Mafia Trade

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Chapter 12

It had been a week that Miles and I decided we were going to be a normal couple. It was hard due to the fact that marriage and dating weren’t actually love in my town. It was a way to grow status or gain followers, To make sure you have someone loyal to you. Miles made me happy, he made me feel in love. Even though we were going slow compared to other couples. Most would be married by now and have a kid or two on the way. But I wanted us to be different. Technically he couldn’t leave the small castle I lived at due to the fact my father owned him, and all his possessions went to my uncle till next year when I am old enough.

I wake up next to Miles. He rolls over and hugs my side. His body against mine. I try to pull away without waking him, I roll over away from him, closer to the end of the bed but misjudge it and fall off. Miles falls with me. He lands on top of me. “What!” He says straddled. “Sorry, I didn’t want to wake you,” I tell him. He laughs. “You didn’t want to wake me, and you thought throwing us off the bed wouldn’t wake me?”

“No I wanted to roll out without waking-” I stop when he shifts his body so he’s lined up with mine. I groan “Waking you.” I try to finish. The fact that I’m only in boxers makes the situation worse. He goes to hug into me and rubs an uncomfortable hard me. I think he knows what he’s doing because he smiles. “Something wrong?” He asks as he swirls his hips. My head falls back onto the floor. “SHit, No. Nothings wrong.” He laughs at me. “Nothings wrong?” He adds pressure to his hips and my hips buck into his. “Someone happy to see me.” He tells me.“What happened to you being shy and not this bold,” I tell him. I grab his hip and force him to stop. I pick him up off the ground and how him lightly onto our bed. He giggles. I walk over to him with a devilish grin. He’s never been like this. I think. Maybe he wants, more? I guess.

He stares at me and I stare at him. His eyes trail my body and I let out a snort as I see him blush. I catch myself staring at him too. we both look at each other and make eye contact. Not the awkward kind that makes you look away. this is the type that makes you smile. I push him over and lay next to him on my elbows. “Justin.” He says, or asks, I can’t really tell because he cuts himself off. “Yeah Miles?” He grabs my hand and tries to drag me closer. I end up on my elbows above him. He starts to sit up to meet me so I lean back. I’m straddling his hips and he’s sitting up agest the bed. His hand goes to my shoulder trying to pull me in. I drag my hand to his hip, making circles on top of his hipbone. I lean forward and so does he. The kiss lasts for what feels like hours. It’s a good kiss. Our first actual, passionate kiss. He smiles as I pull away. “You need to get ready for your day.” He tells me as he leans his forehead on mine. “Already, It’s only.” I move to see the clock. “It’s nine.” I throw myself onto my feet and grab a shirt from the dresser. I throw him one of my sweatshirts. He puts it on and I smile, it’s big on him. He sniffs the cuff on the arm thinking I’m not looking. “Really, did you smell my sweatshirt?” I laugh at him. “It smells like you!” He pouts. “You can keep it if you want,” I tell him. “Okay!”

We walk downstairs not holding hands. Technically he is a worker of the house, My uncle doesn’t like the idea of us being in more than a societal relationship, “Its for people to see that you are with someone and can take over power. You two are PURLEY together for the title.” he tells me one afternoon. Miles reaches for my hand while we are walking to the dining hall and I shake it away. “Miles, Stop it,” I say annoyed. We get to the dining room and see my Uncle, my Mom, and his wife. “Theirs a servents camp this weekend. It lasts ten days and I want Miles to attend.” He says out of the blue. “He can’t go, He’s not a servant,” I tell him. “He is, He serves you, he is soon to be taught how to run and clean the house and to cook and THIS camp will do it.” My uncle is mad at me for questioning him. “Of course I’ll go,” Miles speaks up. My uncle smiles at him. “See Justin, Even it knows that it should go.” It? Did he call Miles an It? I kick Miles under the table. “You’re in trouble,” I tell him. He goes to defend himself but I kick his leg again. “Don’t speak.”

We don’t speak all breakfast, it isn’t till my uncle dismisses us that I look at Miles again. “Uncle, I’m going to take Miles into town to the spring.” He allows it, even though I wasn’t looking for permission. “Where are we going?” Miles asks me as I tell him to get on the back of my motorcycle. “Where do I sit?” He asks. “Oh Dios Mio,” I grumble as I point to the back of my bike. “Okay?” He says as he sits behind me.

I drive us to the small spring on the outside of town. Behind us, in a wooden box on my bike is a few snacks, blankets, pillows, and bathing suits. I park next to the water and we get off my bike.

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