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The Notebook


After the old maid showed me to my tiny room and gave me a candle. There nothing much in there but a tiny old wooden desk, the chair and bed. I am happy to have my own room. I used to have to share my bed with my younger siblings. I couldn’t help but notice there’s a book wedged under the desk. It keeps the desk and the bed leveled. I’ll have to check that out in the morning. It’s getting late I think I should try to get some sleep. I have to get up early and my chores starts tomorrow. I blow out the candle and climbed into the bed.

With my first night in the castle I didn't sleep easy. I started to roll around on the bed. With every footstep I heard, it brought chills down my back. All I want is to do is to go home. In my heart I know that could never happen. I would miss going around places, seeing new things and experience new things that normal people could only dream about. My family were traveling gypsies, we never stayed in a place too long. Only a few months and we left. If there wasn’t work for my old brothers and father to do we would leave for somewhere new.
I jumped out of bed and lit a candle. If I couldn’t sleep I want to look at the book. I picked it up and sat down at the wooden desk. I opened the notebook, I saw the last name on the list was Annie. One small entry in it...
To the next girl they force to live here, I give this to you. When you leave, leave this here for the next girl after. Please keep it going. It will help you here, write or draw anything want or need too. Remember to hide it well.
~Love, Annie

After reading the entry in the notebook I decided I would do as Annie said. This notebook would help me here and I will keep it going. If only I could find a pencil. I looked around the small room with little light the candle had to offer. I noticed something on the desk hidden in the shadows. I reached to grab a pencil!

While everyone was asleep I wrote down everything I could remember about my family and friends. Also, I wrote down the people I seen and the places I've been. I drew everyone’s face, so I would never forget how they looked like. Even if, I can’t be with them I can look at their faces. I never want to forget where I came from and who I am. I couldn’t let the Edwards take that from me. They already took my freedom and my necklace, what more can they take. I WILL get that necklace back. I will keep the notebook underneath my bed.
I blow out the lit candle and went back to bed. Thinking about the things I'll miss while being here. I could feel the uneasy feeling in this castle. Everyone in the town knew about the ghost rumors of Gin Castle. Everyone believed in the Old Gray Lady that wanders the halls at night. Anyone could know of this castle knows about it secrets and mysteries deep in the castle's walls. With the evil secrets trying to get out.

Trying to hide underneath my blankets covering my face, I found myself scared thinking about what all could happen here behind closed doors. People’s lives lost and memories forgotten there in these walls. The thought of being tortured in the castle's dungeon, being a prisoner. Would I ever get out? Would I ever see my family again? My brothers and sisters, will I ever see them again?

Hours later I fell asleep underneath the blankets covering my face. The old maid walked in and quickly pulled off my blankets off of me.

“Get up, there no time for sleeping.”

I quickly got up from the bed and put on my clothes. Went into the kitchen with the rest of the maids. Notice a young girl around my younger sisters age. With shoulder-length brown hair. She smiled at me.

“Your the new girl I guess.”
“Yes I am.”
“Be careful. It’s hard at first but you get used to it. Plus I was the new girl before you. I can help you if I can.”
“What should I know first.”
“First Lady Edwards, don’t get on her bad side. She’ll sell you to a new family. Second Mr. Edwards he likes young girls... be careful.”
“Young girls?”

She must be talking about Annie, the girl that left the notebook. Maybe she’s talking about Mr.Edwards and herself.

“Yes and about the castle you should know, the first floor is used for storage and the guards living area. The second floor is a living/food preparation space for the house maids and ladies in waiting. The third floor is the sleeping and living space for the Edwards’s family. Fourth floor is the great room where the Edwards’s family ate and entertained. The castle has libraries, Clunes*, a murder hole*, and a dungeon and many more secret rooms.”

I nodded, trying to remember everything that the girl said.
“What is your name? I’m Esmeralda.”

**(Clunes - Scottish Gaelic A resting-place, or meadow.)
**(“murder hole,” with an opening in the ceiling that defenders could use to shoot at or pour hot liquids onto unwanted guests.)
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