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Happy Hour

||||Naomi Monroe||||

“Wow, I can’t believe this huge undertaking has come to an end,” Eric says before taking another sip of his beer. Today was our last day working in San Francisco and now we’re doing a happy hour here at the co-working space. In the three months we’ve been here, I hired a total of four people for NotionX’s satellite office and Diane decided to stick around — bringing the team to a total of five.

“I wouldn’t call it an ‘end’ so much as a new beginning,” Diane replies proudly. “We’ve really done a great job at establishing NotionX as a player in the media here over the course of just three months. Honestly, we couldn’t have done it without Naomi’s leadership.”

“You give me too much credit! It couldn’t have happened without you two.”

“Yeah, yeah… Let’s just all pat ourselves on the back,” Eric chuckles before turning his attention to Diane. “So, are you excited about your new life here? I can’t believe you decided to stay.”

“Well, it works out that I already have some family here and I’ve always wanted to live on the west coast anyway. I also think it would make sense for us to have someone from the original office here and Naomi agreed!”

“Hey,” I shrug. “I’m just glad it all worked out with you staying here!”

“Speaking of ‘staying here,’ you’re hanging out in California for another week, aren’t you, Naomi?”

“Yeah, there are still some sights I wanted to see and I haven’t taken a real vacation in a while. Plus, NotionX is paying my travel expenses and the Laurents are letting me extend my time at the hotel another week for free. It’s working out to be one of the cheapest vacations I’ve experienced.”

Eric and Diane nod in agreement and we hang out in the bar area to socialize with our new colleagues and the other startups and entrepreneurs that work here whom we’ve grown to know over the past three months.

A smile etches into my face when the man I’ve been waiting for arrives to our happy hour. It actually made sense to invite Sebastien because his interview played a huge role in our magazine’s skyrocketing popularity and his family is still mostly bankrolling us.

Sebastien walks in with Alana and a few of the startup founders who don’t work in this building that he connected us with for interviews and other exclusives. I subtly bite my bottom lip because he looks good. I love it when he wears dark colors and tonight, he went for a dark blue button up that is hugging his body in all the right places.

“Naomi!” Alana beams and rushes up to hug me. She was definitely born for her job because her persistence, albeit annoying at times, somehow makes her more likable. I think it’s because her passion for her work is so admirable.

“Naomi,” Sebastien greets me casually with a handshake before doing the same with the others and once all the introductions are over, happy hour really gets started.

|||| Sebastien Laurent ||||

We’ve gotten good at playing things cool, but Naomi has been eyeing me all night and while she manages to hide it from other people, it is not lost on me. I don’t think she knows what it does to me when she looks at me that way, but I will most definitely be showing her as soon as we get to my house.

However… For now, I have other plans.

I pull out my phone, pretending I’ve just received an urgent text so I can excuse myself from the group that I am sitting with.

“Even on Friday nights, duty calls,” I groan, feigning annoyance before walking away. I go into the stairwell — avoiding the elevator so no one knows which floor I’ve gone to — and as I make my way to the third floor, I text Naomi.

Sebastien: Meet me in conference room 3B.

Naomi: Ok.

The several minutes that go by as I await her feel like forever until I finally hear a knock at the door and she enters.

Before Naomi can say a word, I capture her in a kiss and press her body against the door. I wrap my hand around her throat and pull her leg to my side while my lips move more eagerly with hers and my tongue slips in to explore her mouth.

Once I finally let go of her neck, my kisses trail down to it and I lightly suck on one of the many sensitive spots I’ve found on her neck. She lets out a light moan and I come back up to meet her eyes and my lips lightly brush against hers. When Naomi tries to close the distance and bring me in for a kiss, I stop her and cup her face with one hand to keep her still.

“Please, sir… May you kiss me?” she requests with a plea clear in her eyes.

I briefly peck her on the lips and when I pull away, she immediately pouts.

“What did I tell you about looking at me like that, dear?” I whisper.

“Like what?”

“Like you want me to bend you over the nearest surface and fuck you until your legs give out.”

“Sir,” she says with a smirk. “I haven’t the slightest clue what you are talking about.”

“Mhmmm,” I hum unconvinced as I slide my hand down her pants and am met with a sharp breath. “It’s alright… I’ll have the whole week to explain exactly what I’m talking about.”

“Sir, what are you—“

“Shhh…” I use the hand that isn’t down her pants to place a silencing finger against her lips. “No speaking.” I begin teasing her inner lips. “And absolutely no coming.”

I kiss and suck at Naomi’s neck until her moans grow more persistent. I pull my fingers from her and hold them in front of her mouth.

“Open,” I command and she does as she’s told.

As soon as I feel her tongue against my fingers and her lips wrap around them, I consider taking her home right now because all I can think about in this moment is how good it feels to have her choking on my dick.

But that will have to wait…

Reluctantly, I pull my fingers from her mouth and we share one last kiss. “We will finish this at home, dear,” I mutter against her lips before we straighten ourselves up and leave the conference room.

Naomi’s hand locked with mine as we walk down the hallway, we start devising our escape plan from this happy hour as soon as possible in a way that no one will notice us leaving together… Until we are met with the unexpected.

“I knew it!” Alana exclaims, catching both of us by surprise when we reach the elevators. Considering everyone is on the first floor for happy hour and the offices here on the third floor are closed, we didn’t expect anyone to be here.

Naomi snatches her hand away from mine and she is visibly startled and I’m sure that my face is washed with surprise as well.

“Oh no!” Alana cringes and waves her hands up defensively. “It’s okay! I won’t tell anyone, but I don’t know why you’re keeping it a secret. Do you know how much interest there would be in this if it became a story?! The journalist who did Sebastien’s breakout interview and now you two are a couple!” She suddenly pauses with wide eyes. “Wait, you are a couple, right? This wasn’t just some spontaneous hookup just now, right? Because the chemistry between you two is palpable for anyone who is paying attention…”

“What are you doing here?!” I ask.

“I saw on the elevator that Naomi was coming up to the third floor and I’d planned to corner her about doing some exclusives with my other clients… Plus, you two conveniently disappeared at the same time and I’ve had my suspicions for a while — especially given that she always refers to you as ‘Mr. Laurent’ like she’s trying to distance herself from you or something. She wouldn’t be doing that if there wasn’t something going on between you two.”

Naomi’s eyes are wide and mouth agape as she listens to Alana.

“Listen, Alana…” I begin. “This isn’t what—“

“Don’t lie, Sebastien,” she says and points at my mouth. “You’ve still got lip gloss on your face.”

I quickly wipe my mouth as I try to figure out what to say to her to get us out of this.

“It’s true,” Naomi confesses, much to my surprise. “Sebastien and I are together, but just as you’ve figure out, we want to keep this a secret.”

Alana tilts her head and furrows her brows. “But why?”

“Alana, you work in PR and I’m sure you spend a considerable amount of time on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms as well as consuming tabloid and other forms of news…” Naomi explains. “How do you think people would react if they learned that Sebastien Laurent was dating me,” she gestures to herself. “It’s for the same reason that not many people detect this ‘chemistry’ that you say is ‘palpable’ between us.”

I’m not sure exactly what Naomi is saying given that what she’s told me is that it has to do with her career. Alana also appears confused for several moments before something seems to click for her and her expression relaxes from the one of excitement she was holding before.

“I see…” she nods.

“And that’s why I’m asking you to please keep this a secret. I’m not prepared to handle that and besides, this is still kind of new for Sebastien and I.”

Alana’s jaw tenses and I notice the way she gulps as she analyzes Naomi’s face. I only have side profile of her, but I can see how uneasy Naomi appears. “I understand,” she says softly. “Sorry, I didn’t—”

“It’s okay,” Naomi interrupts. “Thank you for understanding. As for your clients, if they’re based on the west coast, I’ll talk to the senior editor we hired out here and I’m sure NotionX can do something for them.”

With their exchange, something in hall seems to calm, though I can’t quite place it.

“Th-thanks, Naomi…” Alana replies, still looking at her with concern. “Whenever people have gossip on any of my clients, they usually come to me, so I’ll be sure to keep things quiet…” She then turns to look at me. “This may end up being quite an expensive endeavor, Sebastien, so try to keep the PDA to a minimum so that I don’t have to buy too many photos from paparazzi.”

“No problem at all.”

Alana gives both of us a thumbs up before walking away and just Naomi and I are left in the hallway alone. She still appears a bit shaken.

“Are you alright, dear?”

“Yeah,” Naomi responds with almost a whisper. “Everything is fine now.”

Based on her demeanor, I can tell that right now probably wouldn’t be a good time to pry, so I wrap her in a hug and kiss her on the forehead before we part ways and head back downstairs to finish this happy hour.


A/N: Thank you for reading! I ended up splitting this chapter, so the next one is pretty much going to be a one shot when I get around to posting it.

If you read Don’t Touch, you may have already realized this, but I DO NOT pit women against each other to fight over a man. I might have them fighting over something else or have small moments like the waitress one at the start of this book or side/background characters having bit of drama, but I will never have my women MCs fighting with other women or men over their love interest(s).

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