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More Than Just A Beast

Andrew’s POV

We rode to the castle, Esmeralda is still passed out from being overheated. I was kinda surprised Esmeralda and her brother ran into my groups campfire. I’m sure they ran into circles before running into us. With Esmeralda’s health I’m glad they did stumble onto my groups campfire. I want the doctor to see her in the morning. I don’t know what I would have done if I couldn’t find Esmeralda. She means everything to me I don’t think my heart would be in pieces. I glad she’s safe now and not somewhere in the deep forest.

My hunting group knows this forest like the back of our hands. Esmeralda has never been in the forest. I’ve never taken her with me hunting. My group and I put up marks, so we wouldn’t get lost. She doesn’t know about the marks, she would have been already back home to her community by now if she knew. My group did let her brother go. I know I can trust my men. They can trust me. We have each other’s backs out there.

When we got to the castle, I carried Esmeralda’s beautiful body into her room. She didn’t even move when I put her in the bed. Good, I want her to sleep as much as she can. I worry that Esmeralda might become sick because she was out in the forest at night. The forest can be unforgiving. I don’t know if I can handle Esmeralda being sick. She does mean everything to me. If she does get sick then I’ll stay right beside her like she did for me. When I was sick, she never left me. I want to return the favor if she becomes sick. I love Esmeralda even more because of it. Because she took care of me when I needed someone.

I want her to be happy but I don’t want to lose her. I don’t want to lose her forever. From this day forward it’s my duty to make the rest of her life happy. I want to be part of her life. I want her to love me with the way I love her. Because she means so much to me, I want to her to see more than just this beast in me. Hopefully one day she’ll grow to love me.


The next day, I walked into Esmeralda’s room to check on Esmeralda. I didn’t get that much sleep, I just paced back and forth in my room. Until the sun comes up. I checked on Esmeralda every hour to see if she got a fever, I fell asleep for an hour. I didn’t mean to fall asleep but when I notice I fell asleep. I quickly jumped up from my chair that I feel asleep in. Esmeralda is the only thing on my mind. The only one I have. I dashed into Esmeralda’s room, I want to see how she's doing it’s been an hour since I checked on her. I sat down on the bed next to her. She’s opened her eyes and looked at me. She started to move away.

“Just rest, now that you are awake I’ll get the doctor to check you out.”
“No you don’t have to do that. I’m fine.”
“Yes I will, I will feel much better knowing you got checked out by the doctor”

I left her room then after telling the horsemen to get the doctor. Esmeralda was sitting up in her bed. She looks out her window, from the look on her face, I could tell that she’s sad. I wonder if she’s sad that she didn’t make it to her community, see her brother. Is she’s sad that I’ve forced into a corner to become my wife? I know she’ll be happy after we marry. I will make it up to her.

She turned to me when she noticed I walked into the room. “Are you going to punish me for leaving after the doctor tells you I’m fine?” I shook my head no.

“No, you are going to be my wife after all. I don’t want to hurt you.”
“Do you mean that?”
“What happens to my debt?”
“You don’t have any when we marry. Don’t worry about your family.”

Esmeralda was about to say something but the doctor walked in. I left the room so the doctor could look at Esmeralda without me making her uncomfortable. A few minutes later the doctor walked out of her room.

“She only had a few bruises, and she need rest. She’s going to be okay. In a day or two she’ll be good to go.”
“Thank you doctor.”
“I must be going now.”

The doctor bowed then walked out of the castle. I walked back into Esmeralda room. Esmeralda still sitting up in her bed.

“I’m fine Andrew.”
“I want you to relax today, but tomorrow I have a surprise for you.”

Esmeralda gave me a weird look. She started to try to get up from her bed.

“Esmeralda the doctor said you have to rest for a day or two.”
“No. I want to leave. I must go back to my community Andrew. My brother is dying. He’s getting worse. I need to see him before he...”
“Don’t worry Esmeralda. Trust me, you’ll like this surprise.”
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