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No Point

|||| Naomi Monroe ||||

I’m still on cloud nine about Sebastien. Never in my life have I felt so comfortable and so sure about a man. This weekend was amazing, and I’m not just talking about the sex — although my body is sore in the best of ways and I practically feel like I’m glowing.

Even better, I still get to look at this man’s face as I make some final edits on the interview that is scheduled to post on Thursday. Looking at him and thinking about his values as a person, it’s still hard to believe that he actually likes me.

I finish the last bit of tweaks on the video and accompanying article to send to Katie and stretch my hands above my head right after hitting send. I then press my knuckles into my lower back to knead it as my mind fills with memories as to why I am sore in the first place. My lustful thoughts are interrupted by an uninvited, yet frequent visitor.

“Hi Mimi!” Nicolas greets.

“Hello, Nicolas,” I reply with a friendly smile to hide my agitation.

“I’ve told you over and over that you can just call me Nick. I mean, I call you Mimi, so no need to be formal.”

Internally, I groan at his statement. Yes, but I’ve told you not to call me that and we are not friends.

Maintaining my smile and nodding, I say nothing further, hoping he will go away soon.

“Anyway, I’m in late today because I had a wild ass weekend. I didn’t even see my uncle before he left.” Nicolas shakes his head with a smile. “He was probably busy getting some ass anyway.”

I immediately choke up, but still attempt to maintain a cool demeanor. “What do you mean by that?”

“It might sound weird, but I’ve seen my uncle,” Nicolas shrugs. “I know he pulls mad bitc— er… women, I mean.”

“Oh, I see…” I feel a lump growing in my throat, but try to tell myself that Nicolas is just making assumptions, not really knowing what he’s talking about.

“Yeah, he has this thing he does whenever he travels to a new town and gets a piece of the local ass. I wonder what his conquest might’ve been this time. Must’ve been one fun woman since he didn’t even reach out to my dad while he was here last week. Or maybe multiple women, shit.”

Local ass. Conquest. Multiple women. So this is something he does.

The heat rushes to my face and I feel my heart drop into my stomach. “Yeah, um… I don’t think this is appropriate for us to be discussing, Nicolas.”

“Oh, c’mon! I’m just giving you some, uh, what do people call it? Tea. About my uncle.”

“Right… Well, speaking of him, I need to make some tweaks to this article and I should really focus on that.” It’s a lie considering I just sent the piece to Katie, but I need Nicolas to get away from me.

“You’re such a hard worker, Mimi,” he replies as he finally backs away from my desk. “Talk to you later!”

I swallow the lump that’s grown in my throat and remind myself that there’s no reason for me to feel emotional about this revelation — it’s something I should’ve expected. It’s something I did expect until Sebas— no. Mr. Laurent managed to change my mind and make me think he was truly interested in me for something beyond a fling. Whatever, no point in being sad about it now. He’s across the country and probably has plenty going on as far as dating in California, there was no chance this would turn into anything bigger anyway.

I take a deep breath and return to my work, ignoring the emotions I feel building up from the pit of my stomach all the way up to my chest. I remind myself that getting upset won’t accomplish anything and now that I’ve finished all my edits and my article related to his interview, I can just try to forget about my week with Mr. Laurent.


|||| Sebastien Laurent ||||

As soon as I touched down in San Francisco, I texted Naomi. I’m still on a high from our week together and I can’t believe how quickly I feel as though I’m at this woman’s mercy. We have chemistry on every level — intellectually, emotionally, physically. I am absolutely smitten.

It is odd that she hasn’t texted me back at all today, but it is Monday and my interview is to go public on Thursday, so I imagine she’s incredibly busy. I wonder if I should maybe call that place across from her job and get coffee sent to her or perhaps lunch… No! I shouldn’t do too much right now. She seemed nervous and I don’t want to overwhelm her or scare her away. I’ll wait until things progress.

“Welcome back, Mr. Laurent!” Joseph chimes as I walk into the office, breaking me out of my thoughts. “How was the rest of your time in Atlanta? I was barely involved in scheduling anything for you.”

“It was great. I’m glad we decided to go out there for the interview and that I extended my time. I now have a network of all the key players in the area thanks to Naomi.”

“Right…” he replies awkwardly. “You spent the week with her or something?”

“Respectfully, Joseph, you’re an excellent assistant, which is why I allow you more visibility into my personal life. However, anything involving Naomi is none of your business. And as I said, I was networking. Now, what meetings do I have today?”

“Right, right. Okay… Um, today you have two pitches to attend — one at 2:00PM and one at 5:00PM. I kept your day kind of light since you just got back this morning. And then tomorrow will be the long one and you’ll be in back-to-back meetings — the most important of them being with a potential publicist.”

“Isn’t that your job, Joseph? And don’t I already have a team dedicated to that? You know? The one reviewing the NotionX interview before it goes out?”

“Yes, I’ve been playing that role since you didn’t really have much of a media profile before and that team you’re referring to are your lawyers to make sure you don’t say anything that could piss off your fellow investors or companies in which you are a shareholder. But now that your interview with NotionX goes public on Thursday, it’s important to get someone properly trained on this to represent you. It is very likely that the interview will be big news due to curiosity surrounding the way you redistribute your wealth and the type of person you are since you’ve been so reclusive in the past.”

“Fine,” I sigh. “Could you please send me information on this publicist?”

“Already done and in your inbox! Her name is Alana Sinclair and she’s one of the best agents out there!”

“Great, thanks. I’ll take a look. Let’s just get going so we can make it to that 2:00PM on time.”

“Yes, sir!”

And immediately, a busy afternoon begins. Between the pitches, we have a series of brief calls, and Joseph seems to be doing his best to kiss up to me as he’s been doing ever since we had that tense exchange in Atlanta about Naomi. I’m actually looking forward to finishing this final meeting of the day so I don’t have to be around him.

I found it easy to focus at the first pitch we went to today and I was rather engaged, asking questions and all about the startup. However, this 5:00PM one is difficult. I’ve been checking my phone every so often to see if I maybe missed a notification from Naomi, but there’s nothing. By now, it’s 8:00PM her time and she still hasn’t responded to my text from this morning. I hope she’s not still working so late, but I wouldn’t put it past her considering all she does between NotionX, developing her app, and the community service work.

Resting my head on knuckles, I try my best to pay attention and get my mind off the woman. I’ll give it more time and then I’ll attempt to make contact again on Wednesday.


|||| Naomi Monroe ||||

Mr. Laurent texted me again last night and again, I ignored his message. But when I woke up this morning, the first thing I wanted to do was text him back… So here I am, trying to figure out what to say to the man.

Sebastien: Hi Naomi. I hope you’re well and I just want to say again how much I enjoyed last week. Would you be free to talk on the phone tonight? Maybe FaceTime?

What is up with this man? I twist my mouth with hesitation and swallow as I try to figure out a response. Considering the ‘tonight’ was referring to was last night, I could propose this evening… No. I shouldn’t do that. I need to separate myself and my emotions from Mr. Laurent.

He’s making it impossible for me to try to forget him and I don’t understand why he even bothered texting me as if he and I have some sort of future. Nicolas is a douche bag, but he’s not a liar, and what he said about his uncle traveling places and casually hooking up with locals doesn’t exactly sound farfetched. Maybe Mr. Laurent is just trying to maintain the whole gentleman thing he has going.

Whatever his intentions, it’s just better if I cut things off now. I already see how deep I’m about to fall and it’s something I’d rather avoid. If I let go first, he won’t be able to hurt me.

Naomi: Hi, Mr. Laurent. Thank you for doing the interview with NotionX. It should go up at 6:00AM your time today.

After hitting send on the message that completely ignores his request, I promise myself that this is the last time I will ever make contact with Mr. Laurent.


||||Sebastien Laurent ||||

Naomi sent me an odd text message this morning referring to me as Mr. Laurent and not even sharing alternatives for when we could speak. Her message was curt and honestly… distant. I could’ve sworn this woman was interested in me, but now I’m not so sure.

She seemed to had finally let her guard down after we were intimate this weekend, but it’s like something changed between us saying our goodbyes at the airport and me landing in San Francisco. Or it could be that I read the entire situation wrong and I was the one getting played, though that seems unlikely.

Naomi: Hi, Mr. Laurent. Thank you for doing the interview with NotionX. It should go up at 6:00AM your time today.

Even reading the text message, I can feel the coldness from it and something about it feels like rejection. It causes my chest to tighten.

I type out my response, hoping that my suspicions are wrong, but knowing that they will at least be confirmed or proven false by whatever response I get from her.

Sebastien: How about we talk tomorrow or another day? I’m happy to work around your schedule.

Hours go by, my interview has posted and watching it isn’t as exciting for me as I hoped because all I can think about is that fact that the woman interviewing me doesn’t seem to want anything to do with me anymore. The day goes on and Joseph seems ecstatic, telling me it’s gone viral and we’ve decided to hire Alana who’s already receiving calls from outlets trying to book me for interviews.

Evening hits and I still have yet to hear from Naomi. A lump grows in my throat and I have the urge to call her, but I won’t push it any further. I’ll just need to accept that this woman whom I was immediately taken with has rejected me.


A/N: Thanks for reading!

This is the part of the story where everyone wants to knock sense into the main character.

I was delayed because I’m excited af about some reveals coming up in The Last Petal and I couldn’t stop writing. Also slowing the process is that as I write this story, I keep having to remind myself that it needs to be simple because my plans are for it to be a short one, but my brain keeps wanting to add stuff that will just complicate it unnecessarily.

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