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Worth It


||||Naomi Monroe||||

Honestly, this shitshow I’ve been dealing with for the past few weeks turned out to be worth it. It sucked that I lost my job at NotionX, but at least now I am living out what I once thought of as my wildest dream.

The New York trip was a success. Sebastien let me practice my pitch in front of him like a million times and gave useful feedback. While he kept telling me that he wanted to invest in the app, I didn’t want him to. This was something I wanted to do on my own if I were ever going to make it happen. So, I used my own contacts outside of him — AKA Eva — to identify promising investors — AKA her parents — and pitched them myself.

I was even more relieved when I spoke to Eva about it after they agreed to invest in my app, knowing she’d be honest. She admitted that while she did put in a good word for me, her parents would not have invested in PVR Network if they didn’t want to or if my pitch wasn’t good enough.

I thought that once people learned about Sebastien and I’s relationship, it would ruin my career. And honestly, it did ruin my career — my career as a journalist. While journalism was something I was good at, I wasn’t sure about committing to it for the rest of my life, and now I don’t have to.

Losing my job at NotionX ended up being a net positive in the end, despite seeing all the horrible things people had to say about Sebastien and I online. I think the worst part about it was that I didn’t do anything, I didn’t hurt anyone, but people were still so cruel about it. All I did was be happy and with a good man while also being fat.

Anyway, the whole thing forced me to put myself out there and I landed on my feet. Thanks to the debacle, I now have the resources to launch PVR Network in major cities with plans to eventually go nationwide. It is now my full-time job and something I see myself doing forever. By the end of this year, PVR Network — following our rebranding and renaming since the only thing Eva’s parents didn’t seem to like was the ‘boring’ name — will be opening our first office right here in Atlanta.

On top of all that, Sebastien and I are stronger than ever. The internet got over us being together relatively quickly and a lot of that is thanks to Alana shutting down any follow up stories and doing the opposite of what is usually her mandate — scaling back Sebastien’s public profile.

Our biggest hurdle other than the distance was trying to keep our relationship a secret. But now that everyone knows about us — even if it wasn’t on our own accord — it’s liberating. We go out in public for our dates now and while we might get stares here and there, it doesn’t bother me as much anymore. Sure, sometimes I might feel a bit awkward, but not enough for it to mess up our good time.

I’m leaving tonight to fly out to California for Sebastien’s 40th birthday and everything calmed down just in time for us to be able to celebrate without any stress. We are going to have dinner with Sebastien’s mom and her boyfriend, as well as Derrick and Tasha, and then I have something very special planned for him when we get back to his house.

Gianni and I are in my room on FaceTime with Eva as I figure out what I’m going to wear for Sebastien’s birthday night. Other than the various outfits Sebastien has me put on when we’re at his place, I don’t have much lingerie, so I picked up some pieces at the store today and I’m showing them what I got.

“Hmmm,” Gianni hums as she scans over me in the second set that I bought. “It’s cuter than the other one, and I definitely think you could wear it for him sometime, but it doesn’t scream special occasion.”

“Yeah, you need something more risqué,” Eva agrees from the video call. “More straps, maybe a bit of leather... And heels! You definitely need matching heels.”

“I get what you’re saying, but the sets I saw like that were super expensive and if I wanted them catered for my size, I would’ve needed adjustments and all that. I’m still trying to budget because the app won’t fully be launched until the end of the year and even then, it’s primary goal isn’t profits, I mean—”

“Girl hush!” Eva interrupts. “Gigi! I told you I was right, now show her what I sent.”

“What?” Did I hear her right?

“Look, Mimi...” Eva begins. “I know you, and I had a feeling you’d either be cheap or pick relatively conservative lingerie. But, I still wanted to give you a chance to show us what you were thinking... What you chose is cute, don’t get me wrong, but this is for your man’s 40th! From what you told me you’d planned for him, I figured this set would be perfect for it.”

Gianni smirks as she approaches me with a big black box and sets it on the bed.

“Go ahead, girl... open it.”

Slowly lifting the lid of the box, my eyes immediately go wide when I see what’s inside. “Oh. My. God.” I gasp with each word. I gulp as I lift the first piece of the set and examine it. Eva was not kidding when she said she wanted me to wear something ‘risqué’ because I’ve only ever seen something like this in videos. “This is...”

“Do you like it?!” Gianni and Eva say in unison before Eva goes into more detail explaining how the set will look when I put it on.

“I love it!”


||||Sebastien Laurent ||||

Naomi is here for my 40th birthday and the internet gossip thing ended just in time for it. As difficult as it was, the experience only pushed us closer to each other.

As far as Joseph, he hurt himself the most in the end. While Naomi and I are prospering, he can’t find a job from what I hear — no one wants to hire an assistant who breaks NDAs and leaks private information. I believe it was my punching him in the face that pushed him to go as far as telling the press about Naomi and I, but it never would’ve happened if he weren’t an ass. He took issue with me dating Naomi because if he were in my position, he wouldn’t have done so.

When I told Naomi about it, she said verbatim: ‘It’s giving very teenage boys who make fun of their friend for liking the fat girl.’

It took me a few seconds to wrap my head around what she was saying, but it was pretty much that Joseph is pathetic, with which I agree. Between those final words that he said to me about dating Naomi and the public reactions to the news about us dating, I realized that Naomi’s problem wasn’t how she viewed herself, but that she was acutely aware of how others viewed her and knowing that they would treat her accordingly when given an excuse.

Even with her doubts about my interest in her when we first met, Naomi never seemed to be a woman with low self-esteem. Hell, we’ve fucked in front of the mirror multiple times and she only seems to get more turned on by the sight.

Anyway, she’s gotten over it and so have I and now we’re able to enjoy each other. That final cloud that was hanging over our heads is now gone.

I watch Naomi put the finishing touches on her makeup before we need to leave for my birthday dinner and it’s these simple moments we have together that I cherish the most. The distance continues to make things hard, but we’re making it work as best as we can. We decided to put the moving plans on hold so she could focus on her app now that she’s got investors. It’ll inevitably come up again, but I want to see how things pan out for her without me pressuring her to move to the west coast. I’ve also been playing with the idea of moving out to Atlanta since I already have an apartment there. It would be a lot of logistics and I’d have to restructure my firm and perhaps open an office on the east coast...

But it’s worth it for the woman I love.

“What are you thinking about, babe?” she questions turning to me after she finishes her face.

Now is not the time, Sebastien.

“Oh, I’m just wondering what this ‘surprise’ is that you have planned for me after dinner.”

“You will see,” she smirks while eying me with a lustful gleam. I don’t know how many times I’ve told her, and showed her, what that look does to me, but I’m sure it’s been very clear to her its effect. I don’t know if I’ll make it through this entire dinner with my mother and her boyfriend Dave as well as Derrick and Tasha. All I can think about is having my woman in my bed tonight.

“Keep looking at me like that and we won’t be making out of this house, dear.”

“Fine,” she sighs, relaxing her expression. “I’ll play fair since it’s your birthday... for now.”


“Wow!” My mother gasps, eyes wide at Naomi and I. We’ve finished dinner, which went really well and now we’re all chatting it up while the others drink wine. Naomi opted not to drink this time — confirming for me that the surprise is definitely sexual in nature — and I’m not much of a drinker myself.

“So you two will be coming up on a year soon?! I never thought Sebastien would last that long in a relationship. It seemed like forever that he didn’t have much of an interest in relationships beyond dating and oh, he had so many girlfriends throughout high school and college and then after that, they were few and far between, but plenty of dates, always plenty of—”

“Okay, mother,” I cut her off. “That’s enough, now... No reason for us to get into that.”

“Oh, sorry...” she giggles, her face slightly flushed. “Wine makes me so talkative. I hope I don’t overwhelm Naomi. I really like her.” She turns her attention to Naomi and holds her free hand. “I’m not overwhelming you away, am I?”

“No,” Naomi shakes her head with a chuckle. “Everybody has a past and I lo-like the Sebastien of today, just the way he is.” She recovers quickly, but I don’t miss the way she’s about to use that word, the word I’ve been wanting to say to her for months now.

“Sebastien tells me that you’ve got your app funded and you’ll be opening offices in Atlanta at the end of the year? And what does it do again?”

“That’s right,” Naomi replies with a grin. She gets so excited talking about it. “We’re going through a rebranding right now and the name of the app will likely change, but it’s called PVR Network, which stands for: Philanthropy, Volunteerism, and Relief Network. It essentially allows those using the app to identify volunteer, donation, or relief opportunities near them, as well as allowing organizations to post them. The goal is to make community service as easy and convenient as possible to encourage more involvement.”

“I love it!” my mother beams. Even with the oversharing, she’s been so great with Naomi since meeting her that she just might love her almost as much as I do. “You know, you are perfect for Sebastien with this passion for helping people and tech and what not. When do you two plan on getting en—”

Naomi’s eyes go wide knowing where my mother is going with this and I feel the need to step in.

“Mother, please don’t scare her, my god!” I scold.

“Sebastiennnnn,” she drags out. “Don’t act like I’m embarrassing you. You obviously adore this woman and it’s clear she adores you too.”

“Mo—” I’m cut off when Naomi speaks up.

“You’re right, I do adore Sebastien,” she says. “You raised an incredible man.”

“At least one of them turned out alright,” my mother quips with a wink.

The subject changes and as everyone goes on talking, I’m barely able to pay attention because at this point, I’m ready to go home and enjoy whatever Naomi has planned for me — the way she’s been touching me most the night doesn’t help temper my desires. She has been alternating between rubbing the back of my neck with her thumb and running her fingers through my hair. She does this so naturally, like she doesn’t even realize she’s doing it and I’m the same with my hand on her leg, occasionally rubbing her thigh.

“I’m ready to go home, baby,” I turn to whisper in her ear before my attention goes to everyone else at the table to finally say farewell.

“It was such a pleasure to meet you Ms. Naomi,” my wine drunk mother says, wrapping her into a tight hug. “Keep him in check, will you?” she adds tauntingly.

“It won’t be that hard,” Naomi’s gaze darts to me and she gives me a knowing wink. “You raised a perfect gentleman.”

I chuckle at her words. I hope she’s prepared to take this ‘perfect gentleman’ all night long.


A/N: Thank you for reading! This was initially with the next chapter, but I decided to split them.

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