Mafia Trade

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Chapter 13

“Why would you volunteer to go to that stupid camp?” I ask Miles when he comes to sit next to me. “Your Uncle was mad at you, Figured he wouldn’t be if I went.” I let out a huff. “Those camps are basically consideration camps, dude. Like one meal a day and training you to clean up after the house, It’s basically maid camp.” He grabs my hand. “I know, but it’s only a few days. and I’ll be fine, I know your not like them.” He tries to reassure me. “I thought you were going to be like them, but you’re too caring.” He tells me. “I think if I had picked anyone other than you I’d be like them,” I tell him hounstly. “Well, then good thing you picked me.”

“I packed us bathing suits. Wanna swim?” I ask him. “You packed things?” I point to the box on my bike. “Yep.” I run over to the box and then dump it out next to him. He laughs. “blankets and pillows?”

“I was thinking a sleepover, But if you don’t want to-” He cuts me off, “No, id love to. I’m more of a city person. So I’ve never been camping.” He looks at the bathing suits. “I don’t know how to swim.” I laugh thinking he’s joking but then I look to see him playing with the grass under his fingers and blushing. “Oh. You’re not joking.” I pick up his bathing suit and hand it to him. “Go change and ill teach you.” He looks around confused. “where do I change?”

“Right here,” I tell him as I reach for his shirt. He pulls away a little bit. “Come on Miles, I’m not gonna try anything.” He nods and takes off his shirt. He turns away from me. Back to shy Miles, I guess. Any time I make progress on anything he slowly crawls back into his shell. It took a week to hold his hand, grab his arm, lay next to him in bed. He’s always been skittish. I turn around for him when he starts to take off his pants. He taps my shoulder a minute later. “tada.” He says as he shows me his bathing suit. It’s just loose swim pants and a tank. I change into mine, Catching him looking over at me a few times. each time he looks away when I look over. I finally walk up to him and grab his hand, He follows me to the water. I get in slowly because the water is cold. “Hold my shoulders,” I tell him as I drag him in. “It’s coldddd.” he complains. “I’m sorry Princess, Mother nature didn’t give natural water a heating system.” He grabs my shoulders as he gets in the water. Something about it must scare him, maybe not being able to touch the bottom because his legs wrap around my hips. “You’re fine.” I laugh as I pull his legs off me. “I’m gonna drowned! And it’s going to be your fault. ” He accuses. “It’s only like seven feet deep.” I try to tell him. “hold my hands instead.” I say backing up so he is in front of me, laying in the water. His head goes under for a split second. “The water is tryna kill me, Justin!” I let go of his hands. “No!” He yells at me. I swim further away from him and watch as a slight panic arises. “Just kick your feet and move your arms, or float.” I roll onto my back and float. I crane my neck to see him trying to stay afloat. “Come here,” I tell him. I swim next to him and hold a hand under his hip and stomach. “Now try the motions.” He successfully swims. I drop my hands and he keeps himself floating. “You did it!”

We swim for a little over four hours. Miles ends up loving the water. He tries to race me, float on his back, and sit on the bottom of the stream. He calls me over and I stand in front of him. He splashes my face with water and I splashback, It becomes a competition. I hear his coughing and I stop splashing. He stops too. “Mierda!” I curse. He looks disoriented. “I think you won.”

“Let’s dry off,” I say as I swim to the edge. We get out and grab the towels. I quickly change and layout the blankets and pillows while he changes. I lay down and close my eyes, letting the sun dry me off. I can hear Miles walking back but I keep my eyes closed. I can feel him lay his head on my chest and his arm drapes over my stomach. Our mini nap is cut short when I hear his stomach growl. “Miles, I have lunch,” I say as I shake him up. “Lunch sounds good.” He tells me and sits up. He blushes when he realizes he fell asleep next to me. “You blush a lot,” I comment. “Sorry.” He says. “It’s cute, don’t worry.” I pause. His hair falls in front of his eyes a little bit. I push the piece of hair away from his face. “can I kiss you?” I ask him. Again with the blushing. “Yeah,” He says so quietly that it almost comes out like a breath. I lean forward, looking for some hesitation or a pull away that tells me to stop. But he just looks from my eyes to my lips. I place my hand on his cheek and I feel him lean into my hand. “You’re beautiful,” I tell him. He looks almost shocked. “Kiss me already.” He whispers. Who can say no to that! He pushes into my lips with force and his hands jump up to my waist as he holds the kiss. “Justin.” He says into the kiss. “I love you.”

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