Perfect Mates

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Chapter 9

Chris’ P.O.V

Planning the perfect date when you have two mates is extremely hard. I mean, how do you coordinate a wonderful night for both of the people you love when they are so different.

I knew that Nic would absolutely adore an art gallery visit. Walking around and looking at others’ stories on canvas was enough to leave him giddy for weeks. But I also knew Mickey would die of complete boredom, plastering a fake smile to not cause trouble.

Then I considered how Mickey loved the simple dates, like a trip to the mall where I’d spoil him by buying every single thing he asked for, and finishing the night by eating in a booth at Pizza Hut. But we’d done that a hundred times over and Nic enjoyed something different once in a while- the mall was not different.

“For fuck sake.” I groan, quickly becoming aggravated at my inability to figure out a task that shouldn’t be so difficult.

“You okay?” Mickey asks from the door, a blanket draping at his legs. He’d been binge-watching some show and I’d disturbed him... again.

“I’m fine, sorry.” I reply after letting out a breath. “I’m almost done here.” I say referring the the grilled cheeses I was making us.

“Yay! I’d literally starve without you.” He praises, coming over to give me a kiss on the cheek before returning to his spot on the couch.

A date.
I couldn’t cook for them, I cooked for them all the time and even though I could try really amping it up, that wasn’t good enough. I wanted to do something spectacular, something that would make their hearts melt before I finally told them how much I loved them.

It was our two month anniversary and though I wasn’t one for little milestones, I couldn’t ignore this one. Both my mates probably forgot, knowing them, but I was determined to make it special for all of us.

I plate the crispy sandwiches, dropping off the first plate to a gleeful Mickey before making my way to Nic. He was having one of those very rare days where he was struck with inspiration. Meaning he’d lock himself up in his room, determined to translate it onto paper. Not moving until he’d done so.

I make my way into the room quietly, dancing around the disorderly space knowing that if I touched anything, he’d lose his shit. Once I make it through the minefield, I hover behind him staring at the masterpiece he was working on in awe.

He had a way of painting simple scenes that awakened the deepest parts of me, releasing a warmth throughout my entire body. As my eyes trailed over every inch of the incomplete treasure, I quickly realized the scene was familiar to me. It was the large, iron gates that stood tall at the entrance of our old pack, the recreation including every sentry that was usually present as well as the looming oak trees that stood behind it in support. I’d seen the site a thousand times over, yet it never once looked as beautiful as Nic made it look now. My eyes trailed down to him in complete admiration.

“This looks amazing.”

He immediately jumps in his seat with a small scream, his eyes bursting in their sockets as he mumbles several curses. When his eyes find me, they soften slightly, panic still running rampant in them as he struggled to settle his breathing.

“For fuck sake Chris,” He pants looking at me and then to the opened door, “you move like a panda.”

“A panda?” I chuckle with a confused frown.

“I imagine something so fluffy to be quiet.” He replies, swatting me off. His eyes sparkle with hunger as he licks his lips the moment they catch sight of the food of plate resting in my hand.” Darling, is that for me?”

“One, never call me darling again,” I say putting the plate down on the table beside him, “and two, yes it is.”

“Goddess, I love you.” He groans pecking my cheek before digging into the food.

Like a statue, I stand perfectly still, every inch of me now cemented in place as I stared at him with a racing heart. He eats happily, completely oblivious to what he just said, and to the words he threw out so freely that I’d been hanging onto feebly for weeks.

“O-Okay, I’m downstairs.” I stutter before rushing out of the room desperately. He simply frowns my way as I close the door and says no more. I rush down the hallway wondering if I misheard or imagined it, I must’ve. He was so nonchalant about it. But then again, we were brothers before we were mates and said I love you almost every day. But we hadn’t uttered the heavy three words since becoming mates with Mickey, so why now?

“Why the ugly frown?” Mickey questions, pulling me from my rampant thoughts.

“Just trying to figure out how to steal your ice cream.” I reply making him stiffen as his eyes dash to the freezer protectively.

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“We’ll see now won’t we love.” I reply before walking towards the tv room. He rushes towards me quickly, jumping in my lap the moment I sit down. We lie together watching his show, wrapped in one another’s comforting warmth and yet, one thought still plagued my mind.

.... the perfect date.


“Come on.” Aiden says grabbing the basketball from my hands before tucking it under his arm. “Tell us what’s wrong.”

“What are you talking about?” I question, wiping the sweat dripping down my forehead with my arm.

“You’ve been in a shit mood and you can’t score for the life of you.” Beckett informs as he walks towards us. The three of us have been messing around for a couple hours now. We had ditched our shirts and now stood dripping in sweat for the pack girls to fawn over uselessly.

“It’s nothing.” I mumble grabbing my water bottle and emptying it on my head, immediately soaking in the chilling comfort. Aiden shrugs at my response and turns to leave but Beckett stops him quickly.

“Look. I know we don’t know each other that well yet, so you won’t open up in a second. But we may be able to help if you try.” Beckett says encouragingly while Aiden snickers at something that crossed his mind. I ponder his words, my eyes dancing between the two guys who probably went through things similar to me. They both were mated to guys; both would have gone through the same events such as first dates... maybe they could help.

“We haven’t done much but lying on our couch or going to the mall. I want to take them on the perfect date... but they’re both so different.” I say holding back on the fact I wanted to tell them I loved them wholeheartedly.

“Well if its a date, that’s simple- take them to a restaurant or the beach or something.” Aiden says with a shrug.

“We’ve done all those things before.”

“Then a trip to the park- it doesn’t matter much. Isn’t it the company that counts or some bullshit?” He pressed but I simply roll my eyes in defeat.

“Why do you want it to be so special?” Beckett questions curiously. My eyes held his as I contemplate telling him why, knowing Aiden would probably give me shit for being such a sentimentalist.

“Oh.” Aiden says making my eyes snap to his as a wicked smirk take his lips. “Someone wants to say those three special words.” He says wiggling his eyebrows, I groan angrily as he starts laughing. “I’m just messing with you, don’t get your panties in a twist... or is that Mickey?”

“How do y-”

“If you’re trying to pop your love virginity then that’s different- you got to make it spectacular.” He says ignoring my questions.

“What do they love?” Beckett continues.

“They love a lot of things,” I start with a frown.

“No, like what do they love more than anything else in the world?” Aiden stresses.

“Saying love differently doesn’t really change anything.” Beckett mumbles making Aiden roll his eyes.

“Julian’s obsessed with space and stars and shit, so what did I do for him before I told him I loved him? I bought him a fucking star.”

“You did what?!” Beckett exclaims in surprise while Aiden smiles smuggly.

“Yep, a star.” He says proudly making me chuckle. His eyes snap to me making me laugh even harder. “What?”

“Nothing.” I say trying to stop myself from laughing.

“No seriously, what?” He asks, crossing his arms in aggravation.

“It’s just that... you can’t buy a star.” I inform making his frown deepen.

“I did. I got the certificate and everything.”

“It’s a scam.” I reply seriously now. “You might as well be paying for hot air. They’re millions of stars in the universe, and we have no claim to them. And even if we did, what’s to say they’re not selling everyone the same star.”

“N-no I used... but...” He stutters, now flabbergasted as his mouth hangs low, horror flooding his face all at once as he slouches in defeat. “Julian’s going to kill me.”

“He probably already knew buddy.” Beckett says patting his back. “If Julian wanted a star- a real one, he would’ve bought one years ago. He probably loved it because of the thought behind it.”

“I’m a shit mate.” Aiden grumbles in aggravation. “What did you do?” He asks Beckett, desperate to take the attention off himself.

“Well when Emitt and I first met, he introduced me to Disney movies since he was obsessed with them and made me watch them all the time.” He says fondly. “So, I took him to Disney one night; rented the entire place for just us.”

“What the fuck...” Aiden gapes as I do alongside him.

“How rich are you people?!” I question, my mind completely fucked at the new information. “You rented the entire place?”

“Yeah.” He replies almost dreamily, clearly reliving the memory. “I got pink fireworks at the end, cause his favorite color is pink.”

“I can’t do anything like that. I’m not as rich as you all apparently are.” I mumble, still completely at a lost with how they had so much money.

“You’re loaded too.” Aiden spits making me raise a brow. “Dude, not to bring up a dark memory, but your pack was mostly killed. Not many of you survived, but all the assets are still there.”

“Are you saying tha-”

“That you probably have millions to your name from your pack members and their ancestors? Yes.” He finishes for me with a smug smile. I can’t even bother imagining how it’d feel to punch that stupid smile off his face, my mind racing with the new information my parents conveniently withheld.

“This is why I don’t socialize,” I mumble running my hand through my dripping hair, thoroughly frustrated with the influx of information that these two had flooded my mind with.

“So what are you going to do?” Beckett asks, returning to the original point of this conversation.

“I have no idea.”


Today was the day and I still had no idea what I was doing for my mates.

I felt like an incompetent child. Here I was laying in bed, the place I’d been all morning, taking a position of defeat after days of trying to create the perfect date for my mates. Yet I was still unable to scrape up anything remotely romantic. It was no secret that I wasn’t the most romantic or the most sensitive person between the three of us, but I didn’t think it would be this hard. It should never be this hard to please one’s mate, or mates in my case. But for some reason, it was for me.

“Christopher! Come downstairs! And don’t even pretend to be asleep- I can hear you breathing!” Mickey screams from downstairs. “That came out way creepier than I intended!” I release a small breath before dragging myself out of bed, I was so angry with myself at my incompetence I didn’t have the energy to make breakfast for us this morning, or do anything for that matter. I pull my sweats up as I make my way down the stairs, in a useless attempt to keep them from dragging down too far.

“What’s this all about...” I ask as I enter the living room, my words fading away as my eyes slide over the table covered in just about all the food that rested in the kitchen the night before.

Mickey and Nic stood on opposite sides of the chair at the head of the table, their hands pulled behind their backs as they fiddled anxiously in their little butler uniforms that were less than appropriate.
Nic’s uniform was very realistic, though his tight, navy blue pants were extremely suggestive in certain places. His jacket covered more than I wished it did, with long lapels to accompany his thin gloves.
Unlike Nic’s uniform, Mickey’s was clearly tweaked to fit his personality perfectly. Mickey’s uniform was made up of short, black booty shorts that matched perfectly with his little jacket. His button up shirt was tucked inside, accompanied by a thin tie and long, white knee high socks that ended with an inviting lace edge.

“Good morning.” Nic beams, nervously fiddling with his gloves.

“Master.” Mickey finished biting his lower lip. Nic quickly hits his arm making Mickey frown. “What?!”

“I told you we’re not calling him that!” Nic groans, a pinkish blush capturing his face quickly. Mickey crosses his arms with a sigh, immediately pouting childishly.

“Guys.” I call making them both straighten up once more, taking their original position as they smile at me.

“Happy anniversary!” They say after audibly counting down together. They shake their hands in front of them, a cute replacement of confetti.

“It’s only two months but, it’s still something.” Nic says with a chuckle.

“This isn’t that great, but we just wanted to show you how much you mean to us.” Mickey finished with a bright smile. I can’t help the smile that stretches across my lips as I admire my two amazing mates.

I make my way to them quickly before pulling them both into me. They push and whine to escape my bear hug but I hold them tightly, wanting to never let them go. How could I when they were so fucking perfect? Here I was stressing on how to make them happy, and they managed to make me the happiest man on the planet in two minutes.

“Now sit down,” Mickey says pulling the chair back while Nic pushes me into it, “and enjoy.”

My eyes stay glued to Nic’s ass as he walks away, bending over to reach the stack of pancakes that rested in the middle of the table. I shiver slightly as Mickey’s hands run down my chest, his tongue teasing my ear slightly before he whispers to me.

“Don’t stare too long at the dessert.” He bites the bottom of his lip before pressing a kiss to my cheek and pulling back completely.

Nic places the plate down carefully before standing back with a smile, just as Mickey had done.

“Aren’t you going to eat with me?” I question feeling a little awkward as they stared at me.

“We can if you would like us too.” Nic says looking across at Mickey unsurely.

“As you wish Master.” Mickey replies making Nic roll his eyes as he pulls the chair on my right while Mickey takes the one opposite him, laughing to himself in delight.

And with that we dive in, eating the food that was honestly scrumptious as calmly as we could, wanting to savour every bite. But it was hard to when it taste so good. Every time I moaned my pleasure or praised their fruitful efforts, they’d light up completely, smiling so brightly my heart would rage in contentment. There was nothing I loved more than seeing my mates happy, and knowing that they were this happy pleasing me- well, I felt like I was on top of the world.

“That was amazing.” I say rubbing my stomach as Mickey takes the plates away, Nic following him with the glasses. They’d completely cleared the table now, leaving it sparkling clean with me still sitting at the head of it. They return shortly with less than innocent smiles as they walk towards me slowly. Well, at least Mickey does.

“There’s one more meal left.” He muses as he slides himself onto my lap while Nic did the same, though on the table and very shyly. “Dessert.”

“B-But no touching....yet.” Nic says as he positions himself while Mickey plants slow teasing kisses along my neck as he slides his way down my body. His hands trailed behind him until his settles on the floor with his teeth nibbling at my thighs.

“Keep your eyes on him.” He says directing me towards Nic.

I knew what he was trying to do and why. Though we’d become very comfortable with each other, and accepted the fact that we are mates and brothers, we still had awkward moments when we were alone, and were heavily dependent on Mickey to bring us together. But clearly Mickey didn’t want this to continue and formulated this situation.

A situation which made Nic blush so hard I thought he’d pop a vein. He seemed uncomfortable but the tent his tight pants begged to differ.

His eyes stick to mine as he slides his jacket off, revealing a pair of black suspenders that looked incredibly sexy on him. He palms himself against the tight fabric, his eyes begging for me to release the pressure but Mickey keeps me in place with a firm grip on my thighs.
He pulls my sweats down easily along with my underwear, revealing my strained erection. Without hesitation, he quickly laps at my tip making me hiss my delight.

“Mhmmm.” He hums in delight as he sucks my tip. Nic loosens his tie with one hand, letting it hang as he begins unbuttoning his shirt slowly. The visual makes me harden in Mickey’s mouth as my fingers grip the wood handles of the chair, desperate to rip the clothes off him myself.

“Fuck!” I groan as Mickey takes me deeper down his throat, Nic somehow managed to take off the shirt while still having the suspenders and tie on. He rubs at his neglected member until a low whine escaped his parted lips, and a small wet spot forms at its tip.

“C-Chris..” He moans making my eyes glow as he throws his head back in ecstasy. My wolf begs me to take him but Mickey holds me steady, his mouth working me so well that I was on the verge of releasing down his throat.

“Come closer baby.” I groan desperately. Nic’s eyes find mine once more as he slides the suspenders off his shoulders, revealing his excited nipples. He brings his hand to his mouth, bitting off the gloves slowly by pulling the fabric off a finger with his teeth. I feel myself hardening as he does it once more before he crawls over slowly, and once he’s in my reach, I snap.

Deciding to take control after letting my two amazing mates have their fun, I push Mickey off my cock making him whine before standing. I pull Nic forth so he’s sitting on the edge of table, before pushing his chest down so that he’s lying down. I quickly position Mickey’s head between his legs, the back of his head pressed against the table wood before I slide myself back into his awaiting mouth.

I lean down slightly as I pull Nic’s tie forth, making him yelp as his lips crash into my own. I kiss him hungrily, claiming him proudly as my own as I thrust myself further down Mickey’s throat. He moans and gags around me in delight as he strokes his own member desperately.

“Christopher!” Nic moans loudly as I play with both his nipples, twisting them before pulling them forth. I suck at his neck, leaving small marks of claim soon to be replaced by a permanent one.

I pull away once he’s panting desperately, his body already shivering with need for more. But I falter slightly as I feel myself being dragged to the edge quickly by Mickey. I press both my hands besides Nic’s head in support as my lips hover over his own.

Disgruntled moans escape me as I deliver a few more desperate thrusts before releasing myself down his awaiting throat. I shut my eyes tightly as an unmatchable sense of euphoria completely drowns me, Mickey literally sucking out every last drop.

Panting heavily, I pull myself up shakily, opening my eyes to find Nic looking at me lustfully. My member becoming a little hard with that alone. Mickey abruptly pulls himself from under the two of us, licking his fingers to clean up his own release.

“You guys have fun.” He says suggestively before kissing us both lovingly. “I’ll be upstairs.”

Nic looks to Mickey in a panic as he runs out the room and up the stairs. He looks back at me, clearly a little flustered once more, but I try not to let myself return to that point of questioning.

I lean down slowly, I slide my hand down carefully bringing my lips to his. Electricity runs through me like a wildfire as he kisses me back, our lips move in sync as he pushes his tongue into my mouth. My hand finds his thigh, running its way down as I press my growing member against his clothed one, grinding together in desperate need of contact.

I pull back, drawing a thin thread of saliva between us. Saint pushes forth desperately as we look down at our mate, his body laying perfectly in wait of our next attack. Love bites lace his neck, turning me on all the more. Nic then bites his gloved finger with dazed eyes.

My hands travel down his thighs and to his cock, gripping him possessively making him arch upward with a moan. My eyes widen when I feel how damp he is, only to look up to find him blushing as his eyes dart away.

“Did you cum?” I question palming him roughly. He moans as tears prick at his eyes, the tightness of the jeans making him suffer pleasurably. I turn his chin to me, his eyes locking with mine again. “I barely touched you, so what made you... so wet.”

He blushed further, simultaneously looking away. I squeeze his member again, rubbing his member teasingly until he looked at me once more. Studying him, the answer eventually finds it’s way to me and I can’t help but smirk, now thoroughly pleased.

“Did seeing me cum make you cum too?” I question pressing into his member a little harder. He nods shyly making my smile grow as I lean down to kiss him aggressively. My hands unbuckled his pants before pulling them down. I pull back in excitement when I find him naked underneath. “So fucking sexy.” I groan as I tug at him member.

“C-Chris..” He stutters as I stroke him quickly, not giving him a moment to rest. He withers before me as my hands work him, my eyes glued to his beautiful form.

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” I groan, my own member straining for attention.

“I-I’m gonna ... ughhh... Chris..” I continue stroking him as he quickly approaches his peak, pulling my hand away only when he was on the very edge. He sucks in a breath as he curls his toes, his back arching off the table as he begins whimpering with need. “Ngh!”

“Not without me baby.” I whisper as I pull his body up, his butt planted on the edge of the table, my body settled between his legs. I take his tie off before tying it around his hands making him frown. “I’m just making sure you can’t run.” I say before leaning down to his ear, “You’re mine.” I say tightening the tie once more making his gasp.

I pull his hands behind my head so that he’s leaning against me and they’re lopping around my neck. I pull his legs forth, forcing him to wrap them around my waist, pressing our members together which makes us both moan. I rest both hands at either of his sides before thrusting against him. We both moan once more, but this time much louder.
I continue my thrusts, picking up the paste as I hovered at his neck, excited pants escaping me as our slick cocks rubbed, desperate for release.

“F-Fuck!” He screams out as I press my cock onto his, his legs tightening around me to pull us even closer.

“You like this?” I question against his ear making him whimper as he nods rigorously. “Use your words.”

“Y-Yes Master.” He stutters making me pull back to find a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. I smile before thrusting against him even harder, causing him to moan beautifully, clearly enjoying the rough treatment.

“You’re so wet.” I grunt making him whimper as he leaks, coating our cocks as we approached our climax. “Just dripping for me.”

“Yes Master!” He grinds out, pushing me forth as I drag us both over the edge. We release against one another, moaning uncontrollably as streams of cum escape both of us.

I drop my head on his shoulder as collapses onto the table, breathing heavily as we try to pull ourselves together. After a couple of minutes, I pull back only to kiss him once more in a hard yet delicate manner, hoping to enforce the words that I’m sure he already knew I felt.

I love you


Sorry this took so long.
Packing up to leave school and then landing home. I had to settle.

Hopefully I can update more frequently, I plan to since I want to start Levi’s book ASAP.

Anyway, leave thoughts I love hearing them and

Until next time,
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