Perfect Mates

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Chapter 1

Picture of the twins.

Nicholas’ P.O.V

I try not to stare at Christopher as he drove us back home but it was hard. Even harder than that time mom made me cook ‘a unique, Brazilian dinner’ for the family.
It was really, really hard.

He was right next to me and his scent was driving me crazy. I wanted to touch him, just feel his skin against mine once more to relish in that spectacular rush I felt when his skin grazed against my own. To have him closer than he was, closer than we ever were before.

This is insane.

He’s my brother for crying out loud. My twin brother! And now he is my mate. Well one of them, the cute, little brown haired boy I came to know as Mickey was the other. I knew I cared for them both so much already but it was still confusing how my once wholesome love for my brother felt different now.
It felt more raw. I loved him as something else now, something I don’t think I should be.

Isn’t this like, incest? - My wolf Thomas questions unsurely.

It is! - I exclaim in annoyance at the fact that he voiced the thoughts I didn’t want to admit. The thoughts I didn’t want to even hear. It is and this is wrong.

The Moon Goddess is never wrong.

“Are you okay?” Chris says snapping me out of my thoughts. “You’re quieter than usual.” I look at him to find him already glancing my way.

He should be looking at the road. - Thomas whispered but I shushed him quickly.

His eyes keeping me frozen in my spot as my skin tingled at the attention he sent my way. “Nic?”

“Yeah. I’m fine.” I reply quickly, blinking my way out of my trance.
He doesn’t say anymore and neither do I. The drive home remains uncomfortably quiet until we’re finally at a house. Chris parks in his spot next to our parents’ car before unbuckling and facing me.

“Do we tell mom and dad?” He questions looking to me for answers he surely knew I couldn’t possibly have. “They’ll find out eventually, should we just rip the bandage off?”

“No.” I say hesitantly. “Not until we talk to Mickey.”

“That’s if he even calls us.” He says with a sigh as he runs his hand through his hair in growing frustration. Before I can respond he’s out the car and stomping inside, I follow after him knowing if I left him with his own thoughts, he’d punch a hole in the wall.

“Hey guys, how was the party?” My mom greets as soon as we enter our house. Chris ignores her and runs up the stairs to our room making her frown as she looks at me for answers.

“It was great. He’s just in one of his moods.” I explain as I run up after him. “Everything’s fine.”

Entering our room, I find Chris already pacing with low grunts as he mumbles words of hate and disappointment to himself. I lock the door behind myself before walking towards him briskly and carefully.

“Chris.” I call, as I put myself in his path. “Hey, look at me.” I say stopping him as I grab both of his wrists, his eyes find mine as he stops breathing. The guilt flooding them made their way into my system as he stared at me, broken, in pain, ashamed. My heart squeezed itself not knowing how to fix it. Fix him.

“He hates me.” He whispers, the words squeezing my heart so tightly it was hard to breathe. “I t-touched him when he told me to stop....he’s scared of me.”

“Hey.” I say letting my fingers slide between his so I was holding his hand tightly. “We both messed up, it wasn’t only you.” I say with a weak smile as an effort to comfort him. “He took our numbers, he’ll call.”

“But what if h-”

“He’ll call.” I reiterate. He looks at me for a while before nodding, noticing that I was gripping his hands tightly, I let go taking a small step backwards. But he only takes one forward as he pursues me. Trailing his hand up my arm making me shiver from his touch, he slides his hand intuitively to my cheek, rubbing it gently with his thumb causing mouth watering vibrations to erupt within me as I bite my lip to silence my moan that was crawling up my neck.
He palms my cheek gently, the feeling of him caressing my skin beyond exhilarating. My lips drops slightly as my jaw laxes allowing his thumb to trail across it. His eyes glow a bright yellow at the contact.
He closes the space between us, bringing our faces closer than I expected, our lips so close if one of us were brave enough to move, we’d kiss. But I knew neither of us would, it was a scary thought, intimidating and beyond comprehension.

I find the strength to pull myself away as I take a few cautious steps backwards. I missed his touch immediately but now I could breathe a bit with the distance. My heart was racing and my wolf whining to return to his side as he watched me with a slight frown. Tilting his head in the most unfair adorable way.

“I’m going, sleep in the guest room.” I say backing away as I avoid his eyes.

“Why?” He says quickly as he takes fast steps towards me until we’re face to face again. “I won’t touch you if that’s what you’re afraid of.”

“That’s not it.” I say quickly as my eyes search his tortured ones. I wasn’t so much afraid of us touching, it was the consequences after that scared me. “It’s just a lot to take in tonight Chris. There’s so much going on. First our male mate, then us...brothers. It’s best if we just take some time to think, by ourselves.”

“...okay.” He agrees reluctantly after some time, the aggravation clear in his prominent frown.

“I promise that’s the only reason why.” I say quickly as he avoids my eyes, my body moves on it’s own as I find my lips pressed against his cheek. He tenses momentarily as my lips kiss his soft skin. I linger for a moment before drawing back. The action making my lips tingle as his wide eyes look at me in clear surprise. “Goodnight.”

With that, I basically ran out the room before he could respond. I lean against the door of the guest room after closing it with a racing heart as my eyes searched the room laced with boxes since we hadn’t completely unpacked yet.

Go back to him! - Thomas urges me.

I can’t - I reply with a groan, making my way further into the room until I was lying on the bed. I need to think

About what?! - He asks ignorantly, as if it weren’t obvious.

Hmmm, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m mated to two guys or that one of them is my fucking brother! O-Or maybe it’s that the other one dresses like a girl when he’s clearly a man.

Will that be a problem for you? - He asks in an almost threatening growl.

No. Of course not. It’s’s a lot to get my head around - I groan as I plop back down on my bed my thoughts racing a mile a minute.

Nicholas - Chris calls through our link making me jump a bit in surprise. It felt like he was whispering right beside me, the chills it caused down my spine were indescribable.

Yeah - I answer hesitantly.

I um... I love you - He whispers making my entire head pound with a swelling heart as the words swirl around in my head. We’d said these words to each other every night for years but now, I couldn’t help but wonder if he meant it the way he always did.

Or if he meant it the way I wanted him to, as more than brothers......

I love you too.

.......because I did....


I make my way down the stairs lazily, stumbling over my own feet as they lead me to that mouthwatering scent. My tastebuds were already screaming to feed their partner in crime, my stomach.

I rub my eyes lazily as I walked towards the kitchen. Once one finds Chris’ back bent over the stove, I spin quickly, pressing against the opposing wall. My heart was caressing my rib cage as my body buzzed with excitement at the lovely image of Chris.

Once my breathing was under control, I peaked out from behind the doorframe. A feeling that could only be described as a sugar rush ran through me as I nibbled on my lip, my eyes planted on Chris’ frame. A glorious one that looked even better in an apron.

How was I supposed to eat with him when the sight of him made me so we-


I take a deep breath before turning and walking into the kitchen as if I weren’t eye jumping him two seconds ago.

“Morning.” I say walking into the kitchen to find Christopher making pancakes, he sends me a wide smile that sends the air I sucked it out like a stray ballon.

“Morning. Slept well?” He asks kindly.

No. I couldn’t.
Because all I could think of was your scent that is everywhere in this house.

“I couldn’t sleep at all.” I say instead, as he plated the food. We’d always shared a room since we were born and rarely found reason to sleep apart and last night was a rare exception that I wish
I never asked for.

“Me neither.” He replies making me smile a bit as he hands a plate of blueberry pancakes coated with syrup. Just like I liked it.

“Thanks.” I reply as we take our seats at the small breakfast table, our parents long gone to set out accords with the packs in the area.

“Has he called you?” He questions making my eyes lift to him.

“No.” I reply knowing that he didn’t call him either or he’d would’ve told me or wouldn’t even ask. “Don’t worry, he will.”

“Yeah.” He mumbles before digging into the pancakes. We eat in silence before I take our plates to wash them, I walk back to him when I’m done, Chris still sitting in his seat as he stared at his phone. “It’s killing me not to have him close.”

“I know, I feel it too.” I say resting my hand on his shoulder, his lifts his head to look at me with sadness I’m sure I was reflecting. “At least we have each other though right?”

“Right.” He says with a smile as he rests his hand on mine.

“Maybe we shou-”
He pauses as the sound of a phone ringing fills the house, we freeze as we look at each other with hope. Was that my phone or the houseline? Did we imagine it?
When the ringing comes again I know it’s my phone, I move before I can every think as I run towards the staircase, Chris hot on my trail. Barging into my room I pick up the phone with shaky hands before lifting it to my ear.

“Hello.” I answer with a racing heart.

“Hey honey, you’re finally up its almost midday.” My mother answers making my eyes drop as Chris falls onto the bed with an annoyed sigh. “Is that Chris? I told him to clean the kitchen, has he?”

“There’s nothing to clean mom, we’re only now moving in!” Chris shouts so she can hear.

“When I get home...” She starts, with plans for his demise. “We’ll be home pretty late so feel free to search the town, meet some new people.”

“Sure thing mom.” I drag in disappointment that it wasn’t Mickey I was talking to. We hang up soon after and I plop down on the bed, next to Chris with a sigh. “This is annoying.”

“Tell me about it.” He says before reaching from my phone that I quickly pull away. “Let me have at it.”

“Why?” I question dodging his hands again.

“Because I want to see something.” He says as if that were an explanation. “Come on Nicholas.”

“No.” I say making him frown as he dives for my phone, we roll around a bit with extended arms as I try to keep my phone away from him. I throw it at the top of the bed when I get the chance, I smile in contentment since it was too far for him to reach now.

Looking down at us I realise that I’m laying on top of him with my right leg stretched across his body. Neither of us say anything as we stare at each other, the reality of the situation seeping in, I wasn’t lying on top of my brother anymore but my mate. My handsome mate who’s racing heart was pressed against my own, each curve and crevice of his body digging into me perfectly. My eyes searched every inch of his face before settling on his lips, the light pink lips that my wolf begged me to kiss, to claim. His warm breath brushing my skin teasingly, skin I wanted to lick, bite, suck.

He leans up suddenly pressing his lips to my neck making me gasp in surprise as he slid one arm around my waist, pulling me into him while the other started brushing my thigh. I moan shakily as my eyes shut, my body accepting his touch as sparks erupted between us, my mind trying to reason before going blank as his finger searched every part of me while he assaulted my neck with his lips.

I shouldn’t let him do this. I shouldn’t be enjoying this. But Goddess damn it, it felt so right!

“W-we shouldn’t.” I stutter out as his teeth nibbled on my collarbone. My body brushing against his in a method that was heating up my entire body. He doesn’t respond, focusing only on my body. “We can’t.”

“You’re my mate.” He growls possessively. The statement making me shiver as my fingers dug their way into his silky hair. The words of denial stick on my tongue as moans take its place instead.

“Christopher..” I moan making him growl a bit, his hand sliding further up my thigh heading in the direction of something I really wanted him to touch. I shift a bit making me straddle him, he stares up at me with lustful eyes as we both pant slightly, our bodies overworked by excitement, I find myself leaning down to kiss him, our lips almost brushing when my phone rings again.

We jump off one another in an instant at the call before I register who it could be and scramble to get the phone, picking it up before it could ring again.

“Hello! Mickey? Is that you?” I basically shout, with hope lacing my tongue.

“Is that him? I want to talk to him too! Put it on speaker!” Chris yells trying to grab the phone but I swat him away before putting the phone on speaker and placing it between us.

“Hi.” He mumbles, making both of us smile widely as an unbelievable amount of joy flooded our chest. We stare at the phone like if it was him we were looking at.

“We’re so sorry mate!” Chris starts before I can even think. “Last night, I don’t know what happened. I’m sorry if I scared you, I j-just I couldn’t stop...”

“Me neither. I saw you and everything became a bit blurry. I’m sorry.” I finish desperately sending Chris a weak smile. I wouldn’t let him take all the blame.

“It’s fine.” Mickey says after a while, we both let out a breath of relief as the fear of him rejecting us flows away and is replaced by instant joy. “I was just a little scared.”

“Sorry.” We say together.

“I don’t know your names.” Mickey says, his nerves completely audible. I was glad to see he was nervous just like we were. I could’ve sworn he said our names in our pleasure filled dazed but I didn’t question it.

“I’m Nicholas.” I say with a smile at his interest.

“I’m Christopher, when can we see you?”

I scowl at my brother for pushing this onto him so quickly. He’d literally just forgiven us and he was ready to pounce on him again. We could’ve at least talked a bit more before asking. He just sends me back a scowl that makes me huff in disappointment.

“Umm.” Mickey stresses making my glare deepen.

Look what you did! - I scold Chris who just shrugs me off.

“You can come to my house, I’ll give you clearance to come through the pack.” Mickey finishes making my eyes widen in utter shock.

Ha! - Chris gloats through the link.

“Okay!” He shouts happily before I can reply. “Send the pack name and address and we’ll be there soon.”

“Okay.” Mickey replies making us both smile.

“We can’t wait to see you Mickey!” I fill in with the excitement completely audible. “See you soon.”

He hangs up after leaving us as two smiling like two idiots, an embarrassing squeal of elation escapes my lips and before I know it, I’m sitting in his lap hugging him tightly at the second chance Mickey was giving us.

“Didn’t I tell you he’d call?” I say leaning back to look at his beaming face, my hands around his neck. “Let’s get dressed.” I say trying to slide off of him but he stops me making me frown in confusion as I look down at his hand that was gripping my thigh.

“Before Mickey called...” He starts cautiously. “You were going to..... what were you going to do?”

“ already know.” I mumble feeling the color flood my cheeks as I lower my head but he just lifts it back up by my chin, forcing me to look at him.

“I need to hear you say it.” He says almost pleadingly, his eyes matching his tone.

“We shouldn’t have even gotten that far.” I mumble into myself. “We’re brothers.”

“We’re mates first.” He says firmly. “Mates are meant for each other, made for each other. We were made for each other.”

“Chris...” I stress looking into his troubled eyes. Why didn’t he see how wrong this was? Why did I have to be the first? Why must I confront the feelings that drove me insane over night?

“Just say it. Tell me so I know.” He says desperately. “So I’ll know that it’s not just my imagination.....that you were actually going to k-”

He doesn’t get to finish his sentence as I press my lips to his, my eyes shut tightly so I wouldn’t see his reaction. I just focused on the fire that embodied my soul as I moved my lips against his slowly, the feeling of his soft lips melting every inch of me. Wrapping my arms around his neck in complete bliss, I kiss him harder, I wanted more of him. No, I needed more.
His arms tighten around my waist as he presses me into him, kissing me back finally, making Thomas howl in contentment. I smile against his lips as we move slowly and carefully, it was new for both of us, something so strange but so perfect. But soon enough , we found our mouths were moving in sync while our bodies stayed intertwined.

“Mhmm.” I moan into his lips as he lies down taking me with him, his hands keeping me pressed against him. We continue to kiss without a care in the world for what felt like forever, the feeling of us being so close making every thing around me disappear, my only focus being my mate that laid beneath me. We pull away steadily, I search his eyes for any sign of repulsion, disgust or guilt, but all I found was love, I smile as we pant slightly trying to regain our breath.

“Does that answer your question?” I ask teasingly, this makes him smirk as he raises himself to snatch a kiss from me before parting with a bright smile.

“Yes it does.” He says before sitting up then standing with me still in his arms, my legs wrapped around him. “Why don’t we get dressed and head over to see our mate.”

“Okay.” I agree as he walks us to our room. It felt a bit weird being so intimate with Chris but it felt too good to deny it.

I wouldn’t deny Chris.
(Like Beckett denied Emitt?)
(Last time I denied myself to pleasure of making that joke, never again)

We stand outside Mickey’s front door as nervous wrecks, we knew he was on the other side of the door doing the same thing. His racing heart matched ours as we stood so close yet so far. Would this all work? Or will it end horribly? Would he accept us or reject us?

“Someone open the damn door already!” I hear a voice that I didn’t recognise shout from inside. Deciding to grow some balls, I take a deep breath before curling my fists and knocking the wooden door which swings open almost instantly.

Thomas howls in joy when our eyes land on Mickey, it was our first time seeing him, the real him without the makeup or heels. He had light brown, curly hair that flopped down a bit in front of his eyes that were an enticing brown with a feminity about him that made me smile a bit. He was chewing at his lip nervously as we studied him, everything about him was perfect, everything.

“Hello.” He whispers, his voice barely audible as he kept his eyes everywhere but us.

“Hi.” Chris says gently as if he were approaching a child, he was always the rougher out of the two of us. Never kind to anyone but me, but I guess that treatment extended to Mickey too. Silence falls over us after that as we stand there awkwardly, he hadn’t invited us inside and neither of us wanted to be pushy and ask him to.

“Mickey!” I hear the voice whisper harshly, I peak inside to see a boy rushing towards us with the guy from last night close behind him. “Invite them inside you dunce!” He commands making Mickey’s eyes widen as red runs up his neck.

“I’m so sorry! Come in.” He says all at once before moving out the doorway for us, we just smile and enter together, inhaling his scent that encompassed the entire house. He leads us to a living room where we all sit though I’m not sure why the other two were here.

“I’m Emitt and this is my mate Beckett.” The boy says as if he were reading my thoughts. “We’re Mickey’s friends.”

Another pair of male mates? I thought the alphas of this packs were the only ones.....

“Okay.” Chris mumbles, his eyes stuck on Mickey who was shifting uncomfortably in his seat, I nudge him to tell him to stop.

“So where are you from?” The taller, blonde questions. “I’ve never seen you in town or any of the neighbouring packs so what are you doing here?”

“Our pack was attacked about a month ago, those who survived were too little in number to keep it going so we scattered.” I say simply, it was sad but it was the truth and I knew Chris wasn’t able to talk about it so I did. “Our parents don’t wish to join another pack since they were elders in our old one, but they want us to, a few of the packs in this area offered a place for the both of us, including this one. They’re just checking them first before picking one for us.”

“I’m so sorry.” Emitt says with sorrow written across his face.

“It’s okay.” I say with a weak smile before looking at Mickey, I wanted to talk to him, not his friends.

“Can you guys go?” Mickey says suddenly. “I want to talk to them, alone.”

“Okay, it was nice meeting you both.” Emitt says with a wide smile before dragging his mate away leaving the three of us alone.

“I’m sorry about what happened to your pack.” Mickey says genuinely.

“It’s fine.” I say looking to Chris who just nods a bit making Mickey frown in confusion.

“Are you okay?” He asks Chris worriedly, moving from his seat to sit between us making my eyes widen in surprise. “I’m sorry for bringing this up if it upsets you.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong.” Chris corrects quickly. “I just rather not talk about it.”

“Okay.” Mickey says as we shift to face him making him leaning back into the couch, his eyes dancing between the both of us.

“I rather talk about us, all of us.” He says looking my way briefly making me blush a bit as I remember our kiss from earlier. “Are you okay being in a relationship with the two of us? Two men? Two brothers?” He asks going straight for the kill instead of easing him into the question like we planned.

“Y-Yes.” He says after a while. “I don’t mind.”

“Really?” I question in surprise.

“Yeah, I was worried you guys wouldn’t want to.” He says making us glance at one another. “I’m gay and you already saw me cross dressing, I thought you’d run.”

“Never!” Chris declares grabbing his hand tightly. “We’d never say no to you.”

“And I won’t to you.” He says making joy flood my heart. “I’ve already accepted you both as my mates, if you’d have me as yours’.”

“Yes!” Chris and I say together making him smile widely.

“I know mates usually mate the first day, but if you don’t mind, I want to get to know you a bit more before marking.” He reveals making our eyes widen in surprise, he was talking about marking when I was just happy that he was willing to try. He really did want us.

“That’s fine. We can wait, right Nic?”

“Yeah.” I say nodding quickly.

“Other things are fine....if you want to....try....” He squeaks out with blood rushing to his face. It was the cutest thing I’d ever seen in my entire life.

“I’d love that.” Chris slurs, he looked like he was ready to pounce on Mickey.

“Me too.” I whisper quietly, feeling myself growing a bit embarrassed.

“What about you two being brothers? Won’t that be weird for you?” He asks timidly making us look at one another. “I mean, being intimate and stuff.”

“It is.” I answer truthfully.

“But we’re adjusting.” Chris finishes offering me a smile. “As for being intimate, we’ve never been until earlier today.”

“What happened earlier today?”

“We kissed.” I reveal feeling my cheeks burning.

“And it was amazing.” Chris fills making my ears heat up as well.

“I wish I was there...” Mickey mumbles making our eyes widen as well as his. “I mean....I didn’t.... w-wouldn’t.... what.......”

“We can do it again if you want to watch.” Chris teases making my eyes basically roll out my head.

“What?!” Mickey and I exclaim together.

“Come on, let’s give our mate a show.” Chris says leaning over Mickey towards me making me lean back as my heart begins to race. “Mickey would you like to see that?” Mickey stutters over a series of words before settling on yes before covering his face with his hands, leaving his eyes open for him to watch. “See. Now let’s make his wish come true.”

Before I can reply, his lips connect with mine as he kisses me hard, the vibrations from earlier returning making me moan in his mouth as he lead the kiss easily. It wasn’t slow like earlier, it was rougher, there was more need and the fact that Mickey was watching was only making my pants tighter. He grabs the back of my neck tightly when I try to pull back for air, making my eyes widen in surprise as he drives his tongue into my mouth. We hadn’t gone this far before, my eyes drift to Mickey who was watching us with lust filled eyes as he bit his lip beautifully. My eyes settle as Chris caresses my tongue expertly with his own making me moan over and over while I look at Mickey, my member hardening, I wanted to touch him too.

“Chris.” I moan as I try to pull back but he just reattached our lips once more, before pulling me into him. “Mhmmm!” I moan loudly when I feel a hand caressing my thigh as Mickey begins laying kisses on my neck. I feel myself leaking from the attack from both my mates, the electricity like lightning through my veins as they both searched my body.

When Mickey’s tongue runs over my collarbone a shiver runs down my spine as Chris continued to explore my mouth, his hand suddenly finding my clothed member while Mickey’s remained on my thigh. I feel my eyes blurring as they completely dominated me, using and pleasing my body as they wished, the pleasure flooding me easily. I feel myself being dragged to the edge as Chris gropes me aggressively while Mickey worships my skin while rubbing his hand along my inner thigh. “C-Cumahhhh!” I moan into Chris’ mouth as my hips jerk and I release violently inside my pants, I ride out my orgasm in complete bliss as they continue the attack on my body. I tremble in my place as I slowly fall from my high as they detach themselves from me.

Neither of them say anything as they just stare at me. There were hickey’s lacing my neck, my lips were slightly swollen and my clothes were disheveled because of them. Looking down at my pants, I find the front soaking slowly making my cheeks burn in embarrassment, I scramble from underneath them and ran away, locking myself in the closest room I could find. They were banging on the door almost immediately telling me to open up as I sat on the towel trying to gather myself.

That was so embarrassing, how could I cum from being groped a bit. I wasn’t a kid in puberty, I didn’t even get direct contact and yet I managed to soak my pants. And what was all that moaning?! Oh my god! I’m going to jump out this shoot myself with an arrow like Oliver Queen.

“Nicholas.” Christopher calls bringing me back to reality. “Open the door please.”

“Please.” Mickey calls with him, their pleads making my heart squeeze.

“I just need a minute.” I call as I beat myself for running away like a kid. “It’s a bit embarrassing.”

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about!” Mickey protests quickly. “We all went a bit.....I’m sorry.”

“Me too.” Chris fills in. “So can you please open the door?”

I reluctantly make my way to the door before twisting the lock, it immediately swings open as Mickey tackles me with a hug, squeezing the living lights out of me. I look down at him in surprise as he hugs me tightly followed by Chris who leans over him and pulls the three of us in a hug.

Nobody says a word as we soak in each other’s warmth, it felt so good to have them so close, the love was evident between the three of us as we stood there for what felt like forever. It was too good to let go.

“Sorry if we scared you.” Chris mumbles looking at me apologetically. “I lost it a bit again.”

“Me too.” Mickey says resting his chin on my chest as he looked up between the two of us.

“It’s fine.” I say truthfully. “I um ..... I enjoyed it.”

“That’s good to know.” Chris replies with a smirk before giving me a light peck that made my skin sizzle. “Don’t be embarrassed around us, okay love?”

Love. Did he just call me love?!

“Can I kiss you too?” Mickey asks boldly, his timid nature that was once here, nowhere to be found.

“Y-Yeah.” I stutter in surprise as he looks up at me with those dazzling eyes. Chris loosens his grip a bit so we can move, I take his cheek in my palm before leaning down to take his lips with my own. I let my lips mold with his as he tip-toed to return it, moving slowly and cautiously, I lead the kiss for the both of us. His lips weren’t like Chris, they were softer, so delicate. It made me want to treasure him but also dominate him. With Chris, I let him do what he wanted, it felt good when he’d handle me how he wanted and led the kiss, but with Mickey, I wanted to lead him with care.

“More.” He mumbles against my lips when I pulled back. I smile before reattaching our lips as Chris wrapped his arms around Mickey’s little waist, boldly grinding himself into our mate, causing Mickey and I to do the same. Mickey whimpers between the kiss as I ground myself into his hardening member while Chris did the same into his cute bum, we were quickly heading down the road we just came from, except the attack was on Mickey this time.

“You both are so beautiful.” Chris groans making us both shiver as we stumble back a bit into the counter, my back pressed against it as the two pressed into me. I spread my legs a bit so when Chris ground himself into Mickey, it’d push Mickey’s member into my own and the result was spectacular.

“Ahhh!” Mickey and I moan together as we break the kiss, Chris was basically thrusting his hips into both of us as our bodies molded together.
We may have been moving fast, but we were mates. And Mickey did say he was okay with other things besides sex. Mickey gripped my shirt tightly with both of his hands as he moaned between us, looking up at me with blurry eyes. He was getting attacked on both ends and I could tell he was enjoying it by his breathless moans and clothed erection that was rubbing against my own.

“Christopher...” Mickey moans making him growl a bit. “..more please...” This makes his eyes glow brightly as he stretches over to grab onto the counter before thrusting at a much rougher pace, closing all space between us.
Each time Mickey’s erection rubbed against mine, it sent the most pleasurable electric shocks straight to my aching cock and I found myself drooling a bit in absolute pleasure. Moans leaving me without permission as my body withered away at their mercy.

“Oh my godd..” I moan spreading my legs even wider, it felt too good to pass up as he brought us both pleasure. “Chris!” I groan as I welcome each of his thrusts that were dragging us towards the edge.

I give Mickey a discreet wink when Chris growled a bit, it seemed that us calling his name really turned him on and I loved pleasing him, Mickey picked up on my plan through his sexually daze and began moaning his name with me.

“Mine!” He growled when we started moaning his name a little. “Both of you, you’re all mine!” He growls with one last thrust that sends us all over the edge as we cum together, the sound of our moans filling the house completely as we emptied ourselves leaning on each other as we rode out our orgasms. Mickey’s body shaking a bit as I trembled with pleasure, Chris’ panting heavily behind him. Mickey gives me a cheeky smile that told me he wasn’t done just yet even though I’d already cum twice.

“Now you.” Mickey whispers seductively as he turns to face my brother. I look at him as well, Chris stared as us lustfully, Mickey pushed him back to sit on the toilet before sliding himself onto one of his legs. How the hell were they moving so fast?! We just came!
They both watch me expectantly making me blush as I follow before placing myself onto his other leg, his arms slide around both of our waists as we all panted heavily. My eyes catch the tent in his pants and all I wanted to do was rip the fabric off and feel him in my palm but I knew we were already going too far today and that’d be too much.

Mickey acts first, pressing his lips to Chris who kisses him back softly, I watched in a complete trance as the two mouths moved against each other, moans echoing through as Mickey rubbed himself along Chris’ legs. It was the best thing to watch but I wanted to please Chris too, so I did what Mickey did to me and began pressing kisses along his skin. He groaned in delight as I swept my tongue across his collarbone, I smile proudly at his reaction as Mickey rubbed his member skillfully with his hand, slowly and almost teasingly while we both grounded ourselves against his leg like the horny bastards we apparently were.

His hand slid from around our waists to our asses making me tense a bit in surprise as he rubbed it gently making me shiver a bit while Mickey trembled in his place.

“Ahhh!” We moan together when he squeezed both our asses making me leak as I trembled on top of him, their kiss broke as Mickey whimpered from his action of kneading and squeezing our asses.

“Nghhh!” I groaned out when he squeezed mine firmly making my member pulse, our heads rested on his shoulders while he groaned us into him by forcing our asses back and forth making us moaning messes. “Christopher...” I call as he switched to kneading again, he looks down at me with hunger as I bite my lip to stifle another moan. “’s good.” I stutter making him smile mischievously as his hand slips under my fabric bringing his hand directly to my ass, the skin to skin contact making me drool a bit as he kneaded me.

The feeling of his skin brushing my own making my throbbing cock stream with precum as I rested against him.

“Ahhhh!” Mickey moaned loudly when Chris spanked him a bit, I don’t think I’d enjoy that and I think Chris knew that so he only did it to Mickey who looked on the verge of cumming.

“Touch me.” Chris growls making both our hands drift to his clothed erection, we unzip his pants only, deciding not to go beyond that and left the underwear alone. Mickey stroked him through the fabric while I fondled his balls a bit. “Yessss!” He groaned through grunted moans, Mickey and I looked at one another in a daze, he was still teasing our asses at it felt too good.

We both rests ourselves on Chris as we dragged each other to the edge, grinding myself into him I moan loudly as I feel an orgasm approaching. Wanting to cum together, I rub Chris a bit harder making him grunt as Mickey started trembling, a sign he was close. We didn’t need to warn one another, we knew it was cumming (see what I did there), we emptied ourselves once again with loud moans. My body shaking violently as a wave of pleasure drowned my lust filled mind before I flopped down on Chris, panting heavily as I felt myself becoming seriously drowsy.

“You guys were perfect.” I hear Chris say, Mickey says something back enthusiatically but all I can do is mumble. I was tired, drained. I don’t even try to stop myself as I slowly fall asleep, I had one thought on my mind.

I love my mates.


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