Perfect Mates

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Chapter 7

Nicholas’ P.O.V

“Yeah just get my phone for me!” Mickey yells from downstairs.

I grab it before rushing back downstairs only for my hand to immediately vibrate and the screen to light up. Someone saved as That Cunt Across The Road sent him a text. I didn’t get much of a chance to ponder about the name as my eyes found interest in the wallpaper instead. My steps slow down as my eyes linger on the picture of Chris and I: the one that we sent to him the first day we met.

For some reason, this small gesture warmed my heart to the point where it was beating erratically.
Of course I’d realized by now that Mickey had that effect on me. Everything he did sent me spiralling, but Chris was always there to ground me.
It was the perfect balance I never knew I needed.

“Did you get it?” Mickey questions, peeping his head out the doorway, causing his long brown curls to flop to one side as his small fingers curled around the old wood. I can’t help but send him a loving smile- a simple representation of the love that radiated through my body and ran off me in waves. He sends me a small frown in confusion.

I take rushed steps towards him before I press my body against his and capture his lips in a kiss that was intended to be soft, slow and sweet. Of course things never were soft or slow with Mickey, but they were definitely sweet.
As lustful emotions got the best of us, the kiss quickly escalated and before I knew it, I was pinning him to the doorframe with his legs wrapped around my waist, and our lips constantly connected. He moans contently against my lips, his member pulsing to life as I drove my tongue into his mouth. Our tongues twirl and clash in desperate need. I pull away once he begins to whimper from the attack of my wandering hands.

I press light kisses all around his face while we try to catch our breath, before I stop to press my head against his.

“What was that for?” He questions once I back away and grab my wallet off the counter.

“Nothing.” I say as we walk to the car where Chris was already waiting. We climbed into the car giving Chris apologetic smiles- he always hated being late for anything. I sat in the front next to Chris and Mickey in the back.

“Why must I always sit in the back?” Mickey whines as Chris pulls out the driveway and down the long dirt road.

“Because you keep distracting me in the front.” Chris retorts making Mickey smile mischievously.

Mickey had been a lot more forward with his sexual desires lately, not that we minded. It was fantastic. Waking up to him sucking me off was, quite frankly, what I lived for these days. It’d brought out the animalistic side in all of us. Chris was rougher which made me hornier, and Mickey was just dripping in sexual frustration begging to be released.

We needed to mate.

We all knew it. We all wanted it. We just didn’t know how or when. They were three of us- that was bound to complicate the process, and we couldn’t exactly split it up- that would make problems arise.
It was complicated and we didn’t know what to do. So we ignored it. But we couldn’t for too long. A full moon was coming up and if we didn’t mate before then, we’d break one another.

“What are you thinking about so deeply?” Mickey whispers as his hands caress my chest gently.

“Nothing.” I reply, biting my lip to stifle a moan. He was playing with my nipples and he knew I liked them to be tugged on a bit.

“Are you sure?” Chris asks, his deep voice revealing his arousal as his large hand reached across to spread my legs, before rubbing against the inner of my thigh.

“Guys...” I groan as my eyes fluttered shut while they played with me. “We’re spending the day with Mickey’s friends, i-including the alphas. I don’t want to go there smelling like cum.”

“Then don’t cum.” Mickey whispers before licking my ear’s length, making me shiver in response as a jolt of electricity shot through me. “They’re not really my friends. I don’t even know why they’re tagging along.”

“Nic just really cares about first impressions.” Chris says, keeping his eyes on the road despite the fact that his hand was now groping my raging erection.

“Ahhh!” I moan out at the rough treatment. He was gripping my clothed cock as if it was his; as if he were claiming his possession, and I loved it. “Please.”

“Okay fine.” Mickey says withdrawing his hand but Chris’ lingers, which makes my heart beat violently against my ribs and my member leak. His hand grips my cock tightly, making me whimper as he interchanges between squeezing and palming me.

He removes his hand after my weak plead and grips the steering wheel tightly instead.

“When we get home,” He says pulling into the small parking lot besides a lake.

He gets out the car leaving Mickey and I to ponder his suggestive statement with anticipation. All of a sudden I wanted to ditch the others and go back home. I wanted Chris to have his way with us.

Fuck this mating thing really is getting worse.

“Mickey!” Someone squeals as we walk towards the benches, a cooler and sandwiches in hand.

The short, brown-haired guy we met the first day came running towards our little mate at full speed. They hugged in a tight embrace that was really testing my wolf- if it wasn’t for the fact that we knew the other guy was already mated, we would’ve separated them immediately.

“I’m Emitt.” He says, introducing himself to my brother and me. “I know I met you guys before but you were too concerned with Mickey to even look at me.”

“Sorry.” I reply with a nervous chuckle.

“It’s fine. Come meet the others.” He says with a wide smile.

“Why did Julian and Aiden come? It was supposed to be just you and Beckett.” Mickey questions as the two walk arms-linked in front of us.

“Well I’m Aiden’s friend and Beckett is Julian’s, and they wanted to hang out. Plus, Aiden says you guys need to become better friends.” He explains making Mickey’s face contort in confusion.

“Why?” He asks making Emitt stop and therefore us as well.

“Because Aiden didn’t treat you nicely when the packs were separated and he feels bad about it. He wants to make amends.” He says making me tense. Mickey had mentioned this briefly before and seemed less than keen on spending another moment with Aiden.

“Guys, don’t get like that.” Mickey says noticing the way Chris’ and my own atmosphere changed. “He didn’t do anything wrong but selectively talk to me.”

“Yeah, he’s a dick but please just... give him a chance.” Emitt adds. We nod reluctantly before we start walking again. We didn’t agree because he was our alpha now or because Emitt asked, but because of the pleasing look Mickey sent our way, begging us not to make a scene.

“I know this is a big favor to ask but,” Emitt starts, drawing our attention to him momentarily causing our steps to falter. “um... c-could you not say anything about Beckett and I being mates?”

My eyes widen in surprise as my eyes stay planted on the nervous boy. His fingers wrapped around each other as his eyes remained glued to the earth.

Of course my first reaction was a negative one- to hide your mate was like rejecting them. They should be claimed on first instance with pride and love, not kept a secret, especially from your alphas.

But these weren’t normal mates.

These were male mates. Like us, that meant new complications arouse and things weren’t as black and white as they once were. So I give Emitt the benefit of the doubt and nod slightly, though he doesn’t seem to even notice.

“It’s fine.” Chris says with the smallest hint of a smile, compassion tracing his beautiful eyes as he looked at Emitt. “We won’t say a word.”

“Thank you.” He whispers, sending us a beaming smile before linking his arm with Mickey’s once more and diving into another conversation as we walked.

The walk seemed longer than it perhaps was as Chris and I conversed through our link. I couldn’t help but let my eyes drift down to Mickey’s ass though. I was only a man after all, and the sight made me drool.

Stop staring - Chris growls in my head.

You’re staring too! - I protest while glancing at him. And drooling!

If we both stare, it’ll look weird - He explains.

Can you just imagine the panties he’s wearing beneath those shorts? - I practically moan through the link, earning a groan of agreement from Chris. We got to stop letting him wear those shorts - I say making him nod feverishly.

I say we burn them all tonight - he suggests making me frown.

No stupid, we keep them for when he’s home with just us - he agrees to this and we keep walking with occasional glances downwards.

“You guys walk so slow!”
Our eyes dart up to a group of three who were waiting for us patiently. We already knew Emitt’s mate, Beckett, and the alphas we’d met twice before- the first time when joining the pack and the second when they came to greet us.

“Is that food? Thank Goddess, I’m starving.” Aiden moans making Julian nudge him. “What?”

“At least say hi before your hungry hippo tendencies take over.” He deadpans with a small eye roll, making his mate frown.

“I’m Christopher.” Chris announces breaking the tense atmosphere.

“Nic.” I say as we set our things down.

“Mickey.” Mickey says making every look at him in confusion. “I thought we were stating the obvious.”

“Haha funny.” Emitt says as we take our seats: Mickey sat between Chris and I, but I could tell that none of us liked it. We’d formed a comfortable position of Chris and I besides one another and Mickey perched on our laps when we were home. But we couldn’t really do that with company and I hated it. “But not all of us can tell them apart.” Emitt continues.

“I think you mean none of us.” Julian corrected as he eyed us carefully. “I can’t find a single difference between you two.”

“That’s why they call us identical twins.” Chris says making the others laugh and Julian smile a little.

“You seemed a little less identical at the party.” He replies eyeing us a bit.

“What party?” Emitt questions curiously.

“Remember a couple weeks back, your friend threw that costume party and you guys went as cops?” Aiden replies to Emitt who was thinking hard as if he’d been to a hundred parties dressed as a cop. “You threw up in Keith’s guitar.”

“Oh yeah!” Emitt exclaims, suddenly reclaiming his memories of this night. “You guys made out with Isabel correct?”

“Yeah.” Chris answers as we both nervously glance at Mickey who looked as cool as a pickle.

“But we didn’t do anything else.” I make sure to stress as Mickey’s eyes dart up to me. They soften slightly before he nods.

“Well they’re my mates now, and they won’t be snogging anyone but me.” Mickey says confidently making everyone smile at his confidence. Well, almost everyone- Aiden was too busy eyeing the sandwiches.

“So how do you like our pack?” Beckett questions making them all look to us curiously.

“It’s great so far. Everyone is really welcoming and the land seems to never end. I mean, you have your own lake.” I say gesturing to the large expanse of water.

“We love it here.” Chris continues. “Especially with our little mate.”
Mickey blushes at this but doesn’t hide the large smile that takes his lips.

“That’s really great.” Aiden says looking at us. “So can we eat now?”

“Aiden!” Julian snaps at him.

“What?! I’m hungry, and you didn’t feed me this morning or last night!” He protests in equal frustration.

“And who’s fault is that?!” Julian snaps back.

“Yours!” He replies incredulously. “You’re the feeder!”

“I’m the mate!” He corrects. “Next time, don’t mix up my sock drawers!”

“I’ll do it again if you do-”

“Guys!” Emitt shouts bringing their attention to us. They’d seemed to forgot we were here and this fact makes Julian blush profusely while Aiden just looked away.

“Just have a sandwich.” Chris says handing a plate to Aiden who snatches it from him with a vengeance.

“Goddess bless you child.” Aiden says making Chris and I chuckle. “What?”

“We’re older than you.” I say making everyone’s eyes widen in surprise.

“I wondered why you didn’t go to school.” Beckett says while grabbing a drink from over Emitt. I didn’t miss the way his hand discreetly rubbed his mate’s thigh before he retook his position, or the way Emitt’s face lit up because of it.

“They’re twenty.” Mickey says making Emitt choke on his soda.

“Twenty?!” He exclaims.

“Two zero.” I muse.

“Damn...” He drags. “Mickey, you hit the jackpot.”

“I know.” Mickey says glancing between the two of us, causing us to smile proudly. Mickey may have been two years younger than us but it didn’t see matter- I loved him just the way he was.

We eat, drink and talk for a long time, getting to know each other and quickly becoming friends. Chris and Aiden constantly butted heads but they were friendly enough, while Beckett and I watched from the sidelines. Julian lingered with Mickey and Emitt, their conversations less than advertiser friendly.

“So what do you guys say to a friendly soccer match?” Aiden proses as he stands with football.

“You mean football game?” I question making him frown.

“It’s soccer.” He states making me roll my eyes.

“It’s football. The game involves feet and a ball, therefore, football.” I state clearly.

“Then why isn’t it called feetball? Hmmm?” Aiden counters.

“We’re not having this discussion again Nic. It doesn’t matter.” Chris says pushing me away. “Let’s pick teams.”

“Chris, Beckett and Aiden against Julian, Emitt and Mickey.” I state making Mickey frown as he walks towards me.

“What about you?” He questions as Chris joins us with a similar look.

“I’ll referee.” I say but they don’t look pleased. “It’s fine guys, don’t worry.”

“Okay.” Mickey says pressing a quick kiss to my lips while Chris delivers one to my cheek.

“So fucking cute, and hot! I can’t!” A girl that I remembered all too well screams while taking a picture of the three of us. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t here the whole time. “I’m Isabel. Sorry I’m late guys!”

“Where were you?” Beckett asks nudging her shoulder.

“Yoga.” She says making the group laugh. “Namaste.”

May Goddesss protect her- Chris says through the link. I glance his way in confusion only for his eyes to redirect mine towards Mickey. He was fuming. Discreetly, but clearly fuming. A plot not doubt in mind on how to completely slaughter the girl for ever laying a hand on us.

It’s a little hot... - I reply, smirking at the way his tiny fists clenched.

“You can play now!” Mickey says drawing my attention to him. “Isabel can play so it’s equal.” The look in his eyes told me that if Isabel played, he’d find a way to send her to the hospital.

“I’m sorry hun, but I’m watching.” She says making his devious smile deflate. “A group of hot, gay guys running around? It’s photography time.”

“It’s fine Mickey, just have fun.” I say nudging him towards the others while I join the girl’s side. She pulls out a lovely camera from her bag making my jaw drop- she was actually serious.

“You get accustomed to it.” She mumbles before facing me. “Izzy.” She says stretching her hand out. An image of her with a lot more makeup flashes in her place momentarily making me falter. “But you may remember me as Nefertiti.”

“Nic..” I reply shaking her hand. “You remember?”

“They’re some things I’ll never forget about that party. One of them being a pair of smoking hot twins and another being Julian getting thrown out of a car because he hit a branch through the sun roof.” She says chuckling sending a glaring Julian a wink.

We say no more as the game begins, with four sticks in the ground to mark a goal posts. Though Aiden’s team was filled with visibly, stronger members Mickey’s was filled with fast ones plus they had Julian. From what I could tell, he was the brain and they were winning because of it.

“Isn’t this visibly satisfying?” Isabel moans as she snaps pictures. “We have the big strong tops on one side against the small, vulnerable little bottoms.”

“I wouldn’t say vulnerable..” I start but she shushes me.

“Let me fantasize.” She says before drawing in a breath and continuing.

“You do know that Emitt and Beckett aren’t gay right?” I question casually, in an attempt to pass off as ignorant .

“Yeah, but a girl can dream right?” She says with a shrug before she continues to take pictures.

“Julian’s a bottom?!” I whisper harshly when the reality of her words hit me.
I couldn’t imagine the ice cold male taking it, but I couldn’t imagine Aiden doing that either.

“For now, but I’d bet my porn collection one of these days he’s going to mount Aiden and go full beast mode.” There was this sparkle in her eye that scared me. This girl scared me. “What about you? Top or bottom?”

“I don’t know yet. We haven’t... really...ya know.” I mumble out. I don’t know why I was talking about this with a complete stranger but something about her made the words flow out of my mouth.

“Wooohaaa!!” Mickey screams scoring a goal. He runs straight up to Chris before jumping on him and kissing him, just to rub it in his face, making me laugh.

“Good job sweetheart!” I shout making him smile at me and Chris glare my way. “Keep trying babe. You’ll get them next time!”

It was tough being on both sides.
The game continues and so does our conversation.

“You don’t need to do anything to know.” Isabel stat,es as she looks at me.

“Well, my dad says I’m a switch.” I say making her eyes basically burst out of their sockets. “I guess he knows his stuff cause he used to mess around with guys.”

“Can I meet this beautiful man?!” She begs making me frown a bit.

“He’s not here.” She immediately frowns and goes back to taking pictures.

“You’re probably a switch though. In the middle of the Topistadors and the Bottom Gang.” She says making me laugh.

“The Bottom Gang?” I question.

“That’s what I call them.” She says with a wide smile.

“I like you Isabel.” I say with a smile. “You’re a bit special, but it grew on me.”

“I like you too Chris.” She says making me chuckle.

“I’m Nic.”

“Right, right.” She mumbles under her breath.

Chris takes off his sweat-drenched shirt making my jaw lax and my pants tighten at the sight of his glistening abs.
The ball passes Mickey straight as he stares at our mate in a complete daze.

“Mickey!” Julian growls making him snap out of if.

“S-sorry!” He shouts but it’s too late and Aiden scores. “That’s not fair! It’s distracting!”

“Try focusing a bit more love.” Chris groans with a chuckle before high fiving Aiden.

“C-Can you send me those pictures?” I ask fixing my pants as Isabel zooms in on Chris. “Please.”

“Of course.” She says with steam practically rising from her hothead.

“Referee!” Mickey shouts making me jump. “Make him put his shirt back on! It’s distracting.”

“I think Nic likes the distraction.” Chris teases while flexing discreetly making me lick my lips.

“Nicholas!” Mickey says snapping me out of my trance.

“I-I see nothing w-wrong with it.” I say making Chris smirk and Mickey frown.

“Fine.” Mickey says before taking off his shirt making my erection drip at the sight of his lean, beautiful frame and those cute nipples begging to be licked.

Chris gulps at the sight while Mickey smirks and the game continues with even more mishaps.

“And those. Send me these too.” I beg as Isabel switches memory cards. “Get one with the two of them.”

“Yes.” She groans taking a hundred and one.

“Ya know what, all bets are off.” Aiden says after a continuous run of Mickey and Chris stumbling over their feet. He pulls his shirt off and soon Julian does too and everyone else does.
Leaving a make shift field full of sweating, buff guys running around in shorts.

“Holy mother of yaoi.” Isabel says, making my eyes drift to her only to see blood gushing out of her nose as she takes more pictures.

With this, I take a step away to create a safe distance from the no doubt dangerous girl, and watch the rest of the match with an erection.


“We won!” Mickey shouts making his team scream their glory to the mountain tops. “Suck it!”

“I will tonight.” Chris growls making Mickey falter for a moment.

“We need a name. A team name.” Emitt says as he gloats to his mate.

“Bottom Gang.” Isabel shouts making them all frown and the Topistadors laugh.

“Perfect.” Aiden says smirking as he pulls a frowning Julian into his side. He kisses him roughly making the frown dissipate as the blonde wraps his arms around his neck while pulling them closer.

“I love being brilliant.” Isabel mumbles as she packs up her stuff.

I stand still as both my shirtless men walk towards me dripping in sweat that made their bodies gleam under the afternoon golden light.

“You both did great.” I say as they sandwich me between them in a hug. I didn’t care if they were sweating- the feeling of being between them made my member pulse in excitement and I loved it. “I’m so proud.”

“Did you enjoy watching?” Chris asked as he discreetly squeezed my ass making me bite back a moan.

“I think he did.” Mickey teases as he groped my erection.

“G-guys...” I stutter trying my hardest not to cum in my pants.

“Beautiful.” Isabel says taking one last picture. “So fucking beautiful.”

“What th-”

“You get used to it.” I say as we separate.

We load the car with our stuff before everyone starts saying their goodbyes. It was a great day. I was actually glad that I agreed to doing this. I had a lot of fun and made some new friends in this pack. It was really starting to feel like a new home.

“Thank you guys for having us- it was really fun.” I say rubbing my knuckles as my eyes dart around the group. “Chris and I haven’t had a home in a while and you guys reminded us of what it feels like. So really, thank you.”

“Goddess, don’t be such a sap.” Aiden groans, only to earn a slap from Julian in response.

“No problem.” Julian replies instead all the while glaring at his mate. “You better eat as many of those sandwiches as you can because I’m not cooking.”

“What?!” Aiden exclaims running after his mate who’d already turned around and began his journey home.

“What a pair...” Emitt mumbles as we watch them disappear in the distance. Once they’re too far away to see them or hear them, Emitt jumps into Beckett’s awaiting arms and kisses him hungrily. Sending his mate onto the ground, he continues to grind down on him with a desperate force.

“Fuck baby I’ve missed you.” Beckett groans once they part lips. His hands still clenched onto Emitt’s hips tightly, as if the small boy would run off if he didn’t.

“Why do you two hide the fact that you’re mates?” Chris questions out of curiosity as we stand over the intertwined pair.

“It’s more complicated than we’d like it to be.” Emitt answers with a sigh as he runs his hand through his mate’s hair. “But as long as we have one another everything will be fine.”

We say our goodbyes and part ways, each taking the journey back home with content smiles on our faces.

“That was fun.” Mickey says with a beaming smile. He was sitting in the front seat and I, the back. “I want to do it again.”

“Me too.”

“I wouldn’t mind.” Chris mumbles under his breath making Mickey and I laugh.

“I need a shower- I’m dripping in sweat.” Mickey groans as he swipes a finger across his chest. He drags his hand down to his thighs seductively before bringing them back up to gently tug on his nipples. “Will you guys help me clean up?” He whispers with lust practically dripping from his tongue.

Chris’ foot suddenly becomes heavy on the pedal and my jeans even tighter as Mickey giggles mischievously to himself. When the car comes to a halt, we all jump out before rushing to the door. I struggle to unlock the door with shaky hands as Chris slams Mickey against the wood and ravished him right besides me.

I gulp, attempting to unlock the door even quicker and utterly failing as the key needed suddenly appeared to be nonexistent.

“Christopher!” Mickey moans loudly as Chris thrust his hips against him, sandwiching Mickey between the door and himself.

A small yelp escapes my lips as Chris’ large hand plants itself on my ass, squeezing it possessively which in turn, makes my knees buckle.

“Open the door.” He growls against Mickey’s neck, his eyes locked to mine. His hand still gripping my ass in claim.

The right key finally slides into the keyhole, allowing us to stumble inside with a single twist.

And then we were on each other.

Like desperate wolves in heat, the three of us search one another’s body with lust and arousal. Tearing the clothes off each other as we stumbled our way through the house, we somehow make it up the stairs and into Mickey’s shower.

The water crashes down on my skin though I barely take notice as my mouth remains agape with moans pouring out of me. Mickey’s palm wrapped around my cock as he pumped me aggressively while nipping at my nipples. All the while, Chris’ member found itself between my ass, sliding up and down against my hole. His lips attacked my neck with a subtle promise to mark me and claim me as his soon enough.

Mickey slides down making me frown out of curiosity, only to falter when he takes me into his mouth.

“Ahhh!” I moan out as I thrust myself into his mouth, warranting myself a moan of contentment. I try to lean forward but Chris links my arms behind me with one of his as he continued to rub himself against my awaiting hole.

“One day, I’m going to slide my cock into you.” He whispers into my ear, his voice heavy. “I’m going to fuck you just like this...” He continues, his cock sliding up against my hole as his precum lathered my entrance. “I’ll make you moan and scream and cum- hard. I’m going to fuck you until you’re gasping for air, then I’m going to cum deep inside of you.” I moan loudly as Mickey begins to fondle my balls, only intensifying his words as his thrusts become rougher. “I’ll fill you up until my scent becomes yours, so everyone knows who you belong to; who this hole belongs to.”

And then, I cum.

Hard and long. My cum pours down Mickey’s throat as I shiver against Chris. He holds me tight, not allowing me to shift to much as Mickey laps at my cock. Licking my cock clean, he takes every drop of cum he can before sucking on my tip making me scream out at the sensitivity.

“S-Stop... ahhh!” I beg desperately but he doesn’t falter. He continues to suck at my head until I’m hard again- only then do his lips detach themselves from my cock and he slides up slowly to kiss my body, my lips and then Chris’.

“What should we do now?” He ponders as his cock rubs against my own a little. “I’m open to anything.” He whispers before moaning as Chris spanks his ass making him even harder against me. Chris lets his fingers slide down Mickey’s body, before dragging them down to his crack. Rubbing his fingers against his entrance he moans in satisfaction.

“I’d like Nic to have a better view.” Chris growls before backing us into the wall. With his back planted against the cold tiles, he leans forward, pushing me forth as well so both our chins rested on Mickey’s shoulders, allowing us to see his awaiting ass. His cock ran against mine each time Chris pulled him closer, making me rub onto his own cock.

Chris runs his finger up and down Mickey’s hole before sliding in the tip. Mickey takes in a quick breath before letting out a shaky moan as Chris pulled out his finger before going back in a little deeper. He does this until his finger is completely inside a moaning Mickey, his ass trembling as he rubbed against me with need.

“M-More...” He begged as Chris picked up the pace, fucking him with his finger while pushing his cock against me. As my eyes stayed planted on the sight, the feeling of Chris’ cock against me made me moan. It was as if he were doing the same to me.

The thought alone made me shiver in ecstasy.

Chris slides in another finger making Mickey sink his nails into me. His legs trembled slightly as he struggled to keep his balance. His body gave off waves of pure lust and need as his hole greedily swallowed Chris’ fingers, leaving desperate moans from Mickey in its wake.

“F-Fuck...” Mickey stuttered out, his tearful eyes catching mine. Lost in the blinding heat of it all, my lips capture his in a desperate act to claim his as my own.

His vulnerability made my wolf desperate to get inside of him as his cock rubbed against my own. Our lips moved viscously, as more of an attack than an act of compassion, and I found myself groaning at his harsh nibbles.
My hand finds its way between us and I tug hard at both of our members, making us cry out from the blinding pleasure.

“O-Oh my god... please!” Mickey whimpered against my chest once our lips detached. I continued to stroke him aggressively, making my cock weep as we rubbed between my fingers. Chris slid in another finger and Mickey melted, his mouth hanging open slightly as precum poured from his cock and onto my own.

I tried my best to hold him up but he was quickly falling to the pleasures of our actions.

“S-So full..” He mumbled under his breath as Chris continued to push his fingers back and forth of Mickey’s wet entrance.

I moved my hips alongside him in excitement as I peppered kisses down his neck. My lips hovered over the place which tempted my canines to latch onto.

“Ahhhh!” He screamed suddenly as he came in my hands, his hips jutting forward silently as he tried his best to get both ends of pleasure. I continued to stroke us both attentively, my own releasal approaching the brink as his drowned him completely.

“Nghhh!” He groaned biting down on his lip as I continued to stroke us, desperately searching for my own release.

“Be a good boy and help me out.” Chris growls besides my ear as he directs Mickey’s shaky hand to his own pulsing member. His fingers remained inside Mickey possessively.

Mickey began stroking slowly at first but built up speed as Chris directed him with his own hand.

“S-Sensitive..” He whimpered as Chris continued to finger his quivering hold while my thumb traced our heads. “Please!”

“I’m c-close..” I promise through a shaky breath as I continue to stroke us. My hips jutting forth slightly as I felt myself approach my climax. “Ah... aghan- nghh!”

My cum shoots out of me with a desperate force that makes me scream behind my bitten lip. My strokes slowed and my body shook. Chris planted loving kisses down my spine as I stroked myself through my orgasm and towards completion. My body struggled to recover as I felt myself pulsing against Mickey.

I’m too lost in the quiet atmosphere created by my own pleasure to realize that Chris had reached his own climax; or to remember just how I became myself tucked into bed between my two mates.

The only thing on my mind was the hot, blinding rush of pure arousal that overcame me more and more each day. The uncanny promise of a oncoming heat.


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