Perfect Mates

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Chapter 10


Nicholas’ P.O.V

As my mates shift besides me, now waking up, I hold my breath hoping my speeding heart would slow down.
I’d been up long before them, waking up feverishly warm with only one thought on my mind.

I need to mate.
I need to mate.
I need to mate.
I need to mate.

It was running through my mind on a constant loop as my body coiled at the prospect, my member unbelievably hard as it pulsed with need.


My mouth salivated at the word alone making my heart race all the more. I needed it. I needed to mate with both my mates and I needed to do it now.

“Morning.” Mickey groans as he leans to Chris to kiss him. I quickly sit up knowing he’d turn to me next. My body shivered as their scents mixed together and bombarded me at all sides making me leak profusely in my boxers. If I didn’t leave quickly they’d smell my arousal. Goddess what’s wrong with me.

“Nic.” Mickey calls as he gently touches my back, the feeling of his finger tips on my skin making me moan as sparks ran through my body. The feeling evading every inch of me as I gripped the sheets desperately, my mind drowning in thoughts made of my deepest desires.

I want to feel my mates against me, inside of me. I want them to completely take me, to fill me with their cum and to never stop.
I want them to use me as they please, to take me entirely and wholly.
I want them to mark me as theirs and only theirs.

I want to mate and I want to mate now.

“Nicholas?” Chris calls making me crawl back to reality to find him standing in front of me now. A shiver running down my spine at the way he said my name.

My mouth parts as I stare at him. He was only in boxers, exposing almost every inch of him to my eyes. His muscles were perfect, bulging from his arms and legs and those abs, those perfectly shaped abs.....I just wanted to lick him. My eyes trailed down to the fabric that was blocking the part of him I wanted most.

His cock.

“Nghhh.” I groan biting my lip, just the thought of it almost made me cum.

My mind was completely over taken by desire and I didn’t care. I could feel how wet I’d become, my cock was weeping, my mouth was dripping.

I need it.
I need it.
I need it.

“Oh Goddess,” He says as his eyes widen and he looks behind me towards my other delicious mate. “, Mickey I think he’s in heat.”

Unable to hold myself back, I quickly drop to my knees and pull his boxers down. His big cock bounces out making me moan as I quickly stroked him before taking him into my mouth.

“Mhhmmm!” I moan around him as I take him deeper down my throat. The taste and feeling of him invading my mouth making me cum in my boxers. I moan around him happily as I suck him harder, this is what I needed, I needed his cock inside of me

Suddenly I’m pulled away from him making me whimper from the loss as the fire that had set my body to flame was ignited further.

I need it. I need it.

I squirm in Mickey’s hold, his fingers making on me making me moan as I try to get to him but he held my hands behind back tightly.

“I-It hurts..” I moan out. I needed them and they were denying me their touch. “I need it.” I moan as my eyes stay trained to Chris’ throbbing cock while I shifted against Mickey’s hold, relishing in his touch.

“Nic, you need to calm down.” Mickey says as Chris pulls his boxers back up making me whimper once more as my body heats up further. I was desperate for my own release and for theirs.
I could feel my cock straining in my boxers, I needed them off, they were tight and hiding me from my mates. I should never hide myself from my mates, I should be completely open for them. It hurt to have them on, to hide myself and my cock wasn’t helping. I was so hard I felt like I’d burst any moment now.

“Nic, baby, look at me.” Chris says as he comes a little closer making me heart race. “You need to calm down baby.”

Every time he called me baby my cock would leak more and more.

“Let me go.” I say as calmly as I can. I loved being held like this by Mickey, he was holding me so tight, like he never wanted to let me go. I moan loudly at the thought.

“You’re not thinking straight.” He replies making me whine as I squirm in his hold. It was making me angry and even more hot.

“It hurts.” I groan once more as I thrust my hips forward. “Take it off....t-take it off.”

“His boxers hurt?” Mickey questions Chris in confusion.

“I heard that when going through heat, women don’t like to wear clothes cause they want to be open for their mates so it physically hurts them.” Chris replies. “But I think if we do it’ll make this a lot worse. We’re barely holding ourselves together with the pheromones he’s releasing and his scent, we can smell how aroused he is.”

“T-Take it off...” I beg with a whimper.

“He’s in pain Chris, take it off. We’ll be fine.” Mickey says firmly. Chris looks to me making me harden all the more before he slides my boxers off, my wetness trailing down my legs as well.

Both my mates stare down at my cock making me even more hard, precum was pouring out of me to the point where I was wetting the bed.

“Fuck.” Chris groans as he adjust his boxers at the sight.

“He’s so wet.” Mickey whispers besides my ear making me shiver against him.

“I knew girls got wet during their heat but he’s...a he.” Chris trails off as his eyes travel to my entrance before widening. “Mickey, you know how females self-lubricate for their mates when in heat?”

“Yeah.” He replies unsurely.

“Nic is kind of doing that.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean his ass is dripping wet.” He replies making Mickey loosen his grip in surprise.

Taking the chance, I pull my arms from his before jumping onto Chris. Circling my arms around his neck as I plant my lips to his, my hips thrusting against his desperately as I ground our members together.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

My eyes barely close as I drive my tongue into his mouth, letting my tongue explore thoroughly. He tasted so good, his mouth was made for me and Mickey. I moan as I grind myself harder, the feeling of his hardness against my own making me cum again as I moan loudly in his mouth while my body trembles on top of his.

Mickey pulls me off Chris once more but I don’t struggle against him. I just grind my ass into his member making him groan against me.

I wanted it inside me. I wanted his cock deep inside me, cumming in me all the time. I needed it.

“I-In.” I beg, wishing the fabric of his shorts wasn’t separating us.

“C-Chris, I have handcuffs in my room in my dresser. Get them quickly!” Mickey shouts as he presses my chest into the mattress to hold me down better.

I moan at the position as I push against him desperately. He was so close but so far, I just wanted him inside. I could feel my ass getting wetter as I grew more desperate, my body begging him to fill me.

Chris stumbles back into the room with two pairs of handcuffs that he attaches to my wrists and the headboard. I squirm desperately in my place as Mickey stands up besides Chris, both panting in aspiration as they look down at me.

“Why do you have a draw full of handcuffs?” Chris questions Mickey with his hands on his hips.

“We’ll talk about that later.” He says quickly, a blush taking his cheeks making me harden at the sight. “What do we do about Nic? He’s not thinking straight and until the heat passes he won’t be.”

“In. Put it in.” I beg as I pull at the handcuffs. Glaring at that metal devices for separating me from my mates.

I needed something inside of me, I felt so empty, I needed to be filled. I wanted my mates to fill me.

“Is it wrong that I like Heat Nic?” Chris groans as he palms himself gently.

“Not at all.” Mickey replies doing the same. “But we can’t take advantage of him in this state.”

“We can’t lock him up, he’ll only get stronger and those handcuffs won’t hold him.” He replies with a groan. “Damn it, Aiden warned me that male mates can get heats too, I didn’t think it’d be this quick.”

“Hurts..” I moan as I arch my back desperately. I needed to cum, I needed to cum now and my mates weren’t helping me. “Mickey..”

“Ahh fuck, I can’t handle him like this.” Mickey groans as he turns to his side to look away from me making me whimper. “He’s too fucking sexy when he’s all desperate a-and....fuck!”

“It’s h-hot...” I groan as I squirm in my place, tugging at the handcuffs. “Cum...I-I wanna cum...”

“Sick Goddess, you’re sick!” Mickey shouts at the ceiling. “What do we do? If we jerk him off, he’ll want us to jerk him off again in two minutes.”

“We can’t leave him like that, it hurts him until he gets what he wants.” Chris says as he eyes me.

“Release one of his hands so he can do it himself.” Mickey says making me whimper. I wanted them to touch me, I wanted my mates to have me.

Chris walks over and release one hand with the key before walking back. My hand immediately finds my cock and I tug at it desperately. I wish it was my mates doing this but I needed release and couldn’t stop myself.

“Mickey!” I moan as I grip my cock tightly, stroking myself even faster causing cum to liter my chest. I moan loudly as I stroke myself through my orgasm.

“He’s making me hard.” Mickey mumbles his eyes never leaving me. I feel myself become more wet, my body proud to make him aroused. “I’m going to call Aiden to get the witch to do something.”

“O-Okay.” Chris stutters as I wipe my cum up and lick my fingers. I shouldn’t waste my mates’ cum. As Mickey leaves the room, I begin stroking myself again but it wasn’t enough. I was still empty, I wanted something inside. I push my hand down to my entrance and moan as I feel my hole.

“No, Nic stop.” Chris says rushing to me but I push my finger inside myself before he can stop me. I moan as I cum again from the feeling off something finally filling me. I feel my juices push out of me as I push another finger inside.

“Christopher!” I moan as I thrust my fingers inside myself wildly. There was a slight throbbing but the pleasure downed it out as I fingered myself desperately.

“Fuck me, this is the worst punishment ever.” Chris groans as he pulls my hand out of me making me whimper before he puts it back in the handcuff and to the headboard.

“No...p-put it back....inside... inside.” I mumble incoherently as my eyes try following him.

“Okay so the witch popped up out of nowhere super quick and gave me these.” Mickey says as he walks back into the room with pills in his hand. His eyes trail to me before widening. “Did he cum again? And why are both his hands handcuffed again? Is his ass wett-”

“Give him the medicine and I’ll explain after.” Chris says cutting him off. Mickey shrugs before walking towards me putting one pill to me lips. I turn my head making him groan as he turns to Chris for help.

Chris takes the pill from Mickey, placing it in his mouth before leaning down to kiss me. My eyes widen as he sticks his tongue into my mouth making me moan as he dominates me easily making me cum at his rough treatment. I moan loudly allowing him to slip the pill into my mouth. I swallow it involuntarily as I ride out my orgasm before everything becomes dark and the heat around me slowly fades away.


I blink my eyes open as I release a small groan. My body feeling completely drained and my wrists a little sore.

I look around to find myself in my room instead of Mickey’s making me frown, we always slept in Mickey room.

I sit up quickly only to find a quiet sting in my ass, it wasn’t that bad just took me by surprise making me frown in confusion.

Did I take a bad shit earlier?

I pull myself to my feet, frowning at the sight of me fully dressed. I always slept in boxers.

Opening my door, I wonder downstairs surprised to find the kitchen and living room empty. Chris and Mickey were always here during the afternoon, I quickly go back upstairs in search of my mates.

I check Chris’ room and then Mickey’s, frowning when I find both empty. I sniff the air for their scents but come up empty, I frown at this. I try again but smell nothing but the ones close to me.

What the hell is wrong with my nose?!

I try linking Chris but this fails as well making my frown deepen all the more. It was like none of my werewolf traits were working, I felt oddly human and I hated it.

I rush back to my room, thankful my phone was there and quickly call Mickey. It rings twice before he answers making me release a breath of relief.

“Mickey, where are you guys?” I ask worriedly.

“Thank Goddess its you, like you you.” He says making my eyebrows draw together. “We just ran out for some stuff, we’re on our way back now.” He replies making me frown.

“What stuff?”

“Ya know, some juice, bananas, pills.” He replies, I open my mouth to question it further but I stop myself as I feel my skin heat up slightly and my head fuzz. I shake it off as I take a deep breath.

“Something’s wrong.” I say gripping the phone as I make my way to my bathroom, grabbing the cup I left besides the sink and filling it with water. Drinking it quickly as I felt myself sweat slightly.

“We’re almost home, okay.” He says before telling Chris to drive faster.

“We went to bed last night in your bed, but I woke up in mine and it’s almost night time. I never sleep this late.” I say as I rub at my temples. “And my head feels fuzzy.”

“Fuzzy?” He questions.

“Yeah, and its r-really hot.” I say before tugging at my shirt a little. I needed it off, why was I even wearing so much clothes. “It’s getting hot.”

“Shit.” He curses making me jump slightly. “Nic, go to my room right now! There a blue pill on the nightstand, take it now!”

“What’s going on?” I whimper becoming a little scared as I made my way to his room. My body was beginning to feel heavy, it was like if I was dragging myself. My feet suddenly becoming harder and harder to lift.

“Just take the pill, we’ll explain when we get home.” Mickey says sternly making me whimper again, he was never this...rough, with me, with any of us.

I stumble into Mickey’s room after struggling to open the door. Turning a door knob had become challenging all of a sudden.

“Put it on speaker.” I hear Chris instruct through the phone as I look around Mickey’s messy room. “Nic, love, please take the pill right now.”

“I can’t see it.” I reply with a racing heart as I tug at my shirt collar before pulling the shirt off. “I-It’s hot Chris.”

I head to his night stand but there were only magazines and makeup, no pills. I check the draws, not at all surprised to find vibrators and dildos but no pills.

“There’s no pill here.” I say into the phone as I sit on the edge of Mickey’s bed. “Chris, I’m scared.”

“Just ha-”

Chris’ voice fades away as a sweet honeycomb scent invades my nose. I take it in deeper as the scent surrounds me completely. It was so sweet, it made my mouth water in delight as I lay down on the bed.

“Nicholas!” Chris shouts making me snap out of it. I quickly sit up as I look around the room in confusion, what the fuck just happened? One minute I was talking to Chris and the next I was sniffing Mickey’s room.

“Y-Yeah I’m here.” I stutter into the phone as I scratch at my thigh. The fabric of my sweats feeling itchy and then hot like coal, as if it were laced in poison. “What’s going on Chris?”

“Nic, you’re in heat.” He says making me stiffen slightly as my body tenses at his words. “That’s why you don’t remember what happened earlier, but it doesn’t matter because it sounds like you’re going into it again.”

I look around the room desperately for the pill now, I heard how mates became when they were in heat. They had a one track mind to mate and I didn’t want my mates to see me like that.

“You need to keep calm and keep your clothes on.” He continues making me freeze as I look down to find myself in boxers only. I don’t remember even taking off my pants, when the hell did I do that. “Just breathe through it and try to think of anything else but us.”

Not think of my mates? How could I not think of them? And stay calm?
I was freaking out with only one wish on my mind, that they’d come back soon and fix this.

I try to stand up but my legs buckle beneath me and I fall back onto the bed.

“Nic?” Chris calls from the phone. I reach for it but freeze when my nose inhales Mickey’s sheet that I laid upon.

A rush of fire went straight to my crotch as that sweet honeycomb scent blasted through me. It was so rich and beautiful, I lazily turn on my stomach as I clenched the sheet and pressed it against my nose. Inhaling it deeply causing me to shiver in delight as my cock began to harden.

I crawled further up the bed as the scent drowned me completely. I tug my boxers down quickly, my cock springing free as I thrust my hips into the mattress, desperate for some friction.

“Ah! Ah! Mickey!” I moan desperately as I close my eyes and imagine my mate here, touching me and cumming on me and inside me. “Mickey!!!” I moan desperately as I cum all over the sheets making me scream out as I tremble in my place.

“Nic!” I hear Chris call. I quickly sit up in excitement but my eyes don’t find him anywhere. I bite my lip angrily as I send out waves of need, I needed my mates and they weren’t here. “Shit, baby..” He groans but I couldn’t see him.

His voices was so delicious, with so much authority and it was so deep. I moan as my fingers trace my entrance. I wanted Chris inside me, I wanted him to fuck me deep with that much authority. To show me who my hole belonged to.

“I-In.” I stutter as I push my fingers inside my dripping hole. I moan at the breech as I push my fingers even deeper. “So g-good.”

My eyes trail down to Mickey’s dresser, catching a glimpse of the small dildo that laid inside.


I love heats.
I don’t care if it’s wrong, Nic is so sexy to me right now.


Thanks for reading and enjoy the next chapter.

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