Mafia Trade

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Chapter 14

Justin let me lead the kiss this time. Our kisses (The four we have had since dating, but who’s counting) have been soft and cute, Justin clearly didn’t want to make me uncomfortable. He asked before he kissed me and kept his hands to himself. He didn’t question if I ever said no to a kiss or pulled away. BUT this kiss was mine to control. Time slowed down and the kiss deepened. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach flutter around and cause my heartbeat to get so loud I could almost hear it. His smell was intoxicating, like his hair wash, deodorant, and motorcycle oil. He pulls away for a split second and we take a breath, trying to make up for the breaths we missed. I could hear the water being us, The wind around our body, and the sound of birds. They seemed to disappear while we kissed, making the world only us.

My theory of the world disappearing when we kissed was all I could think about. How could a kiss make everything better, yet my stomach turned and head went fuzzy as I fought to keep my legs holding me, but even through those feeling, his kiss was the best feeling, the only one I truly cared about. “You still here Miles?” Justin asks me, shaking his hand in front of my face. “Yeah, I just. I have a weird theory I need help testing.” Justin tilts his head like a confused dog. “Kiss me, and don’t stop.”

The butterflies come back once I’ve said that. My brain already starts to feel fuzzy by the time his lips are on mine. His hand travels from his side to having one on my back and one on my cheek. He pulls us closer. One hand moves to my chin, almost forcing me to keep kissing. It a force I could stop with a single look, and he knows I know that. His other hand moves from my back to the hem of my shirt. he plays with the bottom of it. I copy his hand and place mine, which hung awkwardly at my sides to his shirt. I trail my hand under the shirt to feel his stomach, He wasn’t a bodybuilder, but he sure had muscle, more than most our age. He tilts my head slightly to the side with his hand and breaks our kiss. I go to complain but can’t, His lips are attacking my neck. He lets out a chuckle when my body realizes what happens, causing me to jump a little. “Miles?” He says right before he places his mouth on a different spot. “mhm” I murmur back as I let my head fall back. “Should we stop?” Justin asks. I can tell he doesn’t want to stop because I feel his hands grab my hips and hold me tighter. “I’ll tell you if I want this to stop,” I say rather annoyed.

He pulls away to admire his work. Before I can stop him he has his phone and I hear a Click. “Did you take a photo?” I ask. He looks all innocent like he didn’t give me a trail of hickeys. “Maybe.”

“Can I see?” I ask. He turns his phone and as soon as I see it I yell at him. “delete that!” I try to grab it but he holds it up. “Why you look great.” He turns it back so I can see it, My face is flushed, My neck has five of six hickeys trailing from under the ear to under my chin and my eyes are closed, making the photo look like even more was happening. “I think it might just be my wallpaper.” I tackle him onto the ground, He trips over one of the pillows, still holding his phone. “I might delete it If I get another kiss...” He tells me. “You needy bitch.” He puts on a fake hurt look. “Ouch.” I give him a quick kiss. “No, I think I’m going to keep it.” I roll to the side with a huff. “I want a phone,” I tell him. “Do you have money?” He asks me. “No, but I can get a job.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, a lot of people want my family dead, meaning a lot of people want you dead too. I’ll give you an allowance of sorts. Like $1,000 A month, but I can pay for things like your phone.” I agree and then grab one of the pillows. “I’m getting tired and hungry.” he pulls out even more food. “I’ll make a fire, you take a nap or go for a swim.” My bathing suit is all the way across “Camp”. I could change out of my clothes and just jump in. Justin is on the other side f camp, it’s not like ill be flashing anyone. I think as I get undressed. Would it really be that big of a deal if my boyfriend saw me? I mean, he has before we dated. I get chills thinking of that one-time up against the bedroom wall.

Once undressed I jump into the water, I stay close enough that I could grab the sides if I needed. Swimming is harder than it looks, but once I figured it out there’s no stopping me. I swim for around an hour thinking of my life before all this. Yes, this started out bad, and Yes, I didn’t think I’d ever like Justin for anything more than a hot body. But he’s changed. he’s different with me than the other people at his home. He holds the doors open for me, asks for my favorite meals on nights he picks the food, he buys me clothes that I like, and takes me on stupid dates like this.

“Miles, time for dinner!” I hear him yell. I also hear his footsteps. Shit, he’s coming over here to get me. I look for a towel or shirt or anything but it’s all left by camp. “Come on Miles, Get out of the water.” He laughs. He hasn’t seen what I’m wearing, or lack of. “Can you grab me a towel?” I call over to him. “Sure.” He walks closer to the stream. My palms feel sweaty and my lungs take in shallow breaths when I look down to see the water is clear. I never needed to pay attention to it till now. It’s too late to tell him to stop walking because soon enough he’s standing above me on land. “Youre lucky it’s dark. If it wasn’t so dark id be able to see you in the stream.” I nod. Wait, How would he know unless it wasn’t too dark. “Hey!” I yell at him. “Hop out and ill wrap you with the towel.” He tells me. “No, I think I can wrap myself.” I go to grab the towel but he holds it up. “You’d be able to grab it if you just stand up.” He comments. “Very funny, hand me the towel.” I go to grab it from him but he jerks it away. “I’m going to eat at camp, You can grab the towel there.” He says as he takes the towel and starts walking. “You’re trying to humiliate me!” I call out to him. “What, me, never.” I can hear the sarcasm laced in his voice. “Wait, Hand me to towel.” He turns back to me and hands me the towel. He doesn’t put it too high or make me get up to grab it, in fact, I don’t think he even looks in my direction. I wrap it around myself and walk to my clothes to get changed.

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