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A Show

||||Sebastien Laurent||||

“I can’t believe this is actually happening!” Naomi beams walking into my Atlanta apartment… Well, now it’s our apartment.

“It’s already happened,” I chuckle. “I’ve had this apartment for a while now and it really did make the most sense for me to move here. It’s also just in time for the opening of Helpr’s offices.” It was on our one-year anniversary a few months ago when I told her I’d be moving to Atlanta in a decision that was well overdue and she was ecstatic.

“That’s true…” she nods “And I guess that means you don’t have much to move into the apartment either since this has been like a second home to you for over a year now.”

“Yeah… About that. I prefer to live in a house, so what do you think about looking at some homes in the Atlanta suburbs?”

“Oh, um…” For the first time in a while, Naomi is taken aback by something I say to her.

“Just think about it, baby,” I assure her. “It’s no rush. And we can keep this apartment here in Atlanta, of course.”

“R-right,” she stumbles out before quickly changing the subject. “Guess who asked me for an exclusive interview about the latest trend of ’philanthropy tech?’” she mocks that final term and rolls her eyes. “NotionX! They seriously asked me to do something for them after the way they treated me. Anyway, I’ve decided I don’t want to do any media at all and I’ve hired a spokeswoman to handle press. I am going to focus on living my dream.”

All I can do is smile at her and shake my head. I’m incredibly proud of Naomi. She managed to turn what could’ve been a detrimental situation into the catalyst for her ultimate win. She made all of this happen for herself. And while I was there to support her, she ultimately did it all on her own. She built the app, she worked her own contacts for funding, and now she is establishing her brand’s concrete presence here in Atlanta with plans to expand.

What an incredible woman.

||||Naomi Monroe||||

Music blasting through my headphones, I dance around Sebastien and I’s bedroom while I unpack my clothes and fill up the drawers. I sway my hips to the beat as I finish putting the final piece away and when I look up in the mirror that sits across from our bed, I’m startled when I see Sebastien behind me.

“You scared the shit out of me!” I exclaim, holding my chest. “I thought you had to run to the store?”

With a smirk on his face, Sebastien walks up to me and wraps his arms around my waist.

“I did have to run to the store, but I forgot my wallet in here…”

I giggle as he kisses my neck and his hands begin to wander. No matter how many times we’ve been together, this man’s touch alone is enough to make me melt. I close my eyes and lean my head against his shoulder.

“So why aren’t you getting your wallet?”

“I got distracted by your dancing,” he whispers and nips at my ear.

“How long were you watching?”

“Long enough to get this…” He presses his erection against my ass and slips his hand into my pants. Sebastien wastes no time in rubbing my inner lips and my breathing hitches. “Open your eyes and look into the mirror.”

I do as I’m told and watch him with a subtle smile on my face while he touches me. The sight only turns me on more — seeing his hand move in my pants while the other goes up my shirt and he plays with my nipple.

“I love how wet you get for me, baby,” he mutters and I clench at his tone. “I also love how your body responds to the way I talk to you.”

Sebastien moves his fingers faster and I brace against the dresser, keeping eye contact with him the whole time, all the way until he makes me come and my eyes squeeze shut. He releases a satisfied hum against my neck and when my eyes flutter open, he’s sucking my essence off his fingers.

I look down in the mirror to see him unbuckling his pants.

“I thought you had to go to the store?” I tease with a raised brow.

“The store can wait, but this can’t,” he says, taking my hand and leading me to the bed.

After removing his clothes and the very little that I had on, Sebastien gets on the bed and sits up at the headboard with his length in his hand.

“It’s been a while since you’ve given me a proper show, dear. And after seeing you dance, I was reminded of just how much I love watching you play with that pretty pussy.”

I don’t need anymore prompting than that to join Sebastien in bed. Positioning myself in front of him, I get on my knees and bend forward placing my chest on the bed with my ass up and legs open. I turn my head to the side and then down so I can see him while we touch ourselves for each other.

||||Sebastien Laurent ||||

Naomi knows exactly which position gets to me most when I watch her touch herself. With her ass in perfect view while she spreads her lips apart and uses her middle finger to rub up and down her slit, I’m deeply turned on.

When she finally eases two fingers inside of her pussy, I begin stroking myself, aligning my pace with her fingers.

“Not so fast, dear… I don’t want you thinking you can come just yet.”

“Yes, sir.” Her fingers slow down and the whimpers of pleasure that had been coming from her seem to also slow with her frustration.

I run my hand up the back of her thigh, caressing it as I watch the way she becomes wetter while she continues to touch herself.

“Lighten your touch,” I tell her and she whines at the command, but does as she’s told. However…

I slam my hand on her ass hard, causing her to jump and a squeal to escape her lips.

“What did I tell you about whining, dear.”

“Not to, sir,” she responds softly. As Naomi continues touching herself, I’m mesmerized by the sight of it and I know that she keeps separating her lips on purpose. She wants me to see very clearly how much her cunt is begging to be fucked and how swollen her clit is with this constant teasing.

I notice Naomi make a slight readjustment in her position before stiffening her fingers and moving up and down on them. The woman is being disobedient, but I can’t bring myself to give a damn because this show she’s giving me has me in shambles, practically drooling at the way she’s riding her own fingers.

I lose it when she has an outburst in the form of my name, knowing full well that she’s thinking about me while she fucks herself.

Oh, fuck the teasing.

In no time, I’m aligned with Naomi’s entrance before slamming myself inside of her. My fingers dig into her hips as I immediately begin pounding her pussy and the woman repeats my name with her moans.

“Look at what you’ve started, dear,” I rasp. I pull Naomi up so that her back is against my chest while I wrap one hand around her throat and the other rolls her nipple between my fingers. I suck and kiss along her neck and shoulder before biting her and she lets out a loud moan at the move.

That’s when I let her go and push her down. I tangle my fingers in her curly hair and use the other to spank her ass.

“Fuck me!” she bellows and I start pounding even harder before releasing her hair and pinning her to the bed with my hand on the back of her neck.

“You like being fucked like a slut, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir! I love it when you use your slut’s cunt.”

Jesus-fucking-Christ… I have corrupted her in the best of ways.

“Then take all of my fucking dick,” I growl and when she deepens the arch of her back I slam myself further. This woman’s pussy feels like heaven.

Finally taking my eyes off of Naomi, I look in the mirror, watching the way I fuck her and I need her to enjoy the sight with me. I pull her head back yet again, this time allowing her to stay on all fours while facing forward so she can watch us.

She makes eye contact with me through the mirror as her moans continue to fill the room. Feeling the way I near my release, I slow my strokes as I speak to her.

“Look at that pretty whore in the mirror,” I coo. “She gets so wet when getting fucked like this.”

Naomi nods and keeps her eyes on mine the entire time, the intimacy of it pushing both of us closer to coming.

“Oh, fuck!” Naomi cries when she hits her orgasm. “Please come inside of me,” she moans.

And just like that, my own climax hits me and I finish deep inside of her.

I slap her behind one last time and pull out, sitting back on my heels as I try to gather myself. Naomi falls to her original position, with her ass up and her chest to the bed, looking at me as she catches her breath.

“I love it when you fill up my cunt,” she says softly before her fingers reach up to play with her pussy while my come is inside of her.

I already feel myself hardening again at the sight of it when she stops to get out of bed.

“Where are you—“

She interrupts me with a silencing finger on my lips.

“I’m getting cleaned up and then I’m changing, honey… Because you’re next.”


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