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Jamie (Part 2)


“Well little sister be careful. It looks like you are doing good here. You needed you know about Jamie. Mother…. didn’t have the heart to write about Jamie. She felt it would have upset your work here. We’ll be going now.” Concan hugged me tightly.
“Thank you.” I hugged him back.
“Oh I forgot to tell you Esmeralda, Caitriona’s brothers and I made a landscaping business.” he said flashing me a grin
“That’s really good, I’m glad.”

Riley hugged me tightly not wanting to let go, while he winked at Mr. Edwards. Mr. Edwards shot fierce looks that could kill. It made the air uncomfortable. Caitriona and Concan looked at each other than back at Riley then Mr. Edwards.

“I miss you, I’ll be here when you done with paying off your debt. We can be together again. ” he said letting go from the hug.
“I know Riley, thank you.”
“Bye everyone, I love you guys and please tell mom that I love her. I’ll be praying for Jamie.”

Caitriona, Riley and Concan walked away into the forest, walked back to their camp. Tears were falling from my eyes. I tried to wipe away my tears with my hands. I couldn’t breathe I wanted to go with them. I have to get out of this castle and go back home. The only reason to stay here at the castle is to pay off the debt. Then I will leave.

“Here take this and wipe away your tears.” Mr. Edwards stood right beside me, handing me his handkerchief.
“Thank you.”
“You are forbidden to see Riley again.”
“What? You can’t do that.”
“Yes I can. They weren’t supposed to be here Esmeralda.”
“I’m sorry I didn’t know they were coming.”
“The next time they come, I WILL have Riley killed.”

My eyes widened as I looked at Mr. Edwards when he said he would have Riley killed. I guess what Lizzy said was true about Annie. He made her kill herself for running away.

“How can you be so cruel?”
“You would have them killed because they were on your land?”
“No he had his hands all over you.”
“No, he wasn’t he was hugging me plus I love him.”
“We need to get into the castle before it gets too late. It’s going to be dark soon.”


Mr. Edwards and I walked up the back staircase into the castle. We walked into the castle Mr. Edwards looked me dead in the face.

“You don’t love him. You know you have feelings for me.” Pulling into his arms and kissed me.
Trying to pull away, “No I don’t.”
“Yes you do and didn’t I said you have to kiss me anytime without a fight?”
I rolled my eyes.
“I saw that, you what me to punish you Gypsy women?”
“No Master Edwards.” I forced myself to get close to kiss him back.

Caitriona: (Best friend from their Gypsy community) “ca+tree+na” - Irish form of Katherine, translates as “pure.”

Concan (Esmeralda’s brother): ü Conan - Irish Gaelic means: Wise and intelligent.

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