Perfect Mates

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Chapter 3

Chris’ P.O.V

My fingers coil around my shirt fabric, directly over my chest as a tormenting sense of agony injected itself into my heart. Several waves of need and sadness being projected from Mickey, it only worsening as we drove further away.

I try to console Saint as he whines in my head, pushing me to go back to our mate but as much as I wanted to I knew we couldn’t.

We’d spent a longer time than we should’ve at Mickey’s place and we needed to go home. As much as I didn’t want to leave him to suffer alone, I knew we had to. For now at least.

“I feel horrible.” Nicholas says rubbing his chest as an attempt to dullen the pain, no doubt feeling the same thing I was. “He’s all by himself.” He whines making Saint roll uncomfortably.

“I know. I feel it too.” I say taking his hand in mine, I was driving so I couldn’t console him the way I wanted to. I glance across at him to find his eyes slightly glossy as he bites his lip harshly. When he sees me looking at him, he turns towards the window as he sniffles a bit.

“Nicholas..” I call worriedly, but he just pulls his hand away from my own making both our wolves whine.

“I know I’m being stupid.” He sniffles as he wipes his eyes.

“You’re not.” I say gently not wanting him to close up as he often did when emotions were involved. “We’ll be with him as soon as we talk to mom and dad.”

“Talk to mom and dad? What, just tell them at dinner that we’re gay! For each other!” He exclaims with boiling frustration as tears pour out of his broken eyes.

I quickly pull aside, parking the car off the main road before unbuckling the both of us. I pull Nicholas into my lap with hidden weariness, he hesitantly curls himself into me as he begins to sob. Cries of pure agony that threatened to tear me in two, poured out of his quivering lips as I tried to console him the best I could.

“Nicholas, calm down.” I whisper as he hides his face in my neck, leaving a hiccuping form before me. “Please don’t cry.”

“What if they hate us?” He sniffs sadly making my insides twist. “We’ve already lost everyone, we can’t lose them too.”

“We won’t.” I say attempting to draw him to look at me but he doesn’t budge. “This is mom and dad we’re talking about, everything will be fine.”

My words sounded confident, so sure of themselves that I almost believed it.
Almost. In reality, I had absolutely no idea how our parents would take it, especially seeing as the two of us were blood. Our parents were loving, kind folk that were generally accepting but how far could acceptance really go.

We don’t talk anymore and simply sit in silence. I rub his shaking back as my eyes watch the passing cars. The same worries ran rampant in my mind from the moment I found out we were mates, unlike Nic, I wasn’t brave enough to voice them. Now that they were galloping freely in the atmosphere, I couldn’t help the terror that took my heart.

I didn’t even know if I’d fully, wholeheartedly accepted it. Us being mates. Yeah we’d been intimate and we’d been relatively comfortable with each other, but there was still a small part of me that said it was wrong. Morals don’t change over night and though I’d never hurt Nicholas intentionally, I wondered if I may have eventually. We’d been ignoring the reality of us being twins and eventually we’d have to face it, sooner rather than later.

Once Nic calmed down, enough to breathe through his nose instead of jaggered puffs, he crawled back into his seat and we set off again. In silence. I take the long route home so Nic can pull himself together. After parking the car in our garage he gives me a thankful smile, I lean over carefully and press a light kiss to his tightly, clasped lips before pulling back slightly.

“We’ll be fine.” I say firmly. He nods after taking a deep breath. We leave the car and walk inside with fingers intertwined.

It felt weird. But good as well.

Once inside, the scent of our mother’s cooking ambushes us without mercy. We make our way to the kitchen to find her dancing away while cooking, talking to our father who stared at her with eyes filled with awe and love.

“Oh, you’re home.” She says with a welcoming smile when she notices us. “How was your day? Made any friends?”

“Something like that.” I reply as calmly as I could when Nic just avoids their gazes. “We have to talk to you guys.”

“So do we.” My dad says making me frown slightly. “We’ll discuss it over dinner. Why don’t you guys set the table?”

“Okay.” I say before pulling Nic with me. He’d become frozen in their presence, barely allowing himself to breathe, let alone respond to them in any shape or form. Once we’re away from their eyesight and genetic hearing, I pull Nicholas into my chest, keeping him in a tight embrace to settle his racing heart.

“Baby, you need to calm down.” I whisper. The use of the endearing name usually bestowed onto a lover surprised both of us, but I could tell he liked it from the way his cheeks glowed and his heart thumped.

“I know.” He mumbles into my chest, inhaling my scent deeply as I do him. It calmed us. We calmed one another. “I’m just scared.”

“Me too.” I say truthfully as I rest my chin on his head. We were the same height but he’d found a way to snuggle himself into me. “We have each other, no matter what happens, we still have one another.”

“Okay.” He says with a small smile. A forced, small smile.

“Now let’s set the table like they’ve asked.” I say pressing a weak kiss to his forehead. He nods and soon enough the table is presented the way mom liked it. With two extra forks and one glass for water, another for juice and the last for tea. We help her bring out the bucket loads of food before settling around it with content sighs.

“So who goes first?” I ask when we were halfway through our meals. Mom was an excellent cook, her food always made me drool and if it wasn’t for her, I definitely wouldn’t be interested in food as a future career. A dream career.

“Well ours is a bit important.” My mom says giving my dad a glance. “We decided on a pack for you.”


I’d completely forgotten about that. With all happening with Mickey and Nicholas, the last thing on my mind was what pack I’d become a member of. Nic and I didn’t care before, that’s why we left the decision to our parents knowing they’d have our best interests at heart. But now with Mickey, what if we were placed in a pack far from him or at war with his.
The fear in Nicholas’ eyes told me he was thinking the same thing, feeling the same overwhelming panic that was drowning me. Dragging me down in a place too dark to visit.

“Don’t look so pale.” My dad jokes with a chuckle. “We think you’d be happy. It’s the Dark Moon Pack. It’s the pack that steered up all the drama in the werewolf world when they got two alphas. Julian Heil and Aiden Calderon.”

“Apparently things have been booming in that pack since they joined the two before it.” My mom says continuing. “We visited it. Talked to the alphas ourselves and it seems to be a truly amazing place. They’re young with vision and I think you two will fit in perfectly.”

My mouth hung slightly ajar as they continue talking onto another topic. They hadn’t realised that they just put us in the same pack as the boy we loved. Or the boy, we were coming to love, though i knew i already loved Micheal. I loved them both. Mickey would be so happy to hear this, we can stay with him everyday, all the time. We could live with him, if he’d let us.

“What about this house?” Nic asks when he finally finds his voice.

“Well it’s yours. Since you’re new, the alphas didn’t demand you moving into the pack. They understand your situation and are fine with you living outside the pack or in it. It’s completely up to you.” Dad says with a proud smile, I could tell he liked our new alphas since he hardly smiled for others. Or for anything but mom.

“We can take you to see it yourself if you want to g-”

“No!” I say a bit too quickly making them drown slightly. “I mean....we trust your decision. Right Nic?”
He simply nods quickly. They eye us suspiciously before agreeing with curious smiles.

“Now your news.” My mom says making my heart freeze and my muscles tighten. Suddenly I lose my appetite, dropping my fork I wipe my mouth before looking up as Nic who’d done the same. Our parents look at us patiently, neither of us finding the courage within us to start the topic that could potential end with us losing our family.

Maybe we shouldn’t tell them.

“You know that we love you right?” My mom says with a raised eyebrow. “Whatever it is, we’re on board. Always.”

“Please remember those words.” Nicholas whispers into himself making my mom frown.

“What’s going on guys?” Dad questions tensely.

We definitely shouldn’t do this.

“We found our mate.” Nicholas blurted out before covering his mouth tightly, his eyes largening with horror.

“Oh my Goddess! That’s amazing honey!” My mom says smiling widely while my dad tries to register his words. “How long?! Who is she?! Grandchildren!”

“Wait.” My dad says interrupting my mom’s vocal brain malfunction. “You said mate and we. As in one, for the both of you?”

I nod slowly while Nicholas pulls his knees to his chest as he tries to curl himself in a ball. Mom freezes as her eyes widen alongside dad’s who looked confused.

“One mate? For you two?” My mom requestions and I nod again. She frowns as she strains her brain to understand. “Tri... tripodal...tri.. Triple mates? That’s a thing?”

“Apparently.” I answer, scratching my head knowing that was the smallest part in the whole thing.

“So you two are mates as well?” My dad asks skeptically. We both nod and his eyes widen again as he wipes his face before tightening his jaw.

“We didn’t plan this or even ask for it.” Nicholas blurted out, for some reason that hurt. I’m not sure why.

“Well yeah, the Moon Goddess decides.” My mom whispers a bit tensely.

“Intimate mates?” My dad questions with tight lips. Silence fell over the unfamiliar setting and the sound of tense heart beats filled it instead.

“What other type of mates are there?” My mom snaps cheekily before hitting my dad. The comment relaxes us all a bit, emotions now less guarded. “You two love like mates and feel the same thing with the third?”

“Basically.” I answer holding my breath for their reaction. Silence once again.

“Hmmmm, Moon Goddess sure likes messing with people.” My dad says with a shrug before he dives back into his lasagna.

“She’s bored.” My mom retorts before they both dive into an arguement about the Moon Goddess’ life choices. I exchange a confused glance with with Nicholas, they didn’t seem to care less about the new information.

“Our mate is a guy.” Nicholas blurted our again. Our parents freeze for a moment before continuing once again.

“That’s nice.” My mom says with a sweet smile.

“That means we’re gay.” He continues as we stare at them for any sort of hateful reaction.

“We’ll I figured since you two are mates.” My dad says with a chuckle. “What’s his name?”

“Mickey.” I say in a shocked whisper.

“Is he cute?” My mom asks cutting her meat with a raised eyebrow.

“The cutest.” Nic answers with a growing smile before I could as he releases his legs.

“Lucky.” My dad grumbles making my wide eyes shoot towards him. “What? I’ve dabbled with men before.”

“What?!” Nic and I screech at the same time.

“Before I found your mom I was a bit of a whore.” He says with a shrug while we listen we agaped mouths. “Men were my guilty pleasure, now your mother is.”

“What the fuck...” I mumble as I try to retain the new information that I really didn’t want in my head.

“The seventies were amazing.” My dad continues with a content sight that my mom mirrors as she closes her eyes. “The sex and the parties.”

“Then more sex and more parties.” My mom continues making Nic and I vomit mentally.

“You’re a switch.” He says sending a wink to Nic who blushes profusely, though I didn’t know what that meant, he seemed to.

“That’s enough honey, stop teasing them.” My mom says hitting my dad’s arms. He just laughs before she turns back to us. “We’re happy for you two and I hope we get to meet this Mickey sometime before we leave.”

“Definitely.” I say with a wide smile as the reality of them accepting us sank in. “He’s in the Dark Moon Pack, so you can meet him when we join the pack officially.”

“The little ceremony is in three days. The pack will come to see you get initiated into the pack by the elders. We’ll hang around a couple of days to make sure you’re all set before heading our way.” My dad informs before gathering all our plates and heading for the kitchen.

“Wait.” Nic calls making us all look to him. “You’re okay with this? Your sons being mated?”

They share a look before replying.

“I wouldn’t say I’m okay with it.” Dad says sadly. “Its not what I imagined for you two, but it’s the happiest path for you and that’s all I want. It’s weird, I admit, but the Moon Goddess has a plan....who am I to object it.” He finishes with a weak smile before heading into the kitchen.

“At the end of the day, we’re happy for you both.” My mom says before following after dad.

I turn to Nic once we’re alone, the same look of joy and disbelief on his face as the one on mine. I start walking towards him but he meets me halfway, jumping into my arms we hug tightly while laughing happily. The contact making my body heat him as I hold him close, inhaling his perfect scent deeply.

“I told you everything would be okay.” I say pulling back to look at him clearly.

“Yeah.” He says with a giddy smile before attaching my lips to his. I hum in content as he loops his arms around my neck, pulling me to him so that our chests press against each other as our lips moved slowly. Relishing in the spectacular feeling, I rest my hands on his hips pulling him into me.

We pull away when something flashes against our skin, looking across I find our mother looking at us with a weak smile.

“Cute.” She whispers gripping her camera tightly before walking away. I chuckle at the nutcase that was my mother before looking down at Nic to see him blushing profusely with puckered, swollen lips that made my pants tighten.

“You’re going to be the death of me.” I whisper to him as I grip his ass firmly. He whimpers in my hold and I smirk as he held my shirt tightly.

“Chris.” He groans as I pepper kisses along his neck, still kneading his perky, little ass.

“We’ll tell Mickey tomorrow.” I say pulling back slightly to let him catch his breath.

“He’ll be so happy.” He says smiling into himself, I return the gesture. Pressing a light kiss to his cheek, I take his hand in mine before leading him upstairs.

We strip down to our boxers before getting into bed together, it felt good not worrying about our parents walking in, questioning our intimacy. We hide our bodies under the thick sheets, pulling Nic into me, I sigh with satisfaction before pressing a light kiss to the nape of his neck.

As good as it felt falling asleep with Nicholas, I still felt a sense of emptiness with the empty space in the bed that should have possessed Mickey. I could still feel his sadness and I wanted nothing more than to go to him, but I knew our parents wouldn’t let us. We all needed rest and after tonight, he’d sleep with us for the rest of his life.

He’d be ours.


Nic lets out the most adorable giggle as we knock against Mickey’s front door. He woke up at five so excited to see Mickey, he dragged me to get ready and pulled us over before our parents even woke up. The pack guards let us in with a sweet greeting about us enjoying our time in the pack, I guess news spread that we would be joining.

We bang our fists against the door loudly waiting for Mickey to come. The loud groan that sounded from upstairs told me he heard us and that we’d woken him up, he mumbles incoherent words I’m sure were foule as he made his way to the door. It swings open revealing a very pissed off Mickey with slight bags under his eyes, in nothing but tight briefs and an oversized shirt that dragged it’s way down his body.

“Hey.” He says with an instant smile when he realises it’s us. “You’re early.”

“We missed you too much to stay away.” I say making him smile widely as a blush takes his cheek, he tip toes to kiss Nic before doing the same to me. He pulls us both in before hugging us, we cover his little body easily as we hug him tightly.

“I missed you too.” He says into Nicholas’ chest. “All night...”

“We’re sorry.” Nic says with pained eyes before pressing a kiss to his forehead. “That stops tonight.”

“What do you mean?” Mickey questions with a slight frown accompained by a stifled yawn, pulling away to look at us both.

“We told our parents about everything.” I say with boiling excitement. “They know and they are good with it, or trying to be.”

“A-are you serious?” He stutters with bulging eyes, fully awake now.

“And we’re joining this pack.” Nic continues excitedly. “So we’ll see you everyday and g-”

“You’re moving in!” He says leaving no room for discussion as he dances on his toes. Him and Nic squealing slightly in excitemnet while I watched with amusement. “You live here now!”

“Couldn’t think of anywhere else to be.” I tease making his lips wobble as he jumps into my arms taking me by surprise. He loops his hands around my neck and his legs around my waist, he kisses me hungrily with the most thrilling moan that sends shivers up my spine. Nic comes behind him, peppering kisses up and down his neck. Mickey pulls away breathlessly before twisting back to kiss Nic as well, the kiss arousing to watch.

“This is the best day ever.” He mumbles while hugging us tightly. He looks up at us with eyes that shone with pride and joy I didn’t want to ever see leave them. “Thank you.”

“For what?” I question in confusion, we hadn’t done anything.

“Being my mates. Being so kind and loving. I never thought I’d actually find someone who cared for me, let alone two.” He says with eyes that fill with unshed tears. “So thank you.”

Thank you for coming into our lives


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