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Giving In

Esmeralda POV

I woke up, I heard Concan screaming my name. I guess when we were running in the deep forest, I got overheated, and out of breath that I blacked out.

Sitting up and looking around, I notice Andrew was beside me, putting a cold rag on my forehead. Concan is next to campfire with his hands tied up with rope. Two strange men beside him. One man out of the two, I’ve seen him before when I first came to the castle. He was with the man that brought me here.

“Let us go Andrew!”

Andrew gave me a sip of water, “I can’t do that.”
“Andrew please, let u go and you have my word that I will come back to the castle. But we do not have much time, Jamie is about to pass, please.”

“I know your brother already told me.”
“He did?”

“Esmeralda, This is the last time I will ask nicely. Will you marry me?”
“No, I already gave you my answer.”
“Careful what you say Esmeralda, last time I checked slaves don't talk to their masters that way,” He said in a hastily manner which made the hairs on my arm stand, his tone of voice had me on edge. Is he going to kill me and Concan the same way he did with Annie, when she tried running away.

I stood up, “I'm not going to marry you!” I told him firmly.
“Yes you are, or else.” He threatened.
“Or else what? Are you going to kill me?”
“No, but maybe the threat killing your brother you might persuade you to change your mind.”

Andrew’s words made me drop to my knees. With my hands covering my mouth. Did I hear Andrew right? He will kill my brother?

“What? You don’t have that type of power over me.”
“Are you sure about that? I have your brother, let see how strong you are when your brother is hurt... Well, if you don't marry me right now, I'll get my men to kill your brother right in front of you.”
“Yo—you wouldn't do this. He’s my family.”
“I know you Esmeralda, you will do anything for your family even if you have to be a maid/ slave in someone’s house. You just need a little persuasion. Even if, I have to drag you to the altar.”

Tears formed in my eyes, I couldn't believe Andrew would be so heartless, so cruel.

Andrew holding a crowbar in his hands walking over to my brother. With his guards are holding my brother with his hands behind his back. Making sure Concan don’t move even with his hands tied with rope. Andrew looks like he’s about to take a swing of the crowbar to Concan.


Andrew stopped what he was about to do and looked at me.

“If I... I marry you, you wouldn't hurt Concan, right? You'll leave him alone and you’ll let him leave the castle grounds?”

I asked knowing full well that I was well and truly trapped. Andrew must have thought this all out, he must have known I would have run away from the castle when I heard Jamie was about to pass.

“Yes, if you marry me right now, no harm will come to Concan and I'll make sure that he is protected and your family is provided for. They don’t have to worry about moving to another campsite or work again. Only if they want to” Andrew assured me.

“You promise?”
“I promise on the bond that will be forged between us in a few days.” Andrew smirked, all I wanted to do is smack the smirk off his face.

Because I knew he would follow through with his threats and I couldn't let Concan suffer. I couldn’t let Concan get killed because of me. Andrew has already killed Annie, I can allow Andrew to kill someone I love.

“Okay Andrew, I—I'll marry you.”

I gave up. All the strength I had in me died. I was going to marry Andrew. My heart began to ache as if someone was twisting it. My lungs suddenly forgot to function and I began to gasp for air.

Andrew put his hand on my shoulder, “it’s okay, you’ll soon learn to love being married to me.”
“Let’s get you up, I want the doctor to look at you when we get to the castle.”
“Andrew... I have to see my brother.”
“In do time.”
“Get on my horse, we’ll ride to the castle together.”
“Don’t worry I will ask your parents for permission to marrying you. Then you will see your brother.”

Andrew left me up from the ground, onto his horse. I saw the two strange men undoing Concan’s rope around his hands.

“They will let him go now. Like I said. No harm will come to him.”

I nodded, I waved bye to Concan. Not knowing what the future has in store for me. Will Andrew keep his promise? Will I get to see my brother before it’s too late? Will the two strange men let my brother go?

With everything that has happened I passed out of Andrew’s horse. Andrew held me in his arms and rode to the castle.
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