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First Kiss


Why did my heart feel weird when he called me by my name. I wonder why my cheeks are beet red and my heart is beating rapidly. I don’t like him. How can someone watch someone died and not do anything about it. Mr. Edwards is a horrible person and I don't have any feelings for him. I just can’t, my feelings are for Riley. I know my feelings are true about Riley. Riley cares for me too, I know he does. I need to push any type of feelings or attraction to Mr. Edwards away.

I am alone here in his office by myself. I could steal the necklace back. In that case I wouldn’t have to give Mr. Edwards my first kiss. Your first kiss is supposed to be special. I want Riley to have my first kiss. My whole life has been hard I want at least one thing to be special.

I stood behind the old oak desk pretending to dust it off. I bent down to eye level of the drawer, so no other maids or ladies in waiting would be able to see me.

I tried pulling the handle. The drawer is locked, Mr. Edwards probably has the key. I pull out one of many bobby pins, that holds my shiny black hair up in a bun for the uniform. I insert the bobby pin and wiggle it around in the keyhole. One of my brother’s friends from the community has taught me how to unlock a lock with a bobby pin. Just in case I ever needed too. I heard a clicking sound, the drawer was unlocked.

I slowly opened the drawer trying to not make a sound and clasped the necklace in my fist. I heard someone walk in Mr. Edwards office. It must be Mr. Edwards again looking for me. I stood up. That is when I saw Lady Edwards. As quickly as I saw her I held my necklace behind my back with one arm.

She looked furious at me.
“What do you have behind your back? I want to see it!”
“It’s nothing Lady Edwards.”
“I said I want to see it! Your trying to steal something!”

She raised her hand to slap me.
“It’s my necklace.”
“I want you out of this castle! I’m going to write a letter to a friend they will take your debt. That’s final.”
“That’s final!”

She raised her voice and Mr. Edwards hearing the commotion in his office. He walked in.

“Mother” he said slightly shocked
“This witch is stealing a necklace that was in your desk!”
“Mother I told her she could have her necklace back. I kept it in my desk.”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. He’s lying for me. Unless he knew I was going to steal the necklace from his desk and that’s why he showed me where it was.

“Is this true Andrew?!”
“Yes it is.”
“Why? You know maids can’t have belongings until they leave.”

Lady Edwards looked at me then back at Mr. Edwards. Did she say, “Andrew.” Is that Mr. Edwards first name? I never knew his first name. Sounded very weird to have someone call him Andrew instead of Mr. Edwards.

“I said she could.”
“ I don’t believe you. I think she was trying to steal the necklace and you're covering for her, or she did something for you in return to give her that necklace... Is she one of your next play things Andrew?”

Lady Edwards glared at me with a serious questionable look on her face. I covered up my chest and looked away from Lady Edwards.

“No mother! I will explain to you later, you should have some tea or lay down you don’t look well. The doctor said you have to rest in your condition.”
“Okay, I can’t prove which one of my theories is correct. I’ll let it go this time. We will talk about this later Andrew.”

Lady Edwards walked out of Mr. Edwards’s office. I looked at him, I couldn’t believe he could lie for me. I quickly put on the necklace and hid it under my uniform.

“Why would you do that for me?”

He walked close to me leaving only a few inches of space. With one hand he pulled my waist to his body and the other pulled my face to his face.

“I want that kiss.”

I tried to push his body and hands away from me.
His green eyes grew dark and cold, pulling my body even closer to him. Then he took my hands and held them behind my back. Push me against the old oak desk. His body pressed up against mine. I could feel his heart beating fast.

“I said no Master Edwards.” I wiggled trying to free my arms.

Mr. Edwards growled again as is eyes darkened even more, he held my wrist together tighter.
“I want that kiss from you.”

He kissed me. His soft lips kissed mine. I am at a loss for words. Tears started forming from my eyes. He loosen his tight grip and let my wrist go. He pushed me away from him.

He smirked. My blood started to boil.
“Why in the hell would you do that?”
“I lied for you Esmeralda, my mother was about to throw you out and on top of that sell you to another family….. or worse. My mother is a very nice woman, but she had friends that aren’t so nice. You have to be careful... I saved you. The very least you could do it kiss me, when I tell you too.”

“Now I owe you for lying for me? Just so you can get what you want?”
“Yes you do and yes I did. Esmeralda, If you want to keep that necklace around your neck, I will get what I want or….. I could just take it away from you again.”
“Then you’ll have to kiss me anytime I want you too. Without a fight.”

I kept quiet for a moment. I don’t want him to keep my necklace again then almost risk getting thrown out of here. The next place could be even worse than this.

I nodded my head and looked away from Mr. Edwards.

“You may leave. I’ll let this slide since I wanted to kiss you. Also, I knew you were going to figure out how to unlock my desk eventually. The next time you do something against the rules we have here then I will have to punish you.”

I nodded and walked away. What does he mean by he has to punish me?


I couldn’t breathe coming out of Mr. Edwards office. Why is my head spinning out of control. I ran to the kitchen. I was already 20 minutes late for getting dinner ready. The old maid and Lizzy is busy preparing dinner.

“Sorry Old maid, I had to clean up son spills in Mr. Edwards office.”
“Okay come on help with dinner or you will go without.”

I quickly walked over to Lizzy to help with the preparation the carrots for the dinner.

“Where have you been?”
In a slow voice so the old maid wouldn’t yell at us for not being quick enough making dinner.

“In Mr. Edwards office... I have a serious question for you. Has he ever done anything to you or with the other maids?”
“No he hasn’t. He is a player, he likes them young and beautiful. Not like me and I overheard the ladies in waiting talking about Mr. Edwards engagement.”

“Yes I don’t remember her name.... before I forget we aren’t supposed to talk to the ladies in waiting. Only if they need something, or we ask if they need something done for them. Plus they are mean, rude to maids like us. They forget that they were maids too, not all but some... some families bought their way into being ladies in waiting. Mr. Edwards has lots of wealth friends. Any one of the ladies in waiting can marry one of Mr. Edwards friends. They would have a fortune after they marry.”

After Lizzy and I were done finishing making dinner. The butlers went into the kitchen began to serve the Edwards’s family. Lizzy and I went back to work and finished cleaning the kitchen.
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