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Candice is a sub within a fantasy world constantly looking for a long-term relationship with the one dominatrix owner that captures her heart. Being sold off in an auction to go to a different country. This was not the plan Candice was hoping for but the question is, was it really all that bad?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1


I walked out of the store, my hands full of bags. I had gone grocery shopping for dinner so when I got back to my apartment I could cook something for me to eat.

After I got back to my apartment complex and quickly set my bags down and unloaded them to their correct places I took out the ingredients I needed to cook. I never bought much due to my low expenses. I had enough money to buy me clothes that was my style and pay rent with having a little extra to keep as pocket change. Plus it’s not like I had someone to eat with, so why buy more than what was needed. I guess you could say I was lonely, but I didn’t mind for that’s how my life was. No matter if I liked it or not.

I had made myself a salad that was mixed with kale, with grilled chicken. Later on in the day I had planned on going to a bdsm club to yet again try to find someone who met my standards as a love interest. You could say my expectations were above average but not classified as high. They were only so high because I knew that I could be tough maintenance. Not just anyone can handle me.

To get dressed for the clubs I put on a black tube top with a pair of army coloured pants, on the top were straps that wrapped around my torso. My shoes were your average everyday black converse. For my ear jewelry I put on a heart arrow through my helix piercing right below the point of my ear. I normally only bedazzled one of my ears which was the right ear.

I made sure I didn’t get too dressed up because as usual I don’t really do scenes with other dominants and dominatrix. Going to the club for me is to watch other scenes in awe of something I may never have. Partners who trust each other on such a personal level. Bdsm is all about communication and consent to what makes the partners in the relationship comfortable, and that goes for people who are in relationships but also with people who aren’t.

I collected my keys to close my apartment door and ordered a Uber to head to the club.

The club I go to is also half a strip cub. The back section withholds the bdsm methods and playing toys, if that’s what you want to call it. I showed my keycard to the bouncer and he let me pass. My cherry red hair bounced against my back as I confidently strutted to the back of the club with my hands in my pockets. In my mind I felt self-conscious, I really wasn’t all that confident but I felt at home in the club.

It was a fact that the club was really big, big enough to have the bdsm section split into different parts for the various unholy acts and scenes that were happening.

I found myself walking toward the hidden space behind a wall labeled, ‘Handcuffed/Bondage’. A pole was in the middle of the floor, against the wall were red couches that had a purple reflection from the overhead lights. It has seemed like I had gotten there at the very start because the submissive boy wasn’t bounded by anything. The only other reason I have to believe that the scene hasn’t started is because the young domme was still gathering her toys to use.

When she was done getting herself together she walked over to her sub and tied his hands to the pole in a clove hitch knot, with his stomach was facing the pole. The domme tied the knot tightly which resulted in the sub wincing a bit, it was quiet but I still heard it.

She pulled out a black flogger and spun it while circling the submissive boy. In anticipation the boy squirmed in his spot. When she was done walking around she directed the flogger toward his lower back. A loud sound erupted from the impact. Also as a result the bit stood on his tiptoes for a second or so before putting them back down. If you looked in his green eyes you could see both pleasure and pain.

The domme continued the pattern of whacking the boy and teasing him with the feels of each and ever small strip of leather from the play toy.

When the young dominant hit the boy 15 times the submissive looked like he was on the break of going into subspace. I’ve never gone there myself but I know it happens when a sub is overwhelmed with lots of feelings from their dom, mixed in with a lot of trust. Sort of like a state of mind when doing a scene.

His eye lids were almost covering his nature green irises. The domme noticed and quickly put down her toy that was in her hands and carefully untied the boy’s hands. She let the rope fall and instantly she scooped her sub into her arms and laid him on the couch that people weren’t on. In the room were a couple of other people and I.

People started to leave the area to go to another one, but I stayed just a bit longer to admire the relationship between the two. The submissive was laying on the young domme’s lap as he peacefully rest. I smiled to myself a little and then decided to walk away.

I checked the time from my phone and it was around 10:58. To me that seemed a bit late but I didn’t want to go home just yet.

To my surprise it was pouring outside. Wanting to hurry I sprinted onto the sidewalk after I left the club. Sure I was breaking a cold sweat in the wet, dark night but I was excited to get where I was going.

After running for a good 15 minutes my legs were starting to ache. Luckily my destination was nearing as I saw the silhouette of the trees up ahead.

Strolling around from a while through the trees that were huddled together I ended up stopping in front of probably one of the biggest trees in the entire forest. I lightly put my hands on the surface of the tree and casted a spell.


White sparkly light surrounded my hand as a bright door flooded with light started to form. I happily walked through and was smoothly teleported to my safe place. Wildlife everywhere, beautiful trees full of actual colours like blues to match with natural greenness.
3rd pov

Out of Candice’s sight was a person who was watching her. Staying quiet as a mouse they snuck around trees following the bright light that lit up the forest as if daylight sun.

The mystery person shifted into a robin bird to blend into the fantasy safe-space. They quickly entered the magic door, flapping its wings as it was flashed with such bright light within the sphere form.

The person perched their bird form on a branch watching Candice from afar. Blending in, not looking suspicious what so ever.

I gazed around the nature bubble, taking in all the surroundings. To be honest I didn’t plan to do much while I was here. Most of it was to get out of the rain but also because of how peaceful it was here. The only sounds I could here were the birds and the small rushing waterfall.

I decided to meditate while I was to here to have peace with myself and my thoughts. I wanted to think about my home planet.


Everyone there also had cherry red hair like me, everyone except the goddess. It’s funny because her name is Cherry, but that’s her non formal name. Only other gods call her just that.

My original planet with one of the most futuristic planets out of the 4 realms. We were very advanced in what we created. Our vehicles, building and sometimes cultural clothing. If I’m being honestly some people on my planet were robots. Depending on what region they came from. But more on that later.

My thoughts were interrupted when I felt myself start to fall asleep. In the past I used to sleep here when I was just arriving on this planet. ‘Planet 365’. Currency is a lot different between the two worlds. That’s all I thought about until darkness fully took over.

Ow. That’s what I said mentally as I felt a pinch on my neck. I tried to wake up but my body wouldn’t move. I was able to open my eyes just a tad, for most of my strength has been paused. I knew that I was feeling weaker, the last the thing I saw was a pair of black combat boots and behind that was the waterfall that had started to lack color as darkness filled by eyes...
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