Mafia Trade

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Chapter 11

I don’t know how I feel about Justin. One minute he’s nice and caring and the next he snaps into the demanding, slightly scary man who bought me to be his husband. The door is unlocked when I walk up to it but there is a man outside it. He looks like an older version of Justin’s father. He glares at me. “I’ve heard of you. Your Justins distraction.” He steps closer. “If you start to be a distraction or disobedient to Justin I won’t hesitate to resell you As his father should have.” I don’t try to leave. in fact, I go back to my room and close the door. There’s a call button next to the door that I press in hopes of calling Justin back in.

I sit, waiting for what feels like hours. The door opens and Justin is standing in the doorway. “yes?” What do I say? Why did you leave? What is our relationship? “Oh, I just wanted to see what the button does.” He mumbles something and then starts to walk away. “WAit.” I catch myself mid yell. It’s too late, he’s already turned around and looking at me. “I want company,” I tell him. He doesn’t respond. He just comes over and sits in the chair in my room. He throws me a book off the table and he takes another and we read in silence.

When the quiet is too much I put the book down. “What are we?” I ask. He puts his book down as well and looks back at me. “I- I don’t know.” he stumbles his words, maybe confused as to why I asked. “Because one moment your nice, and you offer snacks and books and you leave the door unlocked. And the next your mad and hate me.” He takes a moment to process all I said. “I don’t hate you, and I don’t know what we are.” He fiddles with the side of the book. “Its tradition in my family to for our cumpleaños 18 we get a bride or husband.” He pauses. “I had to get you to not disappoint my father.” He puts the book down. “My father wanted me with someone obedient and much like his wives. But I don’t think I want that.” I should just ask. “Then what do you want?” His eyes meet mine almost timidly. “Actual love.” His head falls in his hands and he lets out a sigh. “You can go.” He says not looking up. “I don’t need to buy love.” He sounds almost sad. If I leave, I have nowhere to go. Maybe this COULD work. He’s only a year older, has money, seems nice, and is handsome. I stand up hesitantly taking a step close to him, and then another and then a few more till I’m in front of him. What Am I DOING! My brain yells at me but it’s not the one in control. “Why did you pick me?” He shrugs. “There had to be a reason. Ive been to show like that before, they show hundreds of people. A lot stronger, taller, and more handsome than me. So why me?” He looks up. “People with too much muscle look weird, and I like being the tall one in relationships. ” I smile at him. “we could try to make this work, Us I mean,” I tell him. I can see the hopeful glimmer in his eyes. “I don’t think people will approve. Actual relationships don’t happen in my family.” I smile. “I guess they do now.”

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