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Say it First

||||Sebastien Laurent||||

“Sebastien,” Naomi gasps as my mouth latches onto her neck. The second we walked into the house, I had my lips against hers and now I’m working my way down. “Sebastien,” she repeats more sternly this time and I pull away.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes,” she replies and her hands press against my chest as she pushes me away. “It’s time for that surprise I planned for you. Come with me…”

Naomi leads me up the stairs and toward my bedroom with an extra switch in her hips while she walks and I’m sure to make it clear that I am absolutely staring at her ass.

“Is this show you’re giving me part of that surprise?” I question about halfway up.

“I’m not giving you any hints, babe.”

“Mhmm,” I hum. “Keep walking like this and I’ll bend you over and eat you right here on the steps.”

“You are a very, very naughty boy, Sebastien,” she teases.

When we finally reach my bedroom, she instructs me to strip down and wait for her while she goes to the bathroom to change.

As I lay on the bed in nothing but my boxers, I already figure that what Naomi has planned for me is some sexy lingerie that I’ll be tearing off of her anyway. I look at the ceiling as I imagine what she might have on — the cut, the color, the material… Until she finally walks back into the room and practically gives me heart attack.

Naomi is wearing latex stiletto boots that lace up to her thighs with a matching strappy caged one-piece that attaches to the top of them and leaves most of her body exposed. If not for the black panties she’s wearing, her core would be exposed, and her nipples are covered by pasties in the shape of an “X.”

I’m immediately out of bed and going straight for her when she stops me with the tip of a riding crop to my chest.

“Dear, what are you—“ I’m cut off when she presses the crop in an upward motion against my chin to close my mouth.

“It’s mistress,” she corrects and the sternness in her voice sends a shiver up my spine. We’ve spoken about her taking control at some point soon and I told her that when she feels up to it, she is free to do so. I’m not a hard top. I enjoy subbing occasionally and Naomi has always had an interest in dominating while we’re in bed.

“Oh?” I raise a challenging brow.

“Lay back on the bed and put your wrists above your head, honey,” she sneers.

I do as I am told and Naomi approaches with satin ties.

Joining me on the bed, she straddles my torso while reaching over me to bound my wrists. “No touching me,” she warns, but I can’t make it that easy for her. While she’s tying my right hand, my left reaches behind her to grab a handful of her ass.

As soon as I do it, Naomi wraps her hand around my neck and leans in so our faces are mere inches apart. “Behave yourself.” The way the words come from her with a low voice and cold tone, I heed the threat behind them and put my left wrist back up for her to finish the binding.

Once she’s done, she lifts herself back up and gets off the bed. My eyes follow her every move, from the way she walks with such grace in the highest heels I’ve ever seen her wear, to the way her shoulders are back and head is high with pure confidence, to how clear it is in her face that she is already enjoying this before we’ve gotten started and it’s the same for me too.

And my god, the outfit she’s wearing… This woman is going to be the death of me and there is no other way I’d rather go.

She drags the crop down the center of my chest, over my abdominals, until she meets the tent in my pants.

“So hard already,” she comments with a smirk as she uses the end of the crop to lightly rub my tip through my boxers and I groan a mix of pleasure and frustration.

“What’s wrong, honey? Aren’t you enjoying your surprise?” she taunts.

“I am enjoying it,” I reply with a rasp. “I’d be enjoying it even more if you’d get on top of me and the tight wetness between your legs was wrapped around my dick right now.”

Naomi sucks her teeth and stops rubbing me with the crop to slap it on my thigh. “I didn’t ask you all of that… You have quite the mouth on you. We may need to do something about that.”

“You’re right, and I have just the idea…” I stick my tongue out and flick it at her suggestively.

“It looks like I will need to use this…” She shakes her head before walking to the nightstand on her side of the bed and pulling something out. “Open, honey… And don’t make me ask you twice.”

I again heed the threat behind her words and do as I’m told.

“There we go,” she exhales after securing the ring gag to my mouth. “I like this one. I get to hear your sounds uninterrupted, but at the same time, you can’t talk, can you?”

I shake my head and she licks her lips as her lust-filled gaze inches down my body until it meets my very strained boxers.

She reaches her hand out and just when I think I’m going to get some form of relief, she redirects to my torso and caresses my bare skin with her fingertips. With this ring gag in my mouth, I can’t hide the grunts that escape me.

“What’s wrong, honey? You sound frustrated…” Her fingers continue to lightly glide across my skin, making their way up along my chest, neck, face, and hair before moving back down. She puts me through this torture for what feels like an eternity.

“You’re so hard,” she purrs when she finally releases me from my boxers just for the teasing to continue. “I bet you’re incredibly sensitive right now… But no coming, okay?” she warns. It’s her first time doing this, but I can tell that Naomi is absolutely my type of Domme — mischievous and playful.

Naomi straddles me so that she can grind against my dick and I can feel her through her panties as she grows wetter with the friction. It’s not long until she leans forward so that her face is mere inches from mine again while her hips continue moving.

“Do you want to be inside of me, honey?” she questions and in response, I nod urgently.

“Of course you do,” she coos before she starts placing kisses on my neck. Feeling her soft lips and her tongue against me put my body into a frenzy and there’s nothing I can do but groan my mix of pleasure and frustration and hold myself from climaxing before I even get inside of her.

I’m saved from the embarrassment of coming prematurely when Naomi’s lips move further down my body and her hips separate from mine as she kisses and sucks the most sensitive parts of me other than the spot that’s yearning for her most.

When I feel her mouth approaching my groin, I lift my head up to look down at her and she smirks up at me deviously before sticking out her tongue and giving me a long lick from my balls to my tip and I almost lose it. She does that a few more times before coming back up face-to-face with me while she grinds against my dick again.

Naomi removes the ring gag and runs her tongue across her lips seductively before speaking.

“I’m going to ask you two very simple questions, honey. And you only get one chance each to answer them correctly…” She pauses for several long moments, scanning my face and taking in the way she’s managed to shut me up because I am not about to say a damn thing until this woman asks me whatever it is she needs to ask.

“First…” She wraps her hand around my length. “Whose is this?”

“It’s yours, mistress,” I respond without hesitation. That’s when she smiles, pulls her panties to the side, and eases down on my dick. My body trembles at the long-awaited sensation of finally feeling her pussy envelop me and I’m already at the edge, the only thing keeping me from coming is the fact that she hasn’t started moving.

“Second…” She traces her finger around my lip. “Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, mistress,” I nod with more urgency than before.

Naomi reaches up to undo the satin ties and guides one of my hands up her body to grip her breast while placing the other on her hip before she begins moving.

“Fuccckkkkk,” I groan as I immediately race toward my climax.

The woman must know I’m close because she wraps her hand around my throat and gives me a stern warning. “Don’t come until I say you can.”

How the fuck does she expect me not to come when she’s doing this?

Trying to be on my best behavior, I hold myself back until I feel her growing wetter and I know she’s getting close too when her grip on my neck eases up and her moans turn more persistent.

I move the hand that was on her her hip to rub her clit while using the other to remove the “X” from her nipple and lift my head up to pull it into my mouth, earning an outburst from Naomi.

“Oh my god!” she moans, picking up speed. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s my birthday or her first time doming, but the woman is generous enough to permit me my release. “Come for me!”

And as soon as she says it, I just do that, releasing myself inside of her. She hits her own climax and slows the rocking of her hips until she stops and gets off of me to go to the bathroom.

I stare at the ceiling in slight disbelief because that was damn good and my body is still trembling from the intensity of the orgasm I just had. Was that an out of body experience? Did my voice go up a few octaves? Did I just impregnate her?

Naomi returns to bed and curls up to me with her arm on my chest and fingers stroking my short facial hair.

“Babe, d—“

“That was fucking incredible,” I interrupt before she can finish. “I loved it, baby.”

“Oh, I know you loved it,” she replies confidently. “I wasn’t asking you that. I was asking if you wanted any water.”

I burst out laughing, a mix of amused that I was wrong about my assumption and pride in how sure she was that I enjoyed it… I guess it was obvious enough anyway.

God, I love this woman.


I slip out of bed in the early hours of the morning to go to the bathroom and when I get inside of it, I look at my body to see the hickeys that Naomi left and a smile comes to my face. Her first time playing the Domme and it was mind-blowing. She will definitely need to do that again.

After washing my hands, I return to bed, cuddle up behind her again with my arm around her waist, and close my eyes.

“She didn’t scare me, you know…” Naomi says softly, the sleep still in her voice. I must have woken her up when I went to the bathroom.

“What are you talking about, dear?”

She turns in bed so that she’s looking me in the eyes and holds my face. “Your mom… She didn’t scare me when she said that I’m perfect for you…” Naomi gulps before getting the last part out. “Because I want to be perfect for you.”

I immediately choke up when she says it and we lay there staring at each other for god knows how long.

“You are perfect for me,” I finally respond and I notice the way her eyes water at my words.

Say it, Sebastien.

You’ve been wanting to all this time, now say it.

“I love you, Naomi Monroe.”

As soon as I make the confession, it becomes even more clear to me how much we’ve both changed since we started dating because for one, a tear drops from my eye before one drops from hers and two, she doesn’t look at me in disbelief the way she used to when I was open about my feelings for her. Instead, a wide smile comes to her face and without hesitation…

She says it back.

“I love you too, Sebastien Laurent.”


A/N: Thank you for reading! I hope you liked it! It was Naomi’s first time dominating and I was trying to strike the balance of showing her in control, while also not making her look like a pro, while also making it hot? (If you plan on reading Playing the Bosses, Eva won’t be as nice.)

I’m p much trying to show a more natural growth into her sexuality throughout the sex scenes in this book.

Anyway, the final chapters are really about to just be these two being cute and shit.

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