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You Can’t Force Me

Andrew's POV

Since both of my parents are passed away the castle and everything belongs to me. I don't have any siblings, so everything belongs to me. With the stress of everything, planning the funeral and having to deal with the castle, Butlers, maids, and ladies in waiting. I'm glad Esmeralda is the only slave in the castle right now. Normally we would have three or four here, but Mother wanted only one slave here at one time. Her decision was out of nowhere she changed her mind.

She liked everything kept the same, she rarely changed her mind. If she did change her mind then, it would take some convincing. I guess I should have known something was wrong with my mother.

Now since I am king, sort of speak of this castle. I can do what I've been wanting to do for a while. I know I will go against late father's wishes but with my Mother's last wishes she wanted me to be happy. Now I can finally do what I've been wanting to do. I know exactly what will make me happy.

"Esmeralda I have something I want to talk to you about."
"I want to marry you."
"I want you to be my wife."

Esmeralda looked white as a ghost. Esmeralda had to sit down on a chair next to her. She looked like she was going to faint. Esmeralda catching her breath, Esmeralda pulled out her fan to fan herself.

I got down on one knee, grabbed both of her hands. "Esmeralda stop, look at me."

Esmeralda took a few seconds to look at me, "No." she whispered.
"Will you marry me, Esmeralda?"

She shook her head "No."

"Andrew I said '' no."

I got off my knee and stood up. I don't understand, why is she saying no.

"What do you mean."
"I don't want to marry you Andrew."
"Is it still Riley?"
"No." She shook her head and looked nervous fidgety with her hands. "I want to go back to my community."

"So you're saying you don't love me?"
"I didn't say that." She got up from the chair. "I don't think I feel for you in that way, the way you feel about me, Andrew."
"I love you and I care you for. I want you to be with you."
"No Andrew, you just want me to warm your bed."

I pushed Esmeralda onto the couch, climbing on top of her, holding onto both of her wrists. Esmeralda trying to wiggle her herself away.

"Esmeralda I care you for more than you know."
"No you don't."

I moved Esmeralda's wrist above her head and kissed her.

"Tell me you don't love me."
"Tell me!"
"I can't!"

"So you love me?"
"No I don't." Esmeralda had tears in her tears. "Please don't force me say it Andrew."

I moved off of Esmeralda then pulled her into my lap. I held her in my lap and held onto her wrist. Esmeralda tried moving away from my lap. I kissed her neck and lightly sucked on her neck. I could hear small moans coming from Esmeralda.

"You know this doesn't make me love you?"
"I know but I love you." I bite her neck.

I moved over my lips and bite down a little harder, she moaned then I bite down again.

I bite down again.

"That was for turning me down and embarrassing me."
"I'm sorry, you can't force me."

"You will love me and you will marry me or I will have to force you, something I don’t to do!"
"What do you mean?"
"Don't worry about it."

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