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Ms. Edwards

Unknown POV

Andrew and Esmeralda walk into the castle. Ms. Edwards giving Esmeralda and Andrew a dirty scowl.

“I have to talk to Andrew in private. Leave Esmeralda.”

Esmeralda gave Andrew a quick look, Andrew gave Esmeralda a nod she walked into her room.

“Andrew, I saw what happened between you and Matthew.”
“Mother I-.”

Andrew looked down, knowing he would get a tongue lashing from his mother. He knew of his fathers secrets after he was dead. Andrew knew Matthew was like a second son to Ms. Edwards and Andrew’s father. Andrew’s father treated him with respect and kindness because of what Matthew’s mother. Matthew’s Mother was a poor farm girl that Andrew’s father was secretly in love with her. They were childhood friends until she died. Andrew’s father always had feelings for Matthew’s mother, he knew they couldn’t be anything more.

“Your father would be so disappointed in you Andrew.”
“Yes, Mother.”
“You know how your father cared for Matthew and sister. You should’ve handed it better.”
“I’m sorry my anger got a hold of me.”
“It was that girl.”

Ms. Edwards rolled her eyes and fanned herself.
“You know I invited him here for Esmeralda.”
“What why?”
“They are a good match. I wanted them to marry and then you can marry Lady Louise and forget about her. That is what your father wanted.”
“Father would've loved Esmeralda, like I do. If only, he had the chance to meet her.”
“Your father did like “those” types of women. You are just like your father”
“What do you mean?”
“No money and no birth right. I should have removed the girl from this castle when I had the chance too.”

Ms. Edwards started to cough and cough, she could catch her breath. Her coughing got too bad it turns into a coughing fit. Ms. Edwards brought out her handkerchief and coughed into it. When she moved the handkerchief away from her mouth, she noticed the blood. Deep, dark red blood on the handkerchief and mouth. She knows it’s her time. She knew for a while.

Ms. Edwards knees give out, she started to sink down Andrew run and catches his mother. Andrew holds his mother. Ms. Edwards tries to steady her breathing.

“Thank.. you... Andrew.”
“For what?”
“My birthday party and... not ruining... it... I know it was going to be... my last.”

Ms. Edwards stops talking and tries to catch her breath once more.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”
Andrew screams out, “Call for the doctor!”

Andrew notice his mother breathing become uneasy and her heartbeat coming slower. The Butler heard Andrew cry he ran to Andrew and Ms. Edwards. The Butler runs for the doctor on horseback.


An hour later the doctor comes in a fancy haunting car. The doctor rushing into Ms. Edwards room. A short time after the doctor went into Ms. Edwards’s room. The doctor walked out of the room shaking his head at Andrew. Pat him on the shoulder and the doctor left the castle. Andrew took a deep breath in and walked into Ms. Edwards room. Ms. Edwards laying on her bed, Andrew holding on her hand weeping.

“I.. Just want you to be... happy.”
“I will be Mother with Esmeralda.”

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