walk over to the cabinet that has vibrators, butt plugs, and other items I can’t exactly identify of various shapes and styles. “They’re for you?”

“In a way, yes,” he replies, walking into the room and coming to my side. “If you agree to what I’ve asked, I’d use these on you.”

“Wait, what?! So you’d like…” I drift off, trying to find the words.

“It’s exactly like I’ve said it — I would use these toys on you. They’d be part of our play. We can discuss in further detail which toys you’d be interested in and what you’d be okay and not okay with me doing to you should we decide to move forward.”

“I see… But wouldn’t that end up being one-sided? Like, you’d just be giving me a ton of orgasms? What about you?”

“Not even close, dear. I’d get pleasure from learning you, teasing you… testing your body’s limitations. And besides, who said orgasms would be guaranteed? Only good girls get those,” Sebastien finishes with a smirk.

When I think back to last night and those weeks he spent teasing me, I realize that Sebastien does seem to get turned on when he sees or feels the way my body reacts to him.

“Also,” he goes on. “If you’re mine, I’d use your body as I please…” He takes my chin in his hand and turns my head so I look up to him as he traces his thumb over my bottom lip. “And didn’t I tell you that I have plans for this pretty mouth, dear? It’s not the only part of you that gives me ideas.”

A sharp breath crosses my nose and I feel the heat rush to my core under his lustful gaze. I avert my eyes to look at the display case again. “But only what I’m okay with, right?”

“Of course!” he replies. “If you decide this is something you want to do, we will have a very long conversation about what you’re interested in trying and your hard limits. Make no mistake, Naomi, being a submissive does not mean you wouldn’t have a say. In fact, you’d be the first one setting the rules.”

I ponder his words before another thought crosses my mind as I scan over the toys. “When was the last time you did this with someone?”

“A little over a year ago… But I make sure to get these cleaned regularly—“

“If I agreed, would you buy all new toys?”

“If that is what you want, then of course.”

I start walking around the room again and Sebastien follows this time, explaining every single item to me in great detail and it is a lot to say the least. This man has definitely done and said things to me that seemed ‘untraditional’ for lack of better term, but with the way he’s so well-versed in all of this stuff, it’s clear that he is really into this.

If we didn’t already have sex, I would’ve never thought that someone as well-mannered and composed as Sebastien had this side to him. Honestly, it’s actually pretty hot when I think about it — distinguished gentleman to the public and kinky behind closed doors? I like it.

“Naomi…” Sebastien leads me to the table with the restraints at the center of the room. “How about we do a little preview? Just enough so that you’re aware of what you’re getting into.”

“And what would that ‘little preview’ entail, Mr. Laurent?” I ask with a raised brow.

He sharpens his gaze when I say those words that he seems to hate hearing from me and leans in, caging me between his arms as his hands rest on the table.

“What did I tell you about calling me that?”

“Calling you what, Mr. Laurent?” I sneer. “I’m only saying your na—“

I’m cut off when Sebastien suddenly turns me around and bends me over the table. I feel the cool air against my backside when he pulls up the oversized shirt I’m wearing.

“What are you doing Mr. Laur—ENT?!” I blurt when he smacks my behind.

“What did I tell you about calling me that?” he says through clenched teeth.

“This doesn’t feel like your knee,” I counter and I squeal when I’m met with another slap on my ass.

“Such.” *smack* “A.” *smack* “Smart.” *smack* “Ass.” *smack*

Keeping my face down against the table in an effort to hide from him how much this is turning me on is pointless because Sebastien has a perfect view of my panties. I feel his finger slowly rub up and down my lips through the thin fabric while he uses his other hand to continue spanking me.

“You’re such a…” *smack* “Dirty…” *smack* “Girl…” *smack* “You’re getting so wet from having your ass spanked…” *smack* “It’s coming through your panties.” *smack*

I’ve been biting my bottom lip this whole time trying to hide my moans, but when Sebastien puts more pressure against me, I let go and release a moan.

The spanking finally stops, but the man continues to tease me through my panties. “Don’t get ahead of yourself, dear. I hope you’re not thinking about coming.”

Another moan escapes me when he pulls my panties to the side and uses a single finger to toy with me directly, still teasing up and down my lips.

“Fuck,” he groans. “You are soaking, Naomi.”

I jump when he puts his finger inside me and smacks my ass again.

“You’re so wet…” he adds a second finger and continues pumping. “I could probably easily slide into you right now. Is that what you want? You want me to fuck you while you’re bent over this table? My fingers tangled in your hair with one hand and the other spanking your ass red while I’m pounding you until the only word on your fucking mind is ‘Sebastien?’”

I feel myself clenching at his deep voice and the words that come with it and I know he feels it too.

“It sounds like that’s exactly what you want. Why don’t you ask like a good girl?”

When nothing but more moans come from my lips, Sebastien removes his fingers from my core and goes back to rubbing them up and down my slit, but this time, he won’t even brush against my clit.

He lets out a low chuckle when I begin to squirm as I try to create more friction. In turn, Sebastien lightens his movements even more and it is incredibly frustrating.

“What’s wrong, dear? If you want something, all you have to do is ask.”

“Please, can you fuck me?” I murmur.

“Hm? What was that?”

I exhale with frustration and hesitate before trying again. “Please, fuck me.” I say louder.

“That’s not how good girls ask,” he teases. “You know what I like.”

The man is trying to make my mouth as filthy as his. I might be the journalist here, but Sebastien is way more creative with words.

After thinking about a decent enough combination of words, I try again.

“Please, may you fuck my wet—“


Sebastien breaks me out of my daydream. “Are you okay?” He cradles my face in his hands and looks at me with concern. “I called you like three times.”

“Oh, uh…” I clear my throat. “Yeah, I’m fine. What were you saying?”

“I was asking if you had anymore questions?”

“I do, but they can wait…” I remove the shirt I’m wearing and walk toward the main bedroom. “It’s Sunday and we don’t have much time left before I need to go back. We can do the questions over the phone. Right now, I just want you.”


|||| Sebastien Laurent ||||

It’s Wednesday night and this week seems to be dragging on. Probably because I’m a combination of anxious and excited about the coming weekend. Naomi and I were on the phone for over three hours last night with her asking me questions and I’m just glad I was able to answer all of them with the length and detail that she was looking for. That woman was made to be a journalist — or an interrogator — with her talent for grilling people. When I asked if that was it, her reply was simply, “for now” and so I’m sure she’ll be hitting me with more questions before giving me a final answer.

I hadn’t even planned to have these conversations with Naomi at this point, but my impulsiveness got the best of me this weekend and not only did I have sex with her before asking her to be my woman, I also prepositioned her about playing.

I’ve already got everything booked and planned for our weekend getaway and I’m definitely not backing down from cementing things with Naomi. It’s not as perfect as I planned, but I’ll just be sure to make clear to her that the preposition I made this weekend is not tied to my desire to be in a relationship with her. If she’d prefer to be vanilla, I’ll be vanilla as well if it means we’re together.

“What’s up, Seb!” Derrick breaks me out of my thoughts and waves as he approaches me at the bar. He’s one of my closest friends and I haven’t seen him in a few months because our schedules haven’t worked out, but we did try to talk on the phone every couple weeks to catch up.

“Hey, Derrick! How’s it going?” I greet as I hand him his beer that I ordered. “How’ve you been?”

“I’ve been fine. You know how it is — new semester, new students, but same old bullshit at the university. And now Tasha wants to try for a baby.”

“Wow,” I whistle. “So you’re going to be a dad?”

“Hey, she’s not pregnant yet,” Derrick cautions, signaling with both hands. “But yeah, we’re working on it. Especially now that I’ve gotten tenured and she’s been able to hire a few employees for her marketing firm that she trusts enough to take a step back if she needs to.”

“Wow,” I repeat. “That’s amazing! And Tasha is really trusting people with her company? She’s serious.”

“Yeah,” he nods. “She’s wanted kids for a while, but her career came first. Now that she’s where she wants to be, she’s ready for parenthood… Anyway, what’s up with you these days? Becoming quite the celebrity now. What are you C- or D-list?”

“Shut up,” I scoff and playfully nudge him. “The interview did get great reception and now I’ve got an actual publicist rather than Joseph doing like three jobs himself.”

“Nice! And your personal life? Anything new there?”

“There is, actually,” I respond and take a sip of my beer.

“Oh?” He raises a curious brow. “Do tell.”

“Do you remember how I told you that I met someone in Atlanta?”


“I’m planning to ask her to be my woman this weekend.”

“Hold up, hold up. You just jumped like a million steps. Didn’t you tell me that this woman ghosted you? You were all mopey on the phone and everything. And what? Now you’re doing long distance? Seb, you gotta explain more than this, man.”

“You’re right,” I chuckle. “Her name is Naomi and she’s actually the woman who did my interview that you were talking about.”

“The woman who did your interview…” he has a thoughtful expression as he ponders. “I can’t remember what she looked like, honestly, do you have a picture.”

“I do,” I chime and I pull out my phone to show him a few pictures that we took on our hike this weekend.

“Oh wow. She’s cute, but she doesn’t look like the women you normally date.”

“What do you mean by that?” I’ve never exactly had a ‘type’ as some would call it. I’ve dated women of various races, ethnicities, shapes, and sizes. So his words confuse me.

“She’s kind of young, isn’t she? I feel like you normally go for women our age or even older.”

“You’re right,” I sigh. “And you make a fair point. She is quite a bit younger… Naomi is 23.”

“Oh shit! Really?! And you’ll be 40 in what? April? Eh… I guess at like 23, an age gap like that isn’t as bad.”

“Yeah… And everything just feels so right. I don’t think I’ve had so much chemistry with anyone before. She’s so perfect for me, it’s almost unreal. Even the things I don’t like about her, I still like.”

“She’s ‘perfect,’ but she ghosted you at one point? And how are you asking her about being exclusive? Are you flying out to Atlanta?”

“That was a misunderstanding and we’ve since gotten past it. Also, she’s actually in town until the end of next month, so I have a weekend getaway planned for us at my vacation home in Big Sur.”

“I thought you were going to get rid of that as part of your ‘down sizing’ Mr. ‘I redistribute my wealth,’” Derrick teases.

“Whatever,” I shake my head. “I can’t let go of that house — the privacy of the woods that mostly surround it while having a perfect view of the ocean — I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it. I just hope Naomi likes it.”

“So you’re serious, huh?”

“I am,” I respond frankly.

“Well then let’s make a toast to that!” He raises his glass. “I look forward to meeting her. If she says yes to you this weekend, you two should come over for dinner before she leaves.”



|||| Naomi Monroe ||||

“It looks like we’re in great shape and ahead of schedule at that!” I say to Diane and Eric. “We’re delivering really great content and we’ve been piling up on exclusives with these startups. I have an interview tomorrow morning with the two co-founders of that health-tech app that just launched a $6 billion IPO. It’ll be their first interview since the company went public.”

“We are killing it!” Diane beams.

“Damn straight! And how has it been with onboarding the two new staff writers we just hired?”

“One of them has been a bit slow to pick things up,” Eric says. “But things are otherwise great!”

“Okay, awesome…” My phone goes off and I have a text from Sebastien’s publicist Alana that immediately makes me roll my eyes. I can’t be upset with the woman for being persistent — it’s her job. I already told her that we were going for a late fall rollout for his 5x5 interview, but she wants us to publish in early fall when she thinks more people’s eyes will be on the news.

Alana Sinclair: Hi Naomi! I just happen to be in the area and thought I’d swing by to follow up with you about Sebastien’s interviews. I’ll see you in five.

“Alright,” I groan. “I just got a text from Alana, so I’m going to meet with her in one of these meeting rooms. If I don’t see you two before you leave, have a great evening.” I will most likely see them again after I speak with Alana considering we all tend to work late unless we have other commitments. I need to be sure to give them a long weekend before I return to Atlanta. And we still need to do something for Diane before Eric and I leave since she decided to stay.

Naomi: Hi Alana! You can meet me in the third meeting room on the right when you get to our floor.

As soon as I take a seat at the round table in the small room, I already hear a knock and tell Alana to come in.

“Come in!” I call and she walks through the door. The woman his a tall brunette with freckles and green eyes. She has a really bubbly personality that’s more cute than annoying thank goodness and I actually really like her as a person, even if her constant emails and text messages get on my nerves.

“Hey Naomi! Thank you for meeting with me. I thought it’d be great for us to talk about this in person and I’m sure you know what I want to discuss. It’s about the timing of the interviews. It’d be really great if you could put them out sooner. Late fall is less optimal because people are heading into Thanksgiving and other holidays, so they’re not paying as much attention to online news unless its sports-related, you know?”

“Alana,” I sigh. “You know I don’t have a ton of say over this, right? I have some pull, but my editor has the final word and we’d like to put this out late fall.”

“But I’m only asking you to move it up a few weeks! I’m really trying to build up Sebastien’s profile.”

“I understand. But we’ve already got our content planned out and Mr. Laurent’s interview will be posted in early November.”

“So, what’s a few weeks difference? You’d put it out like early or mid-October! Wouldn’t it benefit NotionX as well to pick up the views? Especially while Sebastien is still getting buzz?”

“Like I’ve said, Mr. Laurent’s interview will be posted November. We also intend to do heavy promo behind it, so please trust that it will garner attention.”

“Yes,” she nods attentively. “But you wouldn’t have to worry about ‘heavy promo’ if you posted the interview at a more optimal time. You still haven’t told me exactly why you can’t post it sooner.”

“Well, we have a few other series that are going to pack our content until late fall and Mr. Laurent will be our premiere epis—“

“Why do you keep calling him that?” Alana asks abruptly.

“What are you talking about?”

“You call Sebastien ‘Mr. Laurent’ while literally everyone calls him ‘Sebastien.’ And considering you’ve spent a lot of time with him for these interviews, you of all people should definitely be on a first name basis with him.”

“It just feels more professional that way.”

“Interesting…” Alana squints her eyes at me and purses her lips. “You two seem pretty comfortable with each other, though, from what I’ve seen of the interviews. Why are you so caught up on professionalism? Sebastien is the chillest client I’ve ever had.”

“It’s just how I am,” I shrug. “Anyway…” I just need to get the woman out of here at this point. “I’ll talk to my editor and see what I can do about moving up the date. Sound good?”

Her face lights up even more with a big grin. “That’d be great! Thank you so much!” Alana practically squeals before walking out the door.

I hope she wasn’t getting at what I thought she was — I can’t risk anyone finding out about Sebastien and I.


A/N: So, I kind of wish I wrote this story in third-person because now I have some scenes in mind that I feel like would be better if written in third person, BUT, I really want to give this story more care per my rant in the second chapter. Additionally, once I’m done with the three stories I have going now I have two story ideas: a reverse-harem and book with a domme MC.

Here are my questions!

1. Would it negatively impact your reading experience if certain chapters in this book were switched to a third-person POV (for smut purposes)?

2. The domme story will have a plus-sized lead. Would you prefer it be a monogamous relationship or poly?

Feedback is honestly super helpful and I want reading this book and my others to be a positive experience for y’all, especially for folks who are very much underrepresented (or mistreated) in certain genres. Thank you!

Sn: This has passed the short story territory imo, so imma go for medium.

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