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The End

Esmeralda’s POV

The next morning, Andrew wanted us to go somewhere with him. He says it’s my surprise and won’t tell me what it is. He makes me so mad.

My first plan didn’t work. Now I have to create a new plan to get away, before the wedding. Even if I have to get Andrew drunk as a skunk then make a run for it again. I wonder if Andrew would stop drinking, when we are married. Come to think of it, I can’t seen Andrew take a sip of alcohol since the night I came back from running away, he hasn’t left my side. I wonder if he thinks I’m going to run away again. Hell even if I have to run away on our wedding day, I will. Just to get away from him. I can’t stand even being near him. I can even see my family. I want to see them, especially now since my brother is getting worse and worse. God help me I will get away from him. Sooner or later, I will.

He’s sitting next to me in the jaunting car, and he’s all smiles. Every time he looks at me I roll my eyes at him. All I want to do is smack his smile right off his face. I don’t want to marry him. I just want to see my family.

Andrew’s POV

I know Esmeralda is in a grumpy mood. I know she would be after everything that has happened. It was to be expected. I know Esmeralda will change her attitude when she realizes where we are going. So she can be all grumpy she wants with me.


Two hour later just before we got to the campsite, I told Esmeralda to close her eyes. She rolled her eyes again and closed her eyes. The driver stopped the jaunting car, then I stepped helped Esmeralda out of the jaunting car.

“Keep them closed.”
“Whatever okay.”

I covered Esmeralda’s eyes with my hands. I can’t want to see her face light up. She’s beautiful when she smiles. I want to see her smile. I know she’s have been wanting to see her family.

“Open them.”

The expression on her face changed in a matter of a few minutes seconds. She ran straight to her friends and family. She hugged everyone in the community. I guess she got a little over excited. Everyone stared at Esmeralda and myself. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Anything like her gypsy community. It does make me uncomfortable that everyone is staring at us. I adjusted my overcoat, stand up tall, and smiled.

I walked over to Esmeralda’s friends and family. Esmeralda pulled me over to her and started to introduced me to everyone in the community. Many names and faces, trying to shake everyone’s hands. One older woman with a few golden bracelets, asked me if I wanted my palms read. A few older gentleman asked me if I wanted to see who’s the strongest. I laughed it off and told them I need to meet Esmeralda’s parents. Concan, Riley and Caitriona came to hug Esmeralda and to shake my hand. I couldn’t help but smirk in Riley’s face. I have Esmeralda, he can’t take her away from me. Riley can’t take her away from me because I have the most beautiful women in the world.

“Esmeralda! I missed you, I haven’t seen you in forever! I have so much to tell you.”
“I miss you too Caitriona, tell me what?”
“Riley and I are getting married next month.”

Esmeralda’s expression on her face went too happy to no emotion at all. She was not expecting to hear that, especially coming from her childhood friend. She just looked at Caitriona, you could feel the tension in the air. You could cut it with a butter knife. Now I definitely know Riley, isn’t going to take Esmeralda away from me. Now he has his own woman now.

“Thank you, Esmeralda I’m sorry, I know you had a crush on Riley. Things kinda just happened.”
“No, I’m okay, I have Andrew.”

Esmeralda turned to me and had almost a smile on her face. It was good to hear Esmeralda had almost something nice to say about me.

Esmeralda father and mother came out of their vada (caravan). Everyone stopped talking and looked at Esmeralda’s parents. It seems like Esmeralda’s parents are some important in the community.

Esmeralda’s father had a stern look on his face. I guess he heard the news.

“You are Andrew Edwards?”
“Yes I am, I need to talk to you in private sir?”
“Don’t call me sir.”

Esmeralda’s father and I talked for over an hour in private. He explains about the gypsy customs and traditions. The man in Esmeralda’s community has different roles to play. They have to learn how to fight with their bare hands and provide for their families and much more. He didn’t like that I wasn’t an Irish traveler, I am not a gypsy. Not because of the age difference, Esmeralda and I are eight years apart. In their community it was up to the elder, not him to decide.

We both walked out of the vada (caravan). I walked up to Esmeralda. She was with the other girls in the community and her mother talking. Esmeralda wasn’t happy, it was written all over her face.

“Can I please talk to you alone for a second?”

Esmeralda and I moved away from the girls and her mother, “What did my father say?”
“He explained your customs, rituals and traditions.”
“Yes, now we have to wait for the elders to decide if we are getting married or not.”

Esmeralda and I sat down on a large rock. She started to explain how the next couple of days will go. She explained that marriage ceremonies are a blend of Orthodox wedding ritual and Gypsy custom. Weddings generally take three days.

I nodded in response to what Esmeralda was saying. She explained what her mother said to her that made her upset. “You know what you’ve done to your children; You have cut your children if you have children bloodline in half. They won’t be able to marry into a Gypsy family or live on a Romany Gypsy site, Esmeralda.”

At first, I didn’t know what she was so upset about it. Then explain later that, her parents are highly respected people, but she if we marry or have children that it will disgrace them and the community could make them feel like outcasts. If the elders approved, then I would have to pay a big bride price.

One of the elders came out of the vada (caravan). Looking at the other vada (caravan), the one the elder came out, it was more traditional than the others in the community. The older gentleman looked over to Esmeralda, and he nodded his head.

It was approved.


The next couple of days been a mix of blend of Orthodox wedding ritual and Gypsy custom. I paid the elder and Esmeralda’s father the bride price. Her mother gave her a chest full of stuff as a dowry. Esmeralda looked very happy everything her mother gave her. It made me happy to see Esmeralda happy and with her family.

A woman in the community made Esmeralda a gown, Esmeralda looks beautiful in her white gown that gold and silver details on her dress. One of Esmeralda’s requests that she wanted to do, is the black veil. She said she always loved the meaning behind it. She said if she doesn’t wear the black veil, she looks at someone else our marriage is cured. Esmeralda wanted to prove to her parents she has been faithful and loyal to me and to her traditions. Before we kissed, she left up her veil.

Esmeralda and I danced around a fire with five broomsticks. Esmeralda told me I have to carry her across the broomsticks if I touch the brooms then we would have bad luck in our marriage. There was music and lots to eat: dishes of stewed rabbit, and many more different dishes, and lots of pies, baked apple.

Esmeralda did look happy at our wedding, but I can tell she wasn’t completely happy. I know she doesn’t love me the way I care and love her. One day she will. Before I die, she will love me. I will be the man she wants me to be. I will give her anything her heart desires. Her family doesn’t have to want for anything. I will take care of Esmeralda and her family.

I can see the sadness in her eyes. Her brother was smiling and clapping his hands our wedding but you can see the lifelessness in him. He doesn’t have long at all. He’s getting weaker and weaker.


The next following days, Jamie, Esmeralda’s brother coughing up blood. I paid the doctor to come and look at him. The doctor shook his head and said he’s going to pass in a moment now. Esmeralda and the members of the community came and talked to Jamie. Everyone was crying and Esmeralda ran out of their family’s vada (caravan).

Esmeralda didn’t even have to tell me, I knew what happened. Her brother passed. I held Esmeralda in my arms and let her cry it out. I know her brother and her family means a lot to her.


Later that night Esmeralda’s father and the other men in the community played music and danced. Almost all the men were drunk. They set fire to Jamie’s vada (caravan). Her father made him one before he passed. It was supposed to be his get well present but the treatment that her parents paid for was supposed to work, but it didn’t. He was just about the age where he could get married, or he could go off by himself. He was Esmeralda’s younger brother, but he was a man in the eyes of the community. Their roles in their community is different from the women.

Esmeralda POV

After the burning of Jamie’s vada (caravan), that our father built. Andrew and I left the community. We went back to the castle.

Now Andrew and I can start our lives together. I love the chest my mother gave me. My mother gave me a few things from home. It really means a lot. It’s like having a piece of home with me to start my new family. I know Andrew wants to start a family soon. What I want to do is name our first son, Jamie in his name to remember him. I want our children to know there uncle they never met.

Since we got married Andrew seems like he’s a different man then when I was forced to work and live here because my family needed the money for my brother’s treatment. Andrew seems happier and lovable. I think I almost can’t wait to start my life with Andrew. I know at first we have some problems but I have been learning to love Andrew. Over all Andrew is an amazing guy. I do love the fact that he respect my culture. I may not love him right now but I can learn to, I can learn to love him like he loves me.

The End

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