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Wild Barefoot and Free


As I redid my makeup I could hear footsteps and loud voices coming from the other room. One voice I heard was familiar, a female voice. Before walking into the room where everyone else is at, I make sure no one could see the bite marks Andrew gave me.

I walked into the next room, noticed the ladies in waiting, and a new gentleman beside Lady Louise O’Connor wearing a military uniform. I have never seen him before. Andrew was holding his mother’s hand coming down the stairs.

“Welcome everyone to my birthday party!” Lady Edwards smiling.

Andrew whisperers, “Everyone made it Mother. Lady Louise O’Connor and my friend Matthew.”
“I’m surprised to see Matthew, Andrew. I sent him an invitation but I wasn’t sure if he would show. It’s been many years since we saw him.”
“Yes I am too. It’s been 2 years.”
“Yes, he’ll be perfect for one of the ladies. You should introduce the ladies to Matthew. Maybe he’ll find a bride. Go go..”

Unknown POV
Andrew didn’t look so pleased to do what he’s Mother told him to do. He walked away looking displeased. Andrew gathered the ladies in waiting.

“Everyone please welcome a dear friend, Matthew. We have known each other since we went to the university.”
“Yes, thank you, Andrew. Very nice to meet everyone.” He smiles then bowed to everyone.

The new gentleman introduced himself to each of the lady in waiting. Esmeralda stayed to herself in the back, trying to make small talk. The other ladies in waiting just gave her the cold shoulder. She bit her lip and stayed to herself.

“You are the most Intriguing person I have met.” Ella said lightly fanning herself.
“Well thank you, I’m sure you ladies are tiring of hearing my war stories. Please excuse me.” Bowed then left the small group.

Matthew’s POV

“I don’t think I have the chance of meeting you. What is your name?”
“Now that is a very different name. In all my travels I have never heard that name before.”
“Yes it was my grandmother’s name.”
“Beautiful! Just like the dress you are wearing.”
“Thank you. it’s new.”

Did she just say “new”? That dress must have costed at least a whole month salary I got paid in the military. I wonder if Esmeralda is engaged to someone. She might have gotten it from her soon to be husband, or she might be just the person I am looking for.

“Did your fiancé gave you the dress?”
“Oh heavens no. Why are you so interested in my dress?”
“Oh I’m sorry... I grew up around my sisters.”
“No, it’s okay, I had a sister too. How many sisters do you have?”
“I had one.”
“Yes she died of Scarlet fever.”
“Aww I’m sorry to hear that. I’m so sorry to bring it up.”
“No it’s been a year since then.”

Andrew’s POV
Searching the room, I don’t see my beautiful Esmeralda. I saw Matthew talking to someone. Lady Louise O’Connor trying to get my attention while we dance together. I wonder who Matthew is talking too. I could see Matthew moved to grab the lady in waiting and himself a drink. Esmeralda...

Matthew was talking to Esmeralda. My Esmeralda, my soul, my light, my everything. Seeing her talking to Matthew is making my blood boil. Every inch of my blood is boiling. Seeing Esmeralda talking to someone else and she is giggling.

“Andrew what is the matter? Your attention is supposed to be on me, if we are dancing Andrew.”
“Yes. I’m sorry Lady Louise.”

Lady Louise’s eyes followed mine. She noticed where my attention lays. Esmeralda and Matthew talking and giggling.

My Mother called everyone into the dining room. Lady Louise O’Connor grabbed Esmeralda by the arm push her into another room. I wanted to go to Esmeralda but my mother wanted my attention.

Esmeralda’s POV

“You know Esmeralda, I am used to getting what I want.”

She narrows her eyes at me, taking slow steps towards me. An action probably trying to intimidate me, not working. I will stand my ground.

“Are you talking about Matthew or Mr. Edwards?”
“Mr. Edwards. We are supposed to be getting married. The late Lord Edwards wanted us to be married.”

Just then Mr. Edwards walked in. With dark his eyes darkened with lust, anger, and jealousy.

“Do not talk about my late father Lady Louise. Now if you excuse us Lady Louise, I think Mother wanted your attention. It is after all her birthday party.”
“Mr. Edwards I’m sorry to walk away from the party.”

Lady Louise O’Connor bowed then walked out of the room she pushed me into. Andrew and I both kept quick making sure no one over listen.

“I see you were talking to Matthew.”
“Yes I was. He’s a perfect gentleman.”
“Listen Esmeralda I don’t want you to get too comfortable with him. I don’t want you to see him.”
“Why he’s a friend. I do like talking to him and listening to his great adventures and-”

“I don’t want you to talk to him.”
“It’s a party Andrew and I can talk to whomever I want. You never know he might end up paying my debt. Or one of the other men at the party.”
“You are NOT allowed to talk to him.”
I rolled my eyes and muttered, “whatever.”

I started to walk away when Andrew grabbed my wrist and pulled me into him and wrapped his arms around me from behind, my back pressed against his chest. My eyes widened with fear and I gasped a little.

“Hey.. What're you..?!”
“Remember you have a debt to me. You are mine. Should I make you remember.” he growled in my ear.

He started to lick down my neck to my makeup; where he previously bit down at earlier.

“Please no Andrew.”

For a moment I moved his arms away from me. He pushed me into the door. Andrew gripped my jaw tightly as he crushed his lips to mine in a bruising kiss. I tried to turn my head away but the tight hold he had on my jaw prevented me from doing so. His mouth crushing mine in a harsh kiss. He licked my lips, demanding entrance but I refused. I kept my mouth firmly shut even when his tongue tried to lick my mouth open.

“Stop Andrew.”
“You are MINE. Say you belong to me?”
“I belong to no one! I am a gypsy. I belong to no one! I am born wild and free!”
“You are mine Esmeralda!”
“I will walk wild barefoot and free as long as I am living Andrew. You can NOT take that away from me!”


“I don’t belong in your world, Andrew. You live in a world that’s beautiful and gentle. I live in a world, where people aren’t kind, and we dance, doing fortune telling or odd jobs just to get by. You belong with those people in there. I don’t.”
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