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Jamie (Part 1)


“Esmeralda get your ass up right now or I'm splashing cold water on you!”

A voice said, but I was too upset to listen. I pray it wasn’t Mr. Edwards waking me up for more punishment.

“Mr. Edwards is back before we had a chance to prepare!” I know that voice. It wasn’t Mr. Edwards.

Lizzy and the old maid came back from their trip to the town. Even though I am excited that Lizzy is back, I don’t want to even move; I don’t want to get out of bed. I don’t want a chance to see Mr. Edwards. Will Lizzy believe me on what happened between Andrew and me?

Cold water was dumped on me. Now I am fully awake.

“Shut up and go wash up and cover up those love bits. I don’t want to see that in my kitchen. We have much to do before tomorrow. We might have to stay up all night to get everything done.”


Mr. Edwards told the old maid that the reason for him being back was the weather canceled the hunt. He came back early also to make sure everything will be ready for everyone, for them they get here at the castle. We spend hours on making sure everything was ready for their arrival. Everyone in the castle was working on their duties. I kept my distance from Mr. Edwards I don’t want to see him. Luckily I could cover up my shoulder, neck and collarbone with makeup. I wouldn’t want anyone else to see them too. Badly enough the old maid saw them earlier when she woke me up.

I walked up the stairs to the fourth floor of the castle, where the guest will be staying at; I walked into one of the many guest rooms. I brought up extra sheets, and pillows. As I laid down the extra sheets and pillows for the guests, I felt the same strong arms wrap around my waist from behind.

“I see you covered our love bits.”
I blushed.
“Do you want more?”

He smirked, I crossed my arms. I didn’t want to look him in the face. I stared at the window. Mr. Edwards bend down to my level and whisper something in my ear. It was too soft and gentle I didn’t hear what he said. I moved to turn my head right. He nibbled at my left ear and kissed my neck. I stared out the window, I didn’t move.

Through the thick woods that wrapped around the castle. I could see three figures in cheap clothing. With the fog outside, you couldn’t make out anything. I know It couldn’t be any of Mr. Edwards friends. They would be wearing better clothing than anyone of the figures would be wearing. As they walked closer to the castle I could see two gentlemen and one woman with them. What caught my eye was the woman wearing traditional gypsy clothing. I pushed away Mr. Edwards arms and walked to the window to get a better look. From the window I could see my older brother Concan*, Riley and Caitriona*!

With an angry tone he said he’s name.

Mr. Edwards ran to the window and saw my friends. He saw Riley, he punched the wall beside the window. I didn’t care about Mr. Edwards hitting the wall. I ran down the stairs out the courtyard before he could stop me.


I ran to Riley and jumped into his arms. He hugged me tight.

“What are you guys doing here? I missed you guys.”
“We miss you too Esmeralda.” Said Riley.
I hugged each one of them.

“We wanted to see you, the letter to send mother had your address on it, so we came to see you.” Said Caitriona in a shy voice.

Something is wrong with Caitriona she is almost always hyper and energetic. Caitriona comes from a different gypsy family. Our family always friends, so we were brought up like sisters. Her brothers and sisters were like my brothers and sisters.

“I know that’s not everything... Concan tell me the truth.”

Mr. Edwards walked outside and put his hand on my shoulder.

Concan look at Caitriona and Riley, “Our brother Jamie is sick again.”

I pushed his hand away.
“Who is this?” Riley glaring at Mr. Edwards
“He’s my...”
“Your what?”
“My boss... wait what is wrong with Jamie? Why is he sick again? I thought the money went to Jamie’s treatment.”
“The treatment didn’t work.”
“We had to tell you Esmeralda.” Riley couldn’t keep his eye contact.

Tears started to fall from my eyes. Jamie was born with a rare bone disorder. The money that my dad got for the men that took me went to Jamie’s treatment. The doctors said it could work, it had a high chance of working with his disorder. Plus the money would help feed my brothers and sisters for months. I was the eldest girl I had to leave.

“Oh my god... I need to go back.” Wiping away my tears.
“You can’t you have to pay your debt.” Mr. Edwards glaring at Riley back.

I looked up at Mr. Edwards, “He’s right, I need to pay back the money I owe his family.”

Caitriona pulled my arm, so I wouldn’t be facing Mr. Edwards, Riley and Concan, “Esmeralda you can’t ask for more money, so we could try a different treatment?”

I looked over my shoulder at Mr. Edwards, “No I couldn’t. I’m sorry I owe too much money as is.”

“Esmeralda and the other maids can’t have any friends or family here... Esmeralda say your goodbyes it’s been long enough.”
“Yes Mr. Edwards.” I nodded.

“Esmeralda we will take our leave now. I miss you Esmeralda. Please be careful. Write to me when and if you can.” She hugged me.
“I know I will. Everyone have a safe trip back to the camp.” I hugged Caitriona back.
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