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Something New

|||| Naomi Monroe ||||

Sebastien and I have spent most of the morning talking about this whole Dom/sub thing and it has been a long conversation just as he said it would be. Needless to say, it makes me trust him even more. We’ve discussed my interests, what I will absolutely not do, and everything in between, which resulted in homework for me because he wants me to write these all down on a list for him.

It works out that Sebastien’s interests mostly align with mine, though this man is way more experienced than I am and his vocabulary is vast on the topic.

“We can get tested Monday afternoon,” he says. We’ve reached the part of our discussion about whether or not to use protection moving forward and the two of us decided that we’re okay with not using condoms under the caveat that we get tested and come up negative on everything.

“Great,” I nod.

“Any other questions or concerns?”

“Yeah…” I hesitate as I try to figure out the correct words to communicate what I want to say. “I know people in these Dom/sub relationships do it outside the bedroom as well. And I want to make clear to you that I am not going to water down who I am or turn into some meek person just because of this.”

Sebastien squeezes my hand and rubs it with his thumb. “That is not part of my approach and I don’t want to change you, Naomi. Your tenacity and passion are two of my favorite things about you. I would only have two rules that exist for you outside of my home.”

“And those are?” I question with a raised brow. I can already guess what one of those rules might be, but I am curious about the other.

“First, you are not allowed to call me ‘Mr. Laurent.’”

That’s the one I was definitely expecting.

“And second, when we’re together and I’m touching you, do not pull away from me.”

“Okay, I’m fine with calling you Sebastien, but when I pull away, it’s so that people don’t suspect anything between us. If it’s okay with you, I’d still rather keep our relationship private.”

“Don’t worry dear,” he says with a knowing smirk. “I figured you’d want us to keep this private and I am okay with that… for now. As for touch, you trust me, don’t you?”


“Well then trust that I would never do anything to jeopardize your career or reputation. I’m well aware of our surroundings and I know exactly how much and where I can get away with touching you. So, trust me and don’t pull away.”

I ponder Sebastien’s words for several moments. I do trust him and I don’t think he’d purposely put me in any compromising position.

“Fine,” I agree. “I’m good with those two rules when we’re out in public… And the ones when we’re in private?”

“Those are also relatively simple. When we’re playing you will address me as ‘sir.’ I will decide what you wear when we are home. When I call, you come. And when I touch you, you will not deny me — of course keeping in mind your limits and you should absolutely speak up if you’re truly uncomfortable. To sum it all up, when you are with me, I will do as I please with your body, Naomi. Again, if at any time you are uncomfortable or want me to stop, just say so and I will. Understood?”


Suddenly, his gaze sharpens and I notice a darkness behind his eyes.

“‘Understood,’ what?”

I tilt my head with confusion before it hits me the we are starting now.

“Understood… sir?”

“I’ll let the lack of conviction in your tone slide for now, dear, but you will learn to do better.” He rests his chin on his hand and eyes me mischievously. “Now, take off your clothes.”


“Your clothes. There’s no reason for you to be wearing them right now anyway. Take them off. And don’t make me ask you again. I don’t like repeating myself.”

I stare at him for several moments wondering if it’s a joke or if he’s testing me or something, but his eyes only darken more.


My body heeds the warning in his tone and I stand to my feet and slowly remove my clothes. At this point, I’ve lost count of how many times Sebastien has seen me naked but the intensity of his gaze as he watches me undress has my heart racing and butterflies fill my stomach. Once I’m stripped down to my underwear, I stand there awaiting whatever comes next.

“Why have you stopped?” he asks. “I told you to take off your clothes.” It comes out as more of a growl and my panties are immediately dropped and my bra removed.

“Come here,” he beckons. I approach him on his side of the table and he turns so that I can stand between his legs. “Bend over and place your hands on the table.”

I do as he asks and as soon as my hands are flat on the table, he smacks my ass, causing me to jump.


“I told you that I don’t like repeating myself, dear,” he says before another tap. I feel his hand press against my back. “Bend over further.”

His palm continues to collide with my behind, but the more he does it, the more turned on I get. Before Sebastien, I didn’t have a lot of experience, and even now I don’t. So, as my breathing grows heavier and I hold down moans, somewhere in the back of my mind, I wonder if it’s wrong or strange for me to be enjoying this.

“Naomi,” Sebastien rasps and I feel his fingers separate my lips. “This is supposed to be your punishment, but you seem to be liking it a bit too much. You’re so wet already.”

My body jerks at the sensation when I feel him push a single finger inside of me and he slowly moves it.

“Dear,” he coos as he pulls his finger out and I feel his breath against my core with my lips still spread apart. “Have I ever told you how pretty you are down here?”

An erotic sound escapes my lips when I feel his tongue flick against my clit and I wince when he abruptly pulls away.

“… And how good you taste?”

All I can do is gulp. My core only gets wetter when he pushes two fingers inside and continues to play with me.

“Sebastien,” I moan as I feel myself approaching my release.

And it was in that moment that he abruptly stopped and pulled his hands away from me.

“Why did you—“ I’m cut off when his palm returns to my ass and I jump at the sensation.

“What did you call me?”

“S-sir?” First, the man was adamant about me calling him Sebastien and now it’s sir?

“You will learn, dear,” he sighs. “Anyway, go get dressed. We’re going shopping.”

I turn and look at him with furrowed brows. Did he really just edge me and now expects me to go out shopping like nothing happened?

“Don’t worry, I haven’t reached some celebrity status where we’d have to worry about paparazzi as I’m sure you know and I can promise you that the clientele at the mall we’re going to will not be approaching me.”

That is not why I am looking at you sideways, Sebastien.

Without another word, I go upstairs to get dressed.


|||| Sebastien Laurent||||

Naomi is adorable with the slight pout on her face as we walk around the mall. She is new to all of this — our relationship and playing — so her slight awkwardness this morning and frustration right now from being denied her climax are totally understandable.

I’d planned to spend a lot more money today, but Naomi has only picked out some makeup and a few pairs of shoes. I notice that her eyes will momentarily fall on outfits here and there before she quickly redirects her attention elsewhere.

“Did you want any clothes today, dear?” I ask her.

“No,” Naomi shakes her head. “Clothes shopping is a bit complicated for me. I’m picky, to be honest, and I already don’t have a ton of options at my size as it is… Anyway,” she clears her throat. “Do you really want me to spend your money that bad?”

“I just wanted to take you out and buy you whatever you wanted before you spend the rest of this weekend in the house, because we have plenty to do there,” I reply with a smirk.

“Okay, hm…” She taps her chin thoughtfully while we continue to walk until I stop us in front of the Apple store.

“Didn’t you say you’ve been having computer issues?”

“Yeah, but— oh!” Her eyes go wide when she realizes I’m leading her into the store. “You don’t have to do th—“

“But I want to,” I interrupt.

We spend nearly an hour looking at the various machines and determining which specs would work best for her workflow before deciding on a model. The woman is utterly bewildered not only that I’m buying her this $3,000 laptop, but that I’m also purchasing a case and a few other accessories for it.

“Sebastien, are you sure about this?”

“Of course,” I shrug as we walk out of the store. “Now, I get to pick our next stop.”

“Lead the way.”

We go a few stores down until we arrive at a jeweler and Naomi looks extremely nervous. I already know what is going through her mind.

“Don’t pass out, Naomi,” I tease her. “I just want to pick out something nice for you, something of my choice. Are you comfortable with that?”

“Oh, uh… Of course!”

We browse the jewelry store until my eyes land on a white gold necklace with an opal pendant.

“What do you think of this one?” I point it out to her and she leans over the glass display to take a closer look. I pay attention to the way her eyes go wide and a smile pulls at her lips before she attempts to regain her composure and turns to me.

“Are you sure? You’ve already bought me a lot today.”

“Naomi…” I can’t help the warning that comes with my tone. “Do you like it, yes or no?”

“I love it,” she squeaks.

I call over the sales associate and just 10 minutes later, Naomi is wearing a brand new necklace that I have picked out for her.

“I really do love it,” she says softly, looking down to admire the necklace. After I secure it, she turns around to hug me before making an unexpected move. During our embrace, Naomi sneaks a few kisses against my neck and whispers, “Thank you, sir.”

Her words are simple, and should be mundane, but the unexpected PDA and her use of that title help me determine exactly where we are going next.

“Come, dear,” I peck her forehead. “We’re going home.”


“You want me to what?” Naomi asks, looking at me skeptically. She sits in the middle of the bed with nothing but a shirt and panties on and she’s just finished setting up her new computer.

“You said you watched videos during your research, right?”

“Yeah...” her brow is raised and her head is tilted as if she still hasn’t registered my request.

“Show me what you saw that interested you most,” I reply as I remove my shirt and join her in bed. I sit behind her with my back against the headboard and her back against my chest. I wrap my arms around her waist and rest my chin on her shoulder. “Go ahead, dear.”

Naomi takes a sharp breath and opens a private tab on her browser. She types in the website and starts searching through it until finding one of the videos she mentioned.

“When you were saying that you would use toys on me, even though you said you’d get off on it, I still didn’t quite understand,” Naomi explains. “It just sounded so one-sided to me, so I looked it up. And this video is what made me want to investigate further...”

She clicks play to start the video and it begins with a bit of doctor-patient role play. A woman is visiting her physician about her inability to orgasm and he prescribes a “treatment.”

“Okay, so porn skits are always corny and I kind of cringed at this setup,” Naomi comments with a chuckle as she pauses the video. “It’s not really this beginning part that got me, but what happens after...” She presses play again to continue the video.

The doctor asks his patient to remove her clothes and place her feet in the stirrups with her legs open wide. He explains to her that there are several orgasms that exist and he plans to see if she is capable of all of them... Interesting considering this is something I want to see about Naomi as well.

Just as he’s about to touch the woman, Naomi pauses the video again.

“Okay, so when he started with this and when I was thinking about what you were saying and then what he does in the rest of the video... I think I understood. It’s the action and reaction for you, right? I noticed that you seem to get turned on the more I react to you when we’re intimate. It makes sense, I mean, it turns me on whenever I notice you’re getting off too.”

“Naomi, turn the video back on... And don’t pause it again,” I add before nipping her earlobe.

She takes another sharp breath and allows the video to play.

The doctor begins with telling the woman about nipple orgasms and directs her to bring her arms up and cross them above her head. He starts by caressing her torso before cupping her breasts and teasing around her nipples. It isn’t long before she appears to want more and starts arching her back. I would definitely make Naomi beg here, but the man in the video gives the woman what she wants immediately, using his thumb to toy with both of her nipples.

When she seems to be enjoying it, he spits on one and continues rubbing and flicks his tongue against the other, earning a loud moan from the woman.

“Does this feel good to you?” he questions and the woman nods. As he gives her more and alternates between each of her buds with his mouth and fingers, I’m reminded of the time I gave Naomi her first nipple orgasm just last weekend and she seems to be remembering as well. I cut my eyes over and see that she is bitting her lip with her gaze intent on the scene.

Naomi gasps when I cup her breasts and start teasing her through the shirt she’s wearing. When I notice her reaching for the spacebar to pause the video, I give her my final warning. “I told you don’t pause it again,” I rasp in her ear and she quickly retreats her hand.

I continue to toy with Naomi’s mounds as the video continues, but I’m careful not to give her too much.

After the woman hits her first orgasm from the nipple stimulation, the man move between her legs for the next one — a clitoral orgasm. He slowly spreads her lips apart and tells her how wet she is before using his other hand ease his finger inside of her, pull it out, and use her arousal to rub her clit.

I hear Naomi’s breathing become deeper and then the words cross her lips. “May you touch me like that, sir?”

“No,” I reply. “I will touch you as I please. And besides... you weren’t specific enough anyway.”

Naomi turns her head to look at me. “But sir, please... I want—“

“Be quiet and keep your eyes on the screen,” I interrupt. “And don’t make me ask you again.”

She does as she is told and looks back down at the video while I continue teasing her. After the woman hits another orgasm, the so-called “doctor” moves on to the next and pushes two fingers inside of her to stimulate her g-spot and becomes rougher, wrapping his hand around her neck as his fingers move faster.

Finally, I reach down to touch Naomi through her panties and she has soaked through them. I was already hard when I first started touching her, but now that I feel just how turned on she is, my dick twitches at the sensation.

She is back to bitting her lip as I stroke her through her panties and it’s clear she’s trying to keep herself under control between that and the way she digs her fingers into the bed. When I pull her panties to the side to touch her directly, her body jerks in response and I hear a muffled squeak come from her.

By now, the man has a toy on the woman’s clit while his fingers appear to be curled inside of her before she releases an explosive orgasm all over him. I slide two fingers inside of Naomi and curl them and she is struggling even more to hold down her moans as she tenses her body.

When I feel Naomi start to spasm, I remove my fingers from her and she lets out a frustrated sigh. I bring my hand to my mouth to taste her essence and turn her head to take her lips with mine so we can savor it together.

After breaking the kiss, I instruct her to look back at the screen where the scene has reached the point of the man simply fucking the woman as she screams to the top of her lungs. My tongue makes a trail from Naomi’s neck up to her ear and my hand travels back down to her pussy. As much as I would love to hear her begging until her throat is raw, I’ve decided to ease her into things and spoil her for now.

“You’ve behaved well enough for that last part, so go ahead...” I whisper. “Come for me.”

And just like that, Naomi does exactly what she’s told and my hand is now covered in her juices. I continue lightly rubbing her while she rides out her orgasm, her body still trembling and chest heaving.

“What do you say, dear?” I ask once she comes down.

“Thank you, sir.”


A/N: Thanks for reading! I wanted to go for Naomi feeling a bit awkward for her first time with the power exchange to make things more realistic.

Also, I was reading through the comments on this book here on Inkitt and I just wanted to reiterate my appreciation! Your comments are so kind and my only regret with this book is that I’m not sure if I’ll ever reach the point where I’m updating more frequently. The chapters I write for this one are just longer than my other books.

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