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|||| Naomi Monroe ||||

As soon as we cross into his room, Sebastien closes the door and presses me up against it, smashing his lips against mine. Immediately, our tongues are tangling while he holds my face and I wrap my arms around his neck. He lifts one of my legs to his waist and I can feel his erection on my core that has been wet for him since we first kissed at the restaurant.

I nearly choke when I feel his hand reach into my low-cut dress and his thumb teases my nipple. My core only dampens more when he pulls my breast out of the dress and continues to toy with me as his lips move hungrily against mine.

“I want you, Naomi,” he says in my ear after he finally breaks the kiss and begins to tug at the top of my dress. “May I take this off?”

I nod and turn around for him to remove it. When he unzips my dress and it falls to the floor, my arms instinctively go to cover myself.

Damnit, Naomi! Why are you being that person? If I am going to have sex with this man, there is no point in covering myself up and if he has a problem with it, he doesn’t deserve me anyway. I quickly remove my arms and turn around to face him. The lingering insecurity hits me once again and I avert my gaze toward wall and swallow.

He takes a step back and it’s like I can feel him scanning over me. “Look at me, Naomi,” he says and it sounds more like a command than a request. I slowly turn my head and watch the way Sebastien is looking at me as if his eyes are caressing my curves. Not a bit of desire has escaped his expression and in fact, it appears that there’s... more? He pulls his bottom lip between his teeth and I hear him groan.

Sebastien closes in again and holds my face, the lust still in his eyes. “You are a beautiful woman, Naomi,” he whispers as he gently rubs my cheek. His gaze darts between my eyes and my lips and he appears to be contemplating something. “You look nervous, dear... Are you positive that you want to do this?”

“Yes,” I breathe. “Are you?”

A smirk comes to his face and he takes my hand to guide it to the front of his pants so I can feel his erection. “I’m positive,” he mutters against my lips before taking them with his once again. Chills go down my spine at the feeling of his hands unapologetically traveling along the ridges of my body. Without breaking the kiss, he and I work together unbuttoning his shirt and he pulls it off before his hands are on me again and his mouth travels down from my lips to my jaw to my neck and I can’t help the whimpers that escape me.

I gasp when I feel his hand cup my core and his tongue travels from my neck up to my ear. “Are you wet for me, Naomi?” he asks as he uses a single finger to tease me through my panties.

“Y-yes,” I choke out and with that single affirmation, something in the air changes.

Suddenly, Sebastien’s kisses grow more eager and it practically feels like he’s devouring me. My whimpers turn to moans when his fingers slip into my panties and he touches me directly. “Fuck,” he mutters as he eases a finger inside of me and I release a sharp breath at the feeling. Holding me by the back of my head, he pulls me into an aggressive kiss and adds another digit as his movements intensify.

When he finally breaks the kiss and allows me to breathe, he pulls his fingers from my core, brings them directly to his mouth, and maintains eye contact with me as he sucks my essence off of them.

Sebastien then takes my hand and leads me to the bed. As I lay down in the center of it, he crawls on top of me to meet my lips before his kisses trail lower and lower. He tugs at my panties and I lift my hips and then my legs for him to remove them. I hear a low growl as he spreads my thighs apart to reveal my dripping core and the look in his eyes as he stares at it is almost primal. I feel myself clench at the sight alone.

That was his last pause before diving right in. His lips and tongue explore my folds while his fingers work in sync with them and the man manages to make me come immediately. I bite my lip in an effort to keep my noises down and I can’t help but tangle my fingers in his hair when he keeps going.

The move only seems to embolden him because now I feel him humming against me as his fingers and mouth grow more eager and I’m barely keeping it together. Once again, the man pushes me over the edge and with it comes a breathless moan and shaking legs. Never have I come more than once while having sex, but it feels like Sebastien is only getting started.

Finally, he comes back up for a deep kiss, allowing me to taste myself and rolls us over so I’m on top of him. I take that as my cue and my lips travel down his body until I reach the tent in his pants. Undoing his belt and pulling his slacks down, I release his member. My eyes go wide when I see just how hard he is and I stick out my tongue to give him long laps before taking his length into my mouth.

Just as I’m getting started, Sebastien stops me and pulls my head away from him. “Later,” he rasps. “As incredible as your mouth feels, I need to fuck you, now."

And before I know it, I’m flipped on my back again and he’s positioned at my entrance. Using this thumb to massage my clit, he slowly eases himself inside of me until he’s buried to the hilt. He leans forward into me and rolls his body against mine, giving me long, slow strokes while my fingers and then my nails instinctively dig into his back with the pleasure building up in me.

Sebastien continues just like that and I can tell I’m going to get loud. I try to muffle the sounds of my moans against his shoulder until he pulls away and wraps his hand around my neck as he pins me to the bed.

“Don’t be shy, dear,” he whispers. “I want to hear you scream.” Suddenly, he lets go of my neck and hooks his arm under my leg to fuck me deeper. I can’t help the strangled moan that escapes my lips and the next thing I know, his name rolls right off my tongue. “Good girl,” he coos into my ear and his teeth graze against it just as he starts pounding me. “Say it again.”

And I do.

Again. And again. And again.

|||| Sebastien Laurent ||||

Hearing the sounds I could bring from Naomi were already intoxicating, but listening to the way my name keeps coming from her lips has me losing it. Between that and feeling how wet she is for me along her endless spasms around my dick, I’m not going to last much longer.

Knowing how quickly I’m approaching my release, I bring my fingers down to play with Naomi’s clit as I continue to fuck her until my body is trembling as much as hers and I moan the woman’s name into her ear as I come.

Both of us out of breath, we rest for several moments, giving each other soft, lazy kisses before I finally get up to dispose of the condom. When I come out of the bathroom, I see Naomi with her dress in her hand and searching for what I imagine are her underwear. While I know exactly what she is doing, I also don’t know what the hell she’s doing.

“What are you doing, dear?” I question as I lean against the doorway of the bathroom.

“Oh!” she looks almost startled that I’ve noticed her. “I’m uh... I’m just getting my clothes...”

“And why are you doing that?”

“I-I... d-don’t... I—”

“Don’t be nervous, dear,” I interrupt with a smirk. “Was I not buried in your cunt while you were screaming my name just minutes ago?”

Her eyes widen at my words and she audibly gulps. “D-don’t you w-want me to leave?”

My head jerks back, surprised by the fact she’s still behaving under the assumption that I don’t want more from her. However, I won’t allow it to ruin our night. “No,” I reply simply. “Do you want to leave tonight?”


“Okay then. Three things...” I stroll up to Naomi and hold her face in my hand. “Number one, you’re not leaving tonight. Number two...” I take her dress from her. “No clothes allowed when you’re in my room. And number three...” I push her back down to lay on the bed and lean forward to cage her between my arms. “We’re not even close to finished here, dear.”


|||| Naomi Monroe ||||

I have never in my life felt irresistible until this morning. We were already running late and Sebastien wanted to go at it again... Though it’s not like I could help myself either. My assumptions that the man is skilled were absolutely correct.

Honestly, I should be ashamed of myself because all I can think of as we deliver groceries to people in need today is how fast we can finish so we can get back to his place. Last night was unlike anything I’ve experienced before and I’m gonna need it again.

The things he said and the way he handled me... Sebastien is a completely different person in bed and I like it... a lot. I’m kind of scared that this man has officially ruined my sex life because if it’s not like that, I don’t want it. I am sore in the best of ways and I don’t think I’ve ever made so much noise before.

But also... I need to remind myself not to get too comfortable. The man lives on the opposite side of the country and there’s no way something like this could work out.

||||Sebastien Laurent ||||

I tried my best to hold back, but I still worry that I was a bit too rough with Naomi. She was walking with a slight limp this morning. However, given the grin that hasn’t seemed to have left her face, I’m assuming that she’s fine. Keeping my hands off of her today has been a struggle and my flashbacks to last night and this morning have been endless.

As we drive around town to drop off these groceries at our assigned houses, I’m starting to regret making us late because it is now peak time for Saturday brunch, traffic is hell, and it’ll be even longer until Naomi and I can return to the hotel.

I was smitten with her from the moment we met, but after last night, I’m starting to feel like an addict. Sitting beside her while I drive and holding her hand in mine, I periodically bring it to my lips just to feel the way she jumps slightly or hear the sharp breath she’ll take at the motion because I know she wants me again just as much as I want her.

When I take a quick peek at her face, I realize her expression is no longer the elated one she’s had most of today.

“Is everything okay, dear?” I ask as I rub her hand with my thumb.

There’s a pause and I hear her swallow before she answers.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she replies unconvincingly and as I ponder it, I realize what might be bothering her.

“You’re worried about what comes next, aren’t you?”

“I am.”

“Well, don’t be. I may not be a billionaire, but it’s nothing for me to come visit you regularly or for me to fly you out to come see me. You’d love San Francisco! And I can return the hospitality you showed me and introduce you to the key startup players and give you a tour of the city.”

“Y-you’d do that?” she questions, the disbelief clear in her voice.

I squeeze her hand in mine as I respond. “Without question. I like you, Naomi Monroe, if I haven’t made it obvious as all hell since being here. And I’d like to continue seeing you. How do you feel about that?”

“I’d like that too.”


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