Perfect Mates

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Chapter 6

Chris’ P.O.V

I grasp my cup of hot water while staring at my sleeping mates whose slumbering breaths were small and distant.

Both of them had knocked out the moment they could and stayed that way. I woke up an hour ago and couldn’t help but smile at the sight of Nic and Mickey wrapped up in each other’s warmth.

Like two kittens.
They’d literally cut my throat if they ever heard me call them that. As a wolf, that was worse than comparing someone to a rogue. But that’s what they looked like curled into one another. Not pups, but kittens.

My two little kittens.

They were perfect.
Perfect for me, perfect for each other. Just all around- perfect.

Since we’d met Mickey, Nicolas had become a bit more confident and outspoken. He’d always been that way with me, but not with others. With others, he’d found himself becoming a bit of an introvert.
But now with Mickey, he seemed a lot more alive- smiling to the point where his cheeks hurt. He was so much happier, and I’d be eternally grateful to Mickey for being the one to make him like that.

As for Mickey.
Beautiful, precious Mickey.

So much had seemed to happen to him in the past, but he still laughed. He still faced the world everyday with a smile and his middle fingers up in everyone’s faces, and I loved that.

I wanted to know everything about him. Every bad thing that happened to him, every dark thought that ever crossed his mind- I wanted to help fix it, but I knew he wouldn’t open up in the blink of the eye. We were mates- yes, but deep troubles and buried secrets required time and trust to talk about. He had already been open enough. He told us briefly about his crossdressing and what happened to his family. For now, all Nic and I could do was be there for him. And eventually, when he’s ready, we would talk about it.

I place my now-empty mug to the side before sliding back into bed and placing my earphones in my ears, ready to watch Bates Motel on my laptop. I feel a smile tug at the corners of my lips at the way both my mates pulled a bit closer to me when I was in their grasps once again.


“That’s disgusting.” Mickey comments when he catches a glimpse of the horror movie I was watching.

“It’s art.” I correct, making him cringe further. “How are you feeling?”

“Tired.” He groans while stretching. “But I’m fine.”

“I’m okay too.” Nicholas says soon after in an attempt to dissolve the tense moment of silence that followed Mickey’s answer. I laugh at this before pulling him in by the waist and kissing him feverishly. He hums against my lips and wraps his legs around my waist. We separate with him in my lap and his arms circling my neck.

“Tasty.” I comment making his eyes spark momentarily.

“Please stop. It’s too early for a boner.” Mickey grumbles from his side of the room making us laugh. “What’re we doing today?”

“What do you want to do?” Nic questions instead as he played with my hair.

“Look- I don’t want you guys walking on eggshells around me. I’m good now.” He breathes out with a weak smile. “So what do you want to do?”

“Let’s look around the pack.” I suggest making both my mates groan. “What? I’d like to get to know the place I’m living in.”

“Can’t you say something more fun, like skydiving?” Mickey groans.

“We are not skydiving.” Nic immediately snaps. Mickey glances at me questioningly and I just smile.

“He may or may not have a fear of heights.” I say as Nic buries himself in my chest. “Along with bugs, any animal the height of his ankle, and clouds.”

“It was one time Chris!” He exclaims pushing away from my chest. “It was just really big and it followed me everywhere!”

“It wasn’t following you.”

“You didn’t feel it like I did!” Nic exclaims in frustration while Mickey and I laugh out asses off. “I hate you guys.”

“Too bad.” Mickey replies before quickly kissing Nic. “I’m going to shower. We can go in like, thirty?”

“Yeah.” I answer for a now silent Nic.

Once Mickey is inside, I redirect my attention to my annoyed brother. I lock him within my arms before pressing loving kisses along his jaw and up his neck, making him giggle.

“You’re perfect.” I mumble against his Adam’s apple making him gasp slightly as I suck on the spot. “Absolutely perfect.”

“You’re okay.” He retorts making me withdraw while he laughs uncontrollably. “Kidding. You’re gorgeous. Handsome. Breath taking.”

“Now it just feels forced.” I answer making him roll his eyes before he drapes his arms around my neck. Pulling me into a deep kiss that sends a spark throughout my body, I feel a tingling sensation that makes my toes wiggle.

“You’re amazing.” He mumbles against my lips. “And stop worrying so much about Mickey. He’s fine.”

I wasn’t surprise he knew I was still worried. Nic could read me like an open book and always knew what I was feeling.

“I just... I wish I didn’t go for that stupid job.” I grumble as I rest my head on Nic’s shoulder blade.

“Stop it. Don’t you dare blame yourself for this Christopher. There was no way we possibly could’ve known he was going to react like that. There’s still so much we don’t know about him.” He says with budding frustration that slowly morphs into worry. “There’s so much we don’t know, but he just needs time... and we’ll give him that. It’s the least we can do.”

I nod against his skin before pressing a light kiss to it. When the door opens, Mickey emerges looking as breathless as ever with a radiant smile that blasted my worries away and replaced them with joy.

I outstretched my free arm, offering my hand to him. He didn’t hesitate to take it before crawling onto the bed and settling onto my other leg, opposite Nic. Their bodies pressed against each other as I held them close.

Both leaned in to my sides, allowing us to hug as one as our hearts all thumped in sync.

I press a light kiss to Mickey’s messy curls whilst giving Nic’s waist a gentle squeeze in hopes of communicating the intensifying love that remained hidden beneath my skin, through my actions.

A love that grew more fiery with each second we spent together; a love that rocked my very core with its promise of happiness and freedom; a love that blinded me and yet allowed me to see.

A love for my two kittens.


“And this is the market place.” Mickey says opening his arms to the bustled area filled with, what appeared to be, thousands of people shopping, laughing and talking as far as the eye could see. “Even though the pack is literally littered with hangout spots, this place is always the busiest. It’s got something for everyone, not just food and trinkets. If you have anything, and I mean anything, bring it here and someone will want it.”

“This is amazing.” Nic awed as his eyes darted from stall to stall. His excitement clear to all who could hear his racing heart, which included just about everyone.

“That’s Katerina.” Mickey says referring to the disgusting bitter scent that lingered around several spots. “The only witch in the pack.”

“Wait, there’s actually a witch who’s part of the pack?” Nic questions in disbelief.

“I couldn’t believe it either but it’s true. She shares the link and everything.” He says with a shrug. “At first she’s a pain in the ass, but after a while, she becomes a funny pain in the ass. So you learn to tolerate her. Plus, she’s not like other witches.”

“That has to be like, the twentieth nice thing someone has ever said about me.” A voice says making our eyes lock on whom I could only presume to be Katerina.

She was gorgeous.
As all witches were, her beauty was immeasurable. Her dark brown eyes shone in the daylight, complimenting her caramel glazed skin where her long black locks rested upon.

Her hair hosted a couple of beads and her neck, some accessories that told everyone she was a full-blown nature witch. Her presence was strong but also calm. Her eyes studied us meticulously before a cheeky grin set on her lips.

“So you finally got yourself a mate, and not just one- two.” She says with a mischievous smile directed to a now blushing Mickey. “After all that time of whining, your little Moon Bitch gave you some dick.”

“Katerina!” He exclaims shoving her angrily, causing her smirk to grow all the more.

“And they’re hot.” She groans while studying us before releasing a sigh. “If only you weren’t werewolves...”

“If only you had a dick...” Nic sighs back making Mickey snort and the witch’s eyes widened slightly. Then, she smiled.

“I like you.” She says simply before glancing over to me. “He’s the better twin. Just letting you know you’ve failed.”

“Can you not be a bitch for like one minute?” A voice groans intercepting the conversation. A young girl about the same height of Katerina stumbled into the small group carrying three pineapples. Her bright green eyes sent us apologetic glances before they settled on the witch with a glare.

“It’s kind of hard when you’ve been raised in bitchy conditions.” Katerina says with a shrug. “So how you guys liking the hairy sausage fest?”

“We’re leaving.” The girl says before pulling the slightly aggravated witch away.

“So that’s Katerina.” Mickey says once they are out of sight.

“She’s....” I start before coming up empty.

“Katerina. She’s Katerina.” Mickey fills in before he continues walking.

We completed the journey through the pack about three hours later, not including the free woodlands in which we could run.

It was magnificent to say the least. The buildings were beautiful. So were the equipment and training facilities. There were multiple pack houses which I’d never seen before, and thousands and thousands of members who all looked happy.

It was hard to believe this pack had only just merged recently. Packs usually had very different beliefs and rules. To merge and already obtain such a high level of peace was unimaginable, and I couldn’t help but feel respect from the annoyingly pissy Aiden Calderon and the stoic Julian Heil.

“They used to hate each other you know.” Mickey informed us as I cooked dinner. He was sipping on a glass of water as he sat between Nic’s legs, the two of them watching me in fascination.

“No way.” Nic countered while Mickey nodded with a knowing smile.

“They were practically enemies from the day they were born. I spent my whole life watching them battle it out. They were fucking brutal with it too.” He says with his eyes brightening as a memory surged through him. “I remember one time, Aiden put laxatives in Julian’s favorite donut. He’s never eaten a donut since.”

“What did Julian do?” I ask curiously, wondering how someone could possible respond to that.

“He single-handedly totaled Aiden’s brand new car. I’m pretty sure it was his first car, but before he could even take it for a test run, Julian drove it off a bridge.” He says making both our jaws hang low. I started to wonder if this was really the best pack to join- both our alphas seemed absolutely psychotic.

“But it’s all sunflowers and rainbows now that they’re mates.” He finishes right as I plate the food. “It’s easier for everyone.”

“You don’t seem to like Aiden.” I say referring to our small interaction when we first arrived, in which Mickey became extremely tense.

“He was a bit of a bully to me because I was from Julian’s pack. But he was like that to everyone and it was never physical.” He replies with a weak smile. “He just kind of gave you this cold shoulder no one wanted to feel from an alpha, even if it wasn’t there’s. I got it more than others since I’m friends with Emitt, Aiden’s best friend.”

“I’m sorry baby.” I say pressing a small kiss to his cheek as I hand him his plate of steaming salmon before giving Nic his as well.

“It’s fine, hes much better now as everyone’s alpha. Plus, I have you guys now.” Mickey says with a radiant smile. Nic gets to his lips before I can, completely capturing them in all their glory, causing a moan to escape them. I try not to stare but I can’t draw my eyes away from the sight. As Nic pulls away with a small smirk, Mickey bites his bottom lip, both sending heated stares my way.

“After dinner.” I say simply as I switch on the television hoping to distract them and it worked. Like kittens, their eyes immediately stuck to the bright lights as they ate their food robotically.

We needed to mate.

It was getting harder to hold myself back, not to mention my extremely lustful wolf who saw our mates through hungry lenses.
Everyday was more difficult than the last, especially with the two particular mates I had. They seemed to feed off one another’s energy and only rile me up further, which seemed to be their main goal.

“Stop thinking so hard.” Nic mumbles while pressing a thumb to my wrinkled forehead and rubbing it.

“Sorry.” I reply before taking a bite into my food.

“This is amazing Christopher.” Mickey all but moans as his eyes roll back. I chuckle before relaying a small thanks.

“I think you should go to culinary school.” Nic says making me roll my eyes at the suggestion he’d made a million times over. “You’re good.”

“And a werewolf.” I say in annoyance. “What happened when hot oil spills on me or I cut myself accidentally and heal within the hour. It’s not worth the risk.”

“But you’re good.” He stresses, watching me with earnest eyes that made my reasoning crumble slightly. “And it’s what you love to do.”

“Humans aren’t as oblivious as we make them out to be. They’re close, don’t get me wrong, but they aren’t completely.”

“Why not just go to a culinary school for werewolves?” Mickey says with his eyes stuck to the screen as he stuffed his face with the last remains of his meal. “I mean there’s an institute for supernatural creatures. I won’t be surprised if there’s one for cooking somewhere. Or maybe even a short two month course somewhere.”

“That sounds like a great idea.” Nic replies, smiling my way as if he’d won the battle. Which he did, but he didn’t win the war.

“I’ll look into it,” I start, making his smile grow even wider, “if you look into the same thing for your art.”

His smile transfers to me instantly as his eyes widen and he shakes his head no.

“Then I guess no cooking for me.” I say with a shrug before redirecting my eyes to the screen. He groans in aggravation before looking at the screen as well. I knew this wasn’t over, but I’d satisfied him enough now to get off my back.

We spent the rest of the night cuddled on the couch while watching any show or movie that caught our interest. The prospect of us searching each other’s bodies seemingly forgotten as we climbed into the large bed together. But it wouldn’t be Mickey if his hand didn’t somehow find its way to my crotch. I groan, not opening my eyes as he squeezes slightly.

“You said after dinner.” He starts while Nic begins pressing light kisses down my neck. “We’ve been patient.”

“So give us....” Nic whispers while sucking on a spot of my collarbone. “....what we deserve.”

I snap my eyes open before snaking my arms around their waists and pulling them closer. Connecting my lips to Mickey’s, he moans beautifully against me while my hand finds it way to his ass, squeezing it hard. I slip my hand into Nic’s already-loose pants, gripping his cheek and squeezing hard.

“Hmm.” He groans against my neck as I continue to knead his ass, while attacking Mickey’s mouth, dominating him completely as I memorized his taste and essence.

Once I pull away, I open my eyes to find Mickey staring at me with a dazed lustful look and slightly swollen lips that made my heat grow tenfold.

I lean into Nic, not allowing my lips to touch his as he whines his annoyance. I kiss his cheek before whispering in his ear,


He sits up quickly and pulls his shirt off, revealing his slightly toned frame that made Mickey and I groan.
Mickey tries to do the same but I pull him back down before spanking him.

“Ahh!” He moans out against my neck as a jolt of electricity ran between us. I keep him pressed against me before sliding my hand into his pants.

His smooth skin left little to be desired as my fingertips crept down it. Each spot I lingered on seemed to become hotter, as if my touch alone was enough to send his entire body aflame. My fingertips suddenly come to a halt as they graze against a lacy fabric.

I quickly sit up taking both of them with me while Mickey begins to blush intensely in realization.

“What?” Nic asks in confusion as he pressed his body against my right side.

I didn’t even know myself so I couldn’t answer him. Instead I push Mickey down, causing him to flop down on his back while crossing his knees into each other.

“Open up baby.” I growl wanting to confirm my suspicions. Nic crawls up to Mickey’s head still slightly confused as he places Mickey’s head in his lap.
Mickey shakes his head in protest. “Open.”

He slowly spreads his legs nervously while gripping onto Nic in anticipation. I immediately tug his jeans down, my anticipation probably translating as aggression. I pull his pants down completely, faltering only when my eyes land on white lacy panties that covered his prominent erection.

I open my mouth but nothing comes out as I study my mate’s beautiful undergarment. I knew he liked to cross-dress, but I never imagined it was this much; and damn it, I was happy it did. I didn’t know if I was into this because it was Mickey or if it was a newly discovered kink. Either way, it was hot.

I guess I was staring too much because Mickey tried to close his legs again. But I catch his knees and spread them wider than before making him whimper slightly.

“S-Stop staring.” He groans anxiously as my eyes meet his. He was clearly nervous because of our silence but when I caught sight of Nic’s glowing eyes, I knew we both were nothing but aroused.

I run my finger along the fabric that held his member, making him shiver and Nic and I growl slightly. I knew we were losing control and quickly, but I couldn’t hold myself back.

I ran my finger along his length before trailing his panties with my hands. My hands covering every inch of his lower half, making him twist and turn but Nic held him tightly.

“You’re so sexy.” I groan as I pull myself down between his legs. I didn’t want to just grind against him like always. No. I wanted to do more. I wanted to taste him. I quickly slide back down, my heart racing in anticipation at what I was considering to do.

I didn’t want to take off the panties so I pushed it aside slightly, allowing his member to spring forth. It was already dripping, pulsing forth every few seconds in the direction of my mouth. I let my lips hover above it, my breath teasing his weeping tip.

I let my eyes meet Mickey’s, surprised to find his nipples being played with by Nic causing Mickey to squirm and moan even more. His heavy pants and reddened face were dangerously close to Nic’s strained jeans. Nic seemed to be enjoying the torturous breaths as Mickey whimpered against his crotch. He himself was moaning every time Mickey pressed himself into his crotch unconsciously.

Mickey’s dazed eyes catch my own as I lightly trailed his length with my finger.

“P-please...” He moaned breathlessly making my clothed member pulse.

He didn’t have to ask twice. I hesitantly let my lips part while drawing even closer to the part that I wished to taste. I wanted to. So badly.

I licked at his member. A simple flick of the tongue but an action that sparked the most beautiful moan I’d ever heard. I licked his tip again, relishing in the sight of Mickey jerking his body around. And then once more before letting my mouth cover around his tip.

“Ahhhh!” He screams out in ecstasy as I suck a little harder. His hands, which were being held by Nic at the moment, threatened to pull away as Mickey’s body jolted in every direction. I push myself a little further onto his member, wanting to taste more, causing Mickey to wince. I immediately pull away in fear.

“What’s wrong?” I question quickly.

“Nothing. J-Just watch the teeth.” He warns in between slight pants. My heart pounds with nerves that threaten to drown me- it was my first time doing something like this after all. Taking in a small breath, I take his weeping tip into my mouth once more. He tasted unbearably sweet, like some sort of nectar I would never get tired of. I move slowly this time, in an attempt of being cautious of my teeth.

“Yeah... just like that...” He moans while squirming between Nic and I. His words shoot a new thread of confidence through me as Saint pushes forth slighty. I close my eyes before sucking slightly faster. I moan around him making him cry out as I allowed my cheeks to press upon his member. I was quickly losing control and found myself moving further down, trying to take his entire length.

“Ow!” Mickey exclaims suddenly making me pull back in an instant. With red cheeks and disappointment flooding me, my eyes meet Mickey’s to find him panting heavily with slightly crossed eyebrows.

“Sorry.” I mumble, my eyes not able to meet his. “Maybe I shoul-”

“No. No.” He says quickly. “It was good, you’re good. You just need to be careful and take it slow.”

Despite his encouraging words, I felt like shit. Leave it to me to kill the mood and not be able to give my fucking boyfriend and lovely mate a blowjob. It was harder than I imagined it to be and I doubted that I’d have to confidence to try again anytime soon.

“Just- ...” He starts before fading away. He looks around desperately before his eyes land on Nic’s hand that now rested comfortingly on his chest. He quickly grabbed it before separating two of Nic’s fingers from the rest. “I’ll show you.” He says before gulping, his eyes shyly meeting an aroused Nicholas’.

His glances at me before looking Nic’s way. He holds the stare before letting his tongue flick at Nic’s fingers, licking at them as if it was a lollipop before his lips began pressing gentle kisses. He then let the fingertips press upon his lips before pushing them into his mouth slowly. Taking only a small bit in, he sucks Nic’s fingers attentively, his focus unshakeable. His tongue curled against he tip of Nic’s fingers while capturing each part of their surface. He slowly allowed a bit more in before pushing the fingers out and letting them back in again. Each time, his tongue would slide under the base of them, twirling slightly around the space as much as it could.

I could feel myself leaking in my underwear as I watched my mates in their arousing states, that honestly left me at a loss for words. Mickey had dominated Nic’s hand to the point of Nic jolting every couple seconds. Looking up at his beet-red face, Nic seemed to be at a loss for words as well.

Any traces of earlier doubt quickly fled my system as I repeated what Mickey did and began lapping at his cock. This forces him to falter in his action slightly as his heavy eyes dart my way. I continue nevertheless. Once he’s shivering slightly with quiet hums of satisfaction, I let his head slip between my lips causing his back to immediately arch off the bed and audible moans for more to escape him. However, I don’t supply him with such satisfaction just yet.

“That’s amazing...” He groans before tilting his back slightly to get a better glimpse of Nicholas. Once their eyes connect, a spark of mischief engulfs his eyes. As Nic withdraws his fingers, Mickey’s make their way up his thigh at a frustratingly slow pace. Once he reaches the prominent bulge, he squeezes tightly, making Nic draw in an aroused breath.

I let myself take a little more of Mickey’s cock each time before withdrawing fully. When I feel my jaw becoming a little tired, I pull him out causing him to whimper slightly with need. He quickly unzips Nic’s jeans, dipping his hand into his underwear to take hold of Nic’s neglected cock. The moan of satisfaction that escaped his lips caused electricity to surge through us all. Mickey raises his hips slightly with need causing a smile stretches across my lips as my eyes take in the beautiful sight of both my mates caught in a suffocating heat for one another, I begin stroking him slowly before building up the speed gradually.

“C-Chris..... Chris...fuck!” He screams, the change in pace causing his body to melt. I bring my hand away once I feel him approaching his climax, making him whimper desperately, his fingers unconsciously tightening around Nic.

“Ahhh!” Nic moans out, the grip causing a stream of precum to drip from his tip. His cheeks quickly burn as small, hot pants of breath escape his mouth. Mickey begins stroking him, squeezing him here and there, causing Nic to whimper and moan beautifully.

“Please...” He whimpers, his hips jerking for more while his teeth gripped his bottom lip tightly.

“C-Christopher...” Mickey calls feeling my thumb teasingly rubbing at his tip. I withdraw making him groan, causing me to chuckle internally. I pull his panties back over his member making him whimper at the tightness which was now wrapped around his cock.

I pulled my own jeans off along with my boxers before trailing my way up his small chest with the loving kisses. His legs spread allowing my body to slide between. The moment our erections met through the thin fabric, we both moaned. He desperately thrust his hips forth and I respond immediately, grinding my cock against his own.

“Take it off.” I instruct, my eyes glued to Nic, though it sounded more like a plead. He didn’t hesitate to strip completely before trying to take his previous position, but I stop him. “Turn.”

He looks at me unsurely, a blush taking his cheeks before he obediently turns, making his pulsing member dangle over Mickey’s lips. Mickey stared at it lustfully, biting his lips as he studied our mate’s throbbing member.

“Mickey.” I call but he doesn’t look my way, too entranced by Nic. Angrily, I grind down against his cock, making him cry out as his eyes immediately find mine and his body shivers in an aftershock. “I need you to do something for me, can you?”

“Y-yes.” He stutters as I continue to grind into him with an unbearable pressure but frustratingly slow.

“I want you to suck Nic’s cock.” I say making both my mates moan as Nic perks his ass up more. Almost daring me to spank him but I don’t. “Make him shiver and moan, and cry out. Give him the best orgasm of his life. Can you do that for me?”

Nic is literally dripping at my words. I smile knowingly before directing my attention to him.

“Nic, baby,” I start, making him hum in response. “I want you to spread your ass wide open for me, okay baby.” I found my finger trailing Nic’s thigh, slowly moving towards his buttocks.

“A-Are you..” He starts nervously before faltering. His eyes meet mine, the wide brown orbs silently begging me not to-at least not yet. I nod slightly to let him know I understood and I did- he wasn’t ready. He quickly drops his hands, using them to support his frame as he hung above Mickey. My eyes trail their frames as I begin grinding against Mickey, our bodies feeding off one another as I completely buried his hips into the mattress.

Mickey doesn’t falter for a moment as he begins sucking him desperately, his eyes rolling as I ground him into the mattress. He moans around Nic’s member as he swallows him whole making Chris cry out in ecstasy. His throat taking much more of his length than I ever imagined I’d be able to. The sight of Mickey shivering beneath me as he attentively fed to Nic’s needs, pumping out moan after moan of pure ecstasy made my member leak as I approached my climax.

“Mickey!” Nic screams as Mickey takes him completely down his throat, his tongue licking beneath at his balls whilst he rolled his hips against my own. Mickey pulls back slightly allowing Nic to thrust into his mouth a little, his hips pushing himself further and further into Mickey’s awaiting mouth.

I could feel the arousal pumping between the three of us. The lust. The need. The passion. The hunger. It was like our bodies were on an eternal buzz, powered by our unspoken love for one another.

I could feel us all approaching our climax. I could feel myself unraveling as I watched my mates face the same fate. I wanted to do it together, to feel it together, feel each other. So as Mickey began to suck harder and Nic whimpered between moans, I found myself grinding into Mickey faster as well. My thrust fast, hard and hungry.

“Fuck!” I groan as Mickey rolls his hips against my own, his legs wrapped around my waist, closing any space between our already joined frames.

“C-Cum....I’m go-gonna cum!” Nic moaned in aspiration whilst Mickey moaned around his length. And then he came. Hard and long, he shot cum down Mickey’s throat while his tongue curled around his cock. The sounds that escaped him pushed me all the harder, Mickey taking on the effect of course.

“Mhmmmm!” Mickey moaned around Nic’s member, his eyes rolling as he suddenly came against me. His hips jerking as I continued to attack his body, in pursuit of my own release. The action causing his lips to tighten around a mewling Nic as he continued to thrust his cock down Mickey’s throat.

“M-Mickey! I-I...nghhh!” His moans are beautiful. Music to my ears, going perfectly with Mickey’s excited moans around his cock. I could feel it coming as my movement became more erratic, my arms feeling heavy as a chilling climax erupted through me. Unable to make a sound, I found myself gasping for air as the cum shoot onto Mickey’s chest. Shaking slightly, I ride out my orgasm in complete bliss as Mickey continues to rub himself against me.

Breathing heavily, we all settle slowly. Nic raising himself off of Mickey before flopping down next to him, kissing him wildly with a large smile of satisfaction. I kiss my way up his neck before joining the kiss, before separating to kiss Nic individually then doing the same to Mickey.

Smiles spread across our lips as we pull into one another’s warmth. Slumber taking me quicker than I’d like, but I didn’t fight it knowing we’d have many nights in the future like this and many that promised to be even better.

A future with my kittens.



I am so fucking sorry I’ve been gone.

I had exams and they were fucking brutal. I finished a week back but it took me a bit to get back into writing mood and style- found myself a little upset with my work.

So I sincerely hope you enjoyed this and thank you so much for waiting.

I will update whenever I can.

Sorry again,


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