All of Me

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All of Me

One Year Later

|||| Naomi Monroe ||||

“This is so on brand for you, Mimi,” Gianni says as she watches me get my makeup done. “Sebastien is definitely your perfect match. Y’all really went for a small, intimate ceremony despite both of y’all having enough money to do a destination wedding.”

“Shut up, your ass just wanted to go to the Bahamas,” I scold playfully. “And a small ceremony made the most sense. My parents can’t go too far because of their jobs, Miles is in his first year of college, and neither of us have a ton of friends and family we would’ve wanted to invite.”

“Girl, if you don’t let Mimi have her day!” Eva chides from the couch. “Keep it up and I’ll take your place as maid of honor.”

With Sebastien and I opting for a small wedding, I don’t have bridesmaids and he doesn’t have groomsmen. Gianni is my maid of honor and Derrick is his best man.

“She knows I’m just playing,” Gianni assures, looking at me through the mirror with a smile. “And besides, I’m the reason they’re together.”

“Bitch, what?” Eva gasps.

“Oh, here we go…” I groan.

“Yes!” Gianni exclaims. “I didn’t tell you the story?! I’m the one who made her go on the first date with him. Did you know that this man sent her flowers and set up reservations at Mimi’s favorite brunch spot and her ass almost didn’t call him?! I had to pull some ninja shit to dial his number while she was doing my hair!”

“Oh my god!” shrieks an entertained Eva. “How haven’t I heard this before? Is it true, Mimi?”

“Yes,” I sigh.

“Damnnnnn,” Eva drags out before turning back to Gianni. “I guess they gotta name a kid after you, Gigi.”

“Damn straight,” Gianni nods proudly. “And I’m gonna be godmomma to all the kids.”

I shake my head. “Y’all really talking about our kids before we get to the alter?”

“What? I know y’all bout to have 10 of them since you can afford a nanny… or five.”

“Chill!” I giggle. “We are definitely not having that many kids. And I’m focusing on my career before we even go there.”

“Yeah yeah,” Gianni says dismissively. “Well, when it happens like 15 years from now, I’ll be here and probably still single.”

All I can do is let out an amused huff and smile at my best friend.

Just as the artist finishes up, my mom walks into the room and her tears are immediate. “You look so beautiful, sweetie!” she beams and pulls me in for a hug. “I am so happy for you… For you and Sebastien!”

As tears brim my eyes, I feel breezes of air hitting my face.

“No crying, Mimi,” Gianni warns and starts fanning me. “This woman just finished your makeup and we have 20 minutes until you’re walking down the aisle. You’re gonna have to hold it, girl.”

“I sorry, sweetie,” my mom apologizes, pulling away from the hug. “We can’t have you crying just yet. Now, let me take you to your father so he can walk you down the aisle.”

||||Sebastien Laurent||||

A lump is stuck in my throat as I stand at the alter awaiting Naomi to cross through those double doors. Just as tradition states, we have not seen each other today and I’ve been depending on Derrick to keep me calm. It’s a small wedding at a beautiful chapel outside of Atlanta with our closest friends and family attending.

When the music begins, I immediately straighten up to await the woman I’m to spend the rest of my life with. When the doors part and her maid of honor, Gianni, comes in, I try to look through the narrow gap to at least get a peek at Naomi so I can prepare myself, but it’s to no avail. Once Gianni reaches the alter, she turns and smiles at Derrick and I before the music changes and my heart begins pounding in my ears.

When the doors open again and this time, Naomi walks out with her arm around her father’s, I can’t help but wince when the tears rush to my eyes and begin falling. Beautiful is an understatement and I say that even with the veil covering her face. The white gown she wears is off the shoulders and embroidered with beads that form shapes of flowers.

She gets to the alter and her father lifts the veil to kiss her on the cheek and give me an approving nod before handing her off to me and I take her hands in my sweaty and trembling ones. Naomi squeezes in a comforting motion and smiles up at me with tears running down her face too.

Once her father is seated, the officiant begins the ceremony.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of these witnesses, to join Sebastien Francis Laurent and Naomi Violet Monroe in holy matrimony. The groom and bride have decided to write their own vows and now I’ll leave it to them.”

I’m the first to speak and I swallow before doing so.

“Naomi, we agreed to keep this concise and I know it was for the better because if I had to list off every reason that I love you, our kind guests would be here for days if not weeks... When we first met going on almost three years ago now, I was immediately taken by not just your beauty, but with the way you were so sure of yourself throughout our interview, even if you do say you were nervous about it. To this day, we argue about whether that was our first date or not, but I will say that it was my first time sitting down with someone and feeling completely comfortable. Our connection was immediate and it was genuine.”

I reach out to gently wipe Naomi’s tears with my thumb as I continue.

“And then when you were kind enough to show me around your city, I learned more about you and to be honest, you sounded too good to be true. I thought: ‘This woman whom I am immediately attracted to and comfortable with is also passionate about tech and community service and has even found a way to combine the two?’ I was completely awestruck... Even with a few hurdles along the way as any couple would have, since that day we met, I just knew that we would be a permanent fixture in each other’s lives — whether it be the memories we made together or as partners. And I can’t put into words how incredibly happy I am that it is the latter. You are the love of my life, Naomi, and I am ecstatic that we will be spending it together.”

Naomi’s lips quiver and she sniffles as she tries to keep her crying under control.

“I’m supposed to be the former journalist, but my man is much better with words, everyone,” Naomi quips to start off and the attendees chuckle. “The reason Sebastien and I have this discrepancy about what counted as our first date is because what I count as our first date is when he took me to my all-time favorite brunch spot — The Bistro — and here’s why: Although I admit I entered a bit apprehensive at first, that tension was immediately eased by this man who is so easy to be around. He doesn’t seem to have a single bad bone in his body, I swea— promise,” she corrects herself for the church.

“I consider The Bistro our first date because I let my guard down. Anyone who knows me, knows that I never do that. But with you, Sebastien, it felt so easy and so natural. I’d never experienced anything like it before and that was when I knew you were definitely a force to be reckoned with.” Naomi shakes her head and gives me a knowing smirk through her tears. “And you were. And it is one of the million things I love about you…” She chokes up and struggles to get more words out when she notices that I’ve got just as much tears coming from me as she does.

“I love you, Sebastien,” she finally gets out. “And I am ready for our forever.”

We exchange our rings and the wedding officiant continues to finish out the ceremony.

“Well,” the officiant says. “Not much I can add to that, so let’s get on with it. Do you, Naomi Monroe, take Sebastien Laurent to be your lawful wedded husband?”

“I do.”

“And do you, Sebastien Laurent, take Naomi Monroe to be your lawfully wedded wife.”

“I do.”

With the power vested in me by the state of Georgia, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.


||||Naomi Laurent||||

We’re spending our honeymoon in Sebastien’s penthouse at one of his family’s buildings in Marseille and our plans include sightseeing, shopping, wine, beaches, and sex. The perfect combination to relieve the stress that both of us have been under with the wedding. Although it was small, it was a lot more work than I expected, even with a planner.

I stand in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows to admire our perfect view of the beach with a smile on my face thinking about the life we’ll be living together… forever, when I feel Sebastien’s teeth graze my ear.

“I plan to fuck you at sunrise and sunset right here every day of our honeymoon,” he whispers before grabs a handful of my ass.

“Sebastien,” I giggle as his short facial hair tickles me while he kisses my neck. “Someone might see us.”

“Look outside and at how far up we are and then please tell me who the fuck can actually see us up here, dear?” His arms wrap around my waist and his lips continue to make trails along my neck and shoulders.

As his hands begin to wander, Sebastien releases a satisfied hum when he reaches under my dress and feels my bare core.

“Hmmm, so you did listen,” he whispers. “Such a good girl, following the rules of our honeymoon.”

“Oh please,” I scoff playfully. “Me not being allowed to wear panties isn’t much different from the rules you give me at your house.”

“You’re not wrong,” he replies as his finger moves up and down my slit and he grinds his erection against me.

I reach back to tangle my fingers in his hair and he turns my head to capture my lips. Time doesn’t even feel like it’s passing when we’re like this and I’m not sure how long it is until we finally break and he leads me to the bedroom.

“Lay down,” he says as he removes his shirt. “I need to make love to my wife.”

When I get on the bed and Sebastien is on top of me, our mouths meet each other and we savor every moment of it. His fingertips lightly trace over my curves and his lips scour my neck. My hands run down his torso until they reach his belt and I unbuckle it along with his pants. Once they’re gone, he grinds himself against me and the feeling of our bodies together like this is one I never want to let go of.

Sebastien takes his time with the way his kisses explore my body. Every time this man touches me, he touches me with purpose, and sometimes it feels like he knows my body better than I do.

He brings one of my nipples into his mouth while rubbing the other before switching to flick his tongue against it. I arch my back in response and he brings me to the edge before kissing his way down my body until he is nestled between my legs, looking up at me mischievously.

“What are you planning, my love?”

“To devour you until your legs go numb, of course,” he replies plainly before his mouth is on my core.

His tongue moves up and down my inner lips before he spreads them apart and flicks his tongue on my clit. He alternates between those two moves until he pulls an orgasm from me. I feel his fingers ease inside of me and his mouth becomes more eager and just as he promised, he’s devouring me.

My sounds are loud and shameless and each time I come, he lets out a satisfied hum, sending vibrations through my pussy. It’s not until I come a third time that he finally comes up to meet the lips on my face while his are covered in my essence.

“I will never get tired of this taste,” he mutters against my ear before catching me by surprise when he shoves two fingers inside of me, curls them, and moves vigorously, sending me straight to another climax.

“Sebastien!” I shout his name as I’m pushed over the edge by the unexpected move and when my eyes open, he has a devious grin on his face.

“I love doing that to you,” he teases and I spit on my hand before reaching down to stroke his length.

Our mouths against each other again while my hand moves up and down his member, Sebastien’s grunts become more persistent and when I push him to get on his back so I can go down on him, he refuses and pins both of my hands above my head.

“There will be plenty of time for that, love. Like I told you. It’s time for me to make love to my wife,” he rasps before aligning with my entrance and slowly sinking himself inside of me, allowing me to feel every inch of him.

Sebastien’s strokes are slow and deep, his body rolling against mine. Our lips together again, they move naturally with each other. Using his free hand, Sebastien cups one of my legs and brings it higher so he can go deeper and I feel the climax slowly building up in me.

||||Sebastien Laurent||||

I know Naomi is approaching her release with the way she spasms around me. I’m making love to her as my wife for the first time and it doesn’t matter how much we’ve made love, had sex, or fucked before because right now it feels like the first time. And to say this is euphoric is an understatement.

We are meant to be with each other in every sense of the word and our bodies, minds, and souls know it too. The way it manifests in this moment is otherworldly as my wife and I approach our climaxes at the same time.

Our bodies quiver in sync, we moan our affections with each others’ names, and our breathing is ragged, yet aligned as we come down from what feels like the highest peak we’ve ever met.

Still inside of her after we’ve come, Naomi and I lay there sharing lazy kisses with each other until I need to pry myself off of her to allow her to go to the bathroom. When she returns, we cuddle up and simply lay here in peace, our bodies fitting perfectly with each other.

The woman I’m meant to be with wrapped in my arms, I hold her tighter and whisper in her ear the words that I will never get tired of saying.

“I love you, Mrs. Naomi Laurent.”


A/N: Thank you so much for reading this story! I was going for an easy read and I hope that came through.

I started this story because I was having a whole rant about the fat girl who hates herself trope and decided to channel that energy into writing something different instead. I wanted more nuance. Naomi’s problem was never about how she viewed herself.

If you happen to reread this (thank you for reading the first time around!), you’ll see that she never once refers to herself as ugly or gross or unattractive — something that I was very intentional about while writing this. Her anxiety was rooted in how society viewed her. Her resistance at first to Sebastien was because of the narrative that women who look like her aren’t allowed to be in relationships with “conventionally” attractive people and then her issue with going public was an extension of that.

I also wanted to show a fat Black woman lead being pursued for who she is and in a healthy relationship rather than it being one of those “she’s an exception to the no fats rule” or forcing her into struggle love. So, something else I was intentional with was the way in which Sebastien pursued and described her.

Finally, I was intentional about making sure that Sebastien wasn’t the sole reason for her character growth. He played a role in it obviously as did Gianni and Eva and anyone close to Naomi, but I wanted her to have some independence with it and I hope that came through.

NOW, we can get into the mess that will go down in my next story…

If you're interested in “Playing the Bosses,” I've posted the first chapter on Wattpad (Inkitt is making it hard for me to upload right now, so I'll try again another day)! Like I said in a previous A/N, Eva is the star of that one and I’m aiming for sexy/fun. If you wanted more drama in this book and didn’t get it, you’ll definitely be getting a lot of it in Eva’s story because I have planned for some wild shit to go down. Messy office drama, HR complaints galore, and plenty of ridiculousness to laugh at while my other two stories get into difficult topics. You’re also going to see some familiar characters. 😉

I’m realizing I keep writing reverse-harem stories 😅. I’ll have another monogamous one coming and I want to do a really cute Black love story (one of them will be a 30-year-old virgin). However, it’ll be a while before I post that.

Again, thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this story!

If you’ve made it this far and you have questions about this book (why certain things happened the way that they did, etc), feel free to drop them here.

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