Perfect Mates

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Chapter 12


Warning: The follow programme includes scenes of extreme sexiness! Brace yourself

Chris’ P.O.V

My heart began to race in my chest as my body became tight. We were finally doing this, mating, becoming one and claiming each other forever.

I give Nic an encouraging smile as he takes his pill for the day, we agreed to wait until Nic’s body recovered completely from when Heat Nic, as Mickey called it, over took him.

It was even harder to keep our hands off each other for the last few days when we knew that we wanted to mate. Especially when we all finally said the big, I love you, I knew we all shared the feeling long before, but hearing it was much different.

“Any ideas what he’s doing up there?” Nic questions as he circles the table towards me. I kiss him as his arms rest on my shoulders while mine snake around his waist.

“Probably preparing a make-shift sex dungeon.” I say making Nic chuckle against me as his eyes hold mine. We stare at one another for a moment more, our hearts raging loudly in our chest in anticipation. He leans in and I meet him halfway, kissing him gently and lovingly as we pull one another closer. Electricity runs through my veins in contentment as our skin rubs against each other with small sparks of excitement.

“I love you.” He whispers against my lips making me chest tighten as butterflies erupt within me like a little school girl.

“I love you too.” I reply making him smile before he presses his lips against mine a little harder.

“I’m ready!” Mickey shouts from upstairs forcing us to part with smiles. I take his hand firmly in mine as we make our way to our anxiously waiting mate. As soon as we enter his line of vision, he begins jumping on his toes as a wide smile takes his lips.

We stop before him as he stands in front of his guest room door. He demanded that we didn’t mate in any of our rooms since it was unfair to him, we didn’t argue and agreed to do it in the usually vacant guest room of his large house.

No, our large house.

“So, before we go in and ...m-mate,” He stutters adorably making me physically struggle to not pin him to the door, “I just wanted to say thank you for accepting me and not rejecting me and I that I love you.”

“You’re fucking adorable love.” I groan as I pull him into my chest.

“We love you too.” Nic says pressing a kiss to his cheek as I set him down after giving him a tight hug.

He smiles up at us once more before turning to face the door, he opens it allowing us to enter after him.

My eyes widen as they trail around the large bedroom that was completely lit by small candles. They trailed the edges of the entire space and were beautifully partnered with rose petals that made a path from the door to the bed and were littered all over the floor.

“I-I know it’s cliché and we’ll probably destroy the whole romantic setting when we start going at it, not to mention a really big fire hazard. But I just wanted to make it a little special.” Mickey says as he twiddles his fingers behind his back, his eyes dancing between us and to the floor.

I look to Nic who’s eyes were already filled with tears of joy as he walks towards Mickey. He leans down to our mate, kissing him slowly as he lifts him up suddenly making the smaller boy yelp a little. He walks them to the bed before crawling down and laying him down.

I pull my shirt off before discarding my pants before I follow them onto the bed, laying gently on top of them as Nic kisses Mickey lovingly. I press adoring kisses to his neck and down his frame as he continues to claim Mickey’s lips.

When the two part I pull Nic into a kiss making him moan as I claim his mouth as my own. He may become a little dominant when he was Mickey but he was still my Nic and I wouldn’t let him forget that.

I pull away leaving him with swollen lips as I pull his shirt off of him, then Mickey’s. Once they’re off, Mickey immediately attaches his lips to one of Nic’s nipples while his fingers play with the other. Nic moans lowly as his body shivers in pleasure between us. I press my clothed member against him as I thrust forth a little, he moans even more as he grinds back against me before pressing forward into Mickey.

“Mhm.” I groan in pleasure against him as I press my mouth to his collarbone. Licking at his skin as I press small loving kiss along his awaiting skin.

“Can we take off these stupid pants?” Mickey whines, making me laugh a little as I draw away.

I raise myself off the pair before I’m suddenly thrown onto my back. I stare up with wide as the two side off the last of their clothing before laying down on top of me.

Mickey’s lips find mine first, his mouth moving against my own hungrily as he begs for entrance. I part my lips slightly allowing his tongue to enter my mouth, he moans into the kiss as I snake my arms around their waist, my hand finding his ass with ease. I groan as a slither of heat shoots it’s way up my spine at the feeling of Nic licking the outer shell of my ear.

I squeeze Mickey’s ass firmly in response as the two attack me viscously. I suck in a sharp breath, parting our lips as both their hands find my cock. Nic’s fondle my balls while Mickey’s small palm wraps around my length, stroking me painfully slow.

“That’s good.” I groan as they work my now weeping cock. Purposefully tugging at me with a snail’s pace that drove me completely insane. I grip Mickey ass tighter in hopes he’d speed up but he just moans enjoying the rough grip as he slows down his pace even more.

I trail my hands up both their frames slowly and teasingly, loving the way the shivered against me as I brought my fingers up their spines like a feather.
I push their chins up before pushing my fingers into their mouths. Mickey closes his eyes and sucks them eagerly while Nic’s cheek take a violent red as he licks my fingers carefully. I smile at the sight of both my mates, licking my fingers as they grip my member teasingly.

Once my fingers were wet enough, I draw them from their lips before pressing them against their holes. Both boys stiffen slightly but relax as I just rub my fingers against them in warning. I rim their holes gently before pushing in my fingers slowly, only using one to push past their walls.

Both their hands falter on my cock but I don’t comment as I pull my fingers out a little before pushing in a little once more. I continue until my finger is completely buried in them leaving both my gorgeous mates already panting faintly.

I start slow before building my speed slightly as they adjust, they both were so tight but Nic was unbearably so. His hole clenching and unclenching around my finger as their members hardened against me. I pull the fingers out making them both release a breath before pressing two against their holes. They both subconsciously push back against them, wanting them inside but I don’t oblige.

“Keep stroking.” I growl making them both return to stroking me. “Faster.” Mickey picks up the pace without complaint as Nic tightens his fingers around my balls making my teeth clench. I push my fingers back into their holes, moving slowly for them to adjust as they both pant heavily against my shoulders.

“Deeper!” Mickey moans making me to smirk as I withdraw the fingers inside him a little.

Paybacks a bitch.

He whines against me and strokes me faster as if recommissioning for his past behavior. I shove the fingers inside of him deeper than they were before, brushing his prostate making him grip my cock tighter forcing us both to moan as I quicken my fingers in Nic.

“F-Fuck.” He stutters against me as he begins grinding his cock against me desperately.

“Get the lube.” I instruct Mickey as I withdraw my fingers from him before giving his ass a smack that makes him leak on me. He sits up quickly before grabbing the lube from the night stand. I remove my fingers from Nic as well as Mickey retakes his position, he draws Nic’s lips to his own as the two kiss over my chest, their hands never stop stroking me.

I coat my fingers in the cold liquid, rubbing them together to bring some heat to them before pressing them back into my mates awaiting holes. They moan into each other’s mouths as I push my two fingers back in before adding a third finger inside. Nic’s lips part the kiss along Mickey to lick at his ear as he teases his mate.

“G-Good..” He stutters as I shove my fingers deeper into him. “Ahhh!” He tugs at my balls in response making me pulse in Mickey’s palm as the two thrust against me desperately.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” I groan as I behind thrusting my hips into their hands. My climax building painfully slow until I’m dragged to the edge and thrown off completely. A low moan escapes my lips as I burry my fingers deep within them as they pump all the cum out of my straining cock. “Shit.” I curse as they drag out every last drop, moaning themselves as my fingers remained knuckle deep within them.

I withdraw my fingers as I force myself to sit up, both my mates resting in my lap. I kiss Mickey hungrily before doing the same to Nic, leaning back I smile happily at the sight of both of them looking at me with lust filled eyes and swallowed lips.

I could feel Saint pushing at me to sink my teeth into them and mark them and I knew their wolves were doing the same. They were more than ready and so was I, we’d waited long enough for this and would not wait anymore.

Mickey lays down in the middle of the bed, his legs spreading for Nic who lays himself between them. I place myself behind the two as they kiss one another, I grab the lube lathering my hands with some as Nic sits up once more. He rests his back against my chest as I rest my chin to his shoulder, our eyes trained to our awaiting mate.

My fingers wrap around Nic’s cock making him gasp as I begin stroking him firmly. Mickey begins stroking himself as well as I press my other fingers to his entrance, breaching him much easier now that he was stretched out and there was more lube.
I prep my two mates, leaving them both panting and moaning before me. I can’t help but smile at the sight of the two of them desperate to be connected to one another.

“P-Put it in.” Mickey begs desperately as he looks up at us lustfully.

“P-Please.” Nic groans as he presses his head against mine.

I tease them a bit more, rubbing against Mickey’s prostate with my fingers while circling Nic’s head with my thumb. When I decide they’ve suffered enough, I withdraw my fingers from Mickey before lining Nic’s cock with his entrance. They share a look of silent confirmation before Nic pushes himself in and they both moan loudly in satisfaction.

I watch from behind in delight as my own hands wrap around my cock, only hardening at the sight of them finally joining. I stroke with envy as I force myself to have patience as Nic holds still inside Mickey, waiting for him to adjust.
After some time, Mickey releases a shaky moan with a small nod allowing Nic to pull himself out before thrusting back inside. He moves slowly at first before gradually building speed, his actions leaving the two of them moaning messes.

“Y-Yes! Oh my....f-fuck, yes!” Mickey moans as his hands latch around Nic’s shoulders. Nic’s cock slamming in and out of his welcoming hole.

“Ahhh!” Nic moans as his hips buck in and out of Mickey. I watch in contentent and thinning patience as the two drown in pleasure.
Once I’m sure they’ve both adjusted well, I crawl behind Nic forcing him to slow his actions down to a halt.

“You ready?” I question, pressing gentle kisses to his neck and down his back as I line myself up with his entrance.

“H-Hurry....” He moans making me smile as I press my tip to his hole. He shivers slightly, I let him take in a breath before I drive myself into him completely. He gasps loudly as he presses forth driving his member deeper into Mickey causing the boy to moan.

I find myself panting heavily, unable to control my now pulsating body as I rest completely buried inside him. He was so warm, his warmth completely clenching down on cock as my cock remained engulfed inside his tight, wet cavern.

We wait patiently for him to adjust as he bucks a little every few moments, his breathing ragged and strained as I press gently kisses to his back while Mickey licked his nipples in wait. It was torture to stay still but also pleasurable as our actions made him clench around me and no doubt harden inside Mickey as Mickey moaned against him.

A shaky breath escapes my lips as he begins moving slowly. His hips pressing forth into Mickey before pressing back and onto my cock, completely engulfing me with his hole.
He slowly builds in speed, pushing himself deeper into a moaning Mickey and then further back onto my awaiting cock. Soon enough, his hips are thrusting fiercely between us as he fucks us both while drowning in pleasure himself.

Nic’s moans escaped his parted lips, coming out louder than both Mickey and I’s.

“Ah! Nngh!....Aah...!” He moans uncontrollably as his cock and hole drew us all closer and closer to a state of completion I never wanted to reach. Wanting this level of sexual satisfaction to last forever. Not to mention the indescribably pleasureful way Nic’s movements pulled me in and out of his tight hole.

“Fuck baby!” I groan thrusting my hips forth slightly making him moan even louder.

“Hngh......Ah! Ah...Ahnh!” His sounds became jumbled but they were still so fucking sexy I couldn’t help but thrust my hips up further.

“Ahhhh, y-you’ b-big!” Mickey screams as my thrusts force Nic roughly deeper and deeper inside of him.

“I-I...unhhh...c-cummm.” Nic warns incoherently making me pulse inside him. I push him down on Mickey so that their mouths can reach their shoulders before I lay down on top of him myself.

I thrust into him faster and harder making him moan louder and Mickey as well as my thrusts force Nic further inside him. I feel my climax building as I bury myself deeper and deeper inside of Nic, my tongue lapping at his neck as my canines extend.

I sink my teeth into his neck making him release a muffled groan as he sinks his teeth into Mickey’s shoulder and Mickey’s into his. I cum straight into him, my body resting still as I let my essence enter his blood stream while my cock continued to claim his hole as mine.

I retract my teeth before licking at the new mark happily. Nic moans loudly as his body shakes between Mickey and I, the pleasure of being marked at the same time overwhelming him and he came again and again, completely filling a moaning Mickey who was coming as well as Nic licked at his mark.

(Let’s all take breath a little. While they catch their breathes. Okay continue)

I pull out entirely before slamming myself straight back into Nic. A gasp like moan escapes him, his eyes widening as I grind my cock inside of him, I lean over him to kiss Mickey. I could feel myself growing possessive at their vulnerable state and couldn’t help but push inside of him even further.
Pressing my cock as deep as I could, making him whimper besides us. I kiss Mickey extra long to make him suffer before I part lips as kiss his cheek, bringing my lips to his ear. I lick the shell as I withdraw my cock once more before slamming my cock into his hole to the hilt making him cry out desperately.

“Mine.” I whisper against his ears as I lick and bite it making him whimper as Mickey moans beneath us. I pull out my cock again. “My hole.” I slam back into him. “My mate.” I slam into him again. “My cock.” I slam in before grinding my hips into him. “Mine.”

“Y-Y-Yours.” He stutters out as I lay deep within him.

“Mine.” I growl as I return to his mark. Licking it again causing him to cry out desperately. “Mine!”

“Y-Yours! Nghhh! I-I am yours!” He says almost in a plea as I force myself to push Saint back. He was slowly pushing his way forth but I knew I couldn’t let him.
I pull my cock out of Nic before siting back, he slides out of Mickey before rolling over into his back. His body still trembling from my claim on him.

Sometimes extremely possessive werewolves needed to reinforce their strength and ownership on their loved ones to others. This was usually found in family and in a wholesome loving form. Not only was I one of these wolves, I was already extremely possessive in nature. And Nic was my mate and my brother. My wolf was even more possessive over him and needed to constantly reinforce that he belonged to me.

“Y-Yours.” He whimpers almost in a daze as he laid spread out of the bed. Saint snapped at me to take him once more, to have him mark me now and to bury myself inside his awaiting hole again.

I look to Mickey feeling my eyes glow as I struggle to keep myself under control. Mickey quickly pulls himself to me, he holds me tight while pressing gentle kisses almost my skin.

“He won’t last much longer, the heat and having both of us mark him at once is too much.” Mickey says once he draws back. “He still needs to mark you, so don’t hold your wolf back. He knows what you need to do.”

“I c-can’t control myself cause he’s m-”

“I know.” Mickey replies as he palms my cheek. “I don’t think you’re supposed to. You’re mates for a reason just as we are. And your wolf is still a little confused about you being mates and brothers. Claiming him should take that all away.”

“Chris...” Nic calls making Saint press forward. Nic was still slightly out of it but he was looking at me as if he were confirming what Mickey was saying.

“Claim him.” Mickey presses before withdrawing from my hold.

Unable to hold back any longer, I quickly mount Nic once more. This time I could see his beautiful face as he waited for me to take him once more.
I drive myself into him and moaned in satisfaction as I felt him clench around me.

“I-It’s yours.” He stutters as he spreads his legs wider. The action making my wolf press as I feel myself growing territorial as he opened himself for me.

“Mine.” I growl as I thrust in and out of him. “All mine.” I growl, his hole clenching around me driving me insane.

“Christopher!” He moans making me eyes glow as I pin his wrists above his head with one hand before locking my arm under his left thigh. Drawing his open even more for my cock to slam in and out of him.

“My mate.....My mate. My mate.” I chant as I quickly lose control being inside of him. My mind completely boggled, only wishing to keep Nic as mine and Mickey’s forever.

“Ahhh!” He moans beautifully besides my ear as I dip my head to his neck. My cock growing harder at the sight of both his collars holding Mickey and I’s fresh marks. “Ngh!”

I slam my cock in and out of him desperately. My climax building as my cock pulsed in wait to coat his walls with my cum. To completely fill his hole, to fill my hole, with my cum.

“My hole.” I growl as I feel myself drawing to the edge. I dip my neck closer to his mouth as I cum inside of him as he cums against me. He sinks his teeth into my shoulder causing my body to sky rocket with need as he releases his essence into me. I tremble at the middle blowing electricity that possesses me forcing me to cum once more inside of him. He moans in contentment before he withdraws his canines and licks my mark clean, I shiver against him at its sensitivity as I lay against him.

“I’m all yours now and y-you’re mine.” He whispers after a moment making me smile as I kiss him quickly. I give him all I have in that kiss before pulling away as I slide my cock out of him.

As I look down at him, I can’t help the way my heart raced in contentment. He knocked out almost instantly, while I watched his used form. Loving the way my cum poured out of him a little too much, if my wolf wasn’t already shifting my need to claim Mickey as my own as well, I probably would’ve taken him again.

I turn to Mickey who was licking his own cum off his fingers with mischief lacing his eyes as he looked at the two of us.

“Couldn’t help myself, that was really sexy.” He says before giggling, sucking his fingers clean. “Got anything left for me?” He questions as I make my way over to him. He looks up at me as I pull his body flush against my own.

“Always.” I reply with a smirk before kissing him hungrily. My tongue parts his lips before driving straight in in claim as I search his mouth throughout. Withdrawing when his moans became too much for my desperate cock as my body as well as Saint begged to be inside him, there was nothing more I wanted in this moment than to bury my cock inside of him.

I try to lay him down but he uses his strength to push me down instead making my eyes widen.

“You may be all ‘Mine! Mine!’ with Nic but that’s not happening just yet with me.” He teases as he straddles me making me smile at his control.
I give up this reigns this once as I rest my hands behind my head. Mickey strokes me teasingly before lining himself up with my member. I suck in a shaky breath as he slowly pushes himself down on my cock, stopping only when I laid buried inside his warmth. My cock pulses at how wet his was from Nic’s cum.

“I knew you were twins, b-but you’re big too.” He moans as his folds his legs next to both of mine. I chuckle at this as I wait for him to move, expecting him to need to adjust I still myself.

My eyes widen however when he presses his palms to my chest as begins circling his hips sensually making my cock already weep inside of him.

“Fuck.” I groan as he clenches around me on purpose. His hips grinding down and around me as if he was using his hole to stroke me to completion.

“Already tired?” He teases as he leans down, running his tongue from my chest up my neck, hovering over my lips but never connecting. He draws away as he sits up making me groan angrily but he doesn’t give me a moments rest as he begins bouncing on my cock.

“God Mickey!” I groan as he squeezes down on my cock with a wickedly beautiful smile. He continues to bounce up and down, using my cock like a toy to hit his prostate making him moan on top of me.

“Mhmmm! I-I love your cock.” He moans as his swipes his tongue around his lips making me pulse in him.

“You’ll love it more, if you let me touch you.” I grind back making me giggle as he draws my hands from behind my head. He leads it to his waist before lifting it to his nipples instead making me frown at his playfulness.

“Not yet, play h-here for now.” He moans as he throws his head back. One of his hands travels up to his hair, gripping it tightly as he grinds down on my cock, rounding his hips before he behinds bouncing on me once more.

I try to play with his nipples but I couldn’t control myself much longer, the sight of him taking control was sexy enough but now I wanted to him moaning for more with my cock thrusting in and out of him.

When he shuts his eyes close in pleasure, I transfer my hands to his hips holding him tightly before I thrust up into him. His eyes snap open once more as he moans loudly at the assault.

“Ahhhhhh!” He screams making Nic shift slightly in his sleep. I can’t help but smirk as I thrust my cock in and out of him viscously in claim. “C-Chris!”

“Tired already?” I tease as I slam his hips down while I thrust mine up.

“F-Fuck.” He stutters as his cock begins to leak profusely with precum. “D-Deeper...ah! Fuck me d-deeper!”

I release my grip on his hips before pulling him down. He rests his weight on my chest allowing my hands to grip his ass firmly before I bend my knees silently and slam my cock straight inside of him.

“Ahhh!” He moans as I grind my cock into him at the hilt before withdrawing and slamming into him at a faster pace. “Ah! Ah! Ah!”

“So wet.” I comment as his leaking cock was sandwiched between us, not to mention his dripping hole. “I can’t wait to cum inside of you.” I growl besides his ear making him whimper as I slam myself in deeper and deeper. Hitting his prostrate with each unforgiving thrust. “I’ll fill you up with my cum so that you’re dripping with me and everybody will know your ass belongs to me.”

“Nhghhh!” He moans at my words, his mouth hanging open as he moaned incoherently. I squeeze my fingers into his fat ass as I pushed him down to meet my roughly thrusts. “Hngghh! Uh...ungghh..! Ahh..!”

“Who’s are you?” I question as I force myself to hold back on my orgasm.

“Yours!” He moans making me smile.

“Mine?” I questions and he nods desperately. “My hole?”

“Your h-hole..” He whimpers as I grind my cock into him once more. Pushing his ass back to take me all in. “Nnhhh!”

“Mine.” I growl as slap his ass with one hand making him moan even louder. I smile at this and slap it again a little harder. “You like that?”

“Y-yessss!” He moans, hardening at the as I palm his reddening cheek before slapping it again. “Ahhh!” I press my lips to his ears as I continue to thrust into his hole.

“I’m going cum soon baby.” I warn making him clench down on me in response. “I’m going to cum inside this tight little hole and I want you to take it all. Okay?”

“Y-Yes!” He moans as his own climax builds within him.

“Good boy.” I groan as I feel myself growing closer to the edge. I force myself to continue thrusting into him as I lick at his neck as he does me, my canines extending as he scrapes his against my skin.

With a shiver, I push his ass down with one finally thrust before slapping his ass harder than before as I shoot my load deep into his ass. I sink my teeth into his shoulder making him cum as his bites down into my skin, I grip his ass tighter for support as the euphoric feeling swallows me once more, prompting another release.
Mickey trembles and shakes on top of me as his hole squeezes down around me, his cock still releasing streams of cum between us.

I withdraw my canines carefully before licking him clean causing him to whimper as he does to the same to me. With a groan I drop my hips and slide him off my cock. He flops down besides me, rolling on his side as he draws Nic into his arms. I do the same with him and we both join our mate in slumber as we instantly fall asleep for the first time as mated mates.



SOMEONE IS DEFO PREGGERS AFTER ALL THAT CUMMING. LOL. At least we know it’s not Chris....or is it?

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