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Before It’s Too Late

Esmeralda POV

I gave Concan a hug goodbye. I walked into the castle and started working on my duties. A few hours later it was bedtime for everyone in the castle. The Old Maid said Andrew is drunk and sleep in his office. He’s been sleeping in his office every night since he’s mother died.

I walked quiet down the hallway and down the staircase trying not to make a sound. I didn’t want anyone to wake up and see me trying to sneak out. Especially not Andrew, I don't want him to see me. I slowly turn the doorknob, I took a deep breath in. Close the door behind me and ran to the forest.

Concan was hiding behind a tree. He jumped out and grabbed me. Being so nervous for running away. I jumped, my first thought it was Andrew.

“You ready?”
“Yes, lets go before it’s too late.”

Concan took my hand, we both ran into the deep forest. We couldn’t run down the dirt path way. That would be too easy to be caught if someone saw us. Going straight into the deep forest is our only chance. We have to try. I have to try my brother before it’s too late.

My heart pounded in my chest. My legs felt like jelly, and my breath was short and raspy. I could pass out any second. Concan pulling on my arm to keep going. I watched the thick layers of forest passed by me in blurs.

We ran into the heart of the forest, dodging shrubs and bushes, trees. Twigs snapped under my feet, only the light we have to guide us is the night sky and stars shining down on us.

In been hours since we left the castle. In this deep forest, I have no idea where I am at. It feels like I’m running in circles. There’s no way to escape this thick deep forest. We must keep on running. In just one moment my legs gave out and everything went black.

I wake up feeling of a wet washcloth pressing my forehead. My eyes flickered with lights of a campfire. My eyes widen. Did I make it back home to my community? Did Concan and I made it? Am I going to see Jamie before it’s too late?


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