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|||| Sebastien Laurent||||

Friday has finally arrived and Naomi and I will be leaving this evening to head to my vacation home in Big Sur. She doesn’t know our destination, but she did insist on something ‘chill’ so other than hanging out at the house, admiring the view, and maybe some light hiking, I’m thinking I could take her shopping if she does decide she wants to do more than stay within a single mile radius.

However, all that depends on whether or not she’ll agree to be with me. If she says no the first night, I’ll be devastated and it would be beyond awkward to stay together the entire weekend like that. Also, I’ll be too anxious to function if I try to wait until our final night. God, I hope she says yes.

“Hey, Mr. Laurent!” Joseph calls, breaking me out of my thoughts. “You said we could leave early today, right? I’m about to go, but wanted to double check if you needed anything else before the weekend?”

“No, I’ll be fine. Have a great weekend—”

“So... Who’s the woman, Mr. Laurent?” Joseph asks with a suggestive brow raised.

“What do you mean?”

“Well... You’ve been in a really good mood the past several weeks and you had me call one of your favorite florists in Big Sur with a huge order that you were willing to pay any amount to get done by tonight. You must serious.”

Joseph manages my schedule, so he knows how much time I’ve been spending with Naomi. Although that time has been under the guise of NotionX’s interview series, I’m afraid if I tell him I am seeing someone, he’ll put those pieces together and realize that I’m seeing Naomi, especially given our exchange in Atlanta. She’s been really keen on keeping us a secret and while I trust Joseph with my schedule, I can’t say the same for anything else. So, I lie to him.

“No. Derrick is actually using my home out there to do something special for Tasha this weekend and I was just helping him out with the florist,” I reply with a warm smile. “As far as the half day, the team has been working so hard lately and you all deserve at least a slightly longer weekend if not more.”

“I see... Well, I think you should see someone, Mr. Laurent! Have you noticed the way women have been practically drooling over your interview since it went public? You should have no problem finding one to spend more time with.”

“I guess,” I shrug. “I’m just not interested...”

“You sure about that?” he challenges with a smirk. “What about Alana? She’s really cute and she’s single.”

“She is also my publicist.”

“So? She’s not just cute, she’s hot and seems like a lot of fun! She’s also obviously comfortable with you considering how cool she is calling you by your first name and so casually hangs out in your office.”

“If you’re that into her, why don’t you ask her out?” I question casually. “Also, a lot people who work for me call me Sebastien. I’ve told you before that you can call me that too.”

“I’ve already got a girlfriend... Hey, she has some friends. Maybe I could set you—”

“Why are you so interested in whether or not I have a love life? It’s none of business, quite frankly,” I snap. Despite how good he is at his job, ever since the exchange we had about Naomi in Atlanta, he seems particularly concerned with my personal life and I consistently tell him to mind his business.

“Oh,” he cringes. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to intrud—”

“Have a good weekend, Joseph, you may go.” I wave him off and make a mental note to start looking for new assistants.

However, I don’t allow the agitation to linger for too long because when I look down at my phone, I see a text message from Naomi that brings a smile to my face.

Naomi: Hey! I’m super excited about this weekend even though I have no idea where you’re taking me. Either way, I can’t wait to see you!

Sebastien: I can’t wait to see you too, dear. I hope you like what I have planned.

After sending the text, I quickly straighten up my office before heading out to pick her up from work.


|||| Naomi Monroe||||

I’ve been doing really well with listening what Gianni told me and not waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it’s getting more and more difficult with how good Sebastien is to me. The ‘undisclosed location’ he chose for our weekend getaway was his house in Big Sur and it is incredibly nice with a beautiful view of the ocean. I like the way it’s kind of secluded as if we get to live in our own little world. I mean, it already feels like that when we’re together, but even more so with the distance between the homes here.

When we arrived, he had bouquets of chrysanthemums — my favorite flowers — set up around the house. He also refused to let me into the main bedroom to take a shower, so I had to use the guest room, which is still nice, but he’s been all finicky tonight like he has something planned.

Sebastien is such good man that it’s almost unreal. My mind keeps trying to figure out what the catch could be, as if something should be wrong, but I refuse to commit self-sabotage here. It’s difficult, but worth it to just continue going with the flow and allowing the pieces to fall where they may.

It’s also why I’ve decided to be Sebastien’s sub. I trust him, he hasn’t given me even an inkling of a reason not to, and I want this with him. I haven’t told him yet, but I am definitely bringing it up at some point. And with the way he’s looking tonight, I want this man to do anything and everything to me. This dark blue button-up that matches his eyes hugs him in all the right ways, his face is clean-shaven and he has been smiling and licking his lips a lot more than usual tonight.

“Naomi...” Sebastien calls for my attention and when I look up, he gulps nervously before taking my hand and I realize his palms are sweaty.

“Hm?” I’ve never seen him look so uneasy.

“Well... We’ve been spending a lot of time together and we’ve made clear our feelings for each other.” He readjusts in his seat and holds my face with his other hand. “Naomi Monroe, I’d like the two of us to to be together exclusively. What do you think?”

I choke at his words and my brows furrow. “W-what?”

“I’m not really fond of the word ‘girlfriend,’ Naomi, but if that makes it clearer, I’m willing to say it. Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend?” What does he mean? Is he using the right word? He wants me to be his....


|||| Sebastien Laurent ||||

“Girlfriend?” Naomi asks me, the disbelief clear in her face. How much more obvious can I make it for her?

“Yes, Naomi.” I rub her cheek with my thumb. “I want to be with you, and just you, exclusively. And I’m asking if you want the same with me.”

There’s a long pause and I try to keep it together despite my heart beating in my ears. I’m slightly embarrassed knowing that my palms are probably growing sweatier — an unattractive trait of mine. Just when I think I’m going to have a heart attack, the woman finally speaks up.

“Y-yes,” she chokes out before a smile grows on her face. “Yes,” she repeats, nodding excitedly.

I immediately pull her face to mine and press my lips against hers. I lose track of how long our mouths are moving against each other and our tongues are tangling and I don’t care because I could be like this forever. Suddenly, I remember that I forgot a very important part of this question and I pull away to clarify.

“One last thing. I want to make clear that this has nothing to do with me asking you about subbing and there is absolutely no pressure at all for you to agree to that.”

“About that...” Naomi eyes me with a smirk on her face. “I wanted to say yes.”

“Really?” I ask as I lean in toward her. “Are you positive? Like I said, there’s no pressure for you to do this.”

“I’m positive,” she nods with a smile. “It’s something I’ve always been interested in and I trust you. Plus, as you told me like a million times, if at any point I want to stop, I can.”

“I’m happy to hear that, dear. We’ll make sure to set out some time to discuss this at length, but right now, I want you.”


I lay on top of Naomi as our mouths move hungrily against each other after we’ve both stripped down to our underwear. Admittedly, I was so caught up in removing her clothes that I forgot to show her how I decorated the room with rose petals, but at least we will be fucking on a bed full of them. With one hand pinning both of her wrists above her head, I use the other to caress her bare skin. While I am eager, I also don’t intend to rush anything tonight.

I’m not sure if there is anything more intoxicating than the way this woman’s body reacts to me. From the light whimpers she makes when I touch just the right spot to the way she squirms when she’s wanting more, to the sound of my name escaping her lips, whether its in the form of a whisper, breath, moan, or outburst.

Finally separating my lips from hers, I kiss along her neck and chest. She arches her back, clearly wanting more, but it only encourages me to tease her further, so I continue until she finally decides to use her words.

“Sebastien,” she breathes. “I want more.”

“Hm? What was that dear?”

“I want you to touch me.”

“But I am touching you...” I move my free hand down her body until it reaches under her knee and I bring it up to my waist. I grind harder against her core and my tongue traces across the top of her bra. “Do you not feel it?”

“You know what I mean,” she groans.

Between savoring her skin, I reply, “I haven’t... the slightest... clue. I need you... to be more... specific.”

“I want you to touch my pussy.”

“Ah, that’s what you wanted?” I raise myself up so I can study her face and release her wrists before slipping my hand down her panties. “You should’ve started by saying that.”

Naomi is soaking and it only makes me want her more. I spread her open with two fingers and stroke my middle finger up and down her inner lips before I focus on her clit, lightly rubbing it in circular motions just as I remember she touched herself.

The way her face twists in a mix of pleasure and frustration at the way I tease her causes me to harden even more and a low grunt escapes me when I feel Naomi rubbing my member through my briefs.

I almost lose it when she spits in her hand and moves it under my boxers to stroke me directly and now the two of us touch each other simultaneously. I slip two fingers inside of her and my thumb toys with her clit as her moans grow more persistent. When Naomi slightly tightens her grip and strokes me faster, I have to make her stop because it is way too soon for me to even approach my release.

“Not yet, dear. I need you to go first, second, third, fourth...” I drift off when my mouth is against her skin again. “Take the bra off,” I whisper in her ear and she does as she is told. As soon as her mounds are free, I take one in my mouth while I move my fingers faster until I pull her first orgasm of the night.

“Sebastien,” she moans my name at her climax and her fingers dig into my arms. But I don’t let up. I plan to have this woman — my woman — completely undone before she goes to sleep tonight. I finally remove my fingers from her after she comes for a third time and begin kissing my way down her body.

She stops me with a hand on my shoulder when I’m about halfway down and I look up at her curiously.

“I want to make you feel good too...”

I raise my brow at her because I can’t believe it’s not clear enough to her by now.

“Dear...” I place a kiss on her stomach. “It feels good to me every time a whimper or moan — and especially my fucking name — escape your lips.” I reach down to rub her core again. “It feels good to me knowing how wet you are for me.” I push my fingers back inside of her. “It feels good to me whenever I feel your walls closing in on my fingers or my dick.” I pull my fingers out of her and suck her essence off of them. “It feels good to taste the arousal that I bring out from you.”

She looks at me intently and lets go of my shoulder to allow me to continue my path. I am controlled enough to remove her panties rather than tear them off this time and then I dive right in. Naomi’s taste is like it was made for me and I know exactly what to do to have her pulling at my hair, arching her back, and saying my name in no time. I keep going until her legs are trembling and she is squirming.

“Please... Sebastien...” she says through labored breathing. “Let me...”

I kiss my way back up her body and allow her to taste herself on my lips before I lay on my back and now she’s kissing her way down my body. Naomi decides to remind me that I am not the only fast learner in this relationship because she knows exactly what to do make me unravel.

Maintaining eye contact, she starts with long licks along my shaft. Her lust-filled eyes bore into mine as she twirls her tongue around my tip before taking my length down her throat. She knows how much I love the feeling of her choking on my dick and I can’t help but tangle my fingers in her hair as she begins to bob up and down while massaging my balls.

“Damnit, Naomi,” I groan my pleasure as she works me with her mouth and both hands. This woman is incredibly skilled and already has me on edge. She frees me from her mouth and her eyes connect with mine again while she strokes me and flicks her tongue on my tip. Just before she’s about to take me down her throat again, I stop her.

“Lay on your side,” I tell her when she comes back up. After putting on a condom and rejoining her in bed, I lift one of her legs and slowly ease myself into her before giving her long strokes.

“Oh, fuck!” Naomi moans and I notice the way her body trembles. This angle allows me better access to stimulate her g-spot and with the way her body reacts, I know she’s enjoying it. I pick up my pace and start playing with her clit. It doesn’t take long for her to begin losing it.


Her utterances of my name are broken up into syllables as I pound her harder.

“Fuck me!”

Her cries of pleasure are complimented by the sounds of her wetness.

“I’m coming!”

Her declaration and the way her walls close in around me bring me my own climax. Whenever we come in unison like this, it feels like pure bliss.

After I pull out of her, I take time to gather myself long enough to dispose of the condom before getting back in bed with her and wrapping her in my arms. My heart flutters with the way Naomi snuggles up to me.

“You’re too good to me,” she murmurs against my chest.

This woman has been under-appreciated for too damn long because it’s clear from the way she constantly expresses this sentiment that she has no idea how good she is to me and for me.

“It’s what you deserve, dear,” I assure her and peck her forehead.

It isn’t long until we drift off to a peaceful sleep.


A/N: Thanks for your feedback in the previous chapter! I’ll put a note in front of any third-person POV scenes and the book with a plus-size Domme MC will be poly (the woman lead will be w three men)!

I’m so fucking pumped to be writing a true bad bitch MC with unshakable confidence.

I’ve already planned it out and I’m really excited for all the bald-headed-hoe-shit that is going to occur. It’ll be a fun story and around the length of Don’t Touch. It will be in third-person POV bc I feel like the smut is hotter that way, but we’ll see what happens w the rest of this story now that Naomi has agreed to be Sebastien’s sub and they are about to get nasty.

I’m going to wait to start posting the Domme story until I finish this story, which has like 10-11 chapters left, and I’m in a decent groove with Don’t Forget.

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