Perfect Mates

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Chapter 13


Nic’s P.O.V

“A job?” Mickey repeats with a disgusted face.

“A job.” I emphasize as he continues to stare at me while I got dressed. My eyes trail away once I find him licking his lips suggestively, I try my hardest to ignore it knowing if I didn’t we’d tumble down a lustful path.

“But why? I have enough money to support us and our kids, I don’t want to work.” He says whining like a kid while I buttoned up my shirt.

“You need to keep yourself busy. We’re in the last stretch of summer, Chris has a job as a cook, today’s my first day at my own job so you get one too so you don’t come disturbing us, preferably one in the pack.” I say brushing the fabric down with my hands before fixing the aggravating collar.

“Why can’t we just have sex all day?” He groans as he flops down on the bed he crawled from only moments ago. I chuckle at this and I’m immediately met with a glare, I bite my lip as I grab a bag.

“Seriously Mickey, find something to do, something maybe you can continue in September now that you’ve graduated.” I say making him groan again. He didn’t like to be reminded that he was an adult on paper and he needed to get his life together. “Chris is picking me up, so we’ll be home at five.”

“So I’m home alone all day, what am I supposed to do?” He questions, sitting up though his body with still entangles amongst all the sheets.

“Don’t you have friends? Oh wait..” I fade off making him frown, I laugh teasingly before I press a quick kiss to his lips. “I’ll see you later love.”

“I love you.” He says quickly as I make my way to the door.

“I love you too.”


“Brushes go here, pencils there, canvases are in the back room amongst all the extra tables.” The man I’d come to know as Glenn said as he walked around the busy art studio quickly. I struggled to keep up with him without crashing into anyone or their messy art stations. “The taps are a bit jumpy so turn them slowly, the press machines are broken so don’t slip your hands inside. Make sure to tell anyone when you’re going into the dark room, the door jams sometimes and you’ll be locked in there forever. As an assistant you can use whatever you wish in the studio if it is not claimed, just remember to clean up after and for the love of God, never....ever, touch someone’s work wherever they leave it. I don’t care if the whole building is burning down and you can save a painting, let it burn.”

“O-Okay.” I stutter out before mentally cursing myself for being so obviously nervous.

“Don’t ask questions if someone is working, better yet, don’t breathe. You learn from observation unless told otherwise.” He says finally stopping, he turns to face me before giving me a once over, I immediately feel self-conscious, I knew I overdressed. “Take a breath kid.” He says surprising me. “We picked you to work here because we saw your stuff and your talent, the agency you worked under during your apprenticeship you worked under spoke highly of you as well. So don’t doubt yourself now that you’ve got a foot in the door.”

“Thank you.” I say giving him an appreciative smile before releasing the breath I’d been holding onto. “I really needed that.”

“Well that’s the last time you’re getting some nice bullshit like that out of my mouth, so soak it in.” He says returning back to his cold, general like behavior. “You’re with Natalie today, her section is on the fourth floor in the back righthand corner, you won’t miss her.”

“Okay, thank you and thanks again for this opportunity,” I say gratefully, he waves me off and I quickly rush for the elevator. Once the doors shut, I can’t help but let myself relax against the back of the elevator.

I’d been here all of twenty minutes and I was already ready to have a panic attack, and I hadn’t even done anything yet. I signed up for the job as the General Assistant for influential artists who all worked under the Tate Galleries youth programme, the basically stacked the world’s most talented, newly emerging artist in one big building and gave them a never-ending supply of art materials. It was every artist’s wet dream come true, I could literally only dream of working here and now I was, well kind of. I wasn’t one of the glorified artists who was getting paid when they produced their magnificent pieces in the private exhibitions, nope, I was just the assistant but that was good enough. I got to learn under them and even attend the meetings some shared with their teachers and tutors, as well as attend exhibitions.

Once the elevator bings, I take a deep breath and make my way into yet another chaotic shared studio space. I head to the right and search around for a Natalie, not wanting to disturb anyone wrongfully, I decide to depend on my own witts. Nobody really marked their area so I looked at completed pieces and sure enough, there was usually a name or signature to ownership. I make my way through the floor before reaching the back, still yet to find a Natalie.

My eyes widen as I push past a ripped cloth that hung above a doorframe, the space was filled with paintings and photographs of woodlands and the natural beings which lived in them. I got a little fixated on the small collection which included wolves, even though I knew they weren’t of me I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable. It didn’t help that I was taking a risk as a werewolf working amongst humans, one of which seemed to have studied wolves for quite some time.

When I forced myself to push past these pieces and focus on the others, I couldn’t help but be in awe at the astonishing amount of detail the paintings’ brushstrokes held and the precision of the photographs that were blown up to fit the tall walls. When looking at the paintings, I could barely tell them apart from the photographs, the amount of detail was surreal and to say the use of light was impressive, would be an understatement. The shadows formed were different shades in different areas, they matched the exact shape of the trees represented.

I finally settled on one obnoxiously large piece which rested on a large axel, though the canvas was completely covered, I could tell by the messy area surrounding it that it was far from being completed, at least in the artist’s eyes. It was a breathtaking sunset which barely shone through the large expanse of trees, the skies were so beautiful I thought the clouds that filled were actually moving for a second.

“You must be the new assistant.” I immediately jump back from the painting as my head snaps to a young woman with a high ponytail, tattoos littered on her neck but nowhere else. Her dark brown eyes held me as she continued rubbing her wet hands with a rag that looked like it went to hell and back.

“Yeah, I’m Nic.” I say more awkwardly than I hoped for.

“Natalie.” She replies before looking up to the piece I was looking at before. “What do you think?”

“I-It’s.... it’s,” I start my mind searching for the right word as I looked back to the piece. Amazing to a good artist was more like a slap to the face, they wanted to know what emotions or feelings they drew out of me not what it looked like. “It’s inviting. I want to stare at it until the sun disappears.”

“Hmm.” She says with a hum making my eyes snap back to hers, she studies me for a moment before smiling. “Then I guess I’m on the right track. I’d like to finish it today so grab an apron and let’s go.”


“So, how was your first day?” Chris asks as I slide into the front seat of his jeep. I turn to him with a tired smile and release a low groan. “That good?”

“I’m fucking exhausted.” I say buckling myself in as she begins to drive. “It’s great to be around such talented people, to get to learn and watch them work but it’s tiring to be all of their extra pair of hands at once.” I ramble quickly before pushing the chair down to its lowest.

“But you loved it?” He questions resting his palm on my thigh.

“I loved it.” I groan resting my hand over his, the warmth radiating through my body making me smile. “How was your day?” I question as I begin playing with his fingers.

“Nothing special, lots of burns and people yelling but I’m alive.” He says before looking over to me as I yawn tiredly. “How about I tell you all about it when we get home, sleep for now.” He says rubbing my thigh soothingly. I shut my eyes with a slight hum and the next thing I know, Chris is shaking me awake that we reached home.

“Come on love, get up.” He says turning the engine off.

“Carry me.” I whine and he releases a sigh before getting out the car. I smile happily when he opens my door and pulls me to his chest, he shuts the door with his foot as I wrap my legs around his waist. I pull back to look at him and he smiles, I kiss him happily making him hum his contentment as he makes his way up the stairs.

The door opens before we can revealing a very joyous Mickey, he was in one of Chris’ large shirts that draped it ways down his body, barely laying above his ass making Chris groan as he tightened his hold on me.

“How was your day?” Chris asks as he walks in while Mickey shuts the door behind us as Chris sets me down.

“Boring.” He groans, standing on his toes to kiss Chris hello. “I was here all alone, I jacked off like two times.” He says making us give him a doubtful look as we head to the small dining table. “Okay, so maybe three times.”

I chuckle in amusement as I pull Mickey to me, pecking his lips as my hand slides to his ass. I give it a squeeze making him moan against my lips as we pull away. I leave my hand against the lacy underwear as we wait for Chris to arrange today’s food. Perks of working in a restaurant, according to Chris a lot of the perfectly cooked meals was as often put to waste before even going to the customers for various reasons. Chris had mastered the art of snatching a few and storing them away for us.

“Salmon.” Chris says blandly as he sets the plastic boxes down making us frown as we cross our arms. “Fine,” He groans as he rolls his eyes, “today we have Roasted Salmon with Chorizo and Sauteed Tomatoes with a side of Cannellini Beans.”

We clap our approval making him roll his eyes but smile nevertheless, we all slide into our seats and quickly stuff our faces with the amazing food that honestly touched me in places. Conversation dances amongst us of our day and plans for the upcoming weekend, all of which centered around sex for Mickey. Ever since we completed the mating bond, Mickey has been on a nonstop sex binge and I honestly believe the Goddess gave him two mates for this very reason. There was no way one person could keep up with his insane sex drive, so the Moon Goddess gave him two. But whenever I told him this he would start cursing her out so I stopped.

“I don’t have to go in tomorrow.” I say to my mates as we cuddle into each other on the couch.

“That means we can binge watch that new Netflix show.” Mickey states in excitement as his fingers dive their way into my hair, curling and twisting beautifully as I leaned into him.

“Someone carry me to bed when I knock out.” I mumble making Chris chuckle as he presses a light kiss to my cheek causing my heart to flutter.

“Of course love.” He replies as the show starts and our stick to the bright flatscreen. We laughed as we watched the action series, breaking off into light chatter when certain scenes stoned one of us and that’s how remained until we realised it was two in the morning and weren’t the keenest on sleeping on the couch.

Surprisingly, Mickey was the one who feel asleep on the couch not me, so I scooped him in my arms and made my way to our bedroom while Chris locked up the house. He joined us in bed once he underdressed himself, lying behind Mickey who I was facing, I look at our sleeping mate with nothing but love before letting my eyes meet the other man who made my life complete.

“I love you.” I mumble making him smile as he leans down a little to kiss my lips.

“I love you too.” He whispers after before pressing a kiss to the nape of Mickey’s neck making the body hum slightly.

And though today was perfectly ordinary, I couldn’t help but smile as I closed my eyes. Content with my life continuing with these two men who’s love for me was as everlasting as mine for them.

Thank you Goddess for giving me my mates....for giving me happiness


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