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Still Think You Are The Good Guy?

Andrew’s POV

I sat back down at my desk in my office, I saw the name on the letter on whom it was from. Grabbed a letter opener and began to open the letter. I took the letter out and began to read it.

Dear Andrew,

I’m sorry I couldn’t go to your mother’s party. Something came up at the last moment. Please tell her Happy Birthday for me. Andrew, there’s another reason why I’m writing you this letter.

I know you and I are well acquainted with Matthew P. I have some important news for you and mother. Matthew is not the same man we went to college with. The last letter I wrote to you, I told you about his sisters lasting. Matthew changed since then, now he has gamble debts all over England. Before Matthew went to Ireland, he promised to marry a beautiful young girl, her family recently given her inheritance from her parents. Matthew gambled all the money away and never married the young girl, and she is pregnant with his child. Now she is ruined, to have a good family or a good husband.

I am writing to you about this because I don’t want him to ruin anyone in your party. I would have come to tell you in person and to confront him about everything but I have something here in England needs my attention. Hope to hear from you soon.

~Your friend, H.

My first thought went to straight to Esmeralda. Matthew is going to ruin my Esmeralda like he did the girl in England. That is why he’s been all over Esmeralda. My Esmeralda.

I got up from my desk, picked up the letter and put in my pocket. I started to pace around the room again. When I notice Esmeralda and Matthew in the rose garden. How can I tell Esmeralda about what was said in the letter. My head is spinning, all I can think about is how Matthew has become.

How can someone changed so fast. Was I blind to see the truth; to see the real him. Matthew was completely different from when we were in college. He was a ladies man in college, yes but nothing how the letter describes. I knew of his sister pasting, it hurt me to know about it but; this is extreme to act like this. I thought Matthew was a gentleman. Matthew is no gentleman if he did what he did in England. Why could Matthew do the right thing as a gentleman and marry the girl. No gentleman would ruin a woman like that.


The next morning I decided that it would be better to wait till the morning to do anything with Matthew. I don’t want to ruin my mother’s birthday party. I would have ever hear the end of it from her. My mother would have me killed if I ruined her birthday party. I couldn’t sleep at all last night. I paced around my room and my library back and forth. After Lady Louisa O’Connor and a few other ladies in waiting, that wanted to go home for the weekend left the castle.

I walked outside into the gardens to get some fresh air. I saw this beautiful raven black hair women dancing. You could almost hear the music she was dancing too. There was no music around anywhere. She was dancing to music in her soul. The way she twirled with her skirt, a slight breeze flew past her, making her beautiful raven hair flow with movement. She moved her arms and feet with ease and sensuality.

The way she moved her hips was sexual, desirable but mysterious. She moved in a way that was everything I’ve seen in my dreams.

I slowly moved closer to the beautiful raven black hair women to see who it was. I noticed Matthew was sitting down smiling at her. The raven hair beauty moved a piece of hair out of her face, it was Esmeralda. The raven black hair beauty was Esmeralda. Esmeralda was dancing for Matthew, she has never danced for me.

Unknown POV

In a fit of anger Andrew walked over to Matthew. Andrew pulled by Matthew’s military uniform collar. This Andrew’s chest up, and you could see a vein on his side of his neck pulsing and twitching. A coldness in his eyes, with one punch, Andrew punched Matthew in the jaw. Matthew fell back into the ground.

Esmeralda turns around from her spin, she notices what just happened.

“What is wrong with you!”
“Andrew, if you weren’t my friend I kick your ass for that.”
“I’m not your friend.” He spat.

Andrew pulled out something that look like a letter. Andrew throw it at Esmeralda.

“Read it!”

Matthew was on the ground still smirking at Andrew. Andrew was ready to fight again. The anger coming from him, he was ready to throw another punch or anything Matthew could throw at him.

“Knock that smirk off your face or I’ll punch you again.”
“So you know?”
“Yes, you sick bastard. I know everything, and I am not going to let you ruined another women and specially in this house.”

Esmeralda reading the letter over and over again in disbelief.

“It looks like someone has fallen in love, my friend.”
“We are not friends anymore.”
“I’m only teasing if I want someone, I would get anyone. With my good looks and charm no women can resist me.”

Matthew winked at Esmeralda, Esmeralda looked up from reading the letter, holding the letter in one hand and the other hand, holding her hand covering her mouth. Esmeralda had tears coming from her eyes.

“The difference between the girl in England, she has money, or I should say had money... I don’t come from money, I’m a gypsy.”
“A what?”

Matthew looked confused, he looked over at Andrew in confusion. Andrew smirked and nodded his head “Yes.”.

“Aren’t you lady in waiting?”
“Yes I am.”
“Well doesn't that mean you have money or you come from a wealthy family?”
Andrew shook his head, “No, some workers of the castle or slaves, if they pay off their debt. Then if we have an opening to be one, they can become ladies in waiting.”
“Yes, I still have a debt but that’s a different story for another time.”
“From reading the letter, I’m guessing you don’t have enough money to pay off her debt. On top of yours in England, Matthew.”

Matthew sat on the ground not getting up. He sat there in silence not saying anything for a few minutes. He just sat on the ground thinking of what to say next.

“What about the dress you are wearing?”

Andrew spoke up before Esmeralda had a chance to answer.

“I gave it to her... She doesn’t have any money, and she’s MINE. I want you gone and never come back. I never want to hear from you again. We are no longer friends.”

Matthew stood up, dust off his military uniform, and he left the castle grounds never to be heard from again.

Esmeralda’s POV

“Did you have to be so cruel to him? What has Matthew ever done to you? I know about what happened in England but it didn’t happen to you Andrew.”
“He was going to take away something that is mine.”
“Do you still think you are the good guy?” I spat.

Andrew growled, I shook my head at him. But I have to admit, I do have to thank him. I might have ended up like the girl in England; I would have been ruined. I couldn’t go back to my community if I was ruined. Andrew did ruin my chance of getting out of here.

“I’m not going to thank you.”
“I love that feisty attitude of yours.”

I rolled my eyes, and lightly smiled at Andrew. I could tell something was wrong with Andrew.

“You have never danced for me.”

Was all of this because of Andrew jealousy? Everything that has happened because of me. It was true what Andrew said, I have never danced in front of him. I’ve never felt comfortable enough to dance in front of him.

“Are you jealous, Andrew?”
He chuckled, “I am curious on how your people dance.”
“My people!”
“Yes, I’m curious Esmeralda. Don’t be mad. It should be I that is mad at you. I should punish you for dancing in front Matthew and not me? You still think you can get away from me?”
“One day I will.”
Andrew smirking at Esmeralda, “Whatever you say.”

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