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This love story takes place in the mid 17th century in Ireland. Mr. Edwards comes from a well off family. I come from a traveling Gypsy family. My father sold me to Mr. Edwards’s family. I would work off my debt to them for my freedom. My father sold me so my family could last the winter. Mr.Edwards fell in love with me, the very first time he saw me. Will I have my freedom or will it be the death of me?

Erotica / Romance
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My story takes place in the mid 1700 in Ireland. When I first entered that horrible castle; it felt like my life ended. The first day of my new life started when I met Mr. Edward and his family. When my family sold me to Mr. Edward’s and his family, I had to move in with them, and in doing so I became Mr. Edward slave.

A man in a black suit grabbed me from my home the day before, and we began our journey to the castle. I sat in the jaunting car*, and waited long hours to arrive at the castle from my camp grounds.

I was amazed; I never saw anything like the castle. The castle looked to have been built in the Middle Ages. It has been in the Edwards’s family for years. It was home to lords and noblemen before the Edwards’s family took rule. During that time the castle has rumored to have housed Irish fairy tales and ghost stories. The land was built on fairy land. It was bad luck to build on fairy land. Now, it is called “Gin Castle.”

It sits on top of a hill in looking out from the sea. The castle has a beautiful rose garden, and miles of woods to hunt. The castle has towers on each of the six of the square bartizans on diagonally opposite corners and a thick end wall. Front entrance was a small anteroom secured by an iron grill. Second entrance from the back is where they keep the horses and carriages

We got out of the jaunting car; the other workers of the ground took the carriage into the back, behind the castle. There was a lady waiting for us as soon as we got out.

"This is the girl; I was talking about Lady Edwards." The man who brought me bowed. He is wearing a black suit; his hand on my shoulder.

I didn't say anything, I kept quiet. I just wanted this man's hand off my shoulder, I kept on looking down. I wanted to go back to my family and friends in the camp.

"She's the gypsy girl in which you told me about?" Lady Edwards asked.
The man’s body shifted as he must of nodded and said "yes, Lady Edwards."

I looked up hearing footsteps as a man walked out of the castle and stood beside Lady Edwards. He kept on looking at me and asked. "Who is she?"

"Yes, she is going to be working at the castle, as a... slave. I don't need any more ladies in waiting; she just has to be a slave." The lady walked into their castle.

I looked down to the ground again. The word she used, slave, kept running in my head.
"Gypsy women, look at me." He ordered.

I didn't want to look up at him; I was ready to start running, back to the camp. I knew that I couldn't do that to my family, they needed the money badly. I slowly look up. His eyes widened when I looked up at him. Mr. Edwards has a six-foot- three frame, and massive shoulders; and slender black hair that was combed to the back of his head with green eyes and a little clean cut mustache. I didn't say anything, and I wasn't going to. He kept looking at me, and I kept looking up at him. He’s eye was focused on me. My deep blue eyes stared back at his green eyes.

"Please, come in." A butler bowed, wearing a traditional butler suit. He showed us to the door.
"Come on." The man in the suit, grab my shoulder roughly and push me into the castle.

I didn't know what to think when I got inside the castle. I have never been in a place like this before. I never wanted to be brought here; I was here by force to be a slave. I know, I will never become nothing more, nothing more than a slave of Mr. Edward's family. I was told I could never be a lady in waiting and I wouldn't even know what a lady in waiting is. I thought to myself. But one thing is for sure, I wasn't born to be just a slave.

Men and women have special roles in the gypsy community. As a gypsy women are born to be housewives; and take care of the children. A woman could never be the breadwinner of the family. In the gypsy community the lives of gypsy women are run by men; we have no say in our own existence.

I am not going to let Mr. Edwards replace the role of a gypsy man, he'll never be. You have to be born a gypsy community to be a gypsy. The same applies to being rich, you have to be born into it. As for me, I will always be a gypsy woman till the day I die. I will never give up being what I am. Not the man that took me from my community and paid off my dad; not Mr. Edwards; not Lady Edwards. No one can take it away from me.

I looked around the castle noticing maids and girls about my age walk around getting things done, a set of stairs, doors to rooms, and many delicate paintings of Mr. and Lady Edwards about the hall. I lifted my head and noticed a chandelier, glittering due to the light.

Everyone walked up the stairs and I kept on looking at the beautiful chandelier. The man in the suit grabbed my arm angrily, and said "Come on girl no time to look at it now." He walked me into a library room.

The man in the suit said "Where is my money that you owe me?" he said in an angry tone, still holding me roughly as he gave Mr. Edwards something. I noticed that it was my golden cross necklace. Mr. Edwards shot up from his chair behind the wooden desk walking closer to the man.

"You’ll get your money," He said examining the golden cross necklace i got from my seventeenth birthday.

"Yes, she is just what I wanted." He says smirking and clutching my cross.
"It will cost you, Mr. Edwards" He said walking closer to him and away from me.
"Indeed." Mr. Edwards gave the man in the suit an envelope with money in it.

Then the man turns to me. "Behave gypsy girl, or it will be your last breath."

**(A jaunting car is a traditional Irish horse-drawn vehicle with two wheels, which can carry four passengers and is driven by a man called a "Jarvey.")

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