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Naomi x Sebastien

||||Naomi Monroe||||

I sit in the center of Sebastien’s bed with my computer in my lap as I work out some issues with my app. I was able to pull in information to launch the service in the San Francisco area, but now I need to make more tweaks for usability purposes. Sebastien is in his home office just a door over working on some urgent thing that came up.

I’ve been at his house since Friday night following happy hour and although it’s only Tuesday and I’m not leaving until Sunday, I’m already feeling like time is passing by too quickly.

We’re around a month into this D/s thing and I feel like I’m getting used to it. At first, it felt awkward, honestly, but now I’m really understanding the appeal of it all. Normally, I’m in control of everything and it’s stressful — these three months working on opening the San Francisco office, scheduling and conducting interviews, and managing a team. In addition to all of that, I have my app that I’m constantly developing and and when I’m in Atlanta, I’m volunteering or managing my relationships with friends and family.

However, when I’m with Sebastien, I don’t need to worry about any of that. I know the word ‘submissive’ often comes with the connotation of being without freedom, but it feels like the total opposite. When I allow Sebastien to take control, I feel free from all the shit I have to deal with on the daily. I don’t need to think about what I have to organize next or the next meeting or how I need to dress or what type of persona I should have for whatever interactions that day. To put it simply, I feel free to just chill and that is a luxury I’ve never had before.

It doesn’t change the torturous aspects of it, though. I haven’t been allowed to come since I’ve been here as punishment after Alana told Sebastien that I’ve been calling him ‘Mr. Laurent’ behind his back. For the past four days, he has teased me, toyed with me, and fucked me without letting me come. The man has already learned my body so well that he knows exactly what to do and how to get me going and the exact point he needs to stop before I lose control.

The urge to touch myself has been constant, but I have a feeling my punishment would be even worse if I did that. So instead, I try to keep myself busy with other things and the fact we’ve started our mornings with a hike each of the days I’ve been here has helped with putting my energy elsewhere.

“Naomi dear,” Sebastien calls from his office and I immediately get out of bed to go to him.

When I enter the room, the first thing he does is scan over me with a smirk on his face. He has me wearing this all-black set he bought me with crotchless panties — which seem to be his favorite kind when we’re at home.

“Yes, sir?”

He beckons for me to come closer and I walk over to him on his side of the desk. A chill goes down my spine when his fingertips lightly caress my thighs, inching higher and higher until he brushes against my heat. Going through days of edging, I feel a combination of frustration and desire when he touches me because I’m not sure if my pleas will be met with nothing but denial as they have been or if he’ll actually allow me my release.

“On your knees, dear,” he says and I lower myself between his legs with my hands in my lap. He holds my face as he looks down at me and I see the mischief behind his eyes.

“Take off the bra.”

I do as I am told and reach back to unhook the bra before pulling my arms from it and allowing it to fall. As soon as my mounds are free, he takes one in his hand and lightly rubs my nipple with his thumb.

“Back straight and chest out,” he instructs and again, I do as I am told.

He takes the other one and starts pinching both of my sensitive buds, rolling them between his fingers. I swallow back a moan and Sebastien squeezes harder and pulls.

“Do not hide your sounds from me. And remember… you’re not allowed to come.”

“Yes sir,” I nod. As he continues, more sounds escape me and my eyes lower to see his growing erection.

“Touch it, dear,” he rasps and I run my hands up his thighs until they’re over the tent in his pants and I begin rubbing.

“Look at me,” he says so I can see the sneer on his face when the question comes. “When was the last time you came, dear?”

“Too long ago, sir,” I reply with a pout as I grip him through his pants and continue stroking.

“You sound frustrated,” he teases. “This isn’t even that bad of a punishment considering your offense…”

“Easy for you to say,” I mumble under my breath. I wince when he pinches me harder.

“What was that?”

I add more pressure against him as I continue rubbing him through his pants. “May I please come today, sir?”

“Hmmmm,” he hums thoughtfully before standing up and leaning against his desk with a sharp gaze on me. “Take it out and put your hands behind your back.”


||||Sebastien Laurent||||

Looking down at Naomi with my tip against her full lips, I direct her to part them and as soon as she does, I ease myself inside until I can feel her throat. As she chokes on my length, my desire only grows and I push further down her throat until she is choking against me. I release a groan with my pleasure and tangle my fingers in her hair as I guide her head.

When Naomi tries to use her hands, I smack them away. “I told you to put your hands behind your back,” I rumble and she immediately drops them. “Don’t you remember, dear…” I press myself further until my base meets her lips. “When we are home, I use your body as I please.”

I pull her away so I can get a better look at her face and see that it’s already getting sloppy. “Such a pretty girl with my dick in your mouth,” I coo before shoving my length down her throat again. Naomi chokes and the vibrations of the sounds that flow from her naturally when I’m fucking her face set me off.

I yank her head back while her mouth remains wide open and she looks up at me. The woman knows me so well already she understands that this is when she need to stick her tongue out and she does just that. What I’ve enjoyed most about Naomi exploring this side of herself is how fast of a learner she has been. She takes notice of the subtlest changes in my gaze or demeanor and knows exactly what she is to do next.

“Good girl,” I croon as I slap my dick against her tongue before rubbing it across her lips. “And this mouth…?” I pull away from her face and keep a tight grip on her hair.

“It’s yours, sir.”

I crouch down to meet her at eye-level and wrap my hand around her neck… She knows damn well that’s not good enough.

“This s-slutty mouth is y-yours, sir,” she chokes out. A smirk grows on my face and I pull her to her feet to lead her to the playroom.

“Lay on the table and put your hands above your head.”

Once Naomi is on the table, I tie her wrists before parting her legs and I practically salivate when I see her glistening core.

“Look how wet you are after getting your face fucked,” I mutter as I get a spreader bar from under the table, secure each of her ankles to it, and hook it to her wrists that are bound above her head. The position leaves her completely exposed and unable to hide from me.

“Oh god,” she gasps and I lean to the side to get a look at her face so I can make sure she’s not in distress.

“It’s just…” she gulps. “I’m very open… sir.”

“Is that a complaint?” I growl.

“N-no sir…”


||||Naomi Monroe ||||

Sebastien has my legs wide open and secured over my head. I’ve never been so exposed before and I’m not totally sure how I feel about this beyond it being very new. We’ve had sex plenty of time, so he’s already seen every inch of me, but I still feel slightly awkward being open this way and unable to close my legs or cover myself.

At the same time, my body feels like it’s on fire and the way he looks at me as if he’s admiring the sight only turns me on more. He goes to the cabinet of toys that he bought when we first decided to play and now his back is to me while I lift my head trying to get a look at what he’s doing.

“Tell me your safe word, dear,” he says without facing me.

“Yes, sir. It’s avocado.”

He appears to nod before returning to me and I can’t get a good look at what toy he brings with him. A chill goes down my spine when I feel his fingers against my outer lips before he pushes two of them inside of me.

Suddenly, I feel a vibration and my body jerks in reaction.

“No coming,” Sebastien warns right before turning up the toy and my moans immediately follow.

As he continues, I’m not sure how much longer I can hold it and I feel like I’m going to lose my mind. “Please, sir…” I bellow. “Pl-please, m-may I come?” I’ve been begging like this for my release for days.

Sebastien keeps on, as if he doesn’t hear me and at this point, I’m willing to do anything to be permitted my climax… Or just come without permission because fuck going another day with his relentless teasing.

“Pleasesirmayyourslutcome!” I say it as quickly as I can in one breath as my sounds become out of control.

My eyes are blurry, but I can see the devious smirk on his face when he looks down at me.

“Come for me,” he says and I do just that. My body shakes and my chest heaves and as I come down, expecting him to pull the toy away from me, he doesn’t. Sebastien turns down the setting by what feels like just one notch and joins me on the table, laying between my legs. I’m immediately brought to another orgasm and in the middle of it, he shoves himself into me and the abruptness and timing of it cause me to shout something unintelligible louder than I ever have.

“Shit,” Sebastien grunts as he starts pounding me with the toy on my clit and all I can get out are “sir” and a mix of other expletives.

I can’t seem to stop coming and even when he stops fucking me, he keeps himself inside of my pussy while the vibration against my clit continues and his free hand runs up my body to play with my nipple.

“Such a tight, wet cunt,” he groans as he starts pumping again. “And always hungry for me… Your walls practically pulled me in, dear.”

I’m not even sure how I’m hearing him over my own sounds, but his words only turn me on more. He releases one side of the bar so it’s not in the way and presses his body against mine until our lips can meet. Sebastien takes my bottom lip between his teeth and pulls before his mouth trails lower and I’ve lost track of the mix of pain and pleasure that comes with the bites and light sucking of my neck.

“What. A. Mes-sy. Girl.” He says with long slow strokes. “This table is covered in your come, baby.”

I will never not be baffled by the things Sebastien is capable of bringing out in me. “Please, sir… Come inside of me. Please fill me up with you come.” It’s the first time I’ve ever been so explicit with such a request and it seems to be what pushes him over the edge. He trembles with a drawn out groan and I feel the heat of his come inside of me.

“Shit,” he breathes and unties my wrists before pulling out.

I’m not sure how much time passes while we lay together on the table and he places gentle kisses on me until he finally lifts up and holds my face.

“Let’s get cleaned up, dear. And then we can cuddle up and watch some movies. What do you think?”

“I would like that, sir.”


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