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Last Time

Andrew’s POV

Esmeralda quickly moved away and ran into a different room, I walked into my private library. I walked around the room. I grabbed a glass bottle that has brown liquor in it. First smelling it then I put it against my lips and gabble the half of its contents. The liquor burned my throat, I didn’t think too much of it. I took another swing of the liquor again. How can she embarrass me, how can she say no.

How can I force her to be my bride?

Hissing at the thought, I gulped down more of the warm liquor. I walked to the window, hanging on the frame of the window I looked outside I notice the landscape and the garden needs to be redone against, smirking to myself.

I know the perfect way to force Esmeralda to be my bride.


Esmeralda’s POV

I quickly walked into another room and I just stood there, frozen in shock. Did I hear him right? Married? That was no proposal. He was supposed to bend down on one knee and offer me a ring with tons of promises of eternal love and support. No ring and no love and support. Only demanding we get married. The only thing he did right was bent down on one knee and asking me.

If Andrew took the time to court me and not be so demanding, possessive, and obsessive then maybe I could have given him a chance. Even if I was Andrew’s slave, I would give him a chance. Even if when I came here my heart was for Riley and Riley only. If Andrew told me how he felt, then I would have given him a chance. I know Andrew loves me, I can tell by the way he looks at me and how he acts when someone gets close to me, like Matthew. How could I not know. But part of he thinks he doesn’t love me, but it’s just lust. He’s lusting after me. He’s mind and body is treating him into thinking it’s love; he doesn’t know the difference.

Personally I didn't care if I never found a suitor and was labeled as a spinster. I do not want to Andrew, I do care for him. Do I love him? No. I don’t love him and I rather be a spinster then marry someone I don’t love. I want to marry someone from my community. Because at a young age we are thought, gypsy girls marry young and have big families. Riley, I would have been happy with marrying him but now, I wouldn’t have. Now I know it was all just a crush. It wasn’t love that I felt for Riley. Maybe it was, since his family and my family know each other, and we grew up together, the marriage was for my family. I do miss my family.

Should be mad at my family for selling me to Mr. Edwards’s family? Not really, I know that my family does really need the money. We thought the money would help Jamie but it didn’t, the treatment didn’t work. Plus my family could use the rest of the money during winter. Winter has been hard for my father and brothers to find jobs.

What If I keep on telling Andrew no, that I don’t want to marry him. Would he sell me to another family or will he force me to marry him? If I do get sell to another family because Andrew start to hate me for telling him no. Would my family have to pay that money back? On a bad note, lot of people persecuted my community for being gypsies.

Thinking of where I am and how long I’ve been here and what Andrew just asked me. Will it be the last time I saw my family, the night I came here? I know I saw my brother a few weeks ago but will I ever see the rest of my family again? Will I see Jamie before it’s too late?

I wonder if my family misses me. Brady, my older brother and my younger brothers and sisters. I wonder if everyone is taking good care of our grandmother. My grandmother is the oldest of the elders of the clan. I share my same hair color and eye color has my grandmother. I am the only one out of my siblings. It makes me sad, I do think of my family often.


A few days passed since Andrew asked me to marry him. I have notice Andrew has been drinking more often, I have tried to keep my distance from him. I don’t want to do anything to me when he’s drunk.

I kept busy cleaning the castle, I still have talked to Lizzy. I’ve been trying to avoid both of them. Thank goodness this castle is big enough, so I can. But I know I do have to pay off my debt, so I do have to work.

I went slowly went into Andrew’s office to clean and sweep around. Looking around to make sure Andrew wasn’t in his office or at his desk.

I felt someone behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. Feel his warm body behind mine, smelling the alcohol on his breath. I pushed away his arms. Turn into face him, “Sorry The Old maid wanted me to clean your office.”

Then Andrew pushed me into the bookshelf. Hitting my head on the bookshelf. Made me stop and rub my head. Andrew took his hand to my chin to face him.

“Have you thought about my offer yet Esmeralda?”
“It’s still a no Andrew.”
“Are you sure? This is the last time I’m being nice about it.”
“No Andrew.”

Andrew thumb rubbed my chin, pushing my lips together. He kissed me softly but demanding. It was frightening and comfortable as if I’m getting used to kissing him. Then he pushed away walking to his desk.

“Tomorrow I have a surprise coming for you.”
“What surprises?”
“Tomorrow, you may leave.”

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