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The Necklace


"Indeed." Mr. Edwards gave the man in the suit an envelope with money in it. Then the man turns to me.

"Behave gypsy girl, or it will be your last breath."

He turns and bows to Mr. Edward then leaves the room. I heard Mr. Edwards and Lady Edwards speak about him a little, then nothing. He must of walked out of the castle and that would be the last time I saw him. I kept staring at the hand that held my necklace, when I heard a voice.

"Gypsy women," I looked up.
" I have a name." I said back to him.

He took a few steps closer to me. "What will that be, gypsy women."
"It's Esmeralda." I looked up at him with my deep blue eyes.
"Esmeralda," He repeated looking at me then looked away.

I kept looking at my golden cross necklace, I couldn't understand it. The guy that grabbed me from my community took my necklace from my neck. The necklace was everything to me. The only thing that I have from my family. I need that necklace back. He looked at me and noticed I was staring at the necklace.

"This is yours?" He asked showing it to me still clasped in his fist.
"Yes. Please give it back to me." I whispered feeling my throat start to close up.

Mr.Edwards started playing with the necklace at his old oak desk while looking at me.
"It's cheap gold."
"I got the necklace on my seventeenth birthday from my family."
"You may leave." He ordered turning his back to me.
"Please!" I screamed noticing that a pair of butlers grabbed my arms, pulling me out of the office.

"Clean her up, and get her out of those dirty clothes." The butler said with a dirty look on his face to maid.

"Yes sir." The old maid bowed grabbing my arm.
"Let me go."I plead trying to break free.
" It's better for you if you just give in and submit. This is your life now girly.. it's better off that way, trust me." she says leading me down a hall.

Few minutes later I found myself scrubbing down in a tub. Then Mr. Edwards in the room while I was still in the tub. In quickly tried to cover myself up with a rag.

"You look better with your clothes off." Smirking.

Looking down and still covering up what little rag has to offer to cover up.

"You may leave, and stand outside of the room."
The old maid said "Yes master Edwards." Bowed and left the room.

"When you address me, you will call me Master Edwards."
I looked up at him.

"Yes master Edwards can you please leave while I get out of the tub and get dressed, please."
He smirked.

"Maybe I should watch... who are you to tell me what to do."
"Please sir."
"Since it's your first night here, I will leave for now." He walked away.

The old maid walked in.
"Get up." She ordered.
She helped me get dressed.
"For now on you'll have to get dressed by yourself forward. Your duties start tomorrow."

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