Perfect Mates

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Chapter 4

Picture of Mickey

Nicholas’ P.O.V

“Mickey slow down.” I warn as he runs up the patio stairs with cardboard boxes so big that they threatened to topple over and pull him down with them.

“You slow down!” He retorts sassily, before disappearing inside his house. I simply smile in response as I look back at the truck full of boxes.

Today was moving day.
It’d been merely a day since Chris and I told our parents about our new found mate and Mickey already has us packing up the very next day.

It was cute to see him so excited and also thrilling at the prospect of moving in with my mates. I’d lived with Christopher all my life so it wouldn’t be a big change, but life with Mickey was something completely new to me. He was tidy overall but I saw his room the other day, if you can even call it that, and it was anything but. It was like lady gaga vomited while riding a unicorn and he set up shop in the crime scene.

Releasing a steady breath, I pick up a stack of boxes with ease and make my way into the house, I glare at Chris when he snatches them from my grasp right when I reached the stairs.

“I could’ve done it.” I grumble with crossed eyebrows, he knowingly smirks before leaning down to kiss me.

“I know.” He says before walking back inside with my boxes.

I lazily return for another stack before going back inside, I carry the ones with Chris’ name on them to his room before going to mine to drop them. We agreed to all sleep in the same room and keep separate rooms for when we needed time to ourselves though Mickey claimed he’d never need it.
I look around the light blue walls and smile, it was my favourite color. A simple room, with a bed, dresser and small desk I’d be sure to do my painting on.

We spend the morning, transferring all our things before finally crashing on the couch when we unpacked everything and were completely installed into Mickey’s home.

“I lost like.... three pounds.” Mickey says, blowing the slightly damp curls out of his face. We chuckle in amusement as we lay in the strangest positions, only concerned about resting our exhausted bodies.

“I’m hungry.” I groan which is supported by the others’ groans. “I’m not cooking.” I say quickly, our eyes dart to Mickey who raises an eyebrow.

“I’ll burn down the house.” He says making us laugh once more, we then look to Chris who rolls his eyes.

“Not today.” He grumbles.

“Then we eat out.” I say making them groan still. “We’re not ordering in, we are going our there and interacting with the outside world.”

“I’m more of a shut in type of guy.” Mickey says, rotating his jaws as he sits up. “Interaction isn’t my thing.”

“Well you’ll learn to adapt.” I reply making him frown slightly. “Is it that you’re not comfortable going out with us yet?”

“No! No, that’s not it.” He says before letting out a sigh. “I’m just more comfortable behind my own walls. Out there, I clam up and I lose my confidence. Unless I’m with Emitt or I’m....”

“You’re what?” Chris questions as Mickey shifts uncomfortable. Sitting up now as he caresses his knuckles. We waited patiently but he still hadn’t said anything.

“Unless I’m.....I-I’m crossdressing.” He whispers nervously, his eyes refusing to meet ours. We stay silent in response. Not knowing how to respond to a clearly fragile situation. “I know it’s weird. I know I’m weird.”

“Mickey, you are not weird.” I correct quickly resting a comforting hand in his knee.

“I am, or at least the world says I am.” He replies weakly. “If I wasn’t your mate you’d probably think it’s super weird for a guy to be dressing up as a girl.” He huffs out with a lonely chuckle.

“It doesn’t m-”

“But I’m not dressing up as a girl. I’m not.” He says cutting Chris off. “I’m just a guy who likes clothes others decided were only for girls. That’s what they said about pants with guys, right? But now girls wear pants. If I want to wear a skirt and heels, they’re shouldn’t be anything wrong with that. Right?”

“No.” I say comfortingly as I pull him by his shoulders into a hug. “There’s nothing wrong with it.”

“Goddess I’m a mess.” He huffs out as Chris pulls us both into his arms.

“Mickey, you have nothing to be ashamed of.” I start but he just sighs. “I’m serious. You’re right. There’s nothing wrong with dressing in clothes you like. Nothing wrong with it.”

“Look, why don’t we just order in. We don’t have to go anywhere.” Chris offers and I nod, now completely regretting my offer in the first place.

“No. No.” Mickey says looking between us quickly. “I want to go out. I do. Just not like that yet.”

“Are you sure?” I ask gently. He nods rigorously in response.

“Okay then. We’ll work on that confidence in the future.” Chris says pressing a kiss to his temple. “But for now, why don’t you just change into something comfortable and we can get out of here.”

“Okay, I’ll be down in a minute.” He replies before kissing us both quickly and scampering off.

I simply smile proudly as I watch him run upstairs in contentment. A small yelp escaped me when Christopher pulls me into his lap. Both my legs fold at his sides as our bodies laid pressed together. Our exhales mixing from our almost touching lips. My heart was racing and I could feel his doing the same against my chest.

My eyes trail gorgeous form. His defined abs pressed against his black v-neck while his muscles popped out of the shirt sleeves. His intakes of air deep and uneven as his bright chocolate eyes studied me as I studied him.

Goddess, he’s perfect.

Nerves. Excitement.
I felt a mix of both as I sat on top of my brother. My twin brother who was also my mate.

I could feel my wolf steering. The thrill of being so close to our mate, someone we loved before the bond was revealed was crazy. I could feel Thomas pushing forth, my instinct telling me to close the space between us and mark him immediately.

“It’s weird isn’t it?” He breathed out making my eyes flick back up from his neckline to his face. “Feeling theses things for each other. It’s so much stronger...”

“Y-yeah.” I stutter, my brain a complete mess from our compromising position.
I could feel my manhood growing harder as his did against my leg. I knew it was something primal for both of us, what we were feeling now was more the animal side than the human. Physical over emotional, but it still scared the crap out of me.

“I feel like my skins on fire.” He reveals making me smirk slightly. “When I’m with you, close to you....every single part of me goes crazy. It’s like I have to have you close.” He groans as he circles his arms around my waist tightly, forcing a groan of my out from my lips as he pulled me in. “I want to feel,” He pushed his hips up against mine, “lick,” his tongue ran across his lip, “and mark,” he thrusts his hips up forcibly, pushing a moan straight from my lips as my eyes glowed brightly and Thomas pushed forward as well, “every single inch of you.” He finishes as his eyes glow brightly as well. “It’s even worse when Mickeys around too. The two of you drive me.....absolutely insane.” He groans as I find my hips grinding down against his. “Do you feel that too?”

“Yessss.” I purr, letting my lips brush his teasingly. My body sizzling with need to be closer, to feel more of him...all of him.

“Tease.” He growls before squeezing my ass without warning making me whimper in his hold.

“Christopher...” I groan as he continued to abuse my body by sexually frustrating me more than I already was. I knew it wasn’t him entirely, as it wasn’t me completely. It was our wolves. Our insatiable wolves that were hungry for one thing one thing alone.

“We better stop.” He growls with a staggered breath.

“Yeah we should.” I whine while rubbing my erection into his. He grabs my hips to stop me and I hold still at that.

“If we don’t stop, we’ll end up doing something neither of us are ready for.” His words only make my pants tighten all the more but I nod reluctantly knowing he was right.

“Do you guys always get hot and heavy when I’m not around?” Mickey says making both of us jump in surprise. A smirk rested comfortably on his lips as he stared at us. “I’m fine with it but, at least tell me so I can watch the whole thing.”

I simply blush brightly in response while my two bashful mates laughed at the prospect.

I slide out of Chris’ lap before grabbing the keys and heading towards the door.

“Let’s go.”


“Tastes so fucking good.” Mickey moans as he takes another bite into his burger. I smile happily since he was smiling happily since we left the house.
He was so joyous and comfortable around us that he didn’t care when people looked at the three of us, when we all shared a kiss. He was happy and that’s all that mattered.

Chris and I were on defense mode since both girls and boys couldn’t keep their eyes off of our Mickey. He looked hot, even though he was only wearing an oversized hoodie and sweats, no one could keep their eyes off our baby.

“Can I get another burger?” Mickey asks shyly, hiding his face in shame.

“Babe, I’m on my sixth. Yes you can have another.” Chris deadpans making Mickey beam up happily as he runs to the Five Guys cashier to get his third burger. I was full with one and was quite happy with my milkshake. I look across at Chris to find him also slurping down a milkshake making me suck in a breath.

What I wouldn’t give to be that straw....or that milkshake... Fuck that, I want to be the cup. Mhmmm

“Here.” Mickey says smiling as he hands me Chris his burger before diving into another.

I chuckle as I eat, keeping my eyes on the ball of sunshine that invaded my life and the slightly darker one that was there since birth.

I love my mates.

“What you thinking about?” Chris asks making me jolt slightly in my place.

We hadn’t told each other we loved one another and I was nervous to be the first. It was too soon. I knew that. But I also knew what I felt and this was love.

“You guys.” I answer quickly.

It wasn’t a complete lie - Thomas commented making me nod internally.

“What about us?” Mickey questions raising a suspicious eyebrow.

“Nothing.” I say quietly, hoping to the great Goddess above that they’d drop it.

“We’ll force it out of you, one way or another.” Chris says while Mickey nods in agreement.

“So Christopher.” Mickey says making Chris’ eyes pop up to him like a deer caught in the head lights. I cracked a smile at the little bit of mustard that hung on his lip. “Why do you like black so much? Is it because it reminds you of death and gore? Or do you pretend to like it to go with your whole look?”

“My look?” Chris queries in blatant amusement.

“Yeah ‘the bad boy slash loner guy with a dark past’ look.” He says squinting his eyes for effect. We all stare at one another for a few seconds before bursting out in a fit of contagious laughter causing everyone to look at us curiously.

“Its genetic.” Chris answers after some time just making us laugh harder.

“And you Mickey.” I ask making him look to me with a quiet hum. “Why are you so obsessed with pink?”

“Its a gay thing.” He replies making me chuckle.

We continue to talk about the strangest and simplest things, getting to know one another a bit better before agreeing to leave the now empty restaurant.
Once in the car, Mickey declared the need to go home. Claiming he’d been outside far too long and that a second longer would kill him.

It was a short drive of new pop hits featuring the one and only, Mickey Brown. Soon enough I was pulling up to the garage of the house, frowning when I found two figure sitting on the porch.

Mickey’s the first one out the car. His defense on high alert as he approached the two with a prominent frown. It was directed to one guy in particular, his hair was dark and a pair of dark ray bands rested comfortably on his nose.

Who the fuck are these guys? And why does one look like he just raided Chris’ closet?

“Hello.” The other said standing with Can you even call that a smile. He was tall and lean with crystal blue eyes and dirty blonde hair that almost sparkled. His jaws clenched and clenched every now and then but he still tried to appear friendly.

“Hey...” Chris stretches unsurely as we study the two strangers.

“From the look on your face in guessing you have no idea who we are.” The blonde continues, we shake our head no on confirmation. “My name is Julian and this is my mate Aiden. We are the Alphas of the Blood Moon Pack.”

In a moment the suspicious challenging looks dispersed and we stood tall in respect. What a horrible first impression. We’d joined their pack and didn’t even know what they looked like.

“I am Christopher King.” Chris said reaching a hand out, Julian shook it firmly but Aiden remained on his spot on our front steps.

“I’m Nicholas.” I say, shaking his hand as well. He gives us another attempt at a smile before glaring at his mate.

“Aiden.” He growled in a low warning tone that had his mate standing and shaking our hands reluctantly.

“We just came to say welcome to the pack.” Aiden said while chewing his gum. “You can call us Aiden and Julian, we don’t do the Alpha thing like most packs.”

“Cool.” I said looking to Mickey who was still eyeing Aiden angrily.

“It’s hard joining a new pack by yourselves, especially a pack as big as ours. If you need anything, contact me and I’ll help as best as I can.” Julian said genuinely even though his face said ′don’t fucking call me you imbecile’, I was having trouble deciding if his face or words were the truth.

“Okay, thanks.” We both said making them smile.

“May we ask why you guys are staying with Mickey?” He continued suspiciously. “From your records, you had no relation with anyone in this area. Yet here you are living with someone only after a day of being accepted into the pack.”

We hadn’t exactly spread the news that we were mates. Mostly because there was no one else to tell is to and also because three mates sounded like a recipe for political disaster in the werewolf world and the supernatural world. We weren’t really ready to go blasting the news on BBC.

“We’re mates.” Mickey answered blatantly making my soul evacuate my body momentarily before returning in shock.

Julian lost his composure, revealing the face of an astonished young male in his place while Aiden kept blinking like if he was frozen in that place.

“Mates?” He questioned looking between us. “All of you?”

“Yup.” Mickey said before holding both our hands. “All of us.”

“That’s not possible.”

“So isn’t male mates but yet you’re still getting plowed by Julian on week nights.” He retorted aggressively making my jaw hang while Julian tried to bite back a growing smile.

“Since when?” Julian questioned.”

“Since the night of the party.” He answered making the blonde frown before his features spread in understanding.

“I knew you looked familiar. You were at that party with us.” He stated and we nodded. That night was mostly a blur but I distinctly remembered images of Chris and I making out with some girl, me dry humping a way and Chris playing table tennis with a tennis racket.

“Why haven’t got told anyone.” Aiden questioned with knitted eyebrows.

“Who’s there to tell?” I questioned making him hum in understanding. Another moment of silence passes before the two smile at us.

“Well that’s good for all of you. We wish you the best in your future and we
Won’t say anything to anyone until you are ready.” He offers kindly making us smile.

“Thank you.” We reply together. Judging from the frown in Mickey’s face, I knew he wanted out of this conversation yesterday.

“We’ll see you guys around then. Have fun.” Julian finishes before intertwining his fingers with a nonchalant Aiden before the walking away.

We enter the house soon after before all dragging our feet on the way to our main shared bedroom.

The sight of the bed made us all release a content sigh as we jumped on it immediately. Our bodies shifting around quite a bit before we were all comfortable with our shirts off, allowing for skin to skin contact.

“Mickey?” I call making him hum as his eyes found mine. “What happened between you and Aiden?”

“Nothing.” He replied crisply before burying his face in my chest so I couldn’t see him. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Um okay.” I answer looking at Chris who’s frown was as deep as my own.

“Are you okay though?” I question carefully. He nodded against me before pulling Chris’ arm further around his frame.

“I’m perfect.” He mumbles. “Absolutely perfect, lying between the two of the most amazing people in my life.”

“Sugar talking us won’t make us forget.” Chris yawns as he draws in closer.

“I know. But it’ll keep you sedated.” Mickey mumbles making us all laugh. A smile of glee rests on all our lips as we slowly drifted to sleep, wrapped one each others warmth.

I listened for when both my men’s breathing was soft and stable before I whispered the words I was too afraid to say when they were awake.

I love you


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