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The Ring


Mr. Edwards looked shocked, he looked like he didn’t know what to think. That was the first time I willingly kissed him without a struggle or having him waiting for me too. I wanted to kiss him. Maybe he would know how serious I am. That I didn’t take the ring. I definitely don’t want to add more money onto the money I already owe.

“You are serious?”
“Yes Andrew I didn’t take the ring. Someone else might have. I know that you know that my family could really use that money for the ring but I wouldn’t do anything like that Andrew. Yes the money for the ring could save my brother. I would hope you think better of me then that.”

“You stole the necklace from my desk?”
“Yes I’m sorry. I have already been punished for that but you don’t know what this necklace means to me.”
“Your right I don’t know what it means to you but I want to know Esmeralda.”
I lightly smiled.

“I want you to go to your room I’ll try to figure out where the ring is.”
I nodded, “okay Master Edwards.”

I walked up the staircase to my room. Mr. Edwards went back to the hunting party guest.

Third POV.

Everyone was talking about Esmeralda and the ring when Mr. Edwards went back into the dining table. After dinner, everyone went into their guest bedroom. Mr. Edwards made sure everyone was their beds, he noticed one of the ladies in waiting wasn’t in her room. The ladies in waiting has to share a room, two beds to a room. One girl was sleeping in her bed and no one was in one of the beds. No one should be walking around at this late hour. He went into the room of the girl that was missing. He looked around, made she wasn’t just in the bathroom. It looked like her suitcase was missing and half of her clothes was too.

Mr. Edwards looked everywhere in the castle for the missing girl. Trying not to wake anyone from their sleep. He walked into the rainy weather outside of the castle with a candle. To see if the girl still on the castle grounds. Mr. Edwards walked behind the castle where the carriages are when he saw flickering lights of another candle in the carriage, two shadows of figures talking.

“Did you get the ring?”
“She bought a more expensive ring when we were in London. I took that one, someone else was blamed for taking it so, we must hurry and escape from here. We can finally run away with each other.”
“We can sell the ring buy a smaller one and still have money for a new life in the states.”

Mr. Edwards jumped out where he was hiding, “Not so fast.”

They stopped what they were doing.
“This isn’t what it looks like.” The man holding the ring in a small messenger purse.
“Mr. Edwards please let us go, we love each other. One day we will send back the amount for the ring. I’m sorry I had to blame it on Esmeralda but it was the perfect excuse.”

“Samie? You took the ring?!”
“Yes I did, we need the ring, your mother has more rings than she knows what to do with!”

Lady Edwards in her nightgown, with two butlers and a policeman.

The policeman heard everything Samie just said, “I heard everything, both of you are coming with me.”

“Mother how did you know?”
“I just heard you moving around in the castle and I saw flickering of candle lights and I got scared.”
“Mother this mean Esmeralda didn’t steal your ring, Samie did.”

“Yes I know, I had high hopes for Samie to marry off well. I’m disappointed in her. She could've done so much better than a low farm boy.”
“Mother please go inside the castle before you get sick, and we have to call the doctor.”
“Yes I will, thank you, Andrew... I’ll have a cup of tea before going back to bed.”

Andrews POV

Samie and her lover went to jail for stealing the ring. That mean Esmeralda was telling the truth. She wasn’t lying to me when she said she didn’t steal it, she didn’t do anything. Now I feel so bad for punishing her for nothing. I must apologize to Esmeralda. I walked upstairs to her bedroom. She was sleeping beautiful in her bed, she was wear her nightgown. I moved a piece of black hair out of her beautiful face. I kissed her soft lips. She moved when I kissed her and her eyes widened.

“Esmeralda I know you were telling the truth.”
“You do?” She sat up from her bed.
“Yes I’m sorry I was wrong, I should've listened to you and believed you.”

If I love her I should've listened to her and believed her. I don’t want to see Esmeralda sent to another family. She belongs here with me. I knew from the moment I met her I loved her. Every inch of her is beautiful. I just want her to be mine and only mine.

Esmeralda’s POV

Andrew looked at me with much sadness in his eyes.

“I’m sorry Esmeralda.”
“It’s fine. I mean I did steal my necklace back.. so I mean if I were you I wouldn’t have believed me too....”
“No I should've believed you.”
I kissed him.

“What was that?”
“There’s no need to look so sad.”
“I don’t deserve your kisses or your kindness. I didn’t want to see you sent to another family.”
“I punished you for no good reason... I want to make it up to you.”
“You’re going to let me see Riley again?!”
“Esmeralda no!.. Don’t get carried away.”

“There’s an opening to be a lady in waiting, I want you to be a lady in waiting.”
“Are you serious?”
“Yes you are starting tomorrow... I’ll go so you can get back to sleep.”


The next morning I gathered all of my stuff in my tiny old room to move to my new room. I guess Mr. Edwards really did feel bad for punishing me for no reason. I still have to work here until I pay off my debt. To be a lady in waiting I could marry off well. My husband could pay off my debt for me. Or I could get a lover to pay it off for me.

All the guests left the castle before I woke up. Since I am to be a lady in waiting I don’t have to get up with the rest of the maids and butlers to see them off. I could wake up on my own time. Only if it wasn’t state otherwise. If Lady Edwards or Mr. Edwards wanted us to get up for whatever reason then I would have to but for the most part I can get up when I feel like it. After I put my clothes and notebook into my new room, I could hear Lady Edwards and Mr. Edwards talking while having their afternoon tea, In the living room. I hide behind the wall and the staircase.

“I can’t believe you said, she could be a lady in waiting Andrew.”
“Mother I punished her.. And she didn’t do anything wrong. She had done everything she is supposed to. I want to make it up to her.”

She fans herself with a hand fan, “Andrew.. It sounds like you have….. feelings ... for Esmeralda.”
“You know Andrew you can not marry Esmeralda. You can only play with her if you must. You can not marry her or get her pregnant. Before your father died we talked about you marrying Lady Louise O’Connor. It was your father last wish. I know your father wouldn’t allow you to marry someone that has no money.”

My chest tightened when I heard Lady Edwards words. I almost had tears in my eyes. Why do I feel like this? Has Mr. Edwards been using me as a play thing this whole time? Am I really nothing to him.

“Mother…. I do have feelings for Esmeralda. I don’t love Lady Louise O’Connor.”
“What does love have to do with it? I never loved your father.”
“He has plenty of women in the night, if you marry Lady Louise O’Connor if you have to then make Esmeralda a lady of the night. Have Louise as your bride.”
“Enough Mother!”

“Andrew, she comes from a poor family. We don’t marry into poor families. We marry into even richer families. If Esmeralda doesn’t come from a rich family then you can’t marry her.”
“I love her.”
“If you love her Andrew then marry her off to a friend. If you love someone let them go Andrew. Let Esmeralda go.”
“Enough Mother! It’s not happening. I’m leaving.”

Mr. Edwards walked out of the living room and saw me behind the wall and grab my arm. Pulled me into his room, pushed me down on his bed.

“Please Andrew.”
“How much of that did you hear?”
I didn’t look at him, “Almost all of it... I’m sorry. I didn’t mean too-”

I didn’t finish my sentence, he got on top of me. Moved his legs between mine then laid his head down on my chest.

“Andrew, please ...get off…. I can’t breathe..” I said coughing.
“Let me stay here for a little bit. Please” he pleaded.

I didn’t move, I let him stay right on my chest breathing slowly. After a few minutes he fell asleep, listening to my heartbeat. I played with his hair then I kissed his forehead. I went to sleep after minute after he did.
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