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Esmeralda’s Feisty Side


The next day I slowly open up the door as the old maid came into my room.

“Mr. Edwards wanted me to give you this Lady Esmeralda.”
“Old maid.. You don’t have call me that.”
“I have to Lady Esmeralda.”
“You really don’t have to.. but okay.”

The old maid put down a big box that has a blue ribbon around it, on the bed. I wonder want it could be. Andrew never gave anything to me before. I thought he was going to give me the book I saw in his library, but he never did. No one has ever given me anything. My family and my community would trade each other for things. The closest thing I've been given was a handful of flowers from Riley before I left. I cautiously undo the ribbon on the box and open it.

Thank you for taking care of me while I was sick. I hope you enjoy this dress, I am giving you this to replace your other gown.


What I saw in the box was a beautiful long silk gown with long sleeves, white and blue blouse with a white corset. With a lace blue ribbon sash at the waist. What a beautiful gown I thought to myself. I never had anything more beautiful than this elegant gown.

“Mr. Edwards wants you to wear this gown.”
“I can’t... This gown is too much.... For someone like me to wear it.”
The old maid whispered, “You are a lady in waiting now. You can wear beautiful clothing now. If Mr. Edwards gave you this, that means you have to wear it. I will get into trouble, please wear it Lady Esmeralda.”

I nodded, put the gown on. The old maid braided my black hair into a high bun at the back on my head.

“You look beautiful Esmeralda.”
“Thank you.”

I smiled and the old maid looked pleased.

“You must go down stairs, the other ladies are having tea.”
“Is it tea time already?”
“Yes Lady Esmeralda.”

I walked down stairs where the other ladies in waiting have their tea time. Everyone stopped what they there talking about, to stare at my gown.

“What did you have to do to earn that gown.”
Asked a Younger girl beside Ella, “Ella, you are so rude to ask that right out of the blue.”
“I want to know, Sue-ann.”

Ella, was Ms. Edwards favorite lady in waiting. Besides Lady Louise O’Connor, Ella was a perfect match for Andrew. Lady Louise O’Connor and Ella did have much in common. Rude, mean, and comes from a wealthy family. Here I come, with no money and I don’t come from a good family.

The rest of the ladies in waiting giggles and whispered to each other.

“I didn’t have to sleep with anyone, if that’s what you think.” I spat.

I notice Lizzy in the background wiping down a few things in the background, trying not to laugh. Ella notice Lizzy trying not to laugh.

“Girl.. what do you know about Esmeralda’s dress?”
“I’m not allowed to talk to any ladies in waiting.” Lizzy said looking down.

“You already talked so.. What’s the point.. Go on, I want know what you do.”
“Early yesterday morning.. I saw Esmeralda and Mr. Edwards in his room together. Plus they didn’t come down all day and the day before.I had to fill Mr. Edwards’s bath, Esmeralda was in this bathroom with him.”

Lizzy gave me a rude look. I thought she was my best friend here. I guess she is still pissed at me for becoming a lady in waiting.

“I was taking care of Mr. Edwards. He was sick.” i explained
Ella smirked, “Oh sure, taking “care” of Mr. Edwards.”
“Not. in. that. way.” I declared.

Sue-ann bits down on her cookie then sipping her tea, “She probably stole the gown, she is a Gypsy after all.”

“I never stole anything in my life!”
“A few things around here has gone missing, I wonder if Esmeralda stole them to buy that gown.” Ella said sipping her tea with her nose in the air.
“Why you littl-.”

Just when I was about to slap Ella for saying such an outrageous thing. Mr. Edwards grabbed my wrists before I could land my hand on her.

“Girls! Enough!”

Everyone was shocked at what was about to happen between Ella and I, everyone sat there quietly not making a sound. Watching everyone’s move. Mr. Edwards grabbed my wrists and pulled into the next room.

“What in bloody hell were you and other girls arguing about?!”
“Let go! Why did you stop me Andrew! I should go back in there give that little bi-.” I spat.
“Watch your language Esmeralda. You can be thrown out because of fighting.”
“Yeah right.” I said it with sarcasm in my voice.

Andrew’s POV

Seeing her angry lit the fire within me like never before. I push her down onto her back onto the carpet, got on top and pinned her arms above her head. Her fire and spirit is making me feel things I never felt with anyone before. I don’t understand why she makes me feel something no woman has. I have been with and been around plenty of women, but Esmeralda is different.

She has some type of fire in her that driving me insane. I must hold back what I feel for her. She can’t have all of my heart but I’ll do what I can to make her mine. I know for sure I don’t want anyone else to have that for themselves, what's inside of her, I want that for myself. I don’t care if that sounds crazy or insane, I want her for myself. Ever since we got her, she has been in my mind. I can’t get her out. She has poisoned my mind.
With her beautiful black hair and gorgeous eyes. Her eyes are daggers into my heart. Esmeralda Is breathtaking beautiful, she has bewitched me body and soul.

Esmeralda POV

With his lips dangerously close to mine, "My Gypsy women has a temper.”
“Get off of me!”
“This is the first time I’ve seen your temper.”
“You are going to see a lot more if you don’t get off of me!”

I shook my head and not wanting him to be near me. I tried kicking him off of me, he wouldn’t let go of my arms above my head. He took my chin, and made me face him, then kissed me passionately.

“You're different.. I don't know why but-“ With one hand holding my arms and another he pulled my hips closer and I squealed slightly. I tried to look away from his eyes but it was as if they were pulling me in.

“Let go Andrew... Please I’m sorry. My temper got the best of me.. It won’t happen again.”

“Esmeralda....you're constantly in my head and I just can't get you out of my bloody fucking mind.”

I bit my lip as I processed this information, ”Umm..” Was all I could say, I didn’t know how to respond to Andrew. He looked down at my lips and back to my eyes. What does Andrew mean by he can’t get me out of his mind?

“I can’t take more of this I’m going insane thinking about you.”
Trying to break free, “Umm..”

“Fuck!.. If you can’t say anything, I’ll need to punish you for today.”
“Please don’t... What are you going to do Andrew.”

He took a deep breath in then his lip were close to mine again. I couldn’t breathe. I was scared for what he might do. Has Andrew gone pass his breaking point with me? Did I go too far this time? Did my temper get the best of me? With one hard and passionate kiss he moved away from my lips to my neck. He moved small pieces of fabric on my gown then kissed my neck.

I closed my eyes, he licked my neck on the same spot then bitten down. I cried out in pain, I tried hitting on his chest. He kept trying to hold down my arms above my head. I cried out again when he bitten down on my neck a couple of times. I had tears falling down when he stopped. He gave me a soft and passionate kiss on my forehead.

“I’m not going to do anymore but you do need to cover them up. We have people coming over.”

He let go of my arms and moved away from me. He didn’t even look at me. At what he did. I couldn’t move, I stayed still for a few minutes to gather my thoughts.

Why did Andrew have to punish me like this?

I dust off my gown and wiped the makeup I did earlier. The makeup I was wearing, is now running. I went into the bathroom and redid my makeup. Slowly, I tried covering up the bitten marks he made. I could still feel the pain coming from the marks.

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