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Ladies In Waiting

Esmeralda’s POV

After Ms. Edwards’s funeral, Andrew didn’t say anything say no one. He has kept himself. Different people would try to comfort him, he would say he didn’t want to be bothered. After talking to the other ladies in waiting, I heard when Andrew’s father died it took him months to get over it. He locked himself in his room, didn’t say anything to anyone. That was almost two years ago.

It must be hard on him to lose both parents. I’m glad I never had that issue. Both of my parents are still alive and kicking. They have me and my brothers and sisters very young. My father is much older than my mother.

In the Gypsy community when someone died. Their caravan are burn down. It’s bad luck to used someone’s else caravan after they die. In other communities that would happen very commonly. In my community, everyone tries to take care of each other. I only saw it happen two when I was very small. I don’t remember too much of it.

I wonder what will happen to the ladies in waiting now since Ms. Edwards has passed away. Andrew doesn’t have a wife to take it over.

All the ladies in waiting sitting down having their afternoon tea. A few ladies still upset and crying over Ms. Edwards death. The rest of the ladies making small talk waiting for Andrew to make a decision on the ladies in waiting.

Ms. Edwards favorite girl Ella, talk to another lady in waiting, “I wonder if Esmeralda put a Gypsy curse on Ms. Edwards. That is what killer her?”
Short brown hair girl beside Ella, “Ella, you know Ms. Edwards was sick before Esmeralda arrived here.”
Ella sipped her tea, “But why did Ms. Edwards’s health turn for the worse so fast?”

Before I had the chance to say anything to defend myself that I didn’t put a curse or anything like that on Ms. Edwards. Andrew walked into the room.

“Ella, My Mother didn’t let anyone know how serious her health was. Esmeralda didn’t put a curse on my mother.”
Ella rolled her eyes, “She’s a gypsy after all. We don’t know anything about her, the only thing we know about her is that she’s a Gypsy.”
“But I know her, Ella.”
“More ways than one.”

Andrew looked irritated at Ella, but Ella doesn’t know how Andrew is when he’s irritated or angry at someone.

Andrew took a deep breath in and out, “I need to speak to everyone.”

The ladies in waiting stop the small talk on the side. Everyone stopped and listened to Andrew.

“I am stopping the ladies in waiting. Until further notice, when I have and wife, then she will decide.”

The ladies in waiting nodded their heads and went into the other rooms to make other arrangements to leave the castle. Andrew, and I was left alone in the room together.

Before I could walk into another room, Andrew squeezing my arm close to him.

“Esmeralda you are not going anywhere. The other ladies in waiting can but you can’t. You still have a debt to me. They don’t, my mother may be dead but you still have a debt to repay.”
Removing his tight grip from my arm, “Yes Andrew I know.”

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