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Andrew’s POV

It takes at least a day to get to Esmeralda’s campsite, if her family hasn’t moved to another campsite here at the castle. I hired Esmeralda’s brother to redo the garden and the landscape of the castle. When he came here to the castle months ago, I overheard him say he has a landscaping business. I know exactly what I’m going to do to get Esmeralda to be bride.


The next day Esmeralda’s brother Concan, came to the castle. I’ll make sure Esmeralda is kept busy until he’s done with the redoing of the garden and landscape of the castle. Then I will execute my plan, I’m going to use Esmeralda’s brother against her. She loved her family over anything and everything. Soon she will love me just as much.


Esmeralda’s POV

Andrew kept me busy during the day. Any of the work that needed to be done, Andrew made Lizzy went outside and do it instead of me. Great Lizzy is going to hate me even more than she does now. She probably is thinking Andrew is giving me special treatment. Really Andrew works me just as much as he does Lizzy. At least she doesn’t get touched but Andrew. That does hurt to think of him touching anyone else but me. Even if we aren’t together.

The Old Maid wanted me to wipe down Andrew’s down stair office’s windows. I walked down the stairs to Andrew’s office. I started to wipe down the windows, when I notice the front garden is redone. Looking outside the window a guy a young man that looks almost exactly like my older brother, Concan. Noticing it might be Concan, I put down the rug I was about to be used. I slowly walked to the front and open the front door. I saw the man that was just finished laying down flowers and talking to Andrew, it was Concan. Concan is talking to Andrew; I made to rub my eyes to make sure that was really Concan.

Concan is my older half brother, Conan's mother died right after he was born. My father was really hurt, but he knew he could raise a child by himself. He married my mother and had me and my siblings. He looks a lot like our dad. I look like my mother, I get my eyes from her. We both have dark black hair but Concan gets his dark green eyes from our dad’s eyes. Concan name is Irish Gaelic it means wise and intelligent.

Once I realize it really was Concan I ran to him and hugged him. Andrew kept staring at us but I didn’t care. I miss my family and missed my brother even if he’s only half my brother. He’s still family to me.

“Concan why are you here?”
“What you didn’t miss me?”
“No not like that... but w-why are you here?”
“Andrew sent me a letter saying he wanted his garden and landscape redone.”

That’s weird, why would Andrew want to do that? He did say yesterday he had a surprise for me. Letting me see my brother is my surprise?

“This is my surprise Andrew?”
“You know about this?” I asked Concan if they were planning this together without my knowledge.
“No not really.”
“Andrew can I please talk to Concan alone? I promise I will get back to work right away.”

Andrew nodded and walked around the garden. Concan and I were left alone to talk.

“How is everyone, how is Jamie?”
“Everyone is good but not Jamie.”

Concan took off his hat and held my hand. I knew what this meant Jamie had already passed, or he’ll be passing soon. Tears came down my face, Concan still holding my hands.

“He’s not well. Any time soon Jamie will pass.”

I closed my eyes and cried. I didn’t know what to say. My thoughts were on Jamie and our mother. How is my mother taking the news and our grandmother?

“Listen to me. Sit down. So I can tell you everything.” Concan holding my hand with one hand then the other out to where he wanted us to sit down at. He wanted us to sit down at the old tree in front of the castle. It has a nice view of the castle landscape and hills, forest that surround the castle.

“Jamie sleeps a lot, in order not to be in so much discomfort. He groans when he’s awake, he’s much skinnier than the last time you seen him. We have tried to get him to put on some weight, but he can’t. Right now the bones in his face began to protrude. The doctor is giving him only a few more days.”
“Oh my god.” Listening to Concan, my heart began to beat fast and I can’t breathe.
“I am glad I have the chance to tell you before he passes. Maybe Mr. Edwards will let you go back to the campsite for a few days then come back?”

Looking at Andrew in the garden, “No he’ll never let that happen, he’ll never let me leave until the money is paid off.”
“Not even when he died?”
“Has to be a way.”
“... We can run away from here, I can go with you when you leave for camp then I can see everyone and Jamie. Then I will have to go back here. Andrew probably angry at me, but he can’t stay mad at me for long.” I whispered the last part. Not wanting Concan to hear me.
“Okay. What is the plan?”
“Why you ask me?”
“Well it was your idea.”

I went quiet for a moment to think how can we do this. How can Concan and I make a run for it.

“Okay.... After Andrew pays you for the work you did today. Hide in the forest until night. When Andrew and all the maids, butlers are asleep then I will sneak out of the castle and I’ll meet up with you. Then we will have to make a run for it.”
“Can you steal a horse?”
“No, that will be too risky. The horse might wake someone up. Andrew might come after us.”

Andrew might come after us, no he will come after us. When I say us, I mean me. Andrew will come after me. Hopefully I won’t end up like Annie but I have to try. I have to try escaping from here. Jamie will die in a few days if I don’t see him soon. I could never see him again. It breaks my heart to hear what has happened to Jamie. Jamie is getting worse than when I left. I really thought and prayed that the treatment would work but his cancer much worse than what we thought.
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