Perfect Mates

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Chapter 16

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Mickey’s P.O.V

Shit. Shit. Shit.

“Mickey, hurry up we leave in five!” Nicholas shouts from downstairs and my mind goes into ultra-drive.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shitting fuck shit shit fuckkkkkk!

Can you please calm down with the shits and the fucks? - Joseph drawls in annoyance.

How are you not freaking out? - I question shakily as I pack the last of my clothing. Freezing as I try to decide whether to take my panties or not.

Cause I’m not the unlucky fucker who’s meeting the parents - He replies as he snickers at my rising anxiety.

Shut up you useless cat - I snap making Joseph gasp in utter disbelief. I knew it was a low blow calling him a feline but he deserved it.

You take that back - He says sternly after a moment of silence.

No. You look and smell like a feline - I say making him growl angrily as he claws at my insides just like a cat. Before he can reply Nic and Chris open the door and stare at me with a deep frown.

“Mickey, how are you still packing?” Nic questions as he walks into my room. “We literally have to catch a flight in like three hours and you know how far the airport is.”

“I know, I know.” I groan in frustration as I immediately start dumping things into my stupid suitcase. Clenching onto my panties in contemplation.

“You better put those in as well.” Christopher growls sensing my hesitation.

“B-But what if your mom sees them.” I question as fear builds in my chest. “A-And then she thinks I’m a freak or a girl in hiding and she starts called me Michelle.”

“Mickey.” Nic starts but I just keep going.

“Or what if I wash them and she thinks their her’s, oh my goddess why did I say that?!”

“Mickey, calm down.” Chris says as he rests a palm to my cheek.

“I’m scared. What if they hate me? Most people hate me, I’m a bitch.” I exclaim pushing his hand away as I immediately start shoving more things into another suitcase.

“You are not a bitch.” Nic says with a chuckle, clearly amused at my pain. He won’t be so amused when I’m not sucking his cock tonight.

“They’ll see that I’m a slut. Who wants their children to be with a slut? Nobody!” I exclaim and Chris frowns at this.

“You are not a slut.” Chris says firmly making both Nic and I raise a brow to him.

“You literally call me that every time you fuck me.” I deadpan and his eyes drift away as a fierce blush takes his cheeks. “And I love it, so don’t you dare stop.”

“Mickey, go downstairs and drink some water.” Chris says shoving me to the door and Nic begins folding my clothes quickly. “We’ll pack for you, you just relax.”

“I can’t relax! I’m meeting your fucking parents.” I shout and they glance at one another before looking back to me. “Maybe I should stay right here. Yeah, you two should go ahead.”

“I’ve never seen him this freaked out.” Chris mumbles to Nic as they walk over to me.

“I know, almost as bad as that time we hid all his sex toys.” Nic says snickering making his twin laugh.

“Almost.” He replies as he comes behind me, sandwiching me between the two. “Now babe, are you sure you can’t relax?”

“It’s not in my vocabulary.” I say firmly and Nic holds my hand tightly just as Chris tightens his grip around my throat.

“Sleep.” He whispers as I glare at Nic.

“What the fuck.” I gasp but my eyes become heavy and I quickly fall asleep.


I take in a deep breath as I shoot up from my seat. A seatbelt holding me in my place as my eyes dart around frantically.

“You woke up just in time.” Nic cheers as he turns from his place in the passenger seat to look at me. “We’re now parking, made it in good time to check-in.”

“I.” I growl making him tense. “Am not. Fucking either of you for this entire trip.”

“Come on Mickey.” He says with a nervous laugh. “You can not be serious.”

“Oh I’m serious! You knocked me out like some sort of Twin Assassin Squad!”

“You were having a mental breakdown, what else could we have done?” He contours as Chris finally finds a space.

“Literally anything else!” I shout back. “Doesn’t matter now, you guys are fucking each other not me.”

“You won’t last a day.” Chris muses as he pulls up his hand break, i raise a brow at the challenge.

“Try me.”


I try to fix my clothes as best I can but it was completely and utterly useless since everything about me shouts sex. So yeah, I was weak and ended up going against my word. It’s not my fault Chris was so fucking sexy when he challenged me or that Nic was so damn adorable when he was playing desperate. A quickie in the back of the car was inevitable.

But now I really wish we hadn’t because we’d touch down in NYC only an hour ago and were now in a taxi to their parents’ apartment. I was pretty worried about just meeting them but that grew even more with my current state.
Even the blind could tell that I got fucked and I got fucked good. Unfortunately these were werewolves, werewolves with sensitive noses who probably knew their kids scent anywhere.

And fuck I smelt like cum. Their kids cum. Partially because both my mates came in me and stuffed me with a butt plug to keep it there and also because I came in my pants and struggled to clean it off.

Either way, I was screwed and not in the way I liked to be.

“Can we like take a shower somewhere?” I question as I shift a little in my seat.

“You can take a shower at the apartment.” Chris informs, his fingers gripping my inner thigh, the large hand dangerously close to my cock.

“B-But I smell like cum.” I whine as Nic rubs a gentle hand up and down my right thigh.

“That’s a good thing.” He says with a smile I wanted to melt off his stupidly perfect face.

“I hate you.” I grumble crossing my arms. The two look at me before pressing a kiss to my cheeks. I push them off angrily as I frown at the meeting that was going to take place.

It’s fine Mickey - Joseph coos and I take a deep breath.

Yeah Mickey, it’s fine. Just calm down and breathe - I say in an attempt to console myself.

You’re a lovable, little... thing - He continues.

Yeah... - I agree unsurely.

Who will win their parents over despite the fact that you smell like you’ve been baptized in their load.


It’s fine. Their old, right?


Their noses probably don’t work well anyway.

And that somehow calms me. I knew it was totally illogical and most likely false, but it was enough to give me a little flicker of hope.

And God damn it, I hung on to that flicker as if my life depended on it.


Chris knocks on the solid, white door and my heart leaps out of m’y throat.
To get me up here, they both had to drag me by the arm. I’d tried to run away on two occasions and failed both times.

Now I was standing here praying that I smelt like enough sweat that it’d drown out the other scents.

All too soon, the door swung open revealing a woman who was obviously my mates’ mother. She wore a wool, red sweater over white jeans and black flats. Her hair perfectly curled as it fell on her shoulders. Her cheekbones sharper than the twins, her nose the complete same.

“Mom!” They cheer in unison. And like two little puppies, they rush to hug her. Instead, she squeezes herself between them and hugs me.

I stiffen immediately and she pulls me into a tight hug. My eyes catching the boys’ confused ones as she kept a tight grip around me. Eventually, she pulls away to look at me.

“It’s nice to finally meet you Mickey.” She says with a smile that warms me to the core. “Thank you for taking care of my boys.”

“N-No problem.” I stutter with a wavy smile. She widens her own before looping her arm in mine and pulling me into the apartment.

“No hug for us?” Nic questions with a pout as they bring the luggage in behind them before closing the door.

“You can get one from me.” A heavy voice booms as a large man comes into the room. Before either of them can run, their dad pulls them both into a bone crushing hug. They release small cries of pain as he lift them both off the ground with ease, swinging them around like dolls.

“Dad!” Christopher groans in pain.

“Stop!” Nic whines. The man just chuckles before he finally puts them down. They immediately back away but he doesn’t bother much with them, instead he turns his attention to me.

I gulp.

“Is this him?” He questions and his wife nods smiling. His eyes fill with a little joy I think as he walks to me. He opens his arms and my heart sinks not wanting to experience one of his hugs.

But when he pulls me to him. I don’t feel my bones cracking or my spine shattering into pieces. I feel a warmth and comfort I hadn’t experienced in a long time, one too familiar to the one my father possessed. I sunk into him with a smile as I hugged him back, forgetting all my past qualms.

“Why does he smell like cum?” He says and I immediately withdraw myself as I shoot my mates a glare. A warmth rushing up my cheeks as I stand there nervously.

“You were supposed to act like you didn’t notice.” His wife drawls angrily.

“That’s impossible.” He says with a clearly amused tone before he looks across to his sons. “Savages.” He spits and they blush a deep red.

“Can I take a shower please.. um uh?” I ask, not sure what to refer to her as. My voice sadly came out more like a weak plea. I hated that the first conversation I was having with my mates’ parents was about their sons’ cum.


“Marissa.” She fills in with a big smile. “And of course Mickey.”

I’m quickly lead away from the rest and the moment the door closes behind me, I sink down onto the closed toilet seat with an exasperated sigh.

What a fucking mess this was...

I knew the Moon Goddess had it out for me my entire life, but I didn’t think she’d stoop so low to completely embarrass me like this.

“Cunt.” I groan before stripping myself.

I take a prompt shower in cold water, dressing in fresh, clean, cum-free clothes before returning outside.
As I creep down the hall and into the small kitchen, I can’t help but stay back a bit in observation.

Nic was leaning on the counter, beside his father in a deep conversation that made his eyes sparkle. Their gestures all over the place but not without meaning. Their similar features stood out in their closeness, the chocolate brown eyes reflecting each other.
I look to Chris, he was smiling widely, his perfect teeth on display as he looked down at his mother. A sight I rarely saw, even as his mate. They were cooking together, standing side by side despite the great height difference. Marissa was playful and Chris responded as she’d give him a small nudge and he’d return it with a laugh.

It’d been years since I’d witness a scene like this. A scene that could only be performed by a family and even though my heart clenched in memory of my own. I smiled.

“Mickey.” Nic calls with a smile as his eyes catch my own. I come out of my hiding space and they all look to me.

“Want to help cook?” Chris asks and even though I hate to cook, I nod.

Before I knew it, my nerves fell short and I entered the small chatter they all shared. I was giving Marissa shoulder nudges and receiving some with a joyous heart.
And as we later ate, talking familiarly amongst ourselves. I started to feel myself join the scene I watched enviously before.

It may be brief and they may not share the same sentiments as myself, but for the first time in a long time.... I thought maybe, just maybe... I was part of a family.


The next few days passed at the speed of light. A smile rest permanently in place on my lips as we explored NYC. Marissa and James took us to their favorite places which they had discovered while in the city.

Despite our youth, they easily surpassed us with their physical abilities. Well, me at least. Where I’d be exhausted after five blocks of fast walking, they were still fresh as newly bloomed daisy.

But when they weren’t dragging us around from spot to spot, they were spoiling us rotten. I wouldn’t go as far to say they treated me like their own child, but they definitely made me feel like a part of a beautiful unit.
I took a quick liking to the pair and admired them greatly for being so strong after losing almost everyone they knew. For smiling despite being survivors of a tragic attack on their pack.

It made me admire my own mates greatly as well. Sometimes I forgot they witnessed the same death and chaos, that they suffered a great loss as well. It made me hold them tighter at night and love them harder.

Now the days were drawing down to the last few and as I stared at the illuminated skyscrapers in the night sky, I felt my chest tighten. I was eager to return to my pack and my friends, but I was also desperate to have more days like these last few. More periods where we did nothing but enjoy one another’s company.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” Nic questions as he stands besides me, I snake an arm around his waist as I sink into him. Nic rests his arm on my shoulder as he holds me close.

“Yeah.” I agree. Our eyes stay glued to the glass in front of us but focus on the sight behind it.

“I almost wish we lived here.” He whispers as if what he was saying was sinful. Some may think it was, after all leaving your pack was basically treason.

“Me too.” I say immediately so he knew he wasn’t alone in these thoughts.

“But that could never happen.” He says before chuckling as if it were a completely absurd idea.

“Hmmm, I think it could.” I disagree making his eyes drift to me. “You can open a little art shop or something, a gallery I don’t know. Chris could eventually have his own restaurant and I can.... um, ....”

“Work as a self defense teacher.” He shoots out. I stare at him for a moment before the air in my lungs push pass my lips in gradual laughter. “What?”

“Out of all the things you could’ve said.” Chris says making our heads snap back. He stops behind us, resting his hands on the two of us and he pulls us into him.

“I think he could do it.” Nic protests defensively, but still snuggles into Chris’ chest.

“Whatever.” I say with a chuckle, mirroring his actions before letting my eyes find the view behind the glass once more. Silence falls over us once more, we leave it comfortably before Chris fills it.

“I think we’ll end up here somehow.” He reveals, nothing but truth lacing his words. “Maybe not here exactly. But we’ll end up somewhere outside the pack, somewhere just as lively as this city.”

“Somewhere that can hold us.” Nic fills.

“Accept us.” I finish and a smile spreads across our lips.

I lean into my mates and close my eyes. Taking a deep breathe to drown myself in their scents as I let myself relish in the moment.

Never in a million years would I have imagined I’d fine myself this happy again with myself and my surroundings, that I’d be able to smile this way without my parents light. That I’d want to think of the future and those who’d be in it. And I knew this all wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for one person in particular.

You’re not my favorite person. Actually you’re my least favorite person, you’re actually a bit of a bitch. You’re a horrible person and you’re super over rated.
But... you did give my life meaning.
You’ve given me happiness and two people to keep it there forever.
So, thank you....

“I love you.” I say squeezing them into me, my tightly shut eyes locking my tears away. “Both of you. I love you so much.”

“We love you too Micheal.” Chris whispers as Nic presses a warming kiss to my cheek. They pull my in closer and I let my tears escape me knowing I’d know this hold for the rest of my life.

Thank you, for giving me such Perfect Mates.

The End


And another favorite couple bites the fucking dust 😭😭.

I’d like to thank you all for joining me on the adventure of Perfect Mates. I loved writing it and I’m happy Mickey found his happily ever after.

Thank you sticking it out, since I redid it in the middle of the book. But I find this version much better than the one I was working on before.

So thank you, thank you, thank youuuuuuu❤️❤️

Epilogues sometime in the future.

Bye humans.

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