Perfect Mates

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The night of the party

Mickey’s P.O.V

I stand in front of the house that was producing the most noise in the entire province, people running around the yard like animals while others drank and laughed, dancing and making out like teenagers should.

I urged myself to go in, but my heels stood stuck in place as I watched the house nervously. I should’ve come with Emitt, not on my own, he would’ve forced me to go inside. Now I was left to gather my own courage to go into a high school party while crossdressing, I’m going to die.

Stop being a little bitch Mickey! - Joseph roars supportively. You look hot and you deserve to have this night. So get your skinny little ass inside before I make you.

I take a deep breath deciding to listen to my wolf, he’d only ever lead me astray a couple times and he was right. I did look hot and I’d be damned if my cowardice omega genes would argue otherwise.
With a sudden boast of confidence, I make my way into the party with a glow that only my highlighter could boost.

This confidence however withers away almost instantly when all eyes land on me once I enter the house. Everyone was looking at me with their beady little judgmental eyes. Viewing me as an outsider whom they’d never seen before. And that’s exactly what I felt like. Like a stranger in my own skin - a foreigner. Unwanted. No amount of confidence could help me face the crowd of teens who’s eyes never wavered from scaling up and down my body.

Why the hell did I do this?!

“Hey.” A voice calls drawing my eyes towards them, relief instantly floods my system as I find my best friend Emitt walking towards me.

“Hi.” I reply, releasing a breath of relief. I offer him a grateful smile, trying to keep my eyes focused on him instead of on the whispering crowd.

“You look amazing!” He compliments with one of those smiles that were so bright it killed all other surrounding problems. “Hot!”

“Thanks Em.” I say with a chuckle relaxing a bit as the crowd steadily lets their attention wander away from me. “I need a drink.”

“Say no more.” Emitt replies as he leads me away to the table filled with all sorts of liquid concoctions that promised to lead me down a very dark path.


“So what school do you go to?” The guy whose name I came to know as Mark, asked me. His arm wrapped loosely around my waist, I didn’t mind it, in fact I relished in the touch of another man since I’ve rarely felt it.

And by rarely I meant never.

“Nowhere you’d know.” I reply with a smile, forcing him to look at me with a disappointed pout.

“Can I at least know your name?” He begs, rubbing my chin lightly as he brought our faces closer.

Shit! Penis sit the fuck down!

“You won’t remember it in the morning.” I reply smoothly as I detach myself from his hold. “I have to use the bathroom.” I say walking away quickly before he can protest.

I head to the one downstairs before turning around swiftly when I realise there’d be less risk of someone seeing my cock if I went upstairs.
Rushing up quickly, I let out an exhausted sigh when I find the hallway empty and much quieter. I’d been, in a sense, ‘acting’ all night and it felt amazing to just let myself breathe.

I quickly waddle into the toilet to pee before I wash my hands and fix my clothes along with my hair. I wasn’t wearing a wig since my hair was naturally long but now I wished I did, my hair was a frizzing mess and I didn’t have a hot iron to fix it.

“Can you hurry up in there?” Someone calls outside making me jump a little in surprise. I felt my skin tingle slightly but I brushed it off.

Taking one last glance over, I unlock the door only to come face to face with the most gorgeous man I have ever seen in my entire shitty existence.

Holy baby Jesus with a white lamb this guy was gorgeous.

His sharp jawline was perfectly mounted onto his face with mesmerizing, dark chocolate colored eyes that made my heart race as my skin caught on fire just from his presence.

Mate! - Joseph declared loudly as he pranced around wildly in my mind, his joy flooding over to me. Mate! Mate! Mate!

“Mate.” I whisper unconsciously as I slowly moved towards him as he did the same. I freeze however when someone else pokes their head out.

Holy baby Jesus with two white lambs?

A boy identical to my mate, the same jawline, brown eyes and curled, jet black hair that I wanted to run my hands through. My body sizzles with need as I stare at him, my heart threatening to break my ribs as my body was quickly overloaded with hotness.

Mate...? - Joseph says in confusion as my eyes dance between the two men. Mates? M-mates...

“Mate.” They both declare confirming my thoughts, they look at one another in surprise before looking back at me and then each other again.

“B-Both of you?” I whisper without thinking. “Two mates?”

“But...” One says looking at his brother. “How? You’re my...”

“Brother.” The other finishes with confusion mirroring in his eyes before he looks at me. “Two mates..”

“Can we talk somewhere else?” The other asks politely looking to me now. I nod without thinking as I find myself soon walking between the two Gods, they were so hot I had to distract myself by looking at the ugly carpet.

We head into the bedroom at the end of the hall before going in together, I turn on the lights as they both sit down on the edge of the bed while I stand a bit away from them.

“How can three wolves be mated?” I ask being the first one to talk.

“I don’t know.” One replies as he runs his hand through his beautiful hair. “But why am I mated to you?” He says looking to his brother who looked quite hurt at the words making my heart squeeze itself as guilt flooded his brother’s eyes. “I didn’t mean it like that Nic. It’s just that....we’re both men and brothers.”

“I know.” The other replies with a slight groan before looking to me. “What’s your name?”

“Mickey.” I say immediately making both of them frown slightly. Did they not like my name? “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just your name is a bit different for a girl.” One fills in quickly.

“I’m not a gi-” I pause as I remember that I’m currently cross dressing so of course they thought I was a girl.

Seriously Moon Goddess! I meet my mates like this! They will think I’m a freak when they find out!!!!!!

“What’s wrong?” One asks taking my hand in his as he pulls me closer. The connection making sparks erupt between us as I stifle a groan of pleasure while he bites his lips that were begging me to kiss them.

“N-nothing.” I stutter trying to control myself as our fingers remained intertwined. “You’re just in for a big surprise.” I whisper, mentally palming myself.

“You can trust us you know.” The other says taking my free hand making me moan a bit this time as my skin set aflame from his touch, both of them touching me at the same time made my body erratic as I emitted waves of need without trying.

“You’re beautiful.” One says as he pulls me forward a bit, the words making my heart soar with joy along with my half erect member.

Me? Beautiful?
Has he ever looked in a mirror before.

“Gorgeous.” The other continues as they pull me towards them, leading to me sitting between them. They turn a bit as I crawled up the bed as an effort to create space but they just followed.

“You smell so good.” One comments as he buried his nose into the nape of the neck followed by his brother who did the same on the opposite side making me gasp for air feeling them so close to me.

“Ahhhh!” I moan loudly when their tongues drag across my collar bone. My eyes widen in surprise at the sound as they both sit up in shock before looking at me and then one another. I feel color racing up my neck as I laid between them.

“Chris..” One calls, I think his name was Nic. His voice was calming, gentle when he spoke yet somehow alluring. They look at one another with both lust and confusion trailing their eyes as they hesitantly let their hands run along each other’s skin. Nic moans a little making me bite me lip, he was truly breathtaking and I think Chris thought the same thing as he looked at his brother.

“Nic.” Chris groans as he palms his cheek that he quickly leans into, content written across his face until his attention drifted back down to me.

I gulp nervously at the gaze they both send me, Nic slides up behind me putting my head in his lap as he held my hands while Chris slide down my body.

“W-wait.” I call feeling suddenly nervous. I wasn’t ready for this. Well I was, but not really. Ah! I don’t know. Not yet at least, I didn’t even know who they were.

They’re your mates - Joseph fills in as he surrenders willingly like the skank he was.

But what if they’re psychopaths. I’m not touching a psychopath. - I protest strongly.

Then what do you call it when you touch yourself - Joseph shoots back making me mentally gasp in complete shock.

Before I can come up with a response to the bitch slap Joseph just sent my way, I’m launched back to reality as the twins explored my body viciously.

“Chris.” I moan slightly, a failed effort to stop his advances.

“Say my name again.” He growls, making my heart beat faster as his hand grazed my clothed erection.

“Please stop.” I beg as I look into his glowing eyes that didn’t register my words in the slightest. I look up at Nic to see him with the same bright eyes as he tighten his grip on my wrists. “Please.”

They ignore my pleads making my heart rate pick up in panic as Chris gripped my erection, he didn’t seem bothered though which was a relief but also worrying.

The look in their eyes announced loud and clear that these two weren’t thinking with the right head. I’d heard one too many stories of wolves losing control on their mates to know that I didn’t want to be on the receiving end. Especially with two mates.

I used all my strength to pull my arms from them, but they’d just press me down harder. The alcohol pumping through my veins didn’t help the unfair fight. When I released I was not getting out of this, panic invaded my body like a tidal wave. My breathing became erratic and my eyesight clouding as I wiggled against them.

Unable to contain it anymore, I let out a small scream when his hand slipped under my dress, I wasn’t ready for this. Not now. And certainly, not like this.

Thankfully the door opens soon after revealing a very confused Beckett making both of my mates freeze as they loosen their grip on me and the light slowly evaded their eyes.
I take the opportunity to dash away from them and towards Beckett, hiding behind him not daring to look them in the eye.

I barely registered the conversation that followed, I was shocked, scared, confused. Nothing made sense.
There was only one thought I could register.

The Moon Goddess is a real bitch.

I made some small changes that most of you probably won’t recognize but I do. I’m happier with this as a start.

I’m not changing the plot of the chapters I had before, just the development.

For new readers, more detail of this is in Beta Mates, Chapter 28-29.

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