Perfect Mates

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Chapter 5

Mickey’s P.O.V

“No!” Nicholas whines like the big baby I’ve come to know him as. “Don’t go.”

“I have to,” I say sadly in response, “school is calling.”

“Skip today.” He begs, as I look to Chris for help as he cleaned up after his scrumptious breakfast.

“I want you to stay too.” He says lowly making my heart pulse momentarily.

“If I skip today, I’ll skip tomorrow and the day after and I’ll never go back.” I say as Nicholas pulled me into his lap so I was straddling him.

“That sounds good to me.” He says making me scowl. “I’m just going to miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too, but you have Chris, I have no one.” I point out making him pout. “It’s just a couple hours, I’ll be back before you know it.”

“Fine.” He says making me let out a breath of relief. “A goodbye kiss first.”


“A nice and long one.” He clarifies, I blush slightly before capturing his lips with my own. He hums in satisfaction as he slides his tongue into my mouth, kissing me roughly as he pulled my body into him. I whimper against him as his hand transferred to my waist, he starts thrusting his hips against me making his member grind against my ass.

“Y-You said a kiss.” I moan through deep breathes as he kissed his way down my neck greedily.

“I’ll be quick.” He pants before throwing me down on the couch so that I’m lying down as he hovered above me. Spreading my legs widely he begins to grind himself into me at a rough, merciless pace that had me dripping in moments.

This became a regular thing.
We weren’t at the point of mating yet, but we were very fucking close. Everyday we danced on the line between penetration and dry humping. Growing closer and closer to the actual thing.

I wanted to mate them. That was a fact, but I also knew I wasn’t ready. Not entirely and neither were the twins, they were slowly accepting the idea of being mated to each other and we weren’t in any rush. So for now, we settled on dry humping on the couch.

“No....ahhh....I’ll......i-in my pants.” I stutter out as he quickens his paste, completely ignoring my pleas as he ground me into the couch.

It felt so good.
Like I was his and he was claiming all of me without question, his body dominating mine easily as I suffered at his mercy.

“You like that don’t you.” He growls teasingly as he pins my hands above my head so that I couldn’t escape him.
Nicholas had a thing for dirty talking, both giving and receiving some.


What a pathetic lie....

“Don’t lie to me.” He groans as he rubbed our pained erections together.

I don’t respond as my mind goes blank and his thrusts become predatory, leaving my a withering mess below him. Without warning, I cum in my pants as he follows soon after. My body trembling in reaction as he continues to grind into me making me whimper.

“You’re so addictive.” He whispered shakily, recovering from his own orgasm.

We sit up after some time to find Chris staring at us with a cup of coffee in his hands as he sipped it a bit.

We both blush at his possessive stare as I try to pull myself together. I’d realized that Nic became super submissive around Chris and I found it cute.

“I’ll have my turn with both of you tonight, for now, let’s get you cleaned up so you can go to school.” He says offering a hand from me. I slip out from under a pouting Nic and go to him quickly.

True to his word, he helps me clean up and get ready through my haze before walking me to my car with Nic following close behind.

“Have a good day love.” He says before stealing a quick kiss.

“Thanks.” I whisper as I drive out before waving them goodbye.

I turn up the radio, hoping to drown out all thoughts that told me to turn around and go back to my men. I didn’t need school, my parents left enough money in their name to support me and my children full lives. And with my position in the pack, I lived comfortably.
The only reason I stayed in school was for my parents. I knew that even though they weren’t here right now, they’d be proud to see me finish school all on my own.

So when I pulled up to the familiar building, I got out my car quickly and began my school day.

My only friends were Beckett and Emitt. The others in my pack respected me but weren’t my friends and I was too shy to try on my own.

Emitt was my best friend, I couldn’t imagine my life without him and I didn’t want to.

“Why are you so smiley?”
Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

“Hey skank.” I say with a smile. “And I’m happy because I got special treatment from my man.” I practically moan, making him laugh in surprise, my nerves went straight out the window when it came to Emitt. We were two nasty, horny bastards and knew it.

“Oh it must be fucking amazing with two of them.” He groans jealously.

“It is.” I say as we enter our first class.

“God you must be fucking like bunnies.” He sighs as we plop down in our seats at the back.


“Shut up!” He snaps in disbelief. “You Mickey Brown, porn addict and jerk off champion has not fucked your mates yet.”

“We’re taking it slow.” I correct making him scoff. “And I’m not addicted to porn. It’s just my source of inspiration.”

“Whatever.” He says dismissively. “What have you actually done.”

“Kiss, cuddle...some grinding.” I say nonchalantly making him blink in disbelief.

“You really are taking it slow.” He mutters, still gawking at me.

“It’s just that with the type of guy I am, wh-”

“...when you get started you don’t stop.” He finishes for me as we both remember that one time we tried masturbating together and lost control. “I remember.”

“They’ll probably freak out if they knew how many times I masterbated the past two days alone.” I mumble as I imagine a world without my twins, my heart squeezes itself painfully for me to stop.

“They’re two of them and they’re clearly eager, I say let go.” Emitt says with a weak smile. “Besides, they can probably smell it.”

Shit! - Chris exclaims as he immediately begins to panic.

“They’re your mates, they’ll love you no matter what.” He finishes quickly.

“Even if I want to go all night?” I ask doubtfully.

"Especially if you want to go all night.” Our teacher walks in, halting our conversation but as the class went on, Emitt’s words rang loudly in my head.

Maybe I should just let go..


When the last bell of the day rang, I couldn’t help but release the small groan of thanks.

It’d been a long, painful day and I was ready to get home once more. It was like any other school day except this time I had mates.
I felt the pull on my heart the entire day, my body unusually sluggish, silently begging for me to be closer to them and it hurt more than I would’ve thought. My wolf clawing at me to return to the two people who could mend my tearing soul, the two people that made me fell warm and loved.

I just wanted to go home.

I walk through the halls with a bit of skip in my step, cause I knew I’d be seeing them soon. I just had to drive home and I’d be in their arms again.
My eyes widen in surprise when I walk my way out of the school’s entrance through a crowd of exhausted teens to find Chris and Nic standing tall and waiting.

Girls were watching them from afar with eyes of pure lust and awe as I’m sure I was. As I got closer to them their eyes found me and immediately Nic smiled widely while Chris gave me a knowing smirk. Both made my heart flutter intensely as their scents invaded my company without permission.

“What are you guys doing here?” I ask quietly as everyone’s eyes pierced us maliciously.

“We couldn’t wait any longer.” Nic said as he shook a bit in his spot. His eyes trailing up and down my body, memorizing every inch of me as I did them.

Chris, of course, was in all black. He never seemed to wear any other color. His shades were in his hair for once, allowing me to see those beautiful, dark orbs that radiated a unspoken kindness.

Nic was in a loose, blue sweatshirt that hung off his body perfectly. His hair draping over his eyes more than usual, I couldn’t help but lick my lips at the thought of jumping him here and now.

“I missed you.” I whisper whilst dancing on my toes a bit, squeezing my palms to conceal my excitement. “Both of you, I missed you so much.”

“If you don’t stop acting so cute, I’ll kiss you right here.” Chris says with a low grunt that makes my body tingle.

“I really want you too.......” I press, knowing my teasing would get back to me in the end.

“For Goddess’ sake sweetheart.” Chris groans as he skillfully looks around the area still crawling with teens. “We’re barely keeping it together.”

“Okay. I’ll stop.” I say with a slight chuckle. “I’m starving, can we stop at Wendy’s before heading home?”

“Of course.” Nic replies with an eased smile.

Once in the car, that smile disappears as his lips find their way to my neck while Chris claims my own confidently. I don’t even bother to protest or try to hold back, everything they did to me felt spectacular. The way Nic’s hand memorized my body and Chris’ caressed my skin, the way Nic whispered loving words and the way Chris spoke possessive ones.

Everything felt good.

So when the lady at the Wendy’s drive through eyes widened at the sight of my swollen lips and neck full of love bites, I couldn’t help but smile proudly.


It’d been almost two weeks since my mates moved into the house and into the pack. They settled in without a problem and everyone took an immediate liking to them, at first people questioned why they were living with me, but when I revealed they were my mates, that issue cleared up quickly.

Yeah, I came out.
I figured, I might as well.

I was always out I think, I just never really bothered to announce it to the world. And I wasn’t keen on hiding my beautiful treasures any longer, so I announced it to the pack.

The reactions were ......something.

Of course there were those who objected it completely, not necessarily because we were men, but because there were three of us. Mates were something sacred among wolves, two people who loved one another and only one another for eternity, even after life. The prospect of there being three people kind of shattered this belief or at least, spat in its face.

I understood this point of view, that’s why I didn’t fight people on it. But I assured those who were kind enough to keep an open mind, that what I felt for my mates was equal. I didn’t love one more or another less, I loved them the same. It wasn’t love for one split between two, it was love for two.

I loved them.

I still hadn’t told them this yet. Nerves perhaps, or maybe fear, fear of losing them. Life became unimaginable if they weren’t in it and any way of jeopardizing that made my heart break. I’d already lose so many, I couldn’t lose them too.

“What are you thinking about?” Nic asks plopping down on the couch besides me, he pulls me under his arm before thumbing my forehead to make my frown disappear.

“Nothing.” I say pushing his thumb away. “Just got a little lost in thought.”

“I don’t believe that for a second, but I’ll leave you for now.” He says kindly before pressing a gentle kiss to my forehead. “I’m always here to talk if you need me. Always.”

“I know.” I say allowing myself to cuddle into his hold, it felt good but not as good as having Chris’ arms around me as well.

“He’s looking for a job.” Nic reveals as if reading my mind. “In the pack that is, he wants to be a hunter.”

This makes me sit up immediately.
My heart begins to pound within my chest, my ribs cracking against the profound pressure.

“A h-hunter?” I stutter out my ears ringing with the building anxiety and my eyes darting around completely unfocused.

“Yeah,” he says with a slight frown. “What’s wrong Mickey?”

Everything hurt.
Not again. Please no, not again.

“Mickey.” Nic calls with clear worry, sitting us both up as his eyes search my form for a reason. “Mickey.”

I try to reply but my words stick on my tongue. My mouth suddenly too dry and my brain too active.

I was having a panic attack.

I hadn’t had one in such a long time that I almost forgot what to do. How to make it go away. I tried to steady my thoughts, my mind. But the images of my father in his gear with a pool of blood circulating under his broken skull made this task impossible.

Nic’s voice became distant to my ears, heavier, he was fading into the darkness that crept into my vision and it made things all the worse.

I called for him but nothing came out. I screamed for him to help me but he couldn’t hear the nonexistent words.
Somewhere far away from myself, I felt him pull me into his chest, holding me tightly trying to sooth me but my body refused his aid.


I saw them all in front of me, slaughtered. Slaughtered because they were hunters.


My body ached as I came to, my eyes too heavy to open and my ears ringing slightly as I laid wherever I was.

My body felt rigid and cold. I felt immobilized but trying to fight it just made me bones burn all the more.

My hands were warm.

Somehow, both my hands radiated with a warmth I only could register as affection. Something that made my skin tingle and my heart beat, it gave me strength. Enough to peak one eye open against the afternoon sunlight.


Blinking a bit, I try to see the owner of the voice I immediately remembered.

“Please baby, look at me.”

Another voice. Encouraging and soothing.

I open my eyes a bit wider allowing the blurry images to clear into my two mates, their faces drowned with worry and fear.

“Hi.” I croak out, my throat dry and sticky. I hated the fact that I made them scared, I didn’t want them to feel anything other than happiness for a moment. “Sorry.”

“Sshhh. Baby, we’re just happy you’re okay.” Nic says squeezing my hand even more, his voice wasn’t as light as usual. It was gated and strained.

“Goddess Mickey, I was so scared.” Chris groans into my other hand as he kisses it desperately. His eyes clouded with misery and pain, the sound of his strained heart beating slower making mine crack alongside it.

“Sorry.” I repeat, my voice a bit more clear.

“Do you want something? Anything at all, I’ll make it. No well, I won’t, Chris will.” Nic scrambles out making my lips tug into a smile. I shake my head no in response.

“Mickey.” I look to Chris. “What happened?”

As the images of my family floods into my mind I groan while shutting my eyes tightly, willing them to go away.

“It’s okay.” Chris says, quickly sliding his body behind my own and cradling me lovingly. “You don’t have to talk about it, sorry.”

Nic sits in his spot looking at us with concern but also a hint of comfort, the image of his mates together no doubt calming his wolf.
I open my arms out shakily, offering him a spot so the three of us could be together. He doesn’t hesitate to cuddle into my body, his body molding into ours as we rest against each other with a sigh of content.

I love you.

The words sat right on my tongue, yet I was having so much trouble voicing them.

It was hard to admit feelings that you hadn’t felt bombard you in such a long time. Especially at a much stronger rate.

“Mickey,” Chris calls forcing my attention back to them. “I won’t become a hunter if you don’t want me to.”

The word makes me tense immediately but I breathe out the stress as I sank further into his hold.

“I don’t want to take away a dream of yours.” I reply shakily. “But the last hunters I knew.....t-they’re all gone now.”

“Your family?” Nic asks gently. I force a nod as my eyes fill with tears once more.

“It’s not my dream. I was just looking for something to do in the pack. A hunter sounded best, but I can find something else.” Chris explains quickly. “You know I like to cook, I can look for something else.”

“Don’t change for me.”

“Baby I’m not. I promise you I’m not.” He says kissing my palm a hundred times over. “But trust that I would if that were the case, your comfort is more important.”

I love you.

I wanted to say it, scream it but I couldn’t.

“Thank you.” I replied instead as I shut my heavy eyelids. “Both of you.”

“No problem sweetheart.” Chris replied as Nic pressed a light kiss to my neck.

We all laid down, snuggling into each other’s warmth. I hoped they could feel the love from me, the one I couldn’t voice. I hoped I’d be able to admit this love, I hoped and hoped as my breathing steadied and I fell asleep between the loves of my life.


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