Perfect Mates

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Chapter 11

Mickey’s P.O.V

“Ahhhhh!” Nic screams from the other line making me gulp as I grip the phone tightly, quickly hanging up.

“This is torture.” Chris groans as his fingers tighten around the wheel, he was speeding down the highway now and with a raging hard on Nic induced onto both of us. He was emitting waves of need on purpose to draw us home, not that we weren’t already on our way but this was just plain painful.

We could feel his arousal from here through the waves, he was no doubt cumming like crazy home and a part of me couldn’t wait to see it.

I knew we’d have to stop him but I didn’t want to, I wanted my hands to search his frame entirely, for my lips to claim him.

I wanted to keep making him cum until he couldn’t anymore, but I knew he wouldn’t remember any of it tomorrow if I did.

“Another example of how the Moon Goodess is a grade A bitch.” I grumble as I adjust my raging erection. I may have the right sense of mind, but my body didn’t. My body wanted in, well more out in my case since I was a bottom but that’s besides the point.

My body wasn’t in heat but my mate was so it worked as a pull and push. And right now to pull was very strong, to pull to have him inside of me. The pull for Chris to be inside of me, for Chris to fill Nic up with his cum and me as well.

It was fucking crazy and we needed him to stop with the fucking waves.

“I’m losing my shit.” I reveal to Chris who glances towards me before looking back at the road. “This is only the first day, heats last for two weeks sometimes more.”

“There’s nothing we can do but keep giving him the pills Katerina made.” Chris replies, equally as frustrated. “We can’t mate him, not like this.”

“I know.” I grumble as he turns into the dirt road that lead down into the forest.
It seems like forever before we approach the pack gates, where the sentries open it quickly.

Katerina did warn us that the pills she gave wouldn’t last long since she made them in a rush. But she made some more while Nic was knocked out, these supposed to last longer without putting him in a coma. She also gave us a list of foods to give Nic so that his body would cope better with the heat.

But in hindsight, both of us shouldn’t have left him in the house alone. We just presumed since he was knocked out since this morning for almost seven hours, that he’s stay that way.

We were wrong.

Thankfully no one else but Aiden and the witch knew Nic was in heat. We lived far enough from other houses that others wouldn’t smell his arousal and Nic wouldn’t leave with our scents in the house.
It’d become tricky if other lone wolves smelt him, especially on a full moon. They wouldn’t be able to help themselves, drawn towards his pheromones in a desperate need to mate. He wouldn’t want it since he knew who his mates were but that wouldn’t stop those who didn’t.

I basically jump out the car once Chris pulls up to our house. We both run up the upstairs, unlocking the door quickly before rushing inside. My steps falter as Chris closes the door behind us, Nic’s arousal drowning the air of the house.

As werewolves we could smell our mates arousal very easily, almost like a distinct smell separate to their own scent. During heat, this was amplified and Nic’s was so strong it was making the air heavy as we rushed up the stairs. The scent making my cock harden even more as we grew closer to him.

Opening the door, my eyes widen at the sight of Nic shoving my favorite dildo in and out of his ass as he stroked himself desperately. Desperate cries escaping his lips as he came all over my sheets. He trembles on the bed, his movements faltering as he recovered from his orgasm.

“Goddess have mercy...” Chris mumbles from behind me making Nic’s eyes snap up to us.

He pulls the dildo out of him with a whimper before quickly sitting up to face us with a large smile. If this wasn’t such a fucked up situation, this would be my number one fantasy.

“You came.” He says trying to stand but quickly falls back onto the bed. His body weakened from the state of the heat.

No Nicholas, you came - Joseph says while snickering making me frown as I bite my lip to stop myself from laughing. I swear my wolf had no sense of timing.

“We have something for you love.” Chris says making Nic smile, he pushes the pill in his mouth and goes to kiss him but Nic pushes his chest desperately. Kicking and screaming in defiance before Chris drew away in defeat n

“No.” He groans making me frown, apparently Heat Nick had a memory and didn’t like being put in commission.

“He remembers.” Chris groans taking the pill out his mouth and glaring at it angrily as if it was at fault.

“What do we do? We can’t shove it down his throat.” I say making Chris look to me with a raised eyebrow. “Let me correct myself, we are not shoving it down his throat.”

“Well he’s not taking it any other way.” Chris says as we look back towards Nic who was looking at us impatiently, moaning quietly as he stroked himself. His body placed at the edge of the bed knowing he couldn’t get any closer.

“It’s like the best porn I’ve even watched and I can’t even enjoy it.” I mumble as I stare at him stroking himself.

“M-Mickey..” He moans making me look away angrily.

He just had to moan my name when he was sitting over there stroking himself like a fucking angel. His ass completely wet, literally begging to be stuffed and his mouth salivating at the sight of us.
It was my wet dream come to life and I couldn’t do anything about it.

“Fuck it.” I groan before stomping over to him. I push him down on the bed before taking his member into my mouth. He cums instantly and I swallow it happily as I bob my head up and down, shivering at the hot sperm that settled inside me. I lick around his tip before pulling back to find him whimpering on the bed.

“T-Thank you.......” Nic moans in a daze as I keep my hand tightly wrapped around his cock.

“Mickey we can’t.” Chris says tugging at my shoulder.

“We don’t have to fuck him. We just keep making him cum until he passes out, we slip the pill and he wakes up Normal Nic.” I say making him let me go. “We get to enjoy this slutty version of Nic and he gets to cum to his heart’s content, sounds like a win win to me.” I say smiling at the way Nic pulses in my hand when I called him slutty.

Chris stares at Nic for a moment in contemplation before he groans and pushes Nic further up the bed. We crawl onto the bed, hovering over our mate with nothing but hunger for him as he whimpers below us.

“P-Please...” He begs making me smile as I suck on his neck. His arches off the bed with a loud moan but Chris quickly silences him as he attaches him lips to his. He tries to touch us but we both pinning each of his arms above his head as he arches up against us.

Chris draws back from the kiss, Nic drooling at the corner of his lips as Chris sucks on his other collarbone. I scrape my teeth alone his skin teasingly, knowing he wanted nothing more but for us to mark him.

“Please! Please!” He begs desperately as he arches off the bed but struggles to escape us. “M-mark me! Please.”

“Not yet, slut.” Chris whispers as he retracts his lips. Nic whimpers at his words as he leaks against us. Never in a million years would Normal Nic let us call him a slut and get hard from it, but Heat Nic loved it and so did we.

“Don’t move your hands or we stop.” Chris growls on top of his making him moan as I make my way down his body with kiss. Chris joins me at his crotch as he takes the tip of his cock while I suck at his sides.

“Ahhhh!” He moans loudly as we attack his weeping cock. Both our mouths latching around it, pumping out all his cum. “I’m c-c-cumming!” He screams as if he weren’t already cumming.
Chris swallows it all as I lap at his cock happily. Pulling away I smile as he lays there with beautiful whimpers and moans, his cock still hard to my delight.

“You just can’t stop cumming can you.” I tease as I circle his tip with my thumb before pressing into it.

“Whore.” Chris comments making him tremble as his cock weeps before us. “What are you?”

“I’m y-your whore.” He moans thrusting his hips up desperately as I pull my hand away.

“Good boy.” I reply before taking him deep into my throat. Chris laps his balls before sucking them one by one and then both of them.

“Shshsj.!” He mumbles as his eyes roll and he thrusts into our mouths. I take him further and further down my throat, hollowing my cheeks to suck him even tighter. Right when he’s about to cum, we both pull away but he cums anyway as he thrusts his hips in the air frantically.

His hips drop down as his pants heavily, cum coating his chest, his hands still resting above his head. His lips swallow and parted as his cock throbbed between his legs.

“Goddess you’re fucking beautiful.” Chris groans as he palms himself. This drawing Nic’s eyes down to his cock with a hunger.

“I-I wanna....l-let me s-suck...” He begs though not daring to move his arms. “My t-throat...cum...p-please.”

“Say it properly.” Chris instructs as he unbuckles his pants quickly, pulling out his cock before drawing my hand to him, making me stroke him slowly.

“I want to suck your cock.....I-I want you to cum down my throat.......I want to swallow all your cum.” He says fluently and hungrily as he squirms in his place. His words making Chris grow in my palm as I harden as well.

“Such a little slut.” Chris groans as he pulls himself onto Nic’s chest. His cock pressing against his lips teasingly making Nic leak profusely. He uses both his hands to pin down Nic’s and take his weight off our mate before he slides his cock down his throat.

Both twins moan loudly as Nic swallows his brother’s length. I can’t help but tug at my own member at the beautiful sight before me.
Chris starts slowly before he begins thrusting down Nic’s throats mercilessly making the boy cum quickly.

I couldn’t even begin to imagine the pleasure he was drowning in.

--------switch to Nic’s P.O.V cause I think it’s hotter----------

I shiver as Chris cock hits the back of my throat making eyes water as he draws his length out before thrusting back down my throat.

I love his cock.
I love his cock.
I love his cock.

Nothing in this world could be better as he tightened his grip around my wrists and continued throat fucking me. His eyes never leaving my mouth as he stared at his cock going in and out of my throat, each time coming out wetter and wetter.

I couldn’t help it that I was salivating like a bitch in heat, I was in heat and he was using me to get himself off. I cum again as his tip pokes at the back of my throats and the thought of him using me as a means to release. I loved being his little slut. I loved being a whore for my mates.

“Mhshjj!” I moan around his length as I feel a finger push past my entrance. I cum once more as my body sizzles at the feeling of a piece of my mate being inside me. Mickey’s finger felt way better than mine ever did as he pushed it in and out of me, twisting it inside me before curling and rubbing at a bunch of nerves that made me cum all over again.

“What are you doing to him, he’s tightening around me.” Chris groans as he pushes himself further causing my eyes to roll in pleasure.

“He kept begging for something inside and he’s so wet, so I’ll just finger him a little.” Mickey says making me harden in pleasure. “He loves it.”

“Of course he does.” Chris says with a chuckle before hissing as I hollowing my cheeks around him. I suck him harder as he thrusts himself faster, his cock pulsing inside of me making my heart race in anticipation.

Mickey pushes another finger at my entrance and I spread my legs wider to let him in. He chuckles as he licks my balls making me shiver before a hot stream of cum forces its way out my cock once more. His fingers push in and out of me at different speeds I can’t predict that leave my body feeling used and excited.

“Fuck baby, you’re so good.” Chris groans as his thrusts become a little sloppy so I bob my head desperately to get more of his cock. “I’m going to cum.”


My eyes roll back and my body convulses as he pushes his cock all the way into my mouth and cums.

Streams and streams of cum flow out of me like a never ending faucet as he cums down my throat, the heat and the proximity making my body spark like a loose circuit. I tighten around Mickey’s fingers as I continue to come in completely contentement. The feeling of a cock down my throat, filling me with cum and fingers up my ass leaving me completely useless as I take it all in.

Chris pulls out of me and on top of me as Mickey retracts his fingers. I open my mouth to protest but quickly close it as a little cum tries to escape me. I swallow the last bits quickly as I tremble in my place, waiting for the next attack on my body. I feel a finger thumb at me lip, I quickly open it hoping it’s Mickey with his cock.
But instead a small pill is pushed inside as two tongues licks at my throat, I throw my head back with a loud moan as they scrape their teeth against my neck. I swallow the pill thoughtlessly as my body screams for the teeth to sink into my skin.

They pull away shortly and my head begins to clear slowly.

------back to Mickey’s P.O.V -------

Chris and I pull back as Nic groans and shakes his head a little, we quickly tuck ourselves back into our pants guiltily as he opens his eyes.

He blinks a few times before rubbing his head with a groan, once his eyes land on us he smiles a little as he sits up.

“You got here in time.” He says with a smile that falters at the sound of his voice. His fingers draw to his throat in confusion as he rubs it gently before he tries to draw close. Stopping when he no doubts feels how loose I made his ass. I bite my lip to stop myself from laughing at the statement.

He looks around the bed, his eyes widening at the amount of dry cum that laid on my sheets and then down at his naked body. Then his eyes draw back up to us.

“What happened?” He questions in completely confusion as he between the both of us. “Why does my throat hurt and why is my cock on fire? And why does my ass”

Loose? Used? - Joseph interjects making me growl deeply, he quickly fades away snickering once more.

“You wouldn’t stop and you wouldn’t take the pill.” I say quickly making his eyes draw to me. “, so we had to sedate you ourselves.”

“Sedate me?”

“Well you know, Heat Nic.” I say referring the delicious version of him I wouldn’t mind playing with sometime in the future.

“And why does my throat hurt?” He asks firmly making me look to Chris just as he looked out the window avoiding our mates eyes. “Chris..” He growls warningly.

“I couldn’t help it!” He says breaking as he looks to his brother. “You kept thrusting and moaning and you were begging and you’re sexy when you beg so I ....I just ...”

Nic’s cheek heat up furiously as he put the piece together and he quickly drew his fingers away from his neck.

“What did I do?” He questions without meeting our eyes in embarrassment.

“Nothing bad.” I say quickly making his eyes meet mine with an unbelieving glare. “You kept begging for cum and for us to touch you.”

“Oh my God.” He groans into his hands as he hides his face.

“Don’t be embarrassed love, it wasn’t that bad.” Chris says gently but hat just makes it even worse.

“You say it’s not that bad when I must’ve sounded like a whore!” He groans, me and Chris look at one another as we bite our lips in silent agreement to never tell him about the slut-whore part.

“Why am I the only one in heat!” He cries angrily as he tries covering his cock.

“I think it’s good that you’re the one in heat.” Chris says making both of us look to him for explanation. “If Mickey went into heat, he would probably still be going even after taking the pill. He’s already a sex monster, imagine him in a heat.” I rub the back on my neck shyly while Nic chuckles at the truth.

“And if you went into heat, you’d tie us down and fuck us for weeks. You’d go hulk!” I say to Chris who blushes just the tiniest bit, it was too cute to comment on.

“My point is,” He says trying to change the topic quickly. “, it’s a good thing it was you.”

“Sure.” Nic mumbles as he presses a fingers at the dried cum in his chest. “So I keep taking those pills and I won’t be affected?”

“Seems so.” I reply, having trouble hiding my disappoint. “Or, um...if you don’t want to take the pills. We could.....ya know.... it’s about time..... we could mate.”

My mates stare at me as I hold my breath in fear after voicing what we’ve all been wanting for a long time. I was ready to mate with them and I knew they were too, so what were we waiting for.

“I’ve been trying to find the perfect time and the perfect way to say this but it seems impossible so, I’ll just say it. I want to mate. I’ve wanted to mate with you guys for a long time and I want you both to mark me as yours.” I say releasing a shaky breath before taking in another breath. “And while I’m at it, I love you.”

If their eyes could pop, they would’ve.

“I’ve loved you from the moment we met and I’ve been loving you quietly ever since. I didn’t know how to say it, there were moments when it was perfect but one of you weren’t there or I chickened out. But it doesn’t matter, cause I’m saying it now when Nic is on a bed covered in cum and Chris and I are unsuccessfully trying to hide our hardons in our pants. I love you guys. I love you guys so much and I hope to the Bitch Goddess above that you love me too.”

As if they possessed super speed, both my mates rushed to me and hugged me tightly. Pulling me into their hold, squeezing me between their warmths as we inhaled each other deeply though all I could smell was Nic’s cum.

“Of course we love you too.” Nic says kissing me all over. “I love you both so much and I don’t care what anyone says, the two of you are made for me. Both of you.” He says looking to Chris. “I love you.” He whispers before kissing his lips gently. “Even if you’re my brother, I love you as my mate and more. And Mickey, I won’t ever stop loving you not even if you push me away. I love every side of you and every form of you, from heels to sneakers I kiss to ground you walk on.”

Tears fill my eyes as I hug him even tighter, burying my face into his chest to hide them. He always knew what to say, without even trying he knew how to fill my heart with joy and love.

“Thank you.” Chris says genuinely like if he needed to hear Nic say he didn’t care about them being siblings once more. He pulls away to look at he both of us. “I don’t think I need to say it because you both know I’m obsessed with you and that I’ll never let you go. But I’ll say it anyway since we seem to be doing confessions.
I love you both and I will never stop loving you. I love every little thing about you two, even the things that annoy me I love about you. You’re mine and mine alone, nobody else’s can ever touch you because you belong to me.”

“This got very emotional very quickly.” Nic says shakily as he wipes away his own tears making us all laugh as we hugged each other tighter.

The promise of eternal love binding us together forever.


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