Perfect Mates

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Chapter 15


Chris’ P.O.V

“There’s nothing else mom.” I groan into the phone as I grind my shoe into the dirt.

“Christopher King,” she starts making me roll my eyes. “I know every thing about you including the fact that you just rolled your eyes at me.” I freeze for a moment as she growls slightly into the phone. “I’ll ignore that fact to prove that I know that you’re not telling me something so spill!”

“We completed the mating process.” I say making her scream into the phone like a dying walrus. I pull the phone a couple inches from my ear as I lean against the alley wall.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” She exclaims making me release a breath.

“I am telling you.” I counter and she sucks her teeth in annoyance.

“So you all share a link?!” She asks and I nod before releasing she can’t see me.


“Oh I can’t wait to meet Mickey!” She exclaims into the phone again making me smile slightly. “And Nic, how’s you’re brother doing?”

“He’s fine, we’re all fine.” I say as a smile stretches across my lips. “Actually, we’re more than fine....w-we’re really really happy.” I say confidently as I think of my mates.

Yeah we’ve had our ups and our downs but we’ve made it out of the other side still completely and utterly in love with one another. Knowing nothing in this world could tear us apart or the love that we share for one another.

“That’s great to hear dear.” She says gently into the phone, finally recovering from her little screaming fair. “I can’t wait to see you all next week.”

“Same here mom.” I say as I lean off the wall and make my way slowly back to the bar. “Mickey is shitting himself in nerves so take it easy on him, okay?”

“Define taking it easy.” She says after a moment.

“No unpacking for him, do not question him on his entire existence and please tell dad not to interrogate him like those tv shows he’s obsessed with.” I plead desperately knowing he could hear me.

“I only get one chance to share the living shit out of him, I taking that chance!” He shouts from their side and I sigh.

My father wanted to be a detective, this fact common knowledge to everyone who ever met him. He could literally ramble on for hours about anything to do with NCIS or Criminal Minds.
Unfortunately for Mickey, the closest my dad could ever reach to this is through interrogating my mate with a spotlight in his face in a dark room.

The subject of investigation - Mickey.

“Whatever.” I groan wanting this conversation to end desperately. I glance into the bar to find Nic downing a pint of beer aggressively while Aiden, Beckett and Apollos cheered him own with too much enthusiasm. “I have to go mom, I’ll call you when we’re in the airport.”

“Okay, love you hun.” She says with kissing sounds forcing a chuckle through my lips.

“Love you too mom.” I reply before hanging.

I stuff the cellphone into my pocket before pushing the heavy glass door open and maneuvering my way through the crowded pub, straight back to the intoxicated group of fools I left earlier.

“He returns!” Beckett cheers with his bottle in his hand causing their heads to snap to me. I give them a greeting smile as I slide back into my seat, Nic immediately finding his way back into my lap.

A.N - I know Beckett doesn’t drink in Beta Mates but he does here. L

I wrap an arm around his waist, gripping him tightly while my other hand rests heavily on his thigh. I press wet kisses up his neck making him shiver as he leans into me. I pull away once I’m satisfied before returning my attention to the group that’s already deep in conversation.

“I’m not gay.” Aiden groans as he takes a swig of his beer.

“Yes you are.” Beckett insist as he leans over the table. “You fuck a guy with a dick, you suck his dick and you ride his dick. That makes you gay.”

“I only do that with one guy.” He protests. “No offense but I’m never sucking you’re dick, only Julian’s. So I’m not gay.”

“Are you attracted to Julian?” He presses and Aiden rolls his eyes but nods. “And is Julian a man.”

“Yes but t-”

“Homosexual men are attracted to other men. You are attracted to Julian, therefore you are a homosexual man.” He finishes with a smug smile that causes the steam to rise from Aiden head.

“They’re attracted to men, as in plura-”

“Okay enough.” Apollos groans in annoyance shutting the argument if heard one too many times down. “As a straight man, can we please stop talking about dick.”

The two nod in reluctant agreement making Apollos’ lips stretch in that sickly smile as he looks around us all mischievously.

“Now, what do you all say to a little fun?” He questions making my eyebrows shoot up questioningly.

Tonight was the first night I’d met Apollos, apparently he was a pack warrior or something who ended up being mated to a witch. The same witch, Katerina, who helped Nic through his heat with her abilities.

He was a nice guy, he seemed to always have a witty response but didn’t involve himself in topics unless necessary. Every once in a while he’d get this look in his eyes, one of mischief, and now he was wearing it proudly as he glance around the circled table we sat around.

“What’d you have in mind?” Nic questions as he leans into me.

Goddess how I wish Nic never asked.....


My eyes trail around the packed space in search of the guys I came here with. All now completely scattered, alcohol pumping their veins more than blood thanks to Apollos’ devilish drinking game that had no real way of winning only drinking.

My eyes spot Beckett and Aiden first, the two were playing dart with three guys I’ve never seen before. Except they were aiming at the dart board but the space around the head of the person who was standing against the wall.

Not a great idea - Saint muses as we watch Beckett try desperately to stand straight in a failing attempt to aim. His body wobbling from side to side as he held the dart between his fingers while giggling for no reason. Aiden whispers something to himself before shouting at Beckett to just play already.

Next I found Apollos. It wasn’t hard considering he was surrounded by a large group of enthralled people as he and the bartender went at it at what seemed to be a competition of drink making. Their hands turning, twisting and shaking at the speed of light as people cheered them on aggressively.

Apollos won in making whatever they were making, the crowd going absolutely wild at his success. He pushes the glass towards the bartender who didn’t look to bothered, the man took it from him before downing his own as well as Apollos’ concision before challenging him once more.

“Chris.” Nic calls making my eyes catch his. He was still placed in my lap but now we were in a back booth of the bar, him straddling me and my hands planted firmly on his ass.

Before I can reply he kisses me, his lips pressing to mine with a small whimper that sends my body into overdrive. I pull him closer by his ass I kiss him back harder, my tongue twisting with his as he moans against me. His hips rocking pleasurably to grind our clothed cocks together.

He pulls from the kiss, quickly running out of air as he pants against me. I don’t stop my attack as I continue to pepper kisses down his neck, I suck a little on his jaw before continuing my journey. My lips lingering on my mark, I smile against it as I scrape it with my teeth.

“C-Chris.” He moans as he tightens his arms around my neck. His body trembling against me as I continue to tease him, my hands squeezing his ass in claim as he clings to me.

“What’s wrong love?” I question innocently as I pull away to look at him.

Nic had zero tolerance to alcohol.
Zilch, nonexistent, absolutely none.
And for some reason unknown to Goddess herself, he loved to drink more than anyone I knew.

But when Nic got drunk, he didn’t act much different. He didn’t shout, cry or try to get in a fight. Nope he was his usual self.

Yeah normal Nic....

“I want you’re cock inside me while you spank me.” He says looking straight into my eyes.

.....except he was brutally honest.

“Really?” I question in surprise, completely willing to taking full advantage of his honesty as he nods. “Why don’t you tell me exactly what you want and I’ll do it.”

“I want you to take me to the bathroom and fuck me until your cum is pouring out of me.” He says biting his lip as he pulls himself even closer to me. “Be rough.”

“That sounds really nice but I think the bathroom will be really dirty.” I say making him frown angrily. He clearly couldn’t care less about the location.

“Then the back alley.” He says desperately as he grinds down onto my painfully hard erection.

I don’t bother to argue on how much dirtier an alley is, as I pull him off me and stand quickly. I push my way past the crowded space, my hands tightly latched around Nic’s as she struggles to not stumble after me.

Once outside, I take in a deep breath of the clean, evening air that brushed by us in the wind. But it doesn’t last long as Nic pulls me roughly into the back alley. He goes far enough that we’re not in view of walkers by before he leans against the brick wall and pulls me into him by my shirt collar.

“Mhmmm.” I hum as his lips attack mine once more, his mouth hungry as he clung to me desperately. Electricity exploded between us as I ground him into the wall, my hands gripping his side as his erection rubbed at my hip.

“P-Put it inside.” He says once our lips part. He quickly begins unbuckle my jeans while wiggling out of his own. Once his cock bounces free, I grip it immediately making him moan.

“Don’t be to loud love or someone will hear.” I say resting my finger against his lips before gesturing to the walkway where people were walking past unknowingly. He nods slowly before parting his lips for his tongue to lick a path up my finger before swallowing it.

My jaw loosens as I watch the ravishing man before me that was sucking my three fingers now as if they were my cock. I tighten my grip on his member making him hollow his cheeks around me. His eyes drowning in lust as he looked at me, not daring to look away.

I pull my fingers from his lips before bringing them to his awaiting hole, not waiting before pushing one in to the hilt. He gasps at the intrusion but doesn’t comment as I begin fingering his tight hole with my finger.

He bites his lips to drown out his moans, making me just want to hear them all the more. I push in another finger and his eyes bulge at the company.

“Enjoying this?” I question as I drag my tongue up his neck before nibbling on his earlobe. He shivers against me and nods desperately as I scissors his hole.

“I need y-you.” He whimpers as I stretch him perfectly.

“I don’t want to hurt you baby.” I reply softly, withdrawing my lips to look at him. He already looked thoroughly fucked and he didn’t even feel me in him yet.

He opens his mouth to reply but I quickly push another finger in him, I brush my fingertips against his prostate quickly silencing him as he leans into my shoulder to stifle his courus moans.

“What was that baby?” I question with a smirk as he moans into the dark fabric. I continue to stroke his prostate while stretching him, completely unraveling him as precum drains from his quivering form.

When I see him verging release, I withdraw my fingers making him whimper at the loss as he raises his head lazily.

“Quickly!” He begs though the liquor drags the word into more of a disheveled groan.

“You better take every inch.” I warn before pushing my full length into him, my balls smacking at his ass. He moans loudly so I quickly press my lips to his, my arm linking under his knee for better access.

“F-Fuck..” I groan against his lips as his body trembles against me. I press my lips harder to his as I begin moving, my hips thrusting up quickly and desperately as we both unravel in one another’s grasp.

My cock launching itself to the deepest parts of his already wet hole as his warm cavern clenched around me. His back racked up against the wall as he moaned into my mouth, my body pushing me faster as I drive myself into him faster and faster.

“You’re so fucking tight baby.” I groan against him as I drive myself into him mercilessly. He whimpers and trembles against me as he grips onto me for mercy.

Wanting nothing more than to be deeper, to feel him even closer, I grab his other leg as I hoist him up against the wall. His ass hanging low directly in the path of my cock, allowing me to fuck straight into him as he bounces back onto me from the movements.

“Ungh! Ah! Aah!” He moans into the night sky driving me straight towards the edge as I linger on the edge of release. He senses this as his hole clenches around me before his moans desperate words to be filled.

Of course, I comply.

My cum shoots straight into Nic making him bite down onto my shoulder, his teeth on my mark making me cum harder as my cock pumps my loud into him. He cums straight after, his body quivering against me as staggered moans escape his lips, his body delivering a sticky mess between the both of us.

I carefully put his down, though he still hangs onto me for support, his legs too weak to support his body.

“T-Thank you.” He mumbles trying to pull his pants up but I quickly turn him to the wall. I pull his lips back so that his hands are resting against the brick as his back arches beautifully.

“Uh-uh.” I mumble as drag my tongue up his spine before resting my lips against the edge of his ear. “You said fuck me until my cum is pouring out of you.”

“B-But so-”

“No buts.” I growl as I slam back into him. “I’m going to make a mess out of you.”

I don’t give him a moment to think as I pull my cock out to the tip before slamming straight back into him.

“Ahhh!” He screams. I quickly latch a hand around his mouth before resting the other on his left hip. Slamming my half erect member in and out of him relentlessly.

His body shakes in waves as he drown in rapturing ecstasy that I love soaking him in. His moans muffled but downright sexy as my cock creates its own path inside of him.

I lean down to his ears as he continues to scream into my hand, his eyes teary as his fingers tried to grip to the brick wall. I slow down my thrusts to a painfully slow pace before settling to grind myself inside him.

“Cock belongs in this ass.” I whisper making him moan as he looks to me. ”My cock.” I clarify and he nods vigorously as I pull myself almost completely out before slamming straight back in.

“Mhmmajh!” He moans against my hand as I settle back in before pulling back out painfully slow.

“You’re such a little slut for my cock aren’t you?” I whisper and he nods with a hum before I slam back in once more. “I bet this is all you can think of, me filling you up with so much cum you can’t even breathe.”

“Uhggs!” He exclaims and I smile against him as my eyes catch his straining member. I surprise him with a couple quick thrust before slamming back in and drawing out slow again.

“You can’t even think straight can you?” I question with a smile as I kiss his cheek. “You’re basically high before cock, you whore.”

He clenches down on me as he cums once more, his moans loud and strained as his ass juts back against me. His body trembling from the sensations that I only heighten as I begin thrusting into him quickly. Only stopping when I reach my second peak as well, my body claiming his ruthlessly as he shakes against me.

I drop against his back as we both path heavily, our bodies tired but buzzing for more as I remain completely buried inside of him.

“How do you feel?” I question as I withdraw my hand from his lips.

“More.” He whispers after some time and I can’t help but smile as I pull him off the wall.

I keep the position but turn him towards the walkway making him tighten as his eyes widen. I grip his hands behind him with one hand before my hand lands heavily on his ass.

A sharp cry escapes him as his ass throbs while his couch hardens in pleasure. I thrust into him at a slow past as I scrape inside myself for some energy to fuck him one more time.

“I can’t keep you quiet this time.” I warn as I continue thrusting into him. “Someone will come if you don’t and your face is the first they’ll see.” I warn causing him to continue to tighten around me. “You getting fucked.”

I slap his ass again as he release a silent scream as my cock continues to claim his hole. This beautifully hole that belonged to no one else but me, the cum dripping past my length enough to prove it.

My eyes struggle to draw away from the beautiful sight of his red ass that surrounded his tight hole. Cum oozing out of him as I continued to fuck him for all he was bloody worth.

“Like this?” I question and he nods. I quickly smack his ass against making him moan in response. “Use your words.”

“I-I-I like t-this.” He stutters but I slap his ass again, this time harder. “Ahh!”

“Not enough.” I groan as I pick up my pace slightly.

“I-I...Nghhh...I l-like you’re... c-cock fucking me....ahhh!” He pushes out of his clenched teeth and I smile on contentment.

I slap his ass until it’s a vibrant red that practically glows in the lowly lit alley. Tears stream down his face as his cock finally bounces back, now in desperate search of release.

I grab one of his wrists in each of my hands, stretching him completely as I impale him onto me.

“Christopher!” He cries out in a broken sob, a wave of euphoria runs through my body all the way to my toes at the desperate cry.

I piston myself inside of him faster, harder as he pushes back against me. His ass bouncing beautifully as it shines red with handprints of my claim to him. I tighten my grip on his wrists before thrusting in even faster, my hips jerking to hit his prostate every time.

I could feel my climax arising along with his own as his body screamed in absolute mind numbing pleasure that was silencing my own words. None of my words formed, only animalistic groans and moans escaping me as he moaned quietly before me. His lip close to tearing with the pressure his teeth placed on them as we both approached release.

And just like that, we were cumming. Our bodies stilling for a moment as our orgasms rippled through us like a tidal wave. My breathing falters as my legs tremble slightly, my cock releasing the last of my cum for now as Nic took it all without complaint.

I pull myself out with a small pop as Nic falls forward onto my awaiting arm. My eyes lingered on his hole, cum pouring out of him as he trembled in my grasp. I smile helplessly to myself I tug his pants back up along with my own, fixing us both to the best of my ability before walking back to the walkway.

The bar door slings open revealing our group that stumbled out, all drunk off their sorry asses. I rush to them and they all cheer at our presence before frowning, clearly smelling our arousal.

“You couldn’t wait until you got home.” Aiden groans with a hiccup as he struggled to stand still.

“No.” I reply truthfully

“Fair enough.” He says with a shrug before turning back to Beckett.
We begin walking back to our car, me driving since I was the only one who didn’t drink to night, unfortunately I drew the short straw.

I smiled to myself as I look around our group. Yeah they were all flat out wasted and yeah Beckett had a few dart holes in his shoulders but those would heal. The important fact being that we made through the night with no troubles which was fucking rare for us.

I unlock the car as we approach it, my hand settles on the handle just as the sound of a body crashing fills the air.

I turn around to find Aiden punching a guy to his death as another tackles Beckett.

“No.” I mumble as I hole Nic close to me. “No, no no no no..” I groan as I watch a fight ensue before me.

Apollos releases a warrior cry before running at a random guy who I didn’t think knew the two fighting Beckett and Aiden. He jumped onto his back like a monkey and before beating at his head but failed miserably since he was drunk.

“Fighsn!” Nic shouts as he tries to pull away from me.

“No, baby no.” I say firmly as I hold him tight.

“I want to fight!” He says in his own jumbled words but I knew that was what he was trying to say.

“No.” I say firmly and he pouts at me. “I won’t fuck you for a week if you don’t listen.”

“Fine...” He mumbles as he stops fighting against me. I loosen my grip after a moment and he takes the opportunity to push past my arms. He runs straight into the fight with his arms in the air. “For Aslan and for Narnia!”

“Jesus Christ.” I groan into my hand as I watch him sucker punch an innocent bystander.

I was going to wait it out, not willing to get my hands dirty for these drunk idiots. But the moment a punch connected with Nic’s chin, well I became an idiot too, except I was sober.

Why does this happen every time...


“So how was you guys night?” Mickey asks as he plays with Nic’s hair. Our mate’s head resting in his lap.

“Same old, same old.” I mumble as I twiddle with my fingers.

“You?” I question and he looks up to me. His eyes blood shot red and his ears now freshly pierced.

“Same old.” He replies and I nod absentmindedly.

“Nice piercing.” I say making his eyes widen, he immediately touches his nipples drawing my eyes to his also newly pierced nipples. “What the fuck...”

“I-I...” He starts before glancing around. “Emitt got one too!”

“Hey!” Emitt exclaims shooting up from his space making Beckett groan. “At least I didn’t get a tattoo!” He shouts looking to Julian who was now blushing a bright red.

“A tattoo?” Aiden slurs. “It better not be a fucking butterfly!”

“It’s not.” Julian whispers while still glaring at Emitt.

“Show me!” Aiden declares loudly.

“Not here.” Julian protests shyly. He was drunk as well, but no where bears to Aiden’s level.

“You’re already half naked, show me!” He groans and Julian blushes. He, Emitt and Mickey were all down to just their underwear. Thankfully, Mickey was wearing boxers today not his panties. As for explanation as to wear all their clothes went, non-existent.

Julian whines quietly before planting himself on Aiden’s lap, his back facing him as he tugs his underwear down slightly. Out of the corner of my eyes I catch the cursive font that wrote out one word in black ink.


Aiden’s eyes glow a fiery red as he grips Julian’s ass firmly making his mate whimper slightly. He spins him to face him, his raging boner visible to us all as he kissed Julian aggressively before parting.

“When we get home, I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk.” He growls causing Julian to shiver against him with a small whimper.

“Where’s Apollos?” Beckett questions dreaming my eyes away from my disturbing alphas.

I look around the space in confusion before memory returns to me.

“Katerina zapped him out.” I say making everyone groan and yell in anger.

“So she jujued his ass out of here and left us all here to die?!” Nic jumped up shouting making everyone groan louder.

They all continue to yell and groan their confusion as they try to come up with an escape plan. Aiden spearheading the mission, his motivation now sparked because of Julian.
I lean back against the cold wall as I watch the group of idiots plot their escape, my eyes linger on the steel bars for a moment before looking around the group cell we all found ourselves in....again.

Goddess help us


I absolutely loved this!
I always wanted to give an insight into the night life of the Bottom Gang and the Topisadors.

I’ll probably do an extra in another book of one of the Bottom Gang’s nights out.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed as much as I did. Leave thoughts.

Levi’s book - August 1st

Cover and description on my book Instagram - Tippy446

Until next time,
Byeeeee humanssss and othersss

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